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Car Hire in Grimsby

Unlocking Lincolnshire's Landscape and Historical Attractions

City car zipping past Grimsby’s Dock Tower, under exuberant seagulls

With a rich maritime heritage, deep-sea fishing history, and historical landmarks, Grimsby is nestled on the east coast of the UK and is a worthwhile visit for diverse explorations. At the heart of Grimsby's historical aspects lies the Grimsby Dock Tower, famed for its magnificent Victorian architecture and historical significance. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the town, including the vast rolling fields of Lincolnshire up to the Humber Estuary. Take a short stroll to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre for a close-up view of the bygone era that once made Grimsby the world's premier fishing port.

Rev the engine of your car and embark on a journey from Grimsby to visit Lincolnshire's renowned spots. Enter the serene world of Lincoln Cathedral (located about 55 minutes from Grimsby by car), a beautiful medieval construction known for its intricate Gothic architecture. Don't miss out on the National Trust property, Gunby Hall and Gardens, which is only an hour away by car. Witness its quaint rooms and explore the seasonal flora in the gardens. Its stunning landscapes have been graced by artists such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

For nature lovers, there's the famous Donna Nook Nature Reserve, a coastal haven for seals and various bird species. Accessible by car within 50 minutes, it's a delightful spectacle during the breeding season of seals. Whisk your car toward the tranquil town of Cleethorpes, just a 20-minute drive from Grimsby. Explore its award-winning beaches, and enjoy its hospitality, which offers a myriad of gastronomic experiences. If golf is your interest, enjoy a match at Cleethorpes Golf Club.

Car Hire in Grimsby

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Grimsby?

The cost of hiring a car in Grimsby largely depends on the type of car, duration of hire, and the season, but you can expect an average daily rate of around £30.

2. Which car model is most frequently hired in Grimsby?

The Ford Fiesta is particularly popular for its fuel efficiency and compact size, making it a suitable choice for navigating Grimsby's city streets and the nearby countryside.

3. What are the popular locations to hire a car in Grimsby?

Most people prefer to hire cars from locations around Blundell Park and Grimsby Town Centre.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, most car hire companies in Grimsby offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services to accommodate customers' travel schedules.

5. Is there a minimum period for car hire?

Usually, car hire companies in Grimsby have a 1-day minimum hire period.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Grimsby?

The minimum age to hire a car in Grimsby is typically 21 years, though it can vary depending on the car hire company's policy.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Grimsby?

You will need a valid driver's licence, proof of insurance and a form of payment. If you are a non-UK resident, an International Driving Permit may also be required.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Grimsby by car?

The best time to visit Grimsby by car is during the summer months, when the weather is more predictable and conducive for driving and sightseeing.

9. What are the main airports in Grimsby?

The main airports near Grimsby are Humberside Airport and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Grimsby and return it in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies offer one-way rentals, allowing customers to pick up the car in Grimsby and return it in another city. However, this may incur an additional fee.

Guest Reviews


Grimsby – 02-12-2024. What a marvellous service! I hired a car to tour the beautiful Grimsby area and I was impressed by how new and clean the car was. The price was considerably reasonable too. Dealing with the staff was a breeze, very friendly and efficient. Highly recommend the service for anyone needing to hire a car in Grimsby.


Grimsby – 15-10-2024. I was in Grimsby briefly for business and needed a car for my stay. Doing the transaction with this company was fast and hassle-free. I got a pretty decent car for an excellent price. It certainly made my work trip far more convenient. Keep up the great job, team!


Grimsby – 20-04-2024. Couldn't ask for a better service! Hired a comfy car to get around the sights of Grimsby. Brilliant customer service, very considerate and accommodating. And best of all, the expenses were totally within my budget. I'd certainly choose them the next time I'm in town.


Grimsby – 02-01-2024. I'm not one to usually write reviews but this car hire company in Grimsby definitely deserves a shout-out. Got an absolute bargain in terms of the hiring fee. The car was in great condition and ran smoothly. I will definitely be a returning customer.


Grimsby – 12-09-2023. Vouching for this car hire service 100%. Their competitive prices and top-notch cars made our family holiday in Grimsby even more memorable. They go the extra mile to ensure clients have a smooth experience. Will surely be recommending to friends and family.


Grimsby – 28-06-2023. Thumbs up for this car hire company in Grimsby. Genuinely good service and fair pricing. The car was well-kept and reliable, giving me the peace of mind for my travel around the region. I would not hesitate to choose this company again the next time I need to rent a car.

