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Car Rental in Sarawak

A Guide on Exploring the Diverse Landscapes of Sarawak by Car

City car, hornbill bird amidst traditional longhouses with sunset backdrop

Welcome to Sarawak, the largest state of Malaysia rich in biodiversity and culture. Due to its vastness, traveling by car is ideal for discovering its diverse landscapes and hidden gems. You can witness the majestic Mount Santubong or take a walk in Bako National Park, both a car ride away from Kuching, the capital city.

For visitors interested in history and culture, visit the prehistoric archaeological site, Niah Caves, housed in the Niah National Park. While a 3-hour long car journey from Miri city, it's worth every minute as you discover the site where the oldest human remains in Southeast Asia were found. The captivating longhouses are another must-visit. These traditional communal houses of indigenous tribes reflect the fascinating local way of life.Driving across Sarawak enables you to experience these unique sites at your own pace.

If nature and wildlife appeal to you, don't miss the Bako National Park and the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Both places provide a glimpse into Borneo's rich wildlife and are easily accessible by car. The coastal city of Miri is also the gateway to the world-renowned Gunung Mulu National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its karst features and biodiversity. Exploring Sarawak by car offers the freedom to witness incredible wildlife and unparalleled landscapes.

Car Rental in Sarawak

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Sarawak?

Renting a car in Sarawak can vary in price based on the type of car, rental duration, and company. On average, you can expect to pay between $30 to $60 a day for a standard car. It is always recommended to compare prices from different rental companies and book in advance to secure the best deals.

2. What car model is most rented in Sarawak?

The Proton Saga and Perodua Myvi are two of the most rented cars in Sarawak. These compact and fuel-efficient models are ideal for navigating Sarawak's diverse terrains, from bustling city streets to rural mountainous regions.

3. What are popular locations to rent a car in Sarawak?

Kuching, Miri, and Sibu are among the most popular locations to rent a car in Sarawak. Here you'll find many international and local car rental agencies serving travelers.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Most car rental agencies offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services, especially at major airports like Kuching International Airport and Miri Airport.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, the minimum rental period for a car in Sarawak is one day. However, some companies may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the required minimum age to rent a car in Sarawak?

The minimum age to rent a car in Sarawak is 23 years old, though this may vary by rental company.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Sarawak?

A valid driving license and a credit card are typically required to rent a car in Sarawak. Additionally, international travelers need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Sarawak by car?

The best time of the year to visit Sarawak is during the dry season from March to October.

9. What are the main airports in Sarawak?

The main airports in Sarawak are Kuching International Airport, Miri Airport, and Sibu Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one Sarawak city and drop it off in another?

Most car rental companies in Sarawak allow one-way rentals. You can pick up your car in one city and drop it off in another. However, additional fees may apply for this service.

Customer Feedbacks


Sarawak – 16-01-2025. The convenience of the car rental service was immaculate. Moreover, the friendliness of the staff really enhanced our experience. The cost was within our budget and the car provided was in excellent condition. Overall, a positive rental experience in Sarawak.


Sarawak – 30-12-2024. Still can't get over how smooth my car hire went with this company. As someone who always struggles with navigation, the Google maps they included was a real godsend. Quality of service matched with reasonable pricing. Would recommend to anyone needing a car in Sarawak.


Sarawak – 05-09-2024. Although I was initially concerned about renting a car in an unfamiliar country, this company truly put my worries at ease. The prices were affordable and the service was impeccable. The car functioned perfectly during my trip. My Sarawak adventure was made all the better because of the efficient rental service.


Sarawak – 23-05-2024. What a fantastic car rental experience! The rates were good, the procedure was straightforward, and the service was top-notch. I particularly liked how the car enhanced my exploration of the region's terrain. Hats off to this rental company for their work in Sarawak.


Sarawak – 17-03-2024. Although the price was a bit on the higher side, the quality of service I got was worth every penny. The staff were fantastic, and the car was in superb condition perfect for my journey to Sarawak's national parks. Definitely consider this company when you need a rental car.


Sarawak – 01-01-2024. A very reliable rental company. Good pricing and the customer service support was excellent. The sturdy car they provided handled well on the roads of Sarawak. Would definitely look to use their car services again in the future.

Top Sarawak Cities

The Most Important Cities of Sarawak

  1. Kuching: Capital of Sarawak, hosts the annual Kuching Waterfront Festival.
  2. Miri: Known as the oil town of Malaysia and gateway to numerous national parks.
  3. Sibu: Famous for its Swan Statue and Tua Pek Kong Temple.
  4. Bintulu: Known for its booming gas and oil industry and beautiful parks.
  5. Serian: Major rice supplier of Sarawak, also known for its durian fruit.
  6. Sarikei: Known as the 'Food Basket of Sarawak' and for its Pineapple Festival.
  7. Kapit: Accessible only by boat or air, known for its exotic vehicle called 'King of the Road'

