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Car Rental in Cape Girardeau

Explore the Charm of the River City by Car

City car by Cape Girardeau riverbank with squirrels and bridge

Welcome to the charming city of Cape Girardeau, a hidden gem tucked on the banks of the Mississippi River in Missouri. Known as the city of roses, Cape Girardeau is filled with rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, making it a fantastic getaway for one and all. Here, you can explore a splendid blend of cuisine, entertainment, and outdoor adventure without burning a hole in your pocket.

One must definitely visit Trail of Tears State Park, easily reached by car. The park promises a spectacular view of the river and tells the story of the tragic history of Cherokee removal. The River Campus of Southeast Missouri State University is another highlight of the city housing the Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall, the Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp Museum and the Wendy Kurka Rust Flexible Theatre. The museums and theatres display the city’s passion for arts, culture, history, and education.

For architecture buffs and history lovers, historic Old Town Cape is a must-see. Its unique boutiques, mouth-watering eateries, and vibrant festivals can keep you busy and entertained all day long. Another must-visit site is the Fort D Historic Site, built in 1861 to defend the city during the Civil War, offering a glimpse into this chapter of American history. From Cape Girardeau, you can also take a scenic drive to nearby cities like St. Louis and Memphis which are less than a three-hour drive!

Cape Girardeau Car Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Cape Girardeau?

The cost to rent a car in Cape Girardeau varies depending on the model of the car and the length of the rental. On average, it can range from $30 to $100 per day. Factors such as the time of the year and the demand can also affect the price.

2. Which car model is the most rented in Cape Girardeau?

Many visitors usually opt for compact and economical cars due to Cape Girardeau's city traffic and parking space availability. SUVs and minivans are also popular choices for groups or families with lots of luggage.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Cape Girardeau?

Rental car facilities can be found in various locations, including the city center, hotels, and airports such as Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service available?

Yes, many rental car companies in Cape Girardeau offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services for their customers' convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most companies usually have a one-day minimum rental period. However, for longer duration rentals, many offer discounted rates.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Cape Girardeau?

Generally, the minimum age to rent a car in Cape Girardeau is 21. However, drivers under 25 may have to pay a 'young driver' fee.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Cape Girardeau?

To rent a car in Cape Girardeau, you'll need a valid driver's license, passport (for international renters), and a credit card in the driver's name. Additional documents may be required based on the rental company's policies.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Cape Girardeau by car?

The spring and fall months are typically the best times to visit Cape Girardeau due to milder weather, making it easier to explore the city and its surrounding areas by car.

9. What are Cape Girardeau's principal airports?

The main airport serving Cape Girardeau is Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. This airport offers various car rental options for travelers.

10. Can I pick up the car in Cape Girardeau and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies offer 'one-way' rentals. This allows you to pick up the car in Cape Girardeau and drop it off in another city. However, this service may come with an additional fee.

Car-Rental Experiences

Lucia King

Cape Girardeau – 23-11-2023. The prices at this car rental service are the best in town; affordability being their prime feature. Being a student, I appreciate that. Rental process was quite straightforward, they didn't make a fuss about anything. This car rental in Cape Girardeau was the best decision for my weekend trip.

Randall Obrien

Cape Girardeau – 15-10-2023. As a frequent business traveler, I can confidently say that the service level of this car rental company exceeds expectations. Despite the rentals being affordable, the cars are in excellent condition. Staff are courteous and professional which adds up to the smoothness of the whole rental process.

Tori Carpenter

Cape Girardeau – 01-09-2023. I stumbled upon this rental company while planning a road trip across Missouri. The car I rented was well-maintained and comfortable. Best part was their quick customer service team that helped me get the most suitable deal. A great money for value car rental service in Cape Girardeau.

Alberto Gutierrez

Cape Girardeau – 16-07-2023. I'm retired and don't travel much. But, last month I needed a car for a family wedding in Cape Girardeau. I was surprised by the competitive prices and the quality of the car. Not a single hitch from pick-up to drop-off. Catering to a pleasant experience for an old man like me.

Jeanette Hicks

Cape Girardeau – 03-05-2023. I've lived in Cape Girardeau for ages and tried multiple car rentals during that time. But none matched the level of service at this place. They have a wide range of cars to choose from at great prices. Will recommend them to anyone needing a rental car.

Blake Romero

Cape Girardeau – 20-03-2023. This car rental company has a straightforward approach to the rental process, which was a breath of fresh air. The car was perfect for my family's needs and the price was well within my budget. With the scenic Mississippi River as the backdrop, driving in Cape Girardeau was a memorable experience.

Road Connections

Discover convenient routes from Cape Girardeau

  1. Cape Girardeau - St. Louis: Covering 170km via I-55 N in approximately 2 hours, this route offers a smooth and direct drive to the bustling city of St. Louis.
  2. Cape Girardeau - Memphis: Travel 250km south along the I-55 S for about 3 hours to reach the renowned home of blues, Memphis.
  3. Cape Girardeau - Nashville: Head towards southeast via I-24 E for 350km over around 4.5 hours to encounter the music city, Nashville.
  4. Cape Girardeau - Paducah: A short 150km drive via US-60 E leads you to the pleasant river city of Paducah in approximately 1.5 hours.
  5. Cape Girardeau - Springfield: Venturing 420km on I-44 E will bring you to Springfield, the birthplace of Route 66, in about 4 hours.
  6. Cape Girardeau - Chicago: Taking the I-57 N for roughly 600km and a 6-hour journey connects you to the vibrant city of Chicago.
  7. Cape Girardeau - Kansas City: Cover the 560km towards west via US-60 W in approximately 5.5 hours, to discover the city famous for BBQ and Jazz, Kansas City.

