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Car Rental in Colorado

Discover Colorado's Unique Charm, Breathtaking Landscapes, and Enticing Attractions

Urban car by Colorado river, aspen trees, Rockies, Columbine flowers

Known for its varied attractions and breathtaking natural beauty, Colorado promises an unforgettable road trip experience. Traveling via car, you'll journey through a diverse landscape, encompassing both the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the barren beauty of the Colorado Plateau. Vibrant urban areas like Denver, the state's bustling capital, harmonize perfectly with serene rural regions, offering something for everyone.

Commence your Colorado road trip in the spring or summer, when the roads are clear of winter snowfall and the Rocky Mountain National Park bursts to life with blooming wildflowers. Covering over 415 square miles, the park offers a wealth of hiking and wildlife watching opportunities. From there, venture south to Pueblo, known for its distinct industrial history and proximity to the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. A car journey from Rocky Mountain National Park to Pueblo takes about 3.5 hours, but with so many picturesque towns and points of interest along the way, feel free to stretch this voyage over several days.

After exploring Pueblo, consider heading west to the Grand Junction, the heart of Colorado's wine country. Here you can explore the Colorado National Monument, which proffers stunning views of deep canyons and sandstone monoliths. The scenic drive to Grand Junction takes approximately 5 hours from Pueblo. This road trip encapsulates the very essence of Colorado's allure, showcasing the state's diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Colorado Car Rentals

Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Colorado?

The cost of renting a car in Colorado varies, depending on the rental duration, type of car, and time of the year. Typically, you can expect prices to start from around $30 a day for a compact car.

2. What car model is most in-demand for rental in Colorado?

SUV models are the most popular rental cars in Colorado due to the state's varying terrain and weather conditions. These cars offer comfort and safety when navigating mountain roads, especially in winter.

3. What are the most popular locations for car rentals in Colorado?

Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder are among the most popular locations for car rentals in the state. These areas have a high density of rental car providers.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and return service available?

Yes, the majority of major car rental companies in Colorado offer a 24-hour pickup and return service, although this might require prior arrangement.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most rental companies have a minimum rental period of one day. However, it's always best to check specific terms and conditions.

6. What is the minimum required age to rent a car in Colorado?

The minimum age to rent a car in Colorado is typically 21. However, renters under 25 may face extra fees or certain restrictions.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Colorado?

Typically, you'll need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card in your name to rent a car in Colorado.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Colorado by car?

The best time of the year to visit Colorado by car largely relies on your intended activities. For ski trips, winter is the best. For hiking and sightseeing, late spring, summer, and early fall offer ideal weather conditions.

9. What are the main airports in Colorado?

The main airports in Colorado are Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one Colorado city and return it to another?

Yes, many car rental companies in Colorado offer one-way rentals, but there may be an additional fee.

Rental Reviews


Denver – 23-11-2023. I regularly rent cars for business trips, and my experience with this company was exceptional. I had made the reservation over the phone and the car was ready to go when I arrived at their Denver office. It had a full tank and was cleaned to perfection. I felt the price was reasonable for the high-quality service they provided. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a quality car rental in Colorado. I was quite satisfied with the overall service.


Aspen – 04-10-2023. For my first trip to Aspen, I wanted to rent a 4x4 to experience the beautiful Colorado mountains. This rental came recommended, and I was not disappointed! The car was in perfect condition and they even had a map of local attractions in the glovebox. The pricing was very reasonable and I thought the service was spot on. They really know how to treat their customers right.


Boulder – 18-08-2023. My family had a great time in Colorado last summer, and a large part of that was due to the superb service we received from this company. With their wide selection of vehicles, we were able to choose a very comfortable car for driving across the picturesque landscapes of Boulder. Their rates were competitive for the week we spent there. We'll definitely use them again!