Sarawak Road Connections

Essential Routes for Tourists

  1. Kuching to Miri: This 806km journey typically takes about 13 hours via the Pan Borneo Highway. Expect good road conditions but occasional severe weather.
  2. Kuching to Sibu: A 334km trip that usually takes 7 hours via Pan Borneo Highway. Be aware of heavy traffic during peak hours.
  3. Kuching to Bintulu: Travel 548km in about 10 hours, primarily on the Pan Borneo Highway. Watch out for wildlife crossing the road at night.
  4. Miri to Bintulu: A shorter route of 199km usually taking about 3 hours on Pan Borneo Highway. Road conditions are generally good.
  5. Kuching to Bau: A relatively short trip of 40km through the Kuching-Bau Road. Duration: 1 hour. The road condition is quite good.
  6. Kuching to Serian: A 65km journey, driving time around 1.5 hours via Kuching-Serian Road. Road condition is excellent but watch for speed limits.
  7. Kuching to Lundu: Roughly 100km drive, majorly through Kuching-Sematan Road, takes around 2 hours. Road condition is generally good with scenic views.

Sarawak Must Visits

Discover the Best with Your Rented Car

  1. Bako National Park: Home to striking wildlife and captivating landmarks including the infamous sea-stack formations.
  2. Mount Santubong: A scenic mountain perfect for hiking, offering panoramic views of the Sarawak coastline.
  3. Gunung Mulu National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site with incredible caves and natural formations.
  4. Semenggoh Wildlife Centre: Meet Sarawak's orangutans in their natural habitat.
  5. Sarawak Cultural Village: Experience Sarawak's rich and diverse cultural heritage.
  6. The Old Courthouse: Visit this historical building, now a hub for arts and crafts.
  7. Satang Island: A pristine marine national park ideal for snorkeling.
  8. Niah National Park: Explore ancient caves with impressive archaeological finds.

Sarawak Roadtrips

Exploring the best routes of Sarawak by car

  1. Kuching to Bako National Park: This 37km journey takes you from Sarawak's capital to the unspoiled wilderness of Bako National Park.
  2. Miri to Gunung Mulu National Park: A 74km drive, this takes you from the bustling city of Miri to the stunning caves of Gunung Mulu National Park.
  3. Sibu to Kapit: Travel the 141 km from Sibu to Kapit and explore the stunning rural landscapes.
  4. Kuching to Sematan: This 79.2km coastal route offers stunning views of the South China Sea.
  5. Bintulu to Niah Caves: Spanning 131km, this route brings you from Bintulu to the famed Niah Caves, home to prehistoric human remains.
  6. Kuching to Mukah: This 334km drive provides you with an unrivaled chance to explore the heart of Sarawak at your own pace.
  7. Miri to Niah National Park: This 109km journey takes you from Miri to Niah National Park, known for its incredible biodiversity.


Sarawak Driving Rules

FAQs about Driving in Sarawak

1. What side of the road should I drive on in Sarawak?

In Sarawak, as in the rest of Malaysia, you should drive on the left side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Sarawak?

In urban areas, the speed limit is typically 50 km/h, on federal and state roads it's 90 km/h, and on expressways, the speed limit can reach up to 110 km/h.

3. What type of driver's license do I need to drive in Sarawak?

To drive in Sarawak, you need a local or international license which is valid. Non-English licenses should be accompanied by an International Driving Permit.

4. How can I pay for tolls in Sarawak?

Mostly, tolls are operated by an automated system in Sarawak, you should purchase a Touch 'n Go or a Smart Tag card to use it.

5. How often are traffic radars in Sarawak?

Traffic radars are relatively common in Sarawak, particularly on major highways. It's advisable to observe the speed limit to avoid fines.

6. What are some important driving rules in Sarawak?

Always drive on the left side, observe speed limits, and give way to vehicles from the right at intersections without traffic signals are some critical rules.

7. What is the availability of fuel stations in Sarawak?

There are ample fuel stations in Sarawak, particularly in urban areas. However, be sure to fill up when planning long road trips in remote areas.

8. Is it safe to drive in Sarawak?

Yes, driving in Sarawak is generally safe, but some rural roads can be narrow and poorly lit. Therefore, exercise caution while driving.

9. Do I need car insurance to drive in Sarawak?

Yes, you are required to have car insurance in Sarawak. Remember to verify the details with your car rental agency.

10. Are there any specific road signs I should pay attention to in Sarawak?

Road signs in Sarawak follow international standards. However, some signs may be in Malay so it's recommended to familiarize yourself with basic translations.

11. Are seatbelts mandatory in Sarawak?

Yes, seatbelts are compulsory for all passengers, both in the front and rear seats.

12. Are there child car seat laws in Sarawak?

Yes, all children below the age of 12 need to be in an appropriate child car seat or wear a seatbelt if they are in the front seat.

13. What are the rules regarding use of mobile phones while driving in Sarawak?

It's illegal to use a hand-held mobile device while driving in Sarawak. If you need to use your phone, use a hands-free setting.

14. Can I turn right on a red traffic signal in Sarawak?

No, you cannot turn right on a red traffic signal unless there is a sign specifically permitting it.

15. What type of fuel do most cars in Sarawak use?

The majority of cars in Sarawak run on unleaded petrol or diesel, and some new models also use hybrid technologies.