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Our car rental service in Aveiro is known for top-notch customer care. Reach coastal cities or historical sites with our high-quality cars, exploring the unique charm of this region. Whether you need route advice, car specifics or assistance, our friendly team is ready to help 24/7, ensuring a smooth delightful journey in Aveiro.

Car Rental in Aveiro

Discover Aveiro's Treasures by Car

Car in Aveiro with canals, moliceiros, seagulls, Art Nouveau houses

Known as the 'Venice of Portugal', Aveiro welcomes visitors with its charming canals, colourful 'moliceiro' boats and elegant Art Nouveau architecture. Dotted across the city are a myriad of notable landmarks, must-see attractions and natural beauty. It is also the perfect base to explore the nearby coastal villages through a picturesque car journey. Driving from Aveiro allows you to experience the vast scenery in a unique way and offers the freedom to explore the surrounding attractions at your own pace.

One of the highlights of exploring Aveiro by car is the opportunity to see the splendid University of Aveiro, known for its distinctive architecture and beneficiary of a vibrant cultural scene. Also worth exploring is Costa Nova, a coastal town a short car ride away, with its distinctive candy-striped houses, fascinating lighthouse, and beautiful sandy beaches. A 45-minute car journey from Aveiro takes you to the Bairrada region, renowned for its excellent wines and mouthwatering suckling pig dishes.

Driving within Aveiro itself is a joy due to the well-planned road network. Cruising through the city will easily take you to a variety of attractions, including the Museu de Aveiro with its religious art and history exhibits and the Congress Centre of Aveiro, a fine example of modern architecture. Additionally, located a short car journey away from the city centre is the breathtaking Ria de Aveiro, where you can witness stunning landscapes with its unique fauna and flora thereby making your car journey truly unforgettable.

Aveiro Car Rental

Your Common Queries Answered

1. What is the cost to rent a car in Aveiro?

The cost to rent a car in Aveiro depends on factors like car model and rental duration. On average, the daily rate can range from €15 to €125.

2. Which car model is most typically rented in Aveiro?

Compact cars, like the Seat Ibiza, are the most commonly rented car type in Aveiro given the narrow and winding streets of the city centre.

3. What are the popular car rental locations in Aveiro?

Most rentals take place at Aveiro's main train station and at the foot of the city centre, near the Old Captaincy building.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop off service?

Yes, many rental service companies in Aveiro offer 24-hour pickup and drop off service for customer convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period in Aveiro?

Typically, most car rental services require a minimum rental period of one day.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Aveiro?

The minimum age requirement to rent a car in Aveiro is typically 21 years, although this may vary depending on the car model and rental company policy.

7. What documents do I need to rent and drive a car in Aveiro?

To rent a car in Aveiro, you will need a valid national or international driver’s license, a credit card and proof of identity.

8. What is the best time of year to travel Aveiro by car?

The ideal time to visit Aveiro by car is during the summer months when the weather is warm and the city's charm is at its peak.

9. What are the main airports in Aveiro?

While Aveiro doesn't have its own airport, it is conveniently serviced by nearby Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto ANA.

10. Can I pick up the car in Aveiro and drop it off in a different city?

Most rental companies do offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the car in Aveiro and drop it off in another city. However, this may often incur an additional fee.

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Aveiro – 21-11-2023. The company's rental service was fantastic. I made the reservation for a car online and was pleased with their quick response. The car was in superb condition and the ride was smooth throughout our journey. The prices were pretty reasonable for the quality. Aveiro's beautiful sights were an amazing addition to the enjoyable experience. Highly recommend.


Aveiro – 04-10-2023. I rented a car for a short holiday break in Aveiro. The car was well-maintained and the entire process was hitch-free. Great value for money. An added advantage was how quickly the customer service responded to minor issues. Overall, a very satisfactory experience.


Aveiro – 16-02-2023. The car hire experience was impressive. The staff was professional and cordial, offering tips on various local sightseeing spots in Aveiro. The car was comfortable and handy, leading me to rent from them a second time. Good one guys!


Aveiro – 10-01-2023. Coming from a different region, I appreciated how this car rental company offered me the local flavour of Aveiro. The car was well-groomed and ran smoothly. Not to forget the budget-friendly pricing, which highly contributed to my positive experience.


Aveiro – 21-05-2022. This has doubtlessly been the most stress-free car rental I've ever experienced. The process was straightforward, our car was clean, worked well and their rates didn't drain our pockets. No hidden costs at all. I commend the friendly staff for their helpfulness. Kudos to the team.


Aveiro – 28-12-2021. Visiting Aveiro for business, I needed a car to move around. This company did not disappoint! The car was excellent, well-fueled and reasonably priced. The rental process was efficient and the personnel were really professional. I would highly recommend for a quality car hire needs.

Aveiro Road Connections

Tourist-friendly Road Links

  1. Aveiro - Porto: Aproximately 74 kilometers north from Aveiro via the scenic A1. Expect 50 minutes driving time, dual carriageway vital connection.
  2. Aveiro - Coimbra: Roughly 70 kilometer journey southeast on A1 lasting arround 50 minutes drive through lush green landscapes.
  3. Aveiro - Lisbon: Long but worthwhile trip south on A1 spanning about 250 kilometers. Estimated driving time: 2.5 hours.
  4. Aveiro - Braga: Along the A11 and A3, expect a 1.5-hour journey covering roughly 130 kilometers across picturesque terrains.
  5. Aveiro - Viseu: Shortest route via A25. Total distance is around 80 kilometers in 50 minutes. Historic towns along the route.
  6. Aveiro - Guimaraes: A vibrant trip of around 100 kilometers taking about 1 hour, mainly on A11 and then A7.
  7. Aveiro - Fatima: Head south on A1 towards Fatima, about 130 kilometers drive with journey time close to 1.25 hours.

