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Operating in Birmingham, our car hire firm offers first-rate client service. We strive to enhance your journey to notable destinations such as Aston Hall. Our skilled team acknowledges the unique Midlands charm, ensuring a smooth, personalised hire process every time.

Car Hire in Birmingham

Experience vibrant Birmingham and its picturesque surroundings at your own pace

City car on cobbled streets, Birmingham architecture, canals, street lamps

Welcome to Birmingham, a jewel in the heart of England. Known for its rich industrial history, Birmingham has transformed into a vibrant destination brimming with culture and heritage. The city boasts innovative architecture, world-class museums, and picturesque canals. Hiring a car is the perfect way to explore Birmingham and the charming surroundings, with the chance to experience the best of British history and countryside.

Beyond central Birmingham, visit Coughton Court, a stunning Tudor house set within beautiful gardens, only a 40-minute drive from the city. Alternatively, take your hired car for a spin to Warwick Castle, an impressive medieval fortress, less than an hour away. For literature enthusiasts, drive the one hour distance to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. You can visit the Shakespeare’s Birthplace, where the world-renowned playwright was born. All these places are excellent destinations for day trips.

When driving in Birmingham, remember that the city centre operates a clean air zone to ensure air quality and environmental sustainability. You can learn more about the clean air zone prior to visiting. Birmingham's well-organised road network makes driving a pleasurable experience and brings most of the attractions within reasonable distance. Don't forget to adhere to UK's left-hand driving rule.

Car Hire in Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the costs involved in hiring a car in Birmingham?

The price of hiring a car in Birmingham varies depending on factors such as the type of car, time of hire, and demand. On average, you could pay from £35 per day for a small car, to £120 or more per day for larger, luxury models.

2. Which car model is most in demand for hires in Birmingham?

The most popular cars for hire in Birmingham are compact cars like Vauxhall Corsa or the Ford Fiesta. Their smaller size makes them perfect for navigating Birmingham's busy city streets and narrow country lanes in the surrounding countryside.

3. Where are the most popular locations to hire a car in Birmingham?

Birmingham Airport and Birmingham city centre are the most common places to hire a car. Other popular locations include business parks and railway stations.

4. Is there a 24-hour car pick-up and drop-off service available?

Many car hire companies in Birmingham offer 24-hour car pick-up and drop-off services, especially the ones based at Birmingham Airport.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most car hire companies in Birmingham require a minimum rental period of 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum required age to hire a car in Birmingham?

In Birmingham, you usually need to be at least 21 years old to hire a car. However, some companies may apply a young driver surcharge for those under 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Birmingham?

When hiring a car in Birmingham, you will need a valid driving licence, a credit or debit card for payment, and identification, such as a passport. International drivers may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Birmingham by car?

Birmingham is a great city to visit all year round. However, to avoid congestion, it's best to avoid the rush hour periods and plan your driving routes in advance.

9. What are the main airports in Birmingham?

Birmingham Airport is the main airport serving the city. You can easily hire a car directly from the airport upon arrival.

10. Can I pick up a car in Birmingham and drop it off in another city?

Many car hire companies in Birmingham offer one-way hires, meaning you can pick up your car in Birmingham and drop it off at another location. However, this may come with additional fees.

Trusted Reviews


Birmingham – 10-02-2024. Smooth ride through the town's historical roads. As a historian, hiring a car often isn’t ideal, but I had an excellent experience with this car hire company in Birmingham. The onboarding process was clearly explained, with no hidden costs. I appreciated the transparency with the pricing. The car itself was well-serviced, clean, and perfect for the ride through the treasure-filled streets of Birmingham.


Birmingham – 08-01-2024. I must say that the experience of hiring a car wasn't initially my favorite idea. But the company's great service made it a breeze. Reasonable price, friendly staff, and fine handling cars. Having the freedom to venture out and explore Birmingham without relying on the local transportation made the trip much more enjoyable.


Birmingham – 20-11-2023. What a marvellous find! As an artist, cost is always on my mind. The car I hired from this company had a good price-quality ratio. It was modern, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. It truly was a pleasure to drive around and explore the vibrant arts scene of Birmingham.


Birmingham – 28-08-2023. Being an elderly person, activities like hiring a car can be tedious. But, this was not the case here. The staff was considerate and took the time to explain to me the process in detail. The car was clean and comfortable, allowing me to visit my family spread across Birmingham with ease. I shall definitely hire from them again.


Birmingham – 18-07-2023. My husband and I hired a car for our anniversary trip to Birmingham. The company’s flexibility with hire terms and competitive pricing made our multi-day hire a breeze. The car was in impeccable condition, making our drives through the old brewery districts a delight.


Birmingham – 01-05-2023. I had an exceptional experience hiring a car from this company during my business trip. Their professionalism, efficiency and cost-effectiveness meant I could focus on my work, while they took care of my travel in Birmingham. I appreciated the excellent condition of the car and the smoothness of the overall process.

