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Car Rental in São Miguel

Discover the Wonders of São Miguel on a Scenic Drive Through its Majestic Landscapes

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Known as the 'Green Island', São Miguel is the biggest and most diverse of the Portuguese Azores group of islands. Famed for its stunning landscapes; full of green pastures, volcanic craters and beautiful coastlines, São Miguel is a nature lover's paradise. The island's capital, Ponta Delgada, combines quaint cobblestone streets lined with pastel-colored houses with a bustling marina and vibrant nightlife.

A drive along the southern coast from Ponta Delgada to Lagoa do Fogo, a stunning volcanic lagoon, is an unforgettable experience and a must-do for any visitor. As well as that, the drive from Ponta Delgada to Furnas, with its geothermal pools, takes you past some of the island’s most beautiful vistas. Sao Miguel offers an extensive network of scenic roads, making a rental car the best way to discover the island's hidden gems at your own pace.

But São Miguel is not just about nature. Its rich cultural heritage, especially the tradition of bullfighting on a rope, is still deeply rooted in the local communities. The island's cuisine is another highlight, from fresh seafood to the local speciality cozido das Furnas, a stew cooked using geothermal heat from volcanic vents.

São Miguel Car Rental

Comprehensive Guide and FAQ

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in São Miguel?

Rental rates in São Miguel vary depending on the car model, rental duration, and the type of insurance included. On average, you can expect to pay between €30 and €60 per day for the car rental.

2. What is the most demanded car model to rent in São Miguel?

The most popular car models to rent are compact and midsize cars, such as Ford Focus or VW Golf. Due to São Miguel's winding roads and occasional narrow streets in town centers, smaller cars are often convenient for easy navigation.

3. Where are the most popular place to rent a car in São Miguel?

The most popular place to rent a car in São Miguel is at João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada. This is due to the wide variety of cars available and the convenience of picking up your car immediately upon arrival.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Most car rental companies in São Miguel offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service. However, it's better to confirm this in advance with your chosen rental company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, the minimum car rental period in São Miguel is one day. However, some companies may require a minimum rental period of two days, especially during peak tourist seasons.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in São Miguel?

The minimum age to rent a car in São Miguel is generally 21 years old. However, some rental companies may require drivers to be at least 23 or 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in São Miguel?

Typically, you'll need your passport, a valid driver's license, a credit card, and proof of return or onwards travel. International driving license is also required if your driver's license is not in a Roman script language.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit São Miguel by car?

The best time to visit São Miguel by car is during the summer months from June to September when the weather is warm and rainfall is minimal. This makes driving conditions ideal for exploring the island.

9. What are the main airports in São Miguel?

The main airport in São Miguel is João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada. There's also a smaller airport in Vila do Porto, Santa Maria island, which is also accessible from São Miguel by ferry.

10. Can I pick up the car in São Miguel and drop it off in another city?

Most car rental companies in São Miguel offer one-way rentals. This means you can pick up your car in São Miguel and drop it off in another city. It's advisable to confirm this with your rental company as not all locations offer this service, and additional fees may apply.

Car Rental Reviews


São Miguel – 30-11-2023. Incredibly pleased with the car I rented from this company in São Miguel. The process was effortless and they made sure I had everything I needed before setting out. The price was quite reasonable compared to other places. On top of that, the car was clean, modern, and had no issues during my trip. Phenomenal service!


São Miguel – 15-11-2023. Renting a car for our São Miguel holiday was made simple and hassle-free through this company. The pricing was fair, the car was in top shape and their customer service was out of this world. Added bonus, the view of the coastline from the car was simply breathtaking!


São Miguel – 27-10-2023. Absolutely recommend this car rental service to anyone traveling to São Miguel. Their selection of cars catered to any budget and the staff was helpful. Despite my flight being delayed, they ensured I got my car without any delay. There's no better way to explore the island's lush landscapes.


São Miguel – 06-09-2023. This company made our family trip to São Miguel a memorable one. We rented a spacious car at a bargain price. The children were comfortable throughout our drives and we managed to explore most of the island's hidden treasures. Will certainly use their services again!


São Miguel – 21-07-2023. As a regular business visitor to São Miguel, I've dealt with a number of car rental companies. I must say this has been the most dependable and cost-effective choice I’ve made. The whole renting process is hassle-free and the cars are always in top-notch condition.


São Miguel – 21-06-2023. Used their car rental service while vacationing in São Miguel. Excellent pricing, considering the car was relatively new, clean, and reliable. The staff was super helpful too, offering tips regarding the best spots to visit on the island. We couldn't have asked for a better service!