Driving in Aveiro

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Aveiro and its country?

In Aveiro, like the rest of Portugal, you must always drive on the right side of the road.

2. What are the general speed limits in Aveiro?

In Portugal, the speed limit for cars in urban areas including Aveiro is 50 km/h, on open roads it's 90km/h and on highways and motorways, it is 120 km/h.

3. Do I need an international driver's license to drive in Aveiro, Portugal?

Drivers from EU countries can drive with their normal license. However, drivers from non-EU countries may require an international driving permit along with their domestic one.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Aveiro and Portugal?

Yes. Speed cameras are not uncommon on both urban roads and motorways, so it is advised to respect the speed limits.

5. What are the key driving rules I should be aware of?

Some key rules include: always give way to vehicles coming from your right, no left turn on red lights, and the use of dipped headlights is mandatory when visibility is poor.

6. What happens if I break the traffic rules in Aveiro?

Breaking the traffic rules could lead to hefty fines, loss of driving privileges, and even imprisonment for serious offences.

7. How heavy is traffic in Aveiro?

Traffic in Aveiro can be quite busy particularly during rush hour but it's generally manageable compared to larger cities.

8. Are there tolls on the roads in Aveiro and Portugal?

Yes, Portugal has a number of toll roads including some leading to and from Aveiro. It's recommended to ensure you have a method of payment for these.

9. What are the rules if I see an emergency vehicle?

If an ambulance, fire truck, or police car is approaching with sirens and/or flashing lights, you should move to the far right side of the road and stop your vehicle.

10. What should I do if I become involved in an accident?

Firstly, make the scene safe and check if anyone needs immediate medical attention. After that, call the police and report the incident. It is also recommended to get the details of other parties involved.

11. Are there any particular road signs I should be aware of?

Road signs in Portugal follow international standards, so many should be familiar. However, be specifically aware of those indicating speed limits and no entry.

12. Can I use force majeure as an excuse for violation of driving rules?

No, force majeure is not recognized as an excuse for violations of traffic rules. It is always your responsibility to drive safely and within the law.

13. What happens if my car is towed?

If your car is towed, contact the local police for information on its location and the process for retrieving it.

14. Can I contest a fine for a traffic violation?

You can usually contest a traffic fine within 15 days of receipt, and your ticket should have information on how to do this.

15. How long can I drive with a foreign driving license in Aveiro?

If your license is from an EU country, you can drive indefinitely. Non-EU license holders may do so for 185 days from the date of entry before needing a Portuguese license.

Aveiro Travel Guide

Top 8 attractions near Aveiro

  1. Ria de Aveiro: Explore this picturesque lagoon, with its colorful moliceiros boats and bird-rich bio-reserve.
  2. Aveiro Cathedral: A notable example of Baroque architecture offering panoramic city views from its bell tower.
  3. Museu de Aveiro: Located in a former convent, it showcases a collection of religious art and artifacts.
  4. Praia da Costa Nova: Unique beach famed for its multicolored striped houses and great surfing conditions.
  5. Aveiro Museum of Art Nouveau: Explore the distinctive Art Nouveau architectural style at this speciality museum.
  6. University of Aveiro: A modern campus known for its unique architecture, scenic parks and public art.
  7. Praia de Barra: A beautiful sandy beach with a landmark lighthouse, perfect for sunbathing and water sports.
  8. Parque Infante D. Pedro: A tranquil green space with an ancient palace, waterfalls, lake and a miniature railway.

Best Aveiro Roadtrips

Unmissable Routes for Self-Drive Tourists

  1. Rota Vicentina: A scenic 450km drive, this route takes you along the western coastline from Santiago do Cacém to the Algarve. Experience unparalleled ocean views and rustic Portuguese village life.
  2. Historical Villages Route: Covering approximately 400km, this journey rolls through 12 medieval villages in the Beira Baixa mountain range, providing a view into Portugal's rich history and culture.
  3. Serra da Estrela: Starting from Aveiro, a 200km drive leads you to the highest point of mainland Portugal. Breathtaking mountain landscapes and a chance to taste the famous 'Serra da Estrela' cheese awaits.
  4. Algarve Coastal Trip: A beloved 360km roadtrip from Aveiro to the sunshine region of Faro. Explore beautiful beaches, quaint fishing villages and taste the renowned seafood dishes.
  5. Douro Valley Vineyards: This 300km route will take you through the enchanting landscapes of the Douro Valley. Home to the famous Port wine, the vineyards are a must-see for wine enthusiasts.
  6. Aveiro to Lisbon: A 255km drive from Aveiro to Portugal's enchanting capital. Marvel at the charming, colorful cityscape, indulge in local cuisines and explore the diverse cultural highlights of Lisbon.
  7. Aveiro to Porto: Last but not least, a short but scenic 75km drive takes you to charming Porto. Famous for its Port wines, the city offers a vibrant blend of history, culture and gastronomy.