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Our car rental service in Sintra is committed to providing impeccable customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will seamlessly guide you through the rental process. From the castles of Sintra to the picturesque coastal roads, we'll ensure your trip to this unique region is effortless and comfortable. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Car Rental in Sintra

Charming Palaces, Captivating Landscapes, and Fascinating Histories Await

City car with Pena Palace, peacock and tram in Sintra

Nestled among the pine-covered hills of western Portugal, Sintra is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking enchanting palaces, hidden pathways, and commanding vistas. Known for its 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the mystical Pena Palace to the gothic Quinta da Regaleira, every corner of Sintra whispers tales of its royal past. While it's quite compact and can be explored on foot, having a car allows visitors to explore Sintra's surroundings in greater detail, adding depth to the experience.

From Sintra, it's a short, scenic car drive to the westernmost point of continental Europe, the windswept cliffs of Cabo da Roca. Similarly, the town's close proximity to Lisbon - just 45 minutes by car - makes it an ideal base for day trips to Portugal's vibrant capital and beyond. A car journey to other interesting spots like the lively seafaring town of Cascais or the surf-oriented Ericeira is also a great option for those seeking variety.

With a car, travel to the unconventional Jeronimos Monastery becomes easy. Or head inland to explore the mountainous region of Serra de Sintra, punctuated by royal palaces, ancient ruins, and a diverse array of unique plant and animal species. End your day at the top of the Castelo dos Mouros, an 8th-century fortress, and witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets of your life. Sintra is an incredible destination combining whimsical castles, striking coastline, lush forests, and a plentiful history that rewards those who venture here.

Sintra Car Rental

Common Queries Answered

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Sintra?

Rental prices in Sintra can vary depending on the model of the car, duration of rental, and other services included. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from 40 to 100 € per day. Make sure to compare prices from different rental companies for the best deal.

2. Which car model is most popular for rental in Sintra?

Economic and compact cars are generally the most in-demand for Sintra due to its narrow and winding roads. A smaller car makes it easier to park and navigate through the city's historic streets.

3. Where are the popular places to rent a car in Sintra?

Most car rentals can be found in the city centre. However, there are also rental offices in major hotels and at Lisbon Airport, which is the nearest international airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Sintra offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service. However, it's always best to check with the specific company as there might be additional charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, car rental companies in Sintra have a minimum rental period of 24 hours. However, some agencies may offer hourly rentals.

6. How old do I need to be to rent a car in Sintra?

The minimum age to rent a car in Portugal including Sintra is generally 21 years. However, drivers under 25 may be subject to a 'young driver fee'.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Sintra?

To rent a car in Sintra, you'll need a valid driving licence, a passport or ID card and a credit card. International visitors might also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What's the best time of the year to visit Sintra by car?

The best time to visit Sintra by car is during spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant and the city is less crowded. However, ensure to check local weather before planning your trip.

9. What are the main airports in Sintra?

Sintra doesn't have its own airport. The closest one is Lisbon Airport, which is approximately 30 km away.

10. Can I pick up the car in Sintra and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Sintra offer the option to pick up the car in one location and drop it off in another. However, there may be an additional charge for this service.

Car Rental Reviews


Sintra – 21-11-2023. Exceptionally convenient experience with Sintra car rental. Very reasonable rates for the duration of my stay and the vehicle was in tip-top shape. Their office is strategically located, making it an easy find. A huge plus for the wonderland that's Sintra.


Sintra – 14-08-2023. Despite my advancing age, I never felt any frustration during the rental process. The customer service was exceptionally good. They even recommended the best routes to drive through Sintra, making my visit memorable and exciting. High praises for their knowledge on local attractions.


Sintra – 02-07-2023. As a middle-aged woman, I appreciated the ease and simplicity of the rental process. The car was clean and in excellent working condition. The price was fair and competitive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone visiting Sintra.


Sintra – 17-05-2023. Outstanding service and a broad selection of cars to choose from. They exceeded my expectations. The young gentleman at the desk gave excellent tips for a smooth and delightful journey around the romantic Sintra. Their prices are also quite reasonable to top it all.


Sintra – 21-03-2023. I had a fantastic experience with Sintra car rentals. The car was in absolutely perfect condition, and picking it up was a breeze. The convenience of this service made my journey to Sintra a lot more enjoyable!


Sintra – 12-01-2023. As a regular car renter, I must admit Sintra car rental made an impression. They deliver exceptional quality. The car was reliable and perfect for the tricky streets of Sintra. The price tag showed value for money which is hard to come by these days.

Sintra's Driving Connections

Guidance for Tourists Renting a Car

  1. Sintra - Lisbon: This 30km journey from Sintra to Lisbon takes about 30 minutes via the IC19 highway. Roads are usually in good condition, keep an eye on traffic during peak hours.
  2. Sintra - Cascais: An approximately 20km journey that takes about 25 minutes. The road to take is the A16 and N9, a scenic coastal road.
  3. Sintra - Estoril: A distance of 17km, approximately 20 minutes drive via the A16 and N9 highways, offering coastal views and well-maintained roads.
  4. Sintra - Mafra: The distance is 24km and it takes about 30 minutes on the A16. The road is usually in good shape.
  5. Sintra - Ericeira: This 40km journey should take you about 45 minutes via the A21 and N247. Roads are well-maintained, offering stunning coastal views.
  6. Sintra - Setubal: This is a longer connection, with a distance of 82km taking 1 hour 20 minutes via the A2 freeway. The roads are well-maintained and fast-moving.
  7. Sintra - Evora: It's about 130km and takes around 1 hour 30 minutes via the A2 and A6. Roads are typically in good condition, making for a smooth trip.

