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Car Hire in Cardiff

Delve into Wales’ Magnificent Sights from its Capital City.

City car hire in Cardiff's stunning historical scenery

Welcome to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, boasting a unique mix of historical and contemporary attractions. The energetic city offers a rich heritage with many iconic buildings such as the Cardiff Castle and The National Museum, alongside an exciting food scene and vibrant nightlife. For those keen on sports, Cardiff houses the iconic Principality Stadium, and the Cardiff City Stadium, making it a sport lover's haven.

Discovering Cardiff and its surroundings by car is a convenient way to explore its beauty at your own pace. The city's key sights are compact and within a short car ride from each other. A must-visit is the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park, less than an hour's drive, and for beach lovers, the beautiful coastline of The Gower is just a short car journey away.

Cardiff also makes a great base for exploring Wales, with the diverse landscapes of Snowdonia in the North and the scenic Pembrokeshire Coast in the West, both just a few hours' drive away. With all this and more, hiring a car in Cardiff truly opens up Wales in all its glory, allowing for memorable road trips amongst mystical landscapes.

Cardiff Car Hire

FAQs about car hire in Cardiff

1. What are the costs of hiring a car in Cardiff?

The cost of hiring a car in Cardiff depends on various factors such as the car model, duration of hire, the season, and the type of insurance coverage you choose. Generally, prices start from around £20 per day for a basic car.

2. What car model is the most frequently hired in Cardiff?

The most frequently hired car model in Cardiff is typically a compact or economy car, such as a Ford Fiesta. Due to Cardiff's busy city centre, these smaller, easy to manoeuvre cars are often favoured by renters.

3. Where are the popular places to hire a car in Cardiff?

Most people choose to hire cars directly from Cardiff Airport upon their arrival. However, there are also several car hire companies located in the city centre and at key transport hubs such as Cardiff Central train station.

4.Is there a 24-hour pick up and drop off service?

Most car hire companies in Cardiff do offer a 24-hour pick up and drop off option, though this may depend on the specific company and their operating hours. It’s recommended to check this in advance.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Car hire companies generally have a minimum rental period, which is usually 24 hours. Some companies may offer hourly rentals, but this is less common.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for hiring a car in Cardiff?

The minimum age to hire a car in Cardiff and the rest of the UK is typically 21 years, but some companies may require a driver to be at least 23 or 25 years old. Additionally, drivers under 25 may be subject to a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents are required to hire or drive a car in Cardiff?

To hire a car in Cardiff, you will need a valid driving licence with no serious endorsements, a second form of identification, and a credit or debit card in your name. Non-UK residents will also need to show their passport.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Cardiff by car?

The best time to visit Cardiff by car is during the spring and summer months when the weather is most favourable. However, Cardiff offers attractions throughout the year, so any time is a good time to visit. Do remember that car hire rates can fluctuate depending on the season.

9. What are the main airports in Cardiff?

Cardiff Airport is the main airport serving Cardiff and the surrounding area. It is well-connected to the city and has several car hire companies onsite.

10. Can I pick up the car in Cardiff and drop it off in another city?

Many car hire companies in Cardiff offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up a car in Cardiff and drop it off in another city. Bear in mind that this option may come with an additional fee.

Customer Narratives


Cardiff – 01-12-2024. Fabulous experience hiring a car with this company in Cardiff. The process was straightforward, and the staff were tremendously helpful. The car we got was practically new and clean- a joy to drive around the city's lovely parks. Reasonably priced too. Highly recommended.


Cardiff – 05-09-2024. I hired a car from this company on my recent trip to Cardiff. I was taken aback by their warm service and the quality of their cars. It was a smooth ride all the way to the coast. And the pricing was very competitive, making my trip enjoyable and economical.


Cardiff – 23-05-2024. Impressive service! I needed to hire a car for a quick drive to the countryside of Cardiff and this company didn't let me down. Their car was reliable and fuel-efficient. Good price-performance ratio too, making the experience pleasant.


Cardiff – 14-02-2024. Quick, efficient service and nice people at this car hire company in Cardiff. The car was terrific and made my journey to Cardiff's historic sites all the more exciting. This company provides value for money.


Cardiff – 30-01-2024. Perfect car hire! Hired a car to cruise around Cardiff, the car was in impeccable condition and ran smoothly. Was able to enjoy the city's charm without any fuss. Completely hassle-free experience.


Cardiff – 12-09-2023. Quality service and car! Hired a car from this company in Cardiff and was not disappointed. Booking was easy, and the staff were exceedingly kind. They made sure the car was in top-notch condition, ensuring my trip was seamless.

Cardiff Road Connections

Essential routes for tourists hiring a car

  1. Cardiff - Swansea: A 68km journey via the M4 that typically takes around 50 minutes. The motorway is in excellent condition and offers scenic views of the Welsh countryside.
  2. Cardiff - Bristol: A drive of approximately 75km along M4 and M49, taking about an hour. Bristol motorway services are a popular stop off with great facilities.
  3. Cardiff - Bath: This 100km trip takes around 1h30 down the M4 and A46. Please be aware of possibly heavy traffic during peak travel times.
  4. Cardiff - Birmingham: A journey of 200km along the M5, estimated at around 2h20. This route has plenty of service areas for breaks.
  5. Cardiff - London: A distance of 240km down the M4, taking about 3 hours in moderate traffic. An early start is recommended to avoid congestion, especially around London.
  6. Cardiff - Liverpool: At about 280km, this trip using the M5 and M6 usually takes around 3h30. Be aware of potential tolls on this route.
  7. Cardiff - Edinburgh: An epic 600km odyssey via the M6 and M74 requiring extensive driving experience, typically taking about 7 hours under normal traffic conditions.

