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Enjoy the finest car rental experience with our dedicated customer service in Bakersfield. Be it a drive to the scenic Kern River or exploring the charming downtown, our customer-centric approach ensures unparalleled service. Revel in Bakersfield's oil-rich history and warm hospitality, while our team takes care of your unique needs and driving preferences.

Car Rental in Bakersfield

The Unseen Charms and Endless Possibilities of Bakersfield On a Car Journey

Car near oil rig, agricultural field, Sierra Nevada

Laying amidst the golden fields of California, Bakersfield offers a charming blend of rich cultural vibes, historical legacy, and an upsurge of modern attractions. Known as a significant hub for both agriculture and oil production, this city exhibits a unique landscape draped with vast farmlands and glistening oil rigs. Yet, there's more to discover beyond its industrial panorama. From the fascinating tales at Kern County Museum to the mood-lifting music at the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, this city sways between the serenity of traditional Kern County and the upbeat spirit of modern California. In a city filled with such diversity and exuberance, every turn brings a new adventure for its visitors.

Opting for a car journey is one of the best ways to explore Bakersfield's many delights. Driving is a bliss here with its wide, open roads and the city's easy-to-navigate grid layout. It's not just about the city – Bakersfield works perfectly as your springboard to some of California's hidden treasures. A 2-hour drive leads to the stuningly captivating Sequoia National Forest, Trail of 100 Giants, a scenic wonder filled with majestic trees that predate our human history. If you extend your drive farther, the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Yosemite National Park awaits you, approximately a 4-hour journey from Bakersfield.

Ensuing a scenic drive from Bakersfield, you are set to experience the raw, untouched beauty of California's coastline. Down south, there's the bewitching charm of Santa Barbara, while an enchanting drive northward reveals the mystic cliffs of Big Sur. Whether immersing yourself in the stunning coastal views or traversing through the tranquil mountainous terrains, Bakersfield makes for an excellent starting point for myriad road trips, showcasing the diverse landscapes California has to offer.

Bakersfield Car Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost to rent a car in Bakersfield?

The cost of renting a car in Bakersfield varies based on the model of the car, rental duration, and other factors. However, on average it ranges from $40 to $60 per day.

2. What car model is the most popular to rent in Bakersfield?

The most popular car model to rent in Bakersfield is usually a full-size sedan or SUV. The spacious interiors and robust build make these cars ideal for the city's terrain.

3. Where are the popular places to rent a car in Bakersfield?

Common places to rent a car in Bakersfield include the downtown area, the Bakersfield Muni Airport, and the auto mall area.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and return service?

Yes, some car rental companies in Bakersfield offer a 24-hour pick-up and return service.

5. Is there a minimum rental duration?

Yes, typically, there is a minimum rental duration of one day.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Bakersfield?

The minimum age to rent a car in Bakersfield is generally 21, but it may vary depending on the rental company's policies.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Bakersfield?

To rent a car in Bakersfield, you need a valid driving license, an ID proof, and a credit card for security deposit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Bakersfield by car?

The best time to visit Bakersfield by car is during the fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and the city has numerous events.

9. What are the main airports in Bakersfield?

The main airport in Bakersfield is Bakersfield Municipal Airport and Meadows Field Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Bakersfield and return it in another city?

Yes, many rental car companies in Bakersfield provide a one-way rental service, allowing you to pick up the car in Bakersfield and drop it off in another city.

Car Rentals Reviews


Bakersfield – 23-11-2023. Renting a car with this company was an absolute breeze, no hassle at all. I was met with friendly service, and a shiny, well-maintained car. Speedy check-out and check-in process certainly made this rental experience stress-free. Plus, the price was fair! I couldn't ask for a smoother process.


Bakersfield – 20-10-2023. The affordability of the cars was remarkable. As a cash-strapped student, I was delighted to find such decent cars were available for rent in Bakersfield within my budget. The service was excellent and it's noteworthy that the car was fuel efficient – a bonus for my road trip through California.


Bakersfield – 01-07-2023. I must commend this company for their excellent customer service. The car was sleek and clean, and everything was handled swiftly. The representative helped me get acquainted with Bakersfield, pointing out some must-see local attractions. Booking could be more user-friendly, but overall, it was a positive experience.


Bakersfield – 08-05-2023. Remarkable service and clean cars. What set this experience apart was their local knowledge. They recommended amazing places, only known by locals in Bakersfield. Cool cars at good prices, and with excellent tips to enjoy the city.


Bakersfield – 02-02-2023. Thumbs up for this rental company. Fast service, neat cars and good prices. I found the whole process quite straightforward, especially for a first-time renter. Bakersfield was a great place to explore, but finding parking was a bit tricky.


Bakersfield – 15-12-2022. Awesome car rental experience! The staff was super friendly and the process was quick and straightforward. The prices were fair, and I really appreciated that they provided a guidebook for Bakersfield city. A fantastic way to explore the Golden State without further ado.