Colorado Springs – 15-07-2023. On a friend's advice, I rented from this company for my trip to Colorado Springs. The car was ready and waiting, and the staff were real professionals. I'm delighted with the service. They gave me valuable advice on the local driving conditions. Their competitive rates were a bonus. Would absolutely rent from them again when I return.


Fort Collins – 02-06-2023. I have rented cars in many places, but this company in Fort Collins has been the standout. From making reservations online to returning the vehicle, it was seamless. They have a wide array of cars to choose from and their prices are pretty good! They made my Colorado trip a breeze. I had a fantastic car rental experience.


Denver – 25-05-2023. I'm a bit of a budget traveler, and I couldn't have asked for a better deal on my rental car. The staff at the Denver office were friendly and efficient. The car I rented was clean, reliable, and fuel-efficient. For a reasonable price, they provided a quality service. I was quite impressed. I'd definitely recommend this company for rentals in Colorado.

Top Colorado Cities

Discover Colorado's Most Notable Metropolises

  1. Denver: The capital city of Colorado, notable for its stunning skyline and urban parks.
  2. Colorado Springs: Known for the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Garden of the Gods park.
  3. Aurora: Colorado's third most populous city, famous for its rich cultural food scene.
  4. Fort Collins: Home to Colorado State University and breweries and known for its healthy lifestyle.
  5. Lakewood: A vibrant community on Denver's western border, known for its recreation opportunities.
  6. Pueblo: Known as the 'Steel City,' Pueblo has a rich history and a lively arts scene.
  7. Boulder: Known for the University of Colorado and its focus on sustainability, it's also the location of the annual Boulder International Film Festival where many people would drive their vintage cars to.

Colorado Road Connections

Key driving routes for Colorado tourists

  1. Denver - Colorado Springs: A distance of 114.2 km with a driving time of approximately 1 hour 20 minutes on the I-25 S; a generally scenic and smooth drive.
  2. Boulder - Rocky Mountain National Park: A journey of about 78.4 km taking around 1 hour 36 minutes primarily via US-36 W and US-34 W; expect winding mountainous roads.
  3. Denver - Aspen: This covers approximately 329 km, estimated as a 3 hours 50 minutes drive mainly via I-70 W; this route showcases the breathtaking Colorado landscapes.
  4. Colorado Springs - Pueblo: Travelling approximately 67.4 km with a drive time around 40 minutes on the I-25 S; well-maintained highways dominate this connection.
  5. Fort Collins - Cheyenne: A distance of about 71.5 km, estimated driving time is 45 minutes mainly along I-25 N; a route where prairie views prevail.
  6. Boulder - Winter Park: The trip is about 109 km and may take around 1 hour 46 minutes mostly on US-40 E; great drive during winter season with well-maintained roadways.
  7. Denver - Grand Junction: Covering approximately 386 km with an estimated travel time of about 4 hours 10 minutes, principally on I-70 W; offering views of multiple national forests along the journey.

Colorado Driving FAQ

Essential Driving Information

1. What is the speed limit in Colorado?

Speed limits in Colorado range from 25 miles per hour in residential and business areas, to 75 miles per hour on some rural interstate highways. However, these limits can change depending on road and weather conditions.

2. What side of the road do I drive on in Colorado?

In Colorado, like the rest of the United States, you should always drive on the right side of the road.

3. Do I need a special driver's license to drive in Colorado?

Most drivers with a valid driver's license from their own state or country can legally drive in Colorado. However, if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you are required to get a Colorado driver's license.

4. Are there many toll roads in Colorado?

Yes, there are several toll roads in Colorado, particularly in the Denver metro area. Many of these do not have cash toll booths, so it’s wise to arrange payment in advance or soon after your journey to avoid penalties.

5. Are speed cameras used in Colorado?

Yes, both red light cameras and speed cameras are used in some areas of Colorado. Fines from these cameras can be quite high, so it's best to obey all traffic signals and speed limits.

