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Experience exceptional customer service when you hire a car with us in Hull. Whether touring the historic Old Town or visiting The Deep, our knowledgeable and responsive team always ensures a smooth ride. Navigating Hull is a breeze when you're in our care.

Car Hire in Hull

Explore the Must-visit Attractions of Hull and Beyond By Car

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Welcome to Hull, a city steeped in maritime history and pulsating with a rich cultural scene. Situated in East Yorkshire, Hull was named UK City of Culture in 2017 due to its thriving arts sector. You will find plethora of attractions to explore in Hull, including Hull New Theatre providing high quality dramas, opera, ballets and comedy shows or Ferens Art Gallery showcasing impressive collection of artworks spanning many centuries.

Moving beyond the city centre, hiring a car opens up a realm of possibilities for day trips. An hour's drive to the north stands the majestic North Yorkshire Moors National Park - a vast expanse of heather moorland, woodland and coastline, teeming with wildlife and criss-crossed with walking trails. To the west, about an hour and a half by car, is the historic city of York, brimming with medieval architecture and quintessentially British charm. Its most outstanding landmarks include York Minster, one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals, and the Jorvik Viking Centre.

Travelling south, a 40-minute car ride will take you to the beautiful market town of Beverley, boasting a splendid minster and bustling market square. Further down towards the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’ll find stately homes such as Burton Agnes Hall or Sewerby Hall; these are journeys of approximately one and two hours respectively. To explore all these wonders, make sure you have plenty of time and a reliable car to get the most out of your Hull based adventure!

Car Hire in Hull

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Hull?

The cost to hire a car in Hull varies based on the model and duration of hire. Generally, prices start from approximately £20 per day for standard cars. We recommend checking our 'Price List' for detailed rates.

2.What's the most sought-after rental car model in Hull?

The most preferred rental car in Hull is usually the compact class due to its suitability for city driving and more affordable fuel consumption costs.

3.Who can hire and drive a car in Hull?

The minimum required age to hire and drive a car in Hull is 21 years old. You will be required to present a full UK driving licence or an international driving permit alongside a valid ID.

4.What are the terms for car hire duration?

There is no set minimum rental period, you can hire a car for a day, a week, a month, or longer, depending on your needs.

5.Is the car hire service available on a 24/7 basis?

Yes, we offer car hire services round the clock with a facility of pick-up and drop-off anytime you prefer.

6.Where are the popular car hire locations in Hull?

Popular locations to hire a car in Hull are the city centre and the Humberside Airport.

7.When is the best time to visit Hull by car?

The best time to visit Hull by car is during the summer months when the weather conditions are ideal for sightseeing and exploring the beautiful surroundings of the city.

8.What are Hull’s main airports?

Hull's main airports are Humberside Airport and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

9.Can I return the hired car to a different city?

Yes, our service allows the flexibility to pick the car in Hull and drop it off at a different location, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Hire Experiences

Oliver Higgins

Central Hull – 15-05-2024. Boy, was I surprised at their quality of service! Prior to this, I was sceptical when a friend recommended this car hire place, assuming it would be the same as all the others. But gosh, was I wrong! The prices are competitive and the car - brand spanking new. The staff assisted me to every extent in choosing the proper vehicle that suits my needs while in Hull. Not even once did I feel hassled. Best of all, they insist on you hiring a car fully fuelled. A win-win situation, if you ask me!

Bridget Harmon

Hull Train Station – 10-04-2024. A little gem in Hull. Efficient, courteous, and very helpful. Despite having hired cars regularly throughout my lifetime, I had never encountered such professional service until now. The vehicle condition was superb and the pricing fair. I felt safer on Hull's roads knowing I was driving a well-maintained car. Customer service of this calibre is a rare find!

Winston Yee

Hull City Centre – 20-02-2024. I just dropped in for an impromptu trip and settled on a decent car. The prices were reasonable enough and the team was understanding too. They even suggested a few local spots to catch the true essence of Hull. Felt like a personalised tour guide service!

Sylvia Dunbar

East Hull – 20-11-2023. I can vouch for this car hire company in Hull. The process of hiring was straightforward, fetching the car a breeze and the prices fabulously affordable! They even went out of their way to ensure I got the most comfortable car for my back condition. Gracious folks!

Shashi Patel

Hull Docks – 10-09-2023. Hands down, best car hiring experience! They've cut out all unnecessary paperwork and have a variety of clean cars to choose from. Cost-wise, it is much cheaper than several other places and trust me, I've shopped around. Plus, the car was excellent on the narrow streets of Hull.

Clarice Albright

West Hull – 05-06-2023. Splendid service and worth every penny. The staff were highly accommodating and car quality was top-notch! It allowed me to explore Hull's charming countryside without any transportation worries. It's the little things that make a big difference, isn't it?

