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Car Rental in Surabaya

Explore this Indonesian city and its surrounding beauty by car

City car in Surabaya market scene at sunset

Welcome to the mesmerizing city of Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city. This East Javan metropolis is often overshadowed by Indonesia's capital Jakarta, or the popular tourist island Bali, but Surabaya holds a charm unique to itself. Rich in history and culture, Surabaya is known for its stunning colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and delicious local cuisine. It's a city where the hustle and bustle of modern urban living coexists with its treasured past.

Adventure awaits in the city and beyond by car. For starters, don't miss the iconic Monument of Heroes , a testament to Indonesia's fight for independence. Keep the leisure drive flowing towards Taman Bungkul, a popular local park which offers green tranquility right in the heart of the city. From there, take a ride to the fascinating House of Sampoerna, an operational cigarette factory and museum housing a large collection of art and antiques.

If you're feeling adventurous, a car ride away from Surabaya are two of Indonesia's most dazzling natural wonders: Mount Bromo and the Ijen Crater. It is about a 3 hour drive to the former and around 6 hours to the latter which makes it quite convenient for day trips. The sight of Mount Bromo immersed in mist during sunrise is a spectacle one shouldn't miss. Similarly, the striking blue flames of the Ijen Crater visible during early morning hours are unlike anything you may have seen before.

Car Rental in Surabaya

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Surabaya?

The cost of renting a car in Surabaya can vary depending on the make and model of the car, rental duration and the season. On average, it usually costs between IDR 300,000 and IDR 500,000 per day.

2. What model of car is most frequently rented in Surabaya?

The most commonly rented car in Surabaya is the Toyota Avanza, due to its spacious interior and fuel efficiency, making it perfect for navigating the city's bustling streets.

3. Where are the most popular locations to rent a car in Surabaya?

The most popular locations to rent a car are typically near major landmarks, hotels, and Juanda International Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental services in Surabaya offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services for customer convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most car rental services require a minimum rental period which usually ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours, depending on the company.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Surabaya?

The minimum age to rent a car in Surabaya is typically 21 to 25 years, depending on the rental company's policies.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Surabaya?

You will require a valid driving license, identification proof, and a credit card. If you are a foreigner, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is also required.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Surabaya by car?

The best time to visit Surabaya by car is during the dry season, which runs from May to September when the roads are clear and safe to drive.

9. What are Surabaya's main airports?

The primary airport in Surabaya is Juanda International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Surabaya and drop it off in another city?

Yes, some car rental companies offer this service. However, it's best to check in advance as it may come with an extra charge.

Car Rentals Reviews


Surabaya – 01-01-2024. Superb Service! Picked up a rental car for a week's tour around Surabaya. They offered an extensive range of cars to choose from, and the prices were very reasonable. The staff was helpful and made the process smooth and effortless. Plus, the car was spotless and in excellent condition. Highly recommended.


Surabaya – 05-11-2023. Excellent experience! The car was clean, and picked me up from the airport. The whole process was effortless, and the price was affordable. The representative also gave useful traveling tips about Surabaya. Will definitely use their service again!


Surabaya – 14-08-2023. I was really impressed with their service and the quality of the car. The whole process was fast, and their prices were fair. Exploring Surabaya would not have been any easier. Definitely will rent a car from them again!


Surabaya – 23-05-2023. Efficient and smooth experience. The car was clean and comfortable for our trip. Staff was very pleasant and guided us about the local places in Surabaya. Great service and the price was right for the quality of the car.


Surabaya – 30-03-2023. First-rate car rental service. The collection process was quick, and the staff was polite and helpful. The cost of the rental was affordable, and the car functioned perfectly during my drive in Surabaya. Will use their service next time!


Surabaya – 01-01-2023. Very pleasant experience with this car rental company. The car was in good condition, and the rates were very reasonable. The staff gave accurate information about Surabaya's traffic and roads. Overall, a fantastically smooth car rental process.

Surabaya Road Connections

Essential routes for visitors

  1. Surabaya - Semarang: A 312 km trip through the Jalan Tol Trans Jawa taking approximately 5 hours. The road conditions are generally good, but traffic can be busy during peak hours.
  2. Surabaya - Malang: This 90 km drive mostly follows the Jalan Tol Pandaan-Malang and takes about 2.5 hours. It is a scenic route with superb views of the countryside.
  3. Surabaya - Yogyakarta: A 340 km drive, which takes around 6 hours, primarily on Jalan Raya Solo - Ngawi and Susunan - Surakarta - Yogyakarta. Be prepared for heavy road-traffic.
  4. Surabaya - Banyuwangi: Drive about 238 km via Jalur Pantura and Jalan Ijen, and it will take you about 5-6 hours. The roads can be congested during holiday seasons.
  5. Surabaya - Bali: A total distance of approximately 390 km, usually covered in 9-10 hours by car, mainly via Jalan Tol Trans Jawa. Expect road tolls and ferry crossing to Bali.
  6. Surabaya - Gresik: A short 42 km trip through the Jalan Tol Surabaya - Gresik that would take you about an hour. It's a smooth and less busy route.
  7. Surabaya - Probolinggo: A distance of around 92 km going primarily through the Jalan Sukarno-Hatta Surabaya-Probolinggo. Expect a driving time of about 2-3 hours.