6. What are Colorado's most important driving rules?

Some of the key rules include: obey speed limits, stop for school buses, don’t cross solid white and yellow lines, and use signals for turning and changing lanes. Always drive defensively and with caution.

7. What should I do if I am involved in a car accident in Colorado?

If you are involved in a car accident in Colorado, you should immediately report it to the police. If possible, take photos of any damage and exchange information with any other drivers involved.

8. Where are the service stations located in Colorado?

Service stations are plentiful in Colorado, especially on major highways. Many are open 24 hours, but it’s wise to keep your tank at least half full, particularly when driving in rural areas.

9. Are there any specific safety regulations while driving in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado has various safety laws that drivers must abide by. They include proper restraint for children and laws against leaving children unattended in a vehicle, among others.

10. How are the road conditions in Colorado?

Road conditions in Colorado can vary massively depending on the weather and the location. It's always recommended to check the current road conditions before embarking on a journey, especially in winter seasons.

11. Do I need to carry any specific documents while driving in Colorado?

Yes, you should always carry your driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration while driving in Colorado.

12. What are the parking rules in Colorado?

Parking laws vary by city and by neighborhood in Colorado. Generally, it is illegal to park in front of a driveway, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, or on a sidewalk. Always look for signs to avoid being ticketed or towed.

13. Is there a 'Move Over' law in Colorado?

Yes, if you see a stationary emergency vehicle with lights on, you are required to change to a non-adjacent lane if you can do so safely. If not, you must slow down and pass with caution.

14. How do I approach roundabouts in Colorado?

At a roundabout, yield to both lanes of traffic and only enter when it's clear. Once in the roundabout, don’t stop to allow other vehicles to enter.

15. Can I turn right on red in Colorado?

Yes, in Colorado it is generally legal to turn right on red after coming to a complete stop, unless there’s a sign indicating otherwise.

Explore Colorado

Must-visit Attractions

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park: A treasure trove of majestic peaks, tranquil lakes, and abundant wildlife.
  2. Garden of the Gods: Discover the awe-inspiring natural beauty of fascinating red rock formations.
  3. Pikes Peak: Colorado's most famous peak, offering sweeping mountain vistas.
  4. Mesa Verde National Park: Home to some of the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites.
  5. The Broadmoor Seven Falls: Experience a series of cascading waterfalls in a 1,250-foot-wall box canyon.
  6. Denver Museum of Nature & Science: A variety of exhibitions showcasing natural history and the sciences.
  7. Breckenridge Ski Resort: Perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts, with a range of slopes to suit all abilities.
  8. Boulder's Pearl Street Mall: A pedestrian-friendly hub with excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Unforgettable Colorado Roadtrips

Discover Colorado Behind the Wheel

  1. Million Dollar Highway: This picturesque 40-kilometer route from Silverton to Ouray offers a thrilling drive through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, passing by stunning vistas and historic towns.
  2. Trail Ridge Road: Situated in the Rocky Mountain National Park, this 77-kilometer route is the highest continuous highway in the U.S., providing awe-inspiring scenic views.
  3. Mount Evans Scenic Byway: Climb even higher on this 45-kilometer journey through the Rockies, reaching an altitude of over 4,000 meters at the summit of Mount Evans.
  4. Independence Pass: This 50-kilometer journey takes you alongside Aspen's Roaring Fork River and over the Continental Divide, with the route reaching its highest point at 3,687 meters.
  5. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway: For a journey into Colorado’s prehistoric past, this 750-kilometer route offers sites filled with dinosaur fossils, petroglyphs, and archaeological treasures.
  6. Cache la Poudre-North Park Scenic Byway: Follow this 163-kilometer path as it traces the Cache La Poudre River, passing through mountainous terrain and blooming wildflower meadows.
  7. Santa Fe Trail National Scenic Byway: This historic 580-kilometer trail was once used by Native American, a major trade route in the 19th century, starting in Lamar and ending in Trinidad.