Hull's Top Routes

A guide to Hull's seven most popular car routes

  1. Hull - York: This is a 58 km route taking approximately 1h 11 minutes via the A1079, known for its considerable number of roundabouts.
  2. Hull - Leeds: The 96 km connection is typically covered in 1h 30 minutes via the M62, a well-maintained motorway.
  3. Hull - Sheffield: Covering a distance of 108 km, it could take up to 1h 46 minutes. Your primary route will be M18, known for its excellent road quality.
  4. Hull - Lincoln: Providing a mostly rural view, this 82 km journey via A15 will take about 1h 27 minutes.
  5. Hull - Manchester: The 166 km drive via the M62 normally takes around 2h 15 minutes, a motorway notorious for traffic during peak hours.
  6. Hull - Birmingham: You’ll drive 210 km on the M1 to reach Birmingham in approximately 2h 41 minutes. It's a mostly smooth and fast drive, but can be busy on peak times.
  7. Hull - Nottingham: A 106 km journey which usually takes around 1h 44 minutes via A63, the route can have patches of congestion due its popularity with commuters.

Driving in Hull

Common Questions & Answers

1. The speed limit is the same across the UK, isn’t it?

No, speed limits in the UK vary depending upon the type of road and the type of car. In most built-up areas, the limit is 30mph and on single carriageway roads, it is usually 60mph. For dual carriageways and motorways, the limit is typically 70mph. Always check for signs to confirm.

2. Can I use my non-UK driving license in Hull?

If you own a full and valid driving license from another country, you can drive on UK roads for up to 12 months from when you first become resident. Some countries have reciprocal arrangements with the UK, so may allow you to simply exchange your license for a UK one. Check the government's website for further information.

3. Are speed cameras common in Hull?

Yes, speed cameras are common across the UK, including Hull. They are usually visible and signposted, but it is advised to always keep to the speed limit to stay safe and avoid fines.

4. Are there toll roads in Hull?

There are few toll roads across the UK, but one of them is the Humber Bridge near Hull. The cost of crossing the bridge depends on the type of vehicle and whether you have a permit.

5. What are the unique driving rules in UK?

One of the unique driving rules in the UK, compared to most other countries, is driving on the left side of the road. Roundabouts are also used frequently and it's crucial to understand the rules of entering and exiting them. Always observe road rules and signs.

6. How bad is the traffic in Hull?

Traffic in Hull can be heavy during peak times like most other cities, typically early morning and late afternoon on weekdays. However, traffic information is regularly updated on local radio and online services. Plan your journey in advance and allow extra time during peak hours.

7. How important is safety while driving in Hull?

Safety is a top priority when driving anywhere in the UK. Always make sure that all passengers are wearing seat belts, follow the speed limits, observe signs, and avoid using mobile phones while driving.

8. Do I need to carry specific documents while driving in Hull?

UK law requires drivers to be able to show proof of insurance, a valid driving licence and a valid MOT certificat(if applicable) if stopped by the police. So, always carry these documents while driving.

9. Can I drive in Hull with an International Driving Permit?

Yes, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is recognised in the UK, however it must be accompanied by your domestic driving licence.

10. How can I understand the street signs in Hull?

UK road signs follow international protocols and are largely pictorial or use easy to understand symbols.

11. Which side of the car are the controls in Hull?

In the UK, all cars are right-hand drive. That means the steering wheel and controls are on the right side of the car.

12. Any specific parking rules in Hull?

Yes, in general, look out for signs to ensure you are not parking in restricted areas. In many city centres, including Hull, parking spaces must be paid for during certain times.

13. Are UK road signs easy to understand while driving?

Yes, UK road signs are designed to be easily understandable, with many using standard international symbols.

14. Do I need to drive in specific lanes in Hull?

In general, the left-most lane on multi-lane roads is for normal driving, while the lanes to the right are used for overtaking.

15. How can I keep track of the speed limit while driving in Hull?

Speed limits are clearly indicated on road signs. It is your responsibility as a driver to look for these signs and comply with the displayed limit.

Discover Hull

Top 8 Attractions Near Hull

  1. The Deep: An award-winning aquarium with over 5,000 animals.
  2. Humber Bridge: Once the world's longest single-span suspension bridge, offering scenic views.
  3. Hull Maritime Museum: Showcases the city’s rich maritime history.
  4. Streetlife Museum of Transport: Offers 200 years of transport history.
  5. Ferens Art Gallery: Hull's premier art space, home to varied high-quality exhibitions.
  6. East Park: Perfect place for a family day out with animals and rides.
  7. Hull's Old Town: Features historic pubs, captivating museums and Europe’s smallest window.
  8. Queen Victoria Square: Housing iconic city landmarks an ideal spot for selfies.

Hull's Breathtaking Roadtrips

Discover the charm of driving around Hull and beyond

  1. Hull to York: This short 54 km drive provides a quick escape from the city to the historical town of York. Experience the spirit of Viking's era and magnificent gothic architecture.
  2. Hull to Edinburgh: This 360 km stretch takes you through the heart of the UK towards Scotland's capital: Edinburgh. Enjoy a scenic route filled with bewitching coastal views and castles.
  3. Hull to Bath: A 353 km journey to Bath takes you straight into the enchanting world of Roman heritage and Georgian architecture. Do not miss the iconic Roman Baths!
  4. Hull to Cambridge: This 228 km drive brings you to the renowned Cambridge city, famous for its university and historic monuments.
  5. Hull to Lake District: At approximately 211 km, let Mother nature awe you with majestic mountains and beautiful lakes in northwest England.
  6. Hull to London: A straight 322 km drive takes you to the pulsing heart of the UK, London. Enjoy iconic attractions like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and a myriad of British culture.
  7. Hull to Stratford-upon-Avon: This 250 km drive leads to the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Get a taste of British history, classic architecture and beautiful gardens.