Top 7 Connections

From São Miguel to Key Attractions

  1. São Miguel - Ponta Delgada: The short, 15km ride from São Miguel to the capital Ponta Delgada takes around 20 minutes via the EN1-1A road, which is well-conditioned and scenic.
  2. São Miguel - Furnas: Cover the 45km distance to this geothermal wonder in about 45 minutes via the EN1-1A and EN8-2A roads. Expect smooth travel.
  3. São Miguel - Sete Cidades: Take the 30km ride to this magical locale in around 35 minutes on the well-paved EN9-1A road, past green pastures and blue lagoons.
  4. São Miguel - Lagoa do Fogo: Journey 25km in about 30 minutes on the ER2-1 road to reach this stunning crater lake. The road can be steep but offers excellent views.
  5. São Miguel - Ribeira Grande: The 20km drive to this colorful town takes around 25 minutes via the EN1-1A and EN5-2A roads. They're usually clear and provide nice coastal vistas.
  6. São Miguel - Nordeste: Reach this picturesque village 70km away in approximately 90 minutes via the EN1-1A and EN2 roads, meandering through charming landscapes and forests.
  7. São Miguel - Mosteiros: A 30km route on the EN1-1A and EN9-2A roads takes you to this coastal gem in around 40 minutes. Watch out for sharp turns.

Driving in São Miguel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in São Miguel?

In São Miguel, as in the rest of the country, all vehicles must drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit in São Miguel?

The standard speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/h, whereas outside towns and on main roads, the limit can range between 70-90 km/h. Motorways typically have a limit of 120 km/h.

3. Do I need an international driving license to drive in São Miguel?

Foreign drivers can use their domestic driving license to drive in São Miguel for short stays. However, for stays of six months or longer, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended.

4. Are there many speed cameras in São Miguel?

Yes, there are fixed and mobile speed cameras throughout São Miguel must comply with the speed limits to avoid fines and penalties.

5. Are there toll roads in São Miguel?

No, there are no toll roads in São Miguel. But toll roads are present in some other parts of the country.

6. What are the basic road safety rules in São Miguel?

The safety rules in São Miguel include following the speed limit, not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front, using turn signals, and always driving on the right side of the road.

7. Is the traffic congested in São Miguel?

Usually, traffic in São Miguel is moderate. However, during peak hours or tourist seasons you may encounter some traffic issues.

8. Is it mandatory to carry any specific documents while driving?

Yes, it's mandatory to always carry your driving license, car's registration and insurance documents while driving.

9. What are the rules regarding child safety in cars?

Children under 12 years old or less than 135cm tall must be seated in an appropriate child restraint system and are not allowed in the front seat.

10. What should I do in case of a car breakdown?

In case of a car breakdown, you should park your car in a safe place, turn on your hazard lights, and call for roadside assistance.

11. How should I approach roundabouts in São Miguel?

At roundabouts, vehicles already on the roundabout have priority over those entering it and traffic flows in a clockwise direction.

12. Are driving rules strictly enforced in São Miguel?

Yes, driving rules are strictly enforced. Violation of rules can lead to fines or even license suspension.

13. Can I make a right turn on red in São Miguel?

No, in São Miguel it's not permitted to make a right turn on a red light unless there is a green arrow indicating otherwise.

14. How are the road conditions in São Miguel?

Roads in São Miguel are generally well-maintained but some rural areas might have narrow and winding roads.

15. Can I park my car anywhere in São Miguel?

No, you must park in designated areas. Parking in illegal places may lead to fines or towing.

Top São Miguel Attractions

Must-visit places for adventurous car renters

  1. Sete Cidades Lake: See this enchanting twin-lake separated by a bridge, one blue, the other green.
  2. Lagoa do Fogo: Enjoy the dramatic views of this volcanic lake surrounded by pristine nature.
  3. Furnas Valley: Visit the geothermal area with natural hot springs and lush gardens.
  4. Ponta Delgada: Explore the charming city with Azorean architecture and vibrant marina.
  5. Plantacoes de Cha Gorreana: Europe's oldest, and only, tea plantation offers panoramic views and tastings.
  6. Nordeste: Drive through breathtaking landscapes and beautiful flower gardens in this remote village.
  7. Portas da Cidade: Historic city gates in Ponta Delgada with striking white arches.
  8. Miradouro da Boca do Inferno: Hike to this viewpoint for an unparalleled view of the island's crater lakes.

Roadtrips in São Miguel

Explore the Hidden Gems of São Miguel

  1. The São Miguel Coastline Route: A scenic 120km drive that takes you all around the coastline of São Miguel, showcasing breathtaking ocean views and picturesque local towns.
  2. The Sete Cidades Route: This 60km journey will take you through the breath-taking Sete Cidades Massif region with its pristine lakes and lush landscapes.
  3. The Furnas Route: Explore the area of Furnas, a 50km round trip famous for its geothermal activity, mineral water springs and a unique volcanic cooked meal called Cozido das Furnas.
  4. The Nordeste Route: A longer drive of about 100km, Nordeste is known for its stunning viewpoints, beautiful parks and even a unique waterfall.
  5. The Wine Route in Pico Island: A ferry ride from São Miguel and a 40km drive around Pico Island, UNESCO world heritage site famous for its vineyard landscapes.
  6. The Tea Route: A micro drive of about 20km through the only tea plantations in Europe, with opportunities for guided tours and tastings.
  7. The Cheese Route in São Jorge Island: A ferry ride and a 50km drive around São Jorge Island, known for its distinctive spicy cheese and dramatic clifftop vistas.