Driving in Sintra

Common Driving Queries

1. What's the speed limit in Sintra?

The speed limit varies depending on the road type. In urban areas, it's usually 50 km/h, while on rural roads it’s generally 90 km/h, and 120 km/h on freeways.

2. What license do I need to drive here?

Any valid EU, US, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand license is accepted for up to six months. Other citizens typically need an International Driving Permit in addition to the normal license.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Sintra?

Yes, speed cameras are deployed across the geography of Sintra at strategic locations, especially along major highways and populated zones.

4. Do I have to pay for tolls?

Yes, certain highways in Portugal are toll roads. Tolls can be paid by cash, card at the toll booth, or via an electronic system.

5. How strict are the driving rules?

Portugal's driving laws are strictly enforced. Remember to always carry your driving license, car rental documentation, and insurance papers when driving.

6. Is the traffic heavy in Sintra?

While Sintra is a popular tourist spot, it does not generally have heavy traffic except during peak tourist season or rush hours.

7. Which side of the road does Portugal drive on?

In Portugal, we drive on the right-hand side of the road.

8. Are there many roundabouts in Sintra?

Roundabouts are fairly common. Remember to give way to traffic already on the roundabout, coming from your left.

9. Can I park my car anywhere in the city?

There are designated parking zones in and around the city. On-street parking, both paid and free, is available depending on the area.

10. Are there specific road rules I should be aware of in Portugal?

Yes, you should be aware that it is mandatory for all cars to carry safety equipment such as a reflective jacket, warning triangles, spare tire, and a spare pair of glasses (if you use them).

11. Are there any special rules for motorway driving?

Overtaking is only allowed on the left, and it's prohibited to reverse, cross the median strip or carry animals outside the vehicle on motorways.

12. What should I do if I get into an accident?

You should immediately call the police and your rental car company. Do not leave the scene until necessary information is exchanged and any required reports are completed.

13. What documents will I need to present when renting a car in Sintra?

Typically, you will need a valid driver's license, a credit card to hold your reservation, and an ID or passport.

14. How can I find out about the current traffic situation in Sintra?

Traffic apps like Google Maps or Waze are commonly used and provide accurate and real-time traffic information.

15. Is it easy to navigate the streets of Sintra with a car?

While the streets can be narrow and hilly, they are well-marked. A GPS or mobile navigation app is helpful for first-time visitors.

Sintra Tourist Attractions

Top 8 Must-See Points of Interest in Sintra and Nearby Areas

  1. Pena Palace: A mesmerizing 19th-century Romanticist castle, offering panoramic views over Sintra.
  2. Quinta da Regaleira: This astonishing gothic-style estate features lush gardens, grottoes, and mind-blowing decorative fortifications.
  3. Moorish Castle: Enjoy an adventurous exploration of this ruinous 8th - 9th-century hilltop castle.
  4. Montserrate Park and Palace: Escape in the tranquillity of this stunning blend of Arabic, gothic and Indian architectural styles.
  5. Sintra National Palace: Explore the best preserved medieval royal palace in Portugal, a truly extraordinary historical place.
  6. Cabo da Roca: Take a short car journey to the westernmost point in mainland Europe, stunning cliff-top views guaranteed.
  7. Convent of the Capuchos: An austere, peaceful 16th century convent, integrated into the natural surroundings.
  8. Azenhas do Mar: Discover this picturesque seaside village by car, a fantastic place to enjoy the sea breeze.

Sintra Roadtrips

Explore Portugal's Best By Car

  1. Sintra to Lisbon: A 30-kilometer drive will take you from fairy-tale palaces of Sintra to the vibrant and historic Lisbon city center. It's a perfect combination of culture, history, and charm.
  2. Sintra to Cascais: This scenic 19-kilometer coastal drive offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Cascais, a beautiful seaside town, is known for its sandy beaches and bustling marina.
  3. Sintra to Cabo da Roca: Take a 18-kilometer drive to the westmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. The panoramic view of where the ocean meets the sky is mesmerising.
  4. Sintra to Évora: Drive 150 kilometers across the countryside to Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage city. Its well-preserved old town center still partially enclosed by medieval walls, is a treasure trove of historical monuments.
  5. Sintra to Fátima: An 154-kilometer drive to Fátima, one of the most important catholic shrines in the world. It's an ideal place for those seeking tranquility.
  6. Sintra to Porto: Take a 313-kilometer trip to the second largest city in Portugal, Porto. Known for the stunning Douro Valley and its wine production, Porto is a must-see destination for all epicureans.
  7. Sintra to Coimbra: A 196-kilometer drive to Coimbra, home of one of the world’s oldest universities. This hilly city with a river running through it is rich in history and culture.