Grimsby Road Connections

The Essential Routes for Tourists

  1. Grimsby - Lincoln: A 63 km journey on the A46 that takes approximately 50 minutes. Known for good road conditions and scenic views.
  2. Grimsby - Nottingham: About 131 km via the A46 with a driving time of around 1hr 45mins. The route is best known for its countryside vistas.
  3. Grimsby - Leeds: A 122 km trip primarily on the M180 and A1. Travel time is approximately 1 hr 35 mins, with fine and smooth road conditions.
  4. Grimsby - Manchester: Distance of 165 km along the M62. The journey takes around 2hrs 15mins, passing through scenic countryside and bustling cities.
  5. Grimsby - Birmingham: At a distance of 180km via M180 and M42, it takes about 2 hours 20 minutes. The roads are high standard, offering a comfortable drive.
  6. Grimsby - London: Approximately 270 km by way of the A1 and A15, it takes around 4 hours to reach the capital. Although longer, this route offers great road conditions and memorable landmarks.
  7. Grimsby - Sheffield: A 97 km drive primarily on the M180, with a travel time of roughly 1 hr 20 mins. This road offers straight and efficient conditions.

Driving in Grimsby

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road do people drive on in Grimsby?

In Grimsby, as in the rest of the UK, people drive on the left side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit in Grimsby?

The typical speed limit in Grimsby town centre is 30mph (48km/h). However, roads outside built-up areas may have speed limits ranging from 40mph (64km/h) to 70mph (112km/h), depending on the type of road.

3. Can I use my foreign driving licence in Grimsby?

Yes, if you're from the EU, EEA or a designated country, you can drive any type of vehicle in the UK for up to 12 months with your existing licence. For any other countries, you're allowed to drive small vehicles for up to 12 months.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Grimsby?

Yes, speed cameras are commonly used throughout Grimsby and across the wider UK to enforce speed limits.

5. Do I need to pay for any road tolls or charges in Grimsby?

Generally, there are no toll roads in Grimsby or in the immediate area. However, tolls are charged on some bridges, tunnels and major roads in the UK.

6. Are the rules of driving in Grimsby different from the rest of the UK?

No, the rules of driving in Grimsby are consistent with the rest of the UK.

7. What are the main traffic rules in Grimsby?

Some key traffic rules include: adhering to speed limits, stopping at stop signs, giving way to the right at roundabouts, and not driving in bus lanes during restricted hours.

8. Is it safe to drive in Grimsby?

Yes, Grimsby, like much of the UK, is generally considered safe for driving. However, it's still important to drive with care and follow the road rules.

9. What should I do if I am involved in a car accident in Grimsby?

If you're involved in an accident in Grimsby, you should firstly make sure everyone is safe. Then, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver, and report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

10. Are there any specific rules for parking my car in Grimsby?

In Grimsby, you must not park on yellow lines during the times of operation shown on nearby signs. You must also not park in spaces reserved for specific users, such as disabled badge holders.

11. Is it permitted to drive in bus lanes in Grimsby?

Generally, driving in bus lanes in Grimsby is not allowed, except for buses, taxis and bicycles. Look out for road signs that indicate the operation times of bus lanes.

12. Can I use an international driving permit in Grimsby?

Yes, an international driving permit can be used in Grimsby and the wider UK, but it must be accompanied by a valid driving licence from your home country.

13. Do I have to stop for school buses in Grimsby?

In the UK, there is no legal requirement for vehicles to stop when a school bus is letting children on or off, but it's considered good practice to do so for safety.

14. Do I need to carry any specific documents when driving in Grimsby?

You should carry your driving licence, car hire agreement, insurance documents and a form of identification when driving in Grimsby.

15. What should I be aware of when driving outside of Grimsby?

When driving outside of Grimsby, be aware that speed limits can change, particularly on country roads and motorways. Also, look out for signs indicating road tolls or congestion charges.

Grimsby: Top Attractions

Tour Grimsby with your hire car

  1. The National Fishing Heritage Centre: Experience Grimsby's historic fishing industry through interactive exhibits.
  2. Grimsby Dock Tower: Iconic maritime landmark offering panoramic town views.
  3. Grimsby Minster: Stunning medieval church with heritage displays and concerts.
  4. People's Park: A beautiful green space ideal for picnics and leisurely walks.
  5. Grimsby Town Hall: Impressive Victorian-era building housing local government offices.
  6. The Jungle Zoo: Compact, family-friendly zoo with exotic and domestic species.
  7. Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre: Museum showing the town's fishing history and heritage.
  8. Weelsby Woods: Vast parkland with wildlife, perfect for nature walks.

Grimsby Roadtrips

Scenic Routes to Explore in and Around Grimsby

  1. Grimsby to Skegness Coastal Drive: A 80 kilometres coastal trail showcasing the best of Lincolnshire and the North Sea coast.
  2. Lincolnshire Wolds Drive: Embark on a 127 kilometres journey through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering a peaceful drive.
  3. Grimsby to Scunthorpe: The 53 kilometres drive offers a unique mixture of urban landscapes, countryside and historic landmarks.
  4. The Peaks and Dales Circuit: A 160 kilometres round trip from Grimsby past Sheffield and into the heart of the Peak District.
  5. Ancient Market Towns Route: This 91 kilometres route takes you through some of the most quaint and historically rich towns in Lincolnshire.
  6. North Lincolnshire Lakes Tour: A 118 kilometres route that takes you past four stunning lakes, ideal for nature lovers.
  7. Grimsby to Hull: A 91 kilometres drive that takes you from Grimsby to the picturesque city of Hull, a UK City of Culture.