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The car rental company in Yogyakarta offers excellent customer service, ensuring customers a smooth journey to explore Yogyakarta's unique cultural and natural attractions. The company ensures quick and efficient service, attentive to each customer's needs, making it easier for you to visit destinations like the Borobudur Temple.

Car Rental in Yogyakarta

Discover rich cultural heritage, varied attractions, and easy road trip possibilities.

City car on a vibrant Yogyakarta landscape with temples and volcano

Known as the soul of Indonesia, Yogyakarta or Jogja, is a vibrant city brimming with arts, culture and history. Nestled in the center of Java Island, Yogyakarta is home to many renowned cultural and historical landmarks, including the majestic Borobudur Temple. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the world's largest Buddhist monument and is a must-visit when exploring Yogyakarta. Many tourists also take advantage of the city's strategic location to visit the nearby Prambanan Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its intricate stone carvings and stunning sunset views.

Moving around Yogyakarta and its surrounding landmarks by car is convenient and ideal. The city is approximately a 45-minute car ride from the Borobudur Temple. Meanwhile, Prambanan Temple is an even shorter drive, about 17 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Furthermore, a road trip to the beautiful and serene Dieng Plateau would take about 3 hours, yet it promises rewarding views and cultural experiences.

Not just a destination for temples, Yogyakarta also offers a host of other unique attractions and experiences. From exploring the bustling Malioboro Street with its array of shops and street food to adventuring into the Jomblang Cave, or marveling at the beauty of the Keraton (Sultan Palace), there is something for everyone in this city. Yogyakarta's lively art scene, which is strongly influenced by its deep-rooted Javanese culture, is also something that visitors can immerse themselves in while here.

Yogyakarta Car Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Yogyakarta?

Prices for car hire in Yogyakarta vary depending on the type of car, rental period, and additional services. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 per day. Rental companies often offer discounts for long-term rentals.

2. Which car model is most popular for rental in Yogyakarta?

The type of car most popularly rented in Yogyakarta are compact cars. These are ideal for navigating Yogyakarta's narrow and sometimes busy streets.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent a car in Yogyakarta?

Most people tend to hire cars from locations such as the city center, major hotels, and key attractions. Areas such as Malioboro and the Kraton complex are popular.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, most rental companies in Yogyakarta offer a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service for convenience. However, this service might be subject to additional charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is typically 24 hours, but this can vary between rental companies.

6. What's the minimum age required to rent a car in Yogyakarta?

The minimum age requirement to hire a car in Yogyakarta is usually 21 years old, but this can increase to 23 or 25 for some rental companies and for special types of vehicles.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Yogyakarta?

You will need a valid driving license, passport, and credit card. Some rental companies may also require an international driving permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Yogyakarta by car?

The best time to visit Yogyakarta by car is during the dry season from April to October. During this period the roads are safer and clearer, making your driving experience more enjoyable.

9. What are the main airports in Yogyakarta?

The main airports in Yogyakarta are Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) and the newly opened Kulon Progo International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Yogyakarta and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Yogyakarta offer one-way rentals. This means that you can pick up the car in Yogyakarta and drop it off in another city. However, this service usually carries an extra cost.

Drivers' Reviews


Yogyakarta – 20-12-2024. Spontaneously decided to rent a car to explore the beautiful temples in Yogyakarta and the experience couldn't have been easier. Quick, streamlined service and quality cars at an affordable price. Really enjoyed the scenic Borobudur route. You'll definitely have me back!


Yogyakarta – 08-09-2024. My family and I had a great experience with this car rental service in Yogyakarta. They provided an excellent, reliable car and the staff was extremely responsive. We visited many local villages and the never-aging Prambanan Temple. Value for money indeed!


Yogyakarta – 28-06-2024. The rental process was simple and quick. They gave us a satnav which was a lifesaver in the narrow streets of the historic Kotagede district. Car was in good condition. The rates were very reasonable for the area. Happy customer here.


Yogyakarta – 04-03-2024. I often rent cars for business trips to Yogyakarta. This company is consistently professional and reliable. Cars are spotless and the service is smooth. I appreciate the clear price structure with no hidden extras. Very different from all the local chaotic traffic conditions.


Yogyakarta – 19-09-2023. Best car rental experience I've had. Used their service to drive to Kaliurang and visit the mighty Merapi Volcano. Efficient, supportive, and cost-effective. The car positively added a great deal of joy to our unforgettable trip.


Yogyakarta – 01-01-2023. Renting a car from this service in Yogyakarta was an absolute breeze. The car was great, and it gave us the flexibility to drive around and visit the magnificent Water Castle. Fairly priced and a very easy process. Would definitely recommend.