Driving Connections

7 Key Routes from Birmingham

  1. Birmingham - London: A distance of 202 km taking about 2.5 hours via the M40. This is a busy motorway with good road conditions.
  2. Birmingham - Manchester: A 134 km journey logged at approximately 2 hours using the M6. Regular congestion is expected.
  3. Birmingham - Liverpool: Around 160 km using the M6, the drive should take roughly 2 hours. Service stations are frequent on this well-surfaced route.
  4. Birmingham - Sheffield: The 120 km drive north, taking 1.5 hours via the M1. Well-maintained roads with regular services.
  5. Birmingham - Leeds: A drive of about 200 km taking roughly 2 hours 15 minutes on the M1. This path offers good conditions and excellent services.
  6. Birmingham - Leicester: Only 68 km, the 1 hour journey along the M6 is quick and the road conditions are very good.
  7. Birmingham - Stoke-on-Trent: A short, 88 km drive of around 1 hour 15 minutes on the M6. A well-surfaced and pleasant journey.

Explore Birmingham

Must-visit attractions with your hired car

  1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Home of a world-class collection of art covering seven centuries.
  2. Cadbury World: A must-visit for chocolate lovers, discover the history and magic of Cadbury chocolates.
  3. Black Country Living Museum: An immersive experience of British industrial history in an open-air museum.
  4. Bullring Shopping Centre: Distinctive landmark offering a great high-street and luxury shopping experience.
  5. Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum: An interactive museum perfect for families, mixing science and entertainment.
  6. Warwick Castle: A short drive away, this historic castle offers a fascinating journey into the past.
  7. National SEA LIFE Centre: Explore marine life from all over the world in an interactive aquarium.
  8. Stratford-upon-Avon: Famous as the birthplace of William Shakespeare, a charming town worth the drive.

Breathtaking Road Trips from Birmingham

Discover the UK's scenic routes by car

  1. Birmingham to Cotswolds: Discover the picturesque landscapes and charming villages of the Cotswolds. Travel distance is approximately 50km.
  2. Birmingham to Stratford-upon-Avon: Drive to the birthplace of Shakespeare via the Warwick castle. The journey stretches to around 60km.
  3. Birmingham to Bath: Take a trip to Bath and explore its famous Roman-built baths. Approximate travel distance is 160km.
  4. Birmingham to Peak District: Marvel at the scenic beauty of Peak District which is around 100km away.
  5. Birmingham to Lake District: A picturesque journey to England’s largest National Park, covering about 280km.
  6. Birmingham to Oxford: Experience the historical city of Oxford, famous for its university. The drive is approximately 100km.
  7. Birmingham to Jurassic Coast: Drive to England's first natural World Heritage Site, stretching around 300km.
  8. Birmingham to Edinburgh: Experience the vibrant Scottish culture in Edinburgh, around 600km away.


Driving in the UK

Common Queries for Car Hire in Birmingham

1. Which side of the road do we drive on in Birmingham, UK?

Like the rest of the UK, in Birmingham you drive on the left side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Birmingham?

Speed limits vary depending on the type and location of the road: 30 mph on built-up urban roads, 60 mph on single carriageways, and 70 mph on dual carriageways and motorways, unless signs say otherwise.

3. Can I use my foreign driver’s licence in Birmingham?

Yes, you can use a valid driving licence from any country for up to 12 months from when you become a UK resident.

4. What type of driving licence is required for car hire in the UK?

Most car hire companies require a full driving licence. Check with the rental company for specific requirements.

5. Are there toll roads in Birmingham?

Yes, the M6 Toll runs north to south around the east side of Birmingham and has a fee.

6. Are there speeding cameras in Birmingham?

Yes, there are numerous speed cameras across Birmingham and the rest of the UK. Driving over the speed limit is against the law, and penalties apply.

7. Where can I find information about driving rules and regulations in Birmingham?

The UK Highway Code is available online and provides comprehensive information about driving rules and safety regulations.

8. How is the traffic in Birmingham?

Birmingham, as the UK's second-largest city, can have heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. It is advisable to allow extra travel time.

9. Are there roundabouts in Birmingham?

Yes, there are many roundabouts in Birmingham and throughout the UK. Drivers should give priority to cars coming from the right on roundabouts.

10. What is the penalty for ignoring a red traffic light in the UK?

Jumping a red traffic light in the UK is illegal. The penalty can include a fine, penalty points on your licence or disqualification from driving.

11. Is it common to experience traffic congestion in Birmingham?

Yes, traffic can get quite congested, particularly during rush hours. It's always recommended to check the traffic situation before you start your journey.

12. Are bicycles allowed on all roads in Birmingham?

Bicycles are permitted on most roads in Birmingham. However, cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals and are not allowed on motorways.

13. Can I park my car anywhere in Birmingham?

No, parking regulations apply in Birmingham. Make sure to correctly park your car in the designated areas to avoid fines.

14. Are motorways in the UK tolled?

Most motorways in the UK are free. However, a few, like the M6 Toll near Birmingham, charge a fee.

15. What is the alcohol limit for drivers in the UK?

In the UK, the legal limit for drivers is 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath, or 107 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of urine. However, any amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive safely.