Rent a Car Routes

Top 7 Car Routes from Bakersfield

  1. Bakersfield - Los Angeles: 185 km by Highway 99 and I-5, approximately 2 hours. The roads are well maintained with scenic views and food options.
  2. Bakersfield - San Francisco: 435 km via I-5 and CA-99, approximately 5 hours. The roads can be busy but offer beautiful panoramic scenes.
  3. Bakersfield - Fresno: 180 km taking the CA-99, around 2 hours. Offers clear signs and rest stops.
  4. Bakersfield - San Diego: 440 km by I-5, roughly 4 hours 30 minutes. Housetops and scenic landscapes make the drive enjoyable.
  5. Bakersfield - Sequoia National Park: 134 km by CA-65 and CA-198, roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. Scenic drive through countryside and small towns.
  6. Bakersfield - Las Vegas: 435 km via I-15 N, approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. Long stretches of desert with refuel and food stations scattered sparingly.
  7. Bakersfield - Death Valley National Park: 323 km via CA-178 E, around 4 hours. Road conditions vary with change in elevation and temperature.

Bakersfield Driving FAQs

Understanding the Basics

1. What is the general speed limit in Bakersfield?

The general speed limit within city limits in Bakersfield is typically 25-30 mph in residential areas, 40-45 mph in major streets and up to 65 mph on freeways. However, speed limits may vary so it's critical to look out for posted speed limit signs.

2. Is an international driving permit needed in Bakersfield?

No, if you have a valid license from another U.S. state. However, if you're visiting from another country, an International Driving Permit in conjunction with your national driver's licence would be advisable.

3. Are there any specific driving rules in Bakersfield?

Standard US driving rules apply in Bakersfield - drive on the right side of the road, obey traffic signs and signals, and give way to emergency vehicles.

4. How common are speed cameras in Bakersfield?

Speed cameras are not very common in Bakersfield, but police do regularly monitor traffic so it's important to respect the speed limits.

5. Does Bakersfield have any toll roads?

There are no toll roads in Bakersfield but as you start traveling throughout California, you may encounter some.

6. Can I drive in carpool lanes in Bakersfield?

Unless there are two or more passengers in the car, you are not allowed to drive in carpool lanes during designated peak hours.

7. What are the peak hours for traffic in Bakersfield?

Traffic is usually heavier on weekdays between 7am–9am and 5pm–7pm.

8. Is it legal to turn right at a red light in Bakersfield?

Yes, unless otherwise indicated by a sign. However, you must come to a complete stop first and ensure the path is clear.

9. What is the legal driving age in Bakersfield?

The legal driving age in California is 16, with certain restrictions. However, you must be 18 or older to rent a car.

10. Are radar detectors legal in Bakersfield?

Yes, radar detectors are legal in private cars in California.

11. Is it mandatory to have car insurance in Bakersfield?

Yes, it is required by law to have minimum liability insurance when driving a car

12. What should I do in case of a car accident in Bakersfield?

You should first ensure everyone's safety, then contact local law enforcement and exchange information with the other driver.

13. Are U-turns allowed in Bakersfield?

U-turns are allowed at intersections unless a sign indicates otherwise. They are not allowed on expressways.

14. Are there school zones in Bakersfield with lower speed limits?

Yes, areas near schools have a speed limit of 25 mph when children are present.

15. Is road side assistance service available in Bakersfield?

Yes, many insurance providers offer road side assistance services.

Bakersfield Top Sights

Explore with your Car

  1. Kern County Museum: Historical museum featuring pioneer buildings and exhibits.
  2. Buck Owens' Crystal Palace: A country music venue offering live performances.
  3. The Fox Theater: Historic, restored theater known for diverse performances.
  4. Sequoia National Forest: Magnificent forest, ideal for outdoor activities.
  5. Bakersfield Speedway: Exciting local car racing track for speed buffs.
  6. Kern River Parkway Trail: Long nature trail for running, cycling, and more.
  7. Bakersfield Museum of Art: Contemporary Californian art exhibited in a scenic park.
  8. Tejon Ranch: Large ranch offering hunting, fishing, and bird watching.

Bakersfield Roadtrips

Exciting Routes for Car Explorers

  1. Bakersfield to LA: This 113-mile journey leads you to Los Angeles city. Travel through the scenic routes capturing various landscapes and city skylines.
  2. Bakersfield to San Francisco Route: Spanning about 279 miles, this route allows you to experience diverse and fascinating cultures, from agricultural lands to tech hubs.
  3. Pacific Coast Highway: Starting from Bakersfield, drive 128 miles south to Santa Barbara and start the 655 miles spectacular coastal route till Oregon.
  4. Sierra Nevada Road Trip: Starting from Bakersfield, this 304 miles journey covers mesmerizing mountain landscapes, charming towns, and scenic lakes.
  5. Route 58: A 261 miles long journey from Bakersfield to Santa Margarita, Route 58 offers a unique desert experience with dramatic landscapes and historical towns.
  6. Bakersfield to Vegas: About 284 miles, it offers a desert landscape with towering sand dunes, Joshua trees, and eventually the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.
  7. Death Valley Scenic Byway: Covering 196 miles starting from Bakersfield, it takes you through one of the hottest places on earth, offers unique landscapes and wildlife.
  8. Bakersfield to Sequoia National Park: A 82-mile journey, it takes you to the home of the world's largest trees, including the famous General Sherman tree.