Driving in Cape Girardeau

Common Queries

1. What is the speed limit in Cape Girardeau?

In Cape Girardeau, and generally across Missouri, the maximum speed limit is 70 mph on rural freeways, 65 mph for urban freeways, and 30-35 mph in business and residential districts. Always check for posted signs which may indicate a different speed limit.

2. What type of driving license is necessary?

For driving in Cape Girardeau, you need a valid driver’s license from either the United States or any nation that is party to the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic. An International Driving Permit (IDP) may be necessary if the license isn't in English.

3. Is the presence of speed cameras common?

Radar-detected speed control is common in Missouri. Your speed may be checked by police officers or with automatic devices, and any violations can result in substantial fines.

4. Are there toll roads in or around Cape Girardeau?

Currently, there are no toll roads in Cape Girardeau or anywhere else in Missouri.

5. What are important driving rules to follow?

Some important rules for driving include: always drive on the right side of the road, obey speed limits, use your indicator when changing lanes or turning, and do not pass a school bus when it's displaying red flashing lights.

6. What is the traffic situation like?

Cape Girardeau has a moderate amount of traffic, especially during peak morning and evening hours. It is always a good idea to check local traffic reports or use a GPS with traffic updates before setting out on your journey.

7. On which side of the road should I drive?

In Cape Girardeau, as in all of the United States, you should always drive on the right side of the road.

8. Are there specific road signs I should be aware of?

Road signs in Cape Girardeau follow the same guidelines as the rest of United States. Be aware of Stop signs, Yield signs, speed limit signs, as well as warning and advisory signs.

9. Are there heavy fines for traffic violations?

Yes, traffic violations such as speeding and reckless driving can lead to significant fines in Missouri.

10. Does Cape Girardeau have pedestrian-friendly facilities?

Cape Girardeau has well-maintained sidewalks in most major areas. However, drivers should always be mindful of pedestrians, particularly in crowded downtown areas.

11. What are the parking rules?

Parking laws vary depending on the area in Cape Girardeau, but generally, you cannot park in front of driveways, fire hydrants, or within 15 feet of an intersection.

12. How can I pay for parking?

You can pay for off-street parking in downtown Cape Girardeau using cash or a card. Some parking decks also provide payment via mobile applications.

13. How to handle highway junctions?

At highway junctions, remember to yield to traffic on your left. For roundabouts, give way to traffic already in the roundabout. Always use indicator lights to signal your intended direction.

14. How to handle driving in adverse weather conditions?

In rain or snow, reduce your speed, allow for more stopping distance, and use headlights to improve visibility. It is strongly advised against driving during severe weather warnings unless absolutely necessary.

15. Where can I find up-to-date traffic information?

Local radio stations, news websites, and traffic mapping apps usually provide the most up-to-date traffic information in Cape Girardeau.

Explore Cape Girardeau

Top Attractions Near Cape Girardeau

  1. Mississippi River Tales Mural: Visit this breathtaking 24-panel mural depicting the history of Cape Girardeau.
  2. Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center: Ideal for nature lovers, offering walking trails and wildlife exploration.
  3. The Red House Interpretive Center: Learn about the early history of the city in this historical landmark.
  4. Bollinger Mill State Historic Site: Explore a historic 19th century mill and Burfordville Covered Bridge.
  5. Traill of Tears State Park: A park commemorating the tragic Cherokee removal, offers splendid views and hiking trails.
  6. Crisp Museum: Houses a large collection of American Indian and Southeast Missouri artifacts.
  7. Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center: Perfect for family fun with various water slides and a lazy river.
  8. Cape Rock Park: Capture the perfect view of the Mississippi River from this famous rocky promontory.

Roadtrips from Cape Girardeau

Explore these scenic routes by car

  1. The Great River Road: Stretching 3,000 miles along the mighty Mississippi, this iconic route provides stunning river vistas. Cape Girardeau serves as a popular starting point.
  2. Route 66: Experience the legendary historic highway that begins in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, California. From Cape Girardeau, a 370 km drive to St. Louis gets you started.
  3. Illinois Wine Trail: A shorter trip at around 160 km, but full of unique wineries and picturesque landscapes. Be sure to have a designated driver!
  4. Blues Highway (US Route 61): Explore the roots of blues music on this 230 km drive from Cape Girardeau to Memphis, Tennessee.
  5. Ozarks Highlands Scenic Byway: Around 400 km away, provides breathtaking views of the Ozark Mountains, natural springs, and charming small towns.
  6. Natchez Trace Parkway: From Cape Girardeau, a 460 km drive will get you to this historical 444-mile route that stretches from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi.