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Experience top-notch customer service while exploring the historic charm of Lincoln by car. We prioritise service quality and user satisfaction, understanding individual requirements for a bespoke experience. Navigate our city's ancient streets in a car suited to you, venturing to our striking Lincoln Cathedral, a prime tourist attraction. Peaceful journeys in Lincoln start here.

Car Hire in Lincoln

Discover the best of Lincoln and beyond from the comfort of your car

City car on Lincoln's cobblestone roads, near cathedral

Welcome to picturesque Lincoln, a charming city rich with historical treasures, nestled in the heart of England. Here, modern city life meets centuries-old history unfolding across its cobbled streets. Lincoln offers a unique blend of heritage, vibrant culture, and delectable food, all framed by the majesty of the Gothic Lincoln Cathedral and the impressive Lincoln Castle.

Embarking on a trip around Lincoln by car enables a seamless journey that spans from the bustling city scene to tranquil countryside views. The Lincoln Cathedral is a definite must-visit destination, towering over the cityscape. Just a short car ride away is the very well-preserved Lincoln Castle, dating back to the 11th century. Another remarkable historic sight within a stone's throw is the Tattershall Castle, offering magnificent views from its battlements. A quick drive from Lincoln, the countryside unfolds into many splendid scenes and attractions.

A car trip from Lincoln could further take you to the stunning east coast of England. The breezy seaside resort of Skegness is just over an hour’s drive away and offers beautiful sandy beaches and a classic British seaside experience. Also easily accessible by car is the unspoiled beauty of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This beautiful detour enriches the journey, heralding the diversity of landscapes that unfold in and around Lincoln.

Car Hire in Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Lincoln?

The hire costs in Lincoln can vary significantly depending on the car model, hire duration and pick-up location. On average, car hire ranges from £25 to £70 per day. It's always advisable to book in advance for the best deals and availability.

2. What car model is the most popular to hire in Lincoln?

Compact cars are the most popular choice for city driving in Lincoln. However, due to the city's historic places of interest and the scenic countryside, a higher percentage of renters opt for luxury and specialty cars to enhance their experience.

3. What are the popular places to hire a car in Lincoln?

In Lincoln, car hire services are most frequently accessed at downtown locations and at the major airports such as Lincoln Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most hire companies offer convenient 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services ensuring flexibility regardless of your flight or travel schedule.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most car hire services have a one-day minimum hire period. However, long-term rentals can also be arranged for periods of several weeks or even months.

6. What is the minimum age to hire a car in Lincoln?

The minimum age to hire a car in Lincoln is usually 21 years old. However, some companies may charge an additional fee for drivers under 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Lincoln?

To hire a car in Lincoln, you'll need your driving licence, proof of identity (passport or ID), and a credit card for the deposit. Don't forget, it's crucial to check if your driving licence is valid for the UK.

8. When is the best time to visit Lincoln by car?

The best time to visit Lincoln is between June and September when the weather is warm and the city hosts numerous outdoor events. Driving allows you to explore the city and the beautiful surrounding countryside at your own pace.

9. What are the main airports in Lincoln?

The main airport in Lincoln is the Lincoln Airport. However, other nearby airports include Doncaster Sheffield and East Midlands Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Lincoln and drop it off in another city?

Yes, one-way rentals are available with most car hire companies. However, be aware that a 'one-way fee' may apply.

Lincoln Car Hire Reviews


Lincoln – 22-05-2024. As a frequent traveller, I've seen it all in the car hire business. So, when I came across this Lincoln-based company, I was pleasantly surprised. The process was seamless, and the service was simply impeccable. Price? Just right. I've always known Lincoln to be a city with a strong reputation for service, and this company did not disappoint. A+ experience, thank you, pals!


Lincoln – 15-02-2024. Hiring a car shouldn't be rocket science, and these chaps nailed it. The process was quick, and the car was spotless. Plus, the competitive price was a bonus. It's no surprise they're based in Lincoln, where quality and value walk hand in hand. A smashing experience overall!


Lincoln – 06-01-2024. I'm just an old bloke who needed a comfortable ride for a trip around town. The chaps at the hire company were helpful and professional. The car was reliable, comfortable, and reasonably priced. I felt like a lord cruising around historic Lincoln! All in all, a top-notch service.


Lincoln – 01-10-2023. As a meticulous planner, I appreciate an organized and reliable company. That's what I found with this car hire service in Lincoln. The process was straightforward, and there were no hidden fees. Plus, the car was in wonderful condition. Just what I needed for my Lincolnshire exploration! Thank you for alleviating some travel stress!


Lincoln – 13-06-2023. This company in Lincoln really understands the essence of hiring a car. The paperwork was minimal, the service excellent, and the car a dream to drive - fitting right in with Lincoln's cobbled streets. The price, absolute value for money. Will definitely be using them again on my next visit!


Lincoln – 07-03-2023. Being a student, I was looking for a hassle-free, affordable car hire service in Lincoln. I found just that with this company. Remarkable service, budget-friendly cost, and a quality vehicle. Couldn't have asked for a better hire experience!

Explore from Lincoln

Key road connections for tourists

  1. Lincoln - Nottingham: Approximately 56 km and 48 minutes driving via A46. Roads are in good condition, and scenery is striking.
  2. Lincoln - Leicester: Around 80 km via A46 and A607, anticipated drive is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. A fast, direct route.
  3. Lincoln - Skegness: About 68 km with a driving time of roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. Take A158, beautiful coastal views.
  4. Lincoln - Sheffield: Roughly 72 km with about an hour's drive via A57. Mostly dual carriageway, through the scenic Peak District.
  5. Lincoln - Peterborough: A 93 km drive, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes via A15. Straight route with excellent road conditions.
  6. Lincoln - York: A journey of 1 hour and 40 minutes via A1075 and A64. Approximately 120 km, offering historical sights.
  7. Lincoln - Birmingham: With an estimated distance of 140 km via A46 and M69, driving time is around 1 hour and 50 minutes. High-quality motorway driving.

Driving in Lincoln

Common Enquiries about Driving in Lincoln and Britain

1. What is the standard speed limit within Lincoln city?

The speed limit in built-up areas like Lincoln city is typically 30 miles per hour unless otherwise stated.

2. What is the standard speed limit on British motorways?

The national speed limit on motorways in the UK is 70 miles per hour for cars.

3. Do I need a British driving licence to drive in Lincoln?

If you’re visiting from abroad, you can drive in the UK on your foreign licence for up to 12 months.

4. Are there any specific traffic rules in Lincoln that differ from the rest of Britain?

General UK rules apply to driving in Lincoln as well, such as driving on the left and giving way to the right at roundabouts.

5. How prevalent are speed cameras in Lincoln?

Speed cameras are fairly common in Lincoln and throughout the UK. It is always essential to stick to the speed limit to avoid fines.

6. Is it compulsory for car hire companies in Lincoln to provide a car seat for children?

Yes, car hire companies should provide these if they're requested when you book the vehicle.

7. Are there any toll roads in or around Lincoln?

No, there are currently no toll roads in Lincoln.

8. Are there any specific rules or signs that I should know when driving around school zones in Lincoln?

Yes, during school hours, flashing amber lights usually indicate a maximum speed limit of 20mph.

9. What are the parking regulations in Lincoln city centre?

Parking rules may vary in different areas, but parking is typically indicated by signs or road markings. It is important to read these carefully.

10. How should one react to emergency vehicles in Lincoln?

You should always give way to emergency vehicles using flashing lights and sirens. If necessary, pull over to the side of the road safely.

11. Are there any notable driving customs in Lincoln?

In Lincoln, like in rest of the UK, courteous driving is appreciated and encouraged. Always remember to signal and thank other drivers when they let you through.

12. Is road rage a serious concern in Lincoln?

As in any city, road rage can occur. However, Lincoln is known for its friendly atmosphere and polite drivers.

13. Are there pedestrian zones in Lincoln?

Yes, certain areas in Lincoln are designated as pedestrian zones and are clearly marked. Vehicles are typically prohibited in such zones.

14. How strict are the police on driving offences in Lincoln?

The police in Lincoln are diligent about enforcing driving laws. Ensure you respect all driving laws and speed limits to stay safe and avoid fines.

15. Do I need to have a GB sticker on my car when driving in Lincoln?

No, you don’t need a GB sticker for a hire car obtained in the UK.

Top Lincoln Attractions

Must-see spots for a car-hire journey

  1. Lincoln Cathedral: One of Europe's most impressive Gothic buildings, built in 1072.
  2. Lincoln Castle: A preserved Norman plethora of history, offering delightful views.
  3. Steep Hill: Named Britain's Great Street, filled with quaint shops and tea rooms.
  4. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life: Depicting rich local history, tradition, and culture.
  5. International Bomber Command Centre: Honouring the service of WWII Bomber Command.
  6. The Collection Museum: An array of Lincolnshire’s archaeology and art collections.
  7. Medieval Bishops' Palace: Once the administrative centre of the largest diocese in medieval England.
  8. Hartsholme Country Park: A green oasis with a lake, perfect for a picnic.

Lincoln Roadtrips

Explore UK in your hired car

  1. Lincoln to Nottingham: A 40-mile drive offering a mix of city attractions and countryside views. Enjoy the historic city of Nottingham and its sherwood forests.
  2. Lincoln to Skegness: Covering a distance of approximately 43 miles, this route provides the ultimate British seaside experience at Skegness.
  3. The Cumberland Tour: A spectacular 50-mile drive, starting from Lincoln, through the county's beautiful rural landscapes and charming villages.
  4. Viking Way from Lincoln to Rutland: This 147-mile route covers stunning landscapes and historical landmarks tracing the ire of the Vikings across Lincolnshire.
  5. The Castle Route: A 50-mile drive starts in Lincoln and passes through places like Gainsborough, Newark, and Grantham, marked by exceptional architectural landmarks.
  6. Lincoln to Peterborough: A 60-mile drive which passes through the mesmerising flat landscapes of Lincolnshire gives way to the cathedral city of Peterborough.
  7. Lincoln to Boston: A 33-mile drive taking you to the historic town of Boston, known for its magnificent 14th-century Parish Church 'The Stump'.
  8. Lincoln to Grimsby: This 40-mile drive offers a lovely seaside experience with the charm of traditional British fishing trade at Grimsby.