Yogyakarta Road Connections

Essential Road Routes for Self-Drive Tourists

  1. Yogyakarta - Surakarta: This 62 km journey can be completed in about 2 hours via Jl. Solo - Yogyakarta. The road is in good condition and provides scenic views of the countryside.
  2. Yogyakarta - Semarang: Around 130 km and 3 hours of driving via Jl. Semarang - Yogyakarta. The road includes several toll sections, but is wide, smooth, and speedy.
  3. Yogyakarta - Bandung: It is roughly a 9-hour drive over a distance of about 460 km on the Rute Pantura. It is a long-distance route, make sure to prepare well.
  4. Yogyakarta - Jakarta: Covering 526 km in approximately 9.5 hours, this route via Jl. Tol Cipularang offers fast and direct access to the capital city, with many toll roads.
  5. Yogyakarta - Bromo: This 354 km journey can take around 9 hours on the Jl. Yos Sudarso. Note that the last part of this journey can be challenging due to mountainous terrain.
  6. Yogyakarta - Malang: An approximately 380 km drive, taking nearly 9 hours via the Jl. Nasional III. The road is well-maintained with many rest areas.
  7. Yogyakarta - Bali: This long-distance journey of about 620 km via Jl. Nasional I can take upwards of 13 hours. This drive offers a great way to see much of Java's countryside and seaside areas.

Driving in Yogyakarta

Common Queries Answered

1. What is the speed limit in Yogyakarta?

Your speed should generally not exceed 50 kph in urban areas, 80 kph on non-urban roads, and 100 kph on highways.

2. Can a foreign license be used for driving?

Yes, as long as its an International Driving Permit. If not, you'll need to apply for a local Indonesian license.

3. Are there any radars across Yogyakarta?

Yes, radars are in place to monitor the speed of cars on the roads. It's best to obey the speed limits to avoid fines.

4. Are there toll roads in Yogyakarta?

Yes, some expressways in Yogyakarta are toll roads. Ensure you have enough change to pay as you pass through.

5. Is there a particular side of the road to drive on?

In Indonesia, cars drive on the left side of the road.

6. What are some general road safety rules?

Don't exceed the speed limit, don't drink and drive, and always wear your seatbelt. Be aware of other road users, especially motorcyclists who can sometimes be hard to see. Use your turn signals and give way to pedestrians.

7. How is traffic in Yogyakarta?

Traffic can be heavy during morning and evening peak hours. It's also common to see traffic jams during holiday periods.

8. Are there any specific driving laws in Yogyakarta?

Yes, besides the common ones, cars should always give way to pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles. Also, honking is accepted as a form of communication on the roads.

9. Does Yogyakarta have parking rules?

Yes, always park in designated areas. Street parking is not permitted in most areas to avoid disrupting the traffic flow.

10. Are child seats mandatory?

Yes, in Indonesia child safety seats are mandatory for children under the age of 7.

11. Are motorcyclists and cyclists subjected to the same road rules?

Yes, even though they tend to be more flexible, they are expected to follow the same road rules and regulations as car drivers.

12. Are GPS or Sat Nav systems allowed in cars?

Yes, they are allowed and can help you navigate the city.

13. What happens in case of a car accident in Yogyakarta?

You should contact the local police and your car insurance company as soon as possible. If it's a rental car, inform the rental company as well.

14. How to handle road emergencies in Yogyakarta?

In emergencies, contact the local police by dialing 110 or the ambulance service at 118. Keep your insurance papers and car documents handy.

15. Are there any special considerations for driving in Yogyakarta?

Bear in mind the cultural significance of Yogyakarta, home to many historical sites. Respect all road signs, especially near these sites. Stay patient and considerate in traffic, considering the city's often congested roads.

Yogyakarta Highlights

Top 8 Must-Visit Attractions

  1. Borobudur Temple: A UNESCO Heritage Site, this 9th-century Buddhist temple boasts stunning stone carvings and breathtaking views.
  2. Prambanan Temple: Another UNESCO site, this 9th-century Hindu temple complex features monumental towers and intricate stone carvings.
  3. Sultan Palace: Also called the Kraton, this grand complex exhibits Javanese architecture and offers cultural performances.
  4. Taman Sari: A beautiful water palace and garden from the 18th century with underground tunnels and meditative spaces.
  5. Mount Merapi: For adventurers, a tour to this active volcano will surely take their breath away.
  6. Jomblang Cave: Another for the thrill-seekers, a descent into this vertical cave promises a unique subterranean experience.
  7. Malioboro Street: Yogyakarta's bustling main shopping street with markets selling clothes, handicrafts, and street food.
  8. Pantai Indrayanti: A beautiful white sand beach perfect for swimming, relaxing, and enjoying fresh seafood.

Jogja's Best Drives

Experience Javanese Scenic Routes

  1. Yogyakarta to Borobudur: A 41 km drive that takes you through the stunning landscapes of Java, and to the Borobudur; the world's largest Buddhist temple.
  2. Mount Merapi Adventure: A 26 km route offering the exhilarating experience of exploring the active volcano of Mount Merapi and witnessing a unique blend of beauty and danger.
  3. Jalan Malioboro: A short but vibrant 1 km stretch right in the heart of Yogyakarta. Famous for its street shopping, food vendors, and cultural offerings.
  4. Yogyakarta to Prambanan: A 17 km drive leading to the Prambanan, an enchanting Hindu temple adorned with stunning stone carvings.
  5. Coastal Road to Gunungkidul: A scenic 40 km drive along the south coast of Java island, leading to the tranquil beaches of Gunungkidul.
  6. The Dieng Plateau Route: An 87 km drive that ascends to the breathtaking Dieng Plateau, noted for its potato plantations, hot springs, and ancient Hindu temples.
  7. Yogyakarta to Solo Route: A 60 km drive that offers not only striking rural landscapes but also takes you through Solo, a city rich in Javanese culture.