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Car Rental in Vila Nova de Gaia

Exploring Gaia and Beyond by Car

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Vila Nova de Gaia, famously known as Gaia, is a city filled with enticing history, incredible architecture, and esteemed port wine cellars. Located just across the Douro River from its famous neighbor Porto, it offers splendid views of this vibrant city's skyline and its bustling river life. But Gaia is much more than Porto's scenic backdrop - it's a destination in its own right. From its picturesque beaches to the lush vineyards that stretch for miles, Gaia is a traveler's paradise.

For avid explorers, venturing to and from Gaia by car provides the utmost flexibility to visit places at your own pace. The city's premier attraction is the collection of port wine cellars sprawled along the river, where visitors can learn about and indulge in Portugal's prized export. Apart from the city's thriving wine culture, history buffs can snake up the serpentine roads to the Monastery of the Serra do Pilar, a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides panoramic views of Porto.

Further afield, the possibilities are endless. Just an hour's drive to the north, you'll find the beautiful city of Braga, known for its religious heritage and historic sites. Southwards lies Aveiro, often dubbed as the 'Venice of Portugal', which is about an hour's drive from Gaia. Or head east for around two hours and you'll arrive at the famous Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site noted for its breathtaking landscape and outstanding wines.

Car Rental in Vila Nova de Gaia

Common Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Vila Nova de Gaia?

The cost to rent a car in Vila Nova de Gaia varies depending on the type of car and duration of rental. On average, you can expect to pay between 10 to 50 Euros per day. Prices may also change due to peak tourist seasons and availability.

2. Which model of car is most popular for rent in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Compact and economy cars are the most demanded due to the narrow and hilly streets, particularly in the older parts of the city.

3. What are popular rental locations in Vila Nova de Gaia?

The most popular locations to rent a car are in the city center and at the Vila Nova de Gaia Airport.

4. Is there 24/7 pickup and drop off service?

Most car rental companies in Vila Nova de Gaia offer 24/7 pickup and drop off service. However, it's advised to confirm specific hours with each rental company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, there is a minimum rental period of 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Vila Nova de Gaia?

The minimum age to rent a car in Vila Nova de Gaia is typically 21 years old, but may differ among rental companies.

7. What documentation do I need to rent or drive a car in Vila Nova de Gaia?

To rent a car, you will need your driver's license, passport, and a credit card. Non-EU resident may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What's the best time to visit Vila Nova de Gaia by car?

Spring (March to June) and Autumn (September to November) are great times to visit Vila Nova de Gaia by car due to the mild weather and less crowd.

9. What are the main airports in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is the main airport for the region. It is well connected to the city by public transportation and offers car rental services.

10. Can I pick up the car in Vila Nova de Gaia and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most rental companies offer the option to pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another. However, this service might include additional fees.

Car Rental Reviews


Vila Nova de Gaia – 30-11-2023. Impressive service. Informative from the onset. They guided us on the best car for the bumpy vineries routes in Vila Nova de Gaia, and their suggestion saved the day. Prices were affordable compared to others we had checked. A satisfied customer here.


Vila Nova de Gaia – 02-10-2023. They are genuine, efficient and customer centric. Had a pleasant experience exploring Vila Nova de Gaia with the rented car. The good condition met my expectations. Also, the pricing was rather reasonable. Will rent again when needed.


Vila Nova de Gaia – 28-07-2023. Kudos to the team. The selection of cars is broad and the rental process is simple. The car was spotless, ran smoothly, and was priced right. A fantastic way to explore the beautiful coastal city of Vila Nova de Gaia. Overall, a positive experience.


Vila Nova de Gaia – 12-04-2023. I’ve rented cars several times, but the service here is exemplary. The staff in Vila Nova de Gaia were more than helpful. Got a high-quality car at a competitive price. I can't recommend them enough.


Vila Nova de Gaia – 21-01-2023. Speedy and professional service. The booking process was straightforward, and the pricing was fair considering the high standard of the car. Driving around Vila Nova de Gaia was a breeze. Would definitely recommend their service.


Vila Nova de Gaia – 21-11-2022. Highly professional team. The team demonstrated a strong knowledge of not only cars but Vila Nova de Gaia's best spots. Great value for the money. Will rent a car here again when in this beautiful city.

Roadtrip Routes from Vila Nova de Gaia

Top 7 Most Searched Car Routes

  1. Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto: A short 14km drive across the Dom Luís I Bridge joining the two cities. Usually takes about 15-20 minutes via N14 and A1 Highway.
  2. Vila Nova de Gaia - Lisbon: Around 313km drive, taking roughly 3 hours via A1 Highway. Features some toll booths, so keep some change.
  3. Vila Nova de Gaia - Braga: Approximately 70km via the A3 Highway. Journey takes about an hour, featuring stunning countryside views along the way.
  4. Vila Nova de Gaia - Aveiro: A pleasant 70km drive South on the A1 Highway. Takes about 45 minutes, with unique lagoon side views.
  5. Vila Nova de Gaia - Coimbra: Around 130km heading south on the A1 Highway. Takes roughly 1.5 hours, featuring viewpoints of Portugal's central region.
  6. Vila Nova de Gaia - Guimarães: Approximately 60km Northeast via the A3 and A7 Highways. Usually takes about 50 minutes, travelling from the coast to Portugal's northern region.
  7. Vila Nova de Gaia - Douro Valley: A scenic 120km drive East, usually takes about 1.5 hours via the A4 Highway. Known for its spectacular winery views.