Driving in Surabaya

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the typical speed limit in Surabaya?

In Surabaya, the general speed limit in urban areas is around 50km/h, but can drop to 30km/h in residential areas. On highways, the limit is often 100km/h.

2. Can a foreigner drive in Surabaya with an international driving license?

Yes, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is required along with your native country’s driving license to legally drive in Surabaya.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Surabaya?

Yes, speed cameras are used throughout Surabaya and greater Indonesia, and police frequently enforce speed limits.

4. Are there toll roads in and around Surabaya?

Yes, there are toll roads, especially on the highways connecting different cities. It is recommended to carry cash as some might not accept cards.

5. On which side of the road do drivers drive in Surabaya?

Drivers in Surabaya, like the rest of Indonesia, drive on the left side of the road.

6. Are safety rules strictly followed in Surabaya?

While enforcement of the driving rules can sometimes be lax, it is still necessary to follow them for safety reasons and to avoid potential fines.

7. How heavy is the traffic in Surabaya?

Surabaya, being a populous city, can have heavy traffic, especially during rush hours. Avoiding the peak times can provide a smoother driving experience.

8. Are there more manual cars or automatic cars in Surabaya?

While there are both available, automatic cars are more common in Surabaya.

9. Are there strict parking regulations in the city?

Yes, illegally parked cars are often towed away. It is advisable to park in designated areas and follow the parking rules.

10. Can I rent a car without a credit card in Surabaya?

Most car rental companies in Surabaya require a credit card. However, some might accept a large cash deposit as an alternative.

11. Is road signage in Surabaya easy to understand?

Most road signs in Surabaya are in Bahasa Indonesia and English, making it easier for foreigners to understand.

12. Are pedestrians respectful of vehicles in Surabaya?

Pedestrians in Surabaya are accustomed to heavy traffic and most cross the road at zebra crossings however caution is always advisable.

13. Is Surabaya driver-friendly for tourists?

As with any new city, it can take some time to become familiar with driving in Surabaya, but generally, it is considered to be suitable enough for tourists.

14. Are car rental companies open 24/7 in Surabaya?

Most car rental companies in Surabaya operate during regular business hours. However, some companies located at airports may have longer hours.

15. Are there any unique rules of the road in Surabaya that visitors should be aware of?

In Indonesia, honking is common as a way to indicate passing or impending movement. This might be different from other countries, so visitors should be aware.

Exploring Surabaya

Top 8 attractions in and around Surabaya

  1. Tugu Pahlawan: The national monument commemorating those who died during the Battle of Surabaya.
  2. House of Sampoerna: This museum is a well-preserved colonial-style compound, displaying the history of Sampoerna's clove cigarettes.
  3. Surabaya Zoo: One of the oldest and largest zoos in Southeast Asia, housing a diverse range of animals.
  4. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument: A monumental statue dedicated to the Indonesian Navy, stands at 60.6 meters.
  5. Cheng Hoo Mosque: A Chinese-Muslim style mosque, exemplifying religious and cultural diversity in Indonesia.
  6. Bromo volcano: Located around three hours' car drive from Surabaya, Bromo volcano offers a truly unique, surreal landscape.
  7. Kapas Biru Waterfall: A magnificent tropical waterfall, located two hours' car drive from Surabaya. A perfect day trip location.
  8. Mangrove Forest Wonorejo: A natural haven, perfect for bird watching and enjoying the serenity of nature.

Surabaya Roadtrip Itineraries

Experience the best of Indonesia by car

  1. Surabaya to Mount Bromo: An approximately 113 kilometers road trip that will bring you to the stunning view of Mount Bromo, one of Indonesia's active volcanos.
  2. Surabaya to Malang: Take a 93 kilometers scenic drive through the lush highlands to reach the charming city of Malang, known for its colonial architecture.
  3. Surabaya to Bali: A journey of about 319 kilometers that takes you to the beautiful island of Bali with its unique culture, famed beaches and stunning landscapes.
  4. Surabaya to Borobudur: This 360 kilometers trip will bring you to the largest Buddhist temple in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  5. Surabaya to Banyuwangi: A picturesque route of approximately 239 kilometers taking you to Banyuwangi, the home of the breathtaking Ijen Crater.
  6. Surabaya to Yogyakarta: Explore the cultural heart of Java in Yogyakarta, about 330 kilometers away from Surabaya, home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Borobudur and Prambanan Temples.
  7. Surabaya to Semarang: A 290 kilometers trip along Java's northern coastline to reach Semarang, a city known for its old colonial architecture and Chinatown.