Driving in Cardiff

Essential Information for Drivers

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Cardiff?

In Cardiff and throughout the United Kingdom, drivers must drive on the left side of the road.

2. What's the speed limit in country roads?

On single carriageway roads the speed limit is typically 60mph, whereas on dual carriageways and motorways, the limit is often 70mph. Speed limits are reduced in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as near schools and in residential areas.

3. Can I use my home country's driving license in Cardiff?

If you have a valid driving license from a country within the European Economic Area, you can use it to drive in the UK. If you are from any other country, you can drive in the UK for up to 12 months on a license issued in your home country.

4. Are there any tolls that I need to be aware of when driving in Cardiff?

As of 2020, there are no longer any tolls on the Severn bridges between England and Wales. However, some tunnels and bridges in other parts of the country may still require small fees.

5. Where do I need to park my car in the city?

Cardiff offers a variety of on-street parking, multi-storey car parks and park and ride services. Always look for signage to determine parking terms and conditions.

6. Can I turn right at a red light?

Unlike some other countries, in the UK, you cannot turn at a red light unless there is a specific sign stating that you can.

7. How intensively are speed limits enforced in Cardiff?

Speed limits are vigorously enforced in Cardiff, both by traffic patrol units and speed cameras. Always stick to the posted speed to avoid any penalty.

8. Are there any specific driving rules I must know while driving in Cardiff?

Driving rules in Cardiff are largely consistent with the rest of the UK. Always remember to drive on the left, use your seatbelt at all times, and do not use your phone while driving. Additionally, it is crucial to drive within the speed limit and always remain courteous to other road users.

9. How can I plan for heavy traffic in Cardiff?

Cardiff, like any major city, can experience heavy traffic during peak times. It is recommended to plan your journey in advance and check local traffic updates before you set out.

10. How are the road conditions in Cardiff?

Overall, roads in Cardiff are in good condition, but it's always important to pay attention to signage and road markings which may indicate road works, speed bumps or changes in the driving surface.

11. What kind of roads are there in Cardiff?

Cardiff has a variety of roads including motorways, dual carriageways, single lane roads and residential streets. All roads are well signed and have speed limit markers.

12. How can I find out about upcoming roadworks?

Most navigation systems and apps update in real-time and should inform you of any roadworks ahead. Alternatively, the local council or AA's website also provide information.

13. Are there any restrictions on car horns in the city?

In Cardiff, as with the rest of the UK, you should only use your car horn when warning someone of danger, not because you're angry or in a residential area between 11.30pm and 7am.

14. What is the minimum age to drive a car in Cardiff?

The legal driving age in Cardiff, and throughout the United Kingdom, is 17 years old.

15. What if my car breaks down on the road?

If your car breaks down whilst driving in Cardiff, or anywhere else in the UK, remember to park somewhere safe and call for breakdown assistance. It's recommended to have breakdown coverage when hiring a car.

Cardiff Exploration

Top Attractions Accessible by Car

  1. Cardiff Castle: An iconic historic site offering a unique blend of Roman and Victorian architecture.
  2. Museum of Wales: Home to Welsh art collections and natural history exhibits that are both insightful and intriguing.
  3. Millennium Stadium: An emblematic sports/concert venue well known for rugby and live performances.
  4. Cardiff Bay: A vibrant waterfront featuring a wide selection of restaurants and shops.
  5. Bute Park: A lush, expansive park incredibly loved for its peace and tranquility.
  6. Doctor Who Experience: A must-visit for fans with interactive galleries and original props.
  7. St Fagans National Museum of History: An outdoor museum showcasing historical Welsh life with reconstructed buildings.
  8. Caerphilly Castle: Located nearby, this medieval fortress is the largest in Wales, known for its leaning tower.

Top Cardiff Drives

Discover Britain's Beauty

  1. Cardiff to Swansea: This 66 km drive takes you through beautiful coastal roads with stunning sea views. Don't miss the opportunity to stop by Porthcawl and explore its beautiful coast.
  2. The Brecon Beacons Drive: A mere 60 km away from Cardiff is the Brecon Beacons National Park. It’s lush greenery, mountains, and waterfalls make for a perfect scenic drive.
  3. Cardiff to Bath: This 97 km route presents a complex mix of modern and ancient architecture. Enjoy the historic city of Bath with its famous Roman Baths and Abbey.
  4. Cardiff to Herefordshire: Standing at 84 km from Cardiff, it is known for its black and white villages, which grant it a unique aesthetic appeal.
  5. Cardiff to Pembroke: A 161 km drive that takes you West to the charming small city of Pembroke with its medieval Castle and beautiful coastal views.
  6. Cardiff to Stonehenge: Approximately a 160 km drive from Cardiff, witnessing the historic site of Stonehenge could be truly an unforgettable experience.
  7. Gower Peninsula Drive: Just 91 km away, this drive offers a mesmerizing scenery of cliffs, woodland and coastal villages. Rhossili bay is a must visit on this route.