Driving in Gaia

Common Concerns

1. What is the driving side in Vila Nova de Gaia and Portugal?

In Vila Nova de Gaia, as in the rest of Portugal, you drive on the right side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit in Vila Nova de Gaia?

The general speed limit in urban areas including Vila Nova de Gaia is 50 km/h. On non-urban roads it's 90 km/h, and on highways it's 120 km/h.

3. Does Portugal have toll roads?

Yes, many highways in Portugal are toll roads. Electronic toll devices are commonly used to automatically pay toll fees.

4. Are there speed cameras in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Yes, speed cameras are widely used throughout Portugal, including Vila Nova de Gaia, to enforce speed limits.

5. What kind of driver's license do I need to drive in Vila Nova de Gaia?

You need a valid EU/EEA driver's license or an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Vila Nova de Gaia and the rest of Portugal.

6. What are some general traffic rules in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Pedestrians have the right of way at marked crosswalks. On roundabouts, vehicles entering must yield to those already in the circle. The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited without a hands-free device.

7. What should I be aware of when driving in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Be aware of narrow and winding roads, particularly in older parts of the city. Parking can be difficult in the city center.

8. How are the road conditions in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Roads in Vila Nova de Gaia are generally in good condition, but can be narrow and crowded, particularly in the city center.

9. What safety precautions should I take while driving?

Always wear your seatbelt, respect speed limits and don't drive if you've been drinking. Keep your car doors locked, especially in city areas.

10. Are there any specific driving regulations for highways in Portugal?

Yes, it is illegal to overtake on the right on highways. You should only overtake from the left lane.

11. Can I turn right at a red light in Vila Nova de Gaia?

No, it is illegal to turn right on a red light throughout Portugal unless there's a sign indicating otherwise.

12. How can I prepare for my driving trip in Portugal?

Familiarize yourself with Portuguese driving rules, download a map or GPS and have a payment method ready for toll roads.

13. Are there child safety laws for driving in Gaia?

Yes, children under 12 must travel in the back seat of the car and use an appropriate car seat.

14. What is the legal alcohol limit for driving?

The legal alcohol limit for driving in Portugal is 0.05%, and 0.02% for drivers with less than three years of experience.

15. Is it necessary to have insurance when driving in Vila Nova de Gaia?

Yes, you must have a compulsory third-party insurance to drive in Portugal.

Gaia's Must-See Spots

The Essential Drive Guide

  1. Porto Wine Cellars: Iconic wineries where you can experience excellent wine tasting.
  2. Serra do Pilar Monastery: A picturesque ancient monastery with amazing views of Porto.
  3. Jardim do Morro: A beautiful garden providing panoramic views of Porto and Douro River.
  4. Afurada Village: A traditional fishing village offering authentic seafood cuisine.
  5. Dom Luís I Bridge: A double-deck iron bridge, one of Porto's landmarks.
  6. Funicular dos Guindais: A funicular system offering stunning views of the city and river.
  7. El Corte Inglés Gaia: A massive shopping centre with everything you could need or want.
  8. Sandeman Winery: Centuries-old winery offering port and wine tasting.

Unforgettable Roadtrips

Experience Portugal by car

  1. Vila Nova de Gaia to Douro Valley: A 124km scenic drive with breathtaking views of vineyards and the Douro river. Don't miss the charming towns of Amarante and Peso da Régua.
  2. Costa Verde Tour: At 135km long, this journey takes you through the coastal region of Vila Nova de Gaia, visiting towns like Espinho, Esmoriz, and Aveiro, famous for its canals and 'ovos moles'.
  3. Historical Villages Route: A longer, 338km trip weaving through the enchanting historical villages of central Portugal like Sortelha, Marialva and Belmonte.
  4. Algarve Coastal Drive: This 125km adventure starts from Lagos and ends at Faro, showcasing the breathtaking cliffs, sandy beaches, and charming fishing villages of Algarve.
  5. Route 66 of Portugal: Known as N2, this 738km route is Portugal's longest road going from Chaves in the north to Faro in the south, a perfect journey to uncover the country's heart and soul.
  6. Lisbon to Sintra: A short but stunning 30km drive from the capital to the fairy-tale town of Sintra. Visit Pena Palace and enjoy typical pastries such as 'queijadas' and 'travesseiros'.
  7. Serra da Estrela Circuit: This 184km round trip from Covilhã will take you through the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal, Serra da Estrela, with its remarkable natural beauty and quaint villages.