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Car Rental in Flagstaff

The City of Pines, Brews, and Stardust

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Welcome to Flagstaff, the largest city in northern Arizona, and the hub to some of the most stunning natural wonders in the United States. Known for its flourishing craft beer scene, magnificent starry skies, and rich history, Flagstaff is primarily renowned as the 'City of Seven Wonders,' which include the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Humphrey’s Peak, the San Francisco Peaks, Sunset Crater, and Wupatki National Monument, all within a short drive.

Just about an hour’s drive north of this high-desert city in the San Francisco Peaks, one can embark on The Grand Canyon adventure. Your scenic journey to the park can be coupled with the exploration of Walnut Canyon and Wupatki National Monument, showcasing ancient Indian ruins. Heading south, within only 30 minutes by car, you will find Oak Creek Canyon, a river gorge often described as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because of its incredible scenic beauty.

No visit to Flagstaff would be complete without a stop at Lowell Observatory, where the planet Pluto was discovered. During the day, you can view the sun with a specially equipped telescope, while at night, a whole new galaxy awaits to be explored. Once you're done stargazing, get yourself downtown for renowned craft breweries, vibrant arts scene, and the famous Rail Road district. Flagstaff's continually growing music and art scene is sure to resonate with lovers of the humanities.

Car Rental in Flagstaff

Key Questions Answered

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Flagstaff?

The cost of renting a car in Flagstaff varies depending on the model of the car, the rental company, and the duration of hire. On average, prices start from around $30 per day for economy cars. Longer rental periods typically lead to daily cost reduction.

2. Which car model is most in-demand for rent in Flagstaff?

The most popular rental cars in Flagstaff are SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Given Flagstaff’s location near numerous outdoor attractions including the Grand Canyon, these types of cars are ideal for visitors.

3. What are the most popular car rental locations in Flagstaff?

Most car rentals are done at the Pulliam Airport, the Grand Canyon Railway Station, and various downtown locations.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, some rental car companies in Flagstaff offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services, subject to availability and potential extra charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most car rental agencies require a minimum rental period, typically one day. For rentals less than one day, clients may still be charged the daily rate.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Flagstaff?

The minimum age to rent a car in Flagstaff is typically 21 years. However, young driver surcharges often apply to drivers under 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Flagstaff?

You will need a valid driver's license, a credit card in your name, and proof of insurance. International renters may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Flagstaff by car?

The best time to visit Flagstaff by car is from May to October when the weather is more conducive for driving and sightseeing.

9. What are the main airports in Flagstaff?

The main airports in Flagstaff are the Pulliam Airport and the Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Flagstaff and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car rental agencies in Flagstaff offer one-way rentals. However, they may charge a one-way fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Flagstaff – 23-11-2023. Outstanding car rental service in Flagstaff! I rented a car for my family trip over Thanksgiving and the service was seamless. The car was clean, well-maintained and full of gas. Their rates were also reasonably priced for the excellent service they provided. Will definitely use them again for future trips.


Flagstaff – 17-09-2023. The customer service was extremely helpful and friendly. They gave us a map of Flagstaff and recommended some great spots to visit. We got a chance to see the beautiful Arizona landscapes and the car handled the terrains brilliantly. The price was fair for such excellent service and vehicle quality.


Flagstaff – 03-07-2023. Absolute best car rental service! At first I was worried about the prices since other rental services tend to be quite overpriced. But this one was value for money. The car I rented was in good shape and perfect for the winding Flagstaff roads during my summer vacation.


Flagstaff – 21-05-2023. As a frequent traveler to Flagstaff, this is now my first choice for a car rental service. Good quality cars at fair prices. No hidden fees or complicated billing process. It's a gem in the heart of Arizona, won't disappoint.


Flagstaff – 28-03-2023. Reliable and efficient rental service in Flagstaff. I was able to book on relatively short notice and still get a great rate. The car was clean, ran smoothly, and got me around Flagstaff with no issues at all.


Flagstaff – 17-12-2022. I traveled to Flagstaff last winter vacation. This car rental service was really understanding and professional. Their prices are pretty solid for the good quality cars you get. I got to tour around with no issues and truly enjoy the white winter landscapes Flagstaff is famous for.

Flagstaff Road Connections

Navigating From Flagstaff to Key Tourist Destinations

  1. Flagstaff to Grand Canyon: A 116-kilometer drive along US-180 W and AZ-64, taking roughly 1.5 hours. Roads are usually in good condition with clear signs.
  2. Flagstaff to Sedona: A picturesque 48-kilometer route via AZ-89A taking about an hour. The road is well-maintained, winding through beautiful Oak Creek Canyon.
  3. Flagstaff to Phoenix: A 233-kilometer journey down I-17 S that takes approximately 2.5 hours. Highway is usually free of heavy traffic and well kept.
  4. Flagstaff to Las Vegas: A longer 386-kilometer drive via I-40 W and US-93 N, taking around 4 hours. Ensure a full tank as service stations are sparse.
  5. Flagstaff to Monument Valley: A scenic 302-kilometer route via US-160 E and US-163 N, taking roughly 3.5 hours. Roads can be rough; a sturdy car is recommended.
  6. Flagstaff to Petrified Forest National Park: A 187-kilometer journey via I-40E, taking about 2 hours. Be cautious of wildlife crossing.
  7. Flagstaff to Hoover Dam: A 349-kilometer drive via US-93 N taking approximately 3.5 hours. Roads are mostly straight and well-signed.

Driving in Flagstaff

Key Information for Motorists

1. Where is Flagstaff located?

Flagstaff is a city in the state of Arizona, in the United States of America.

2. On which side of the road do vehicles drive in Flagstaff?

In Flagstaff, and throughout the United States, traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

3. What is the general speed limit in Flagstaff?

The general speed limit in Flagstaff and most of Arizona is 25 mph in residential areas, 55 mph on country roads, and 65 to 75 mph on freeways.

4. Are there many radar speed traps in Flagstaff?

Yes, there are several radar speed traps in and around Flagstaff. It is advisable to adhere to the speed limits at all times to avoid fines.

5. Do I need a driving license to drive in Flagstaff?

Yes, you need a valid driving license to drive in Flagstaff. If the license is not in English, it is recommended that you carry an International Driving Permit as well.

6. What are the main driving rules in Flagstaff?

The main driving rules include driving on the right side of the road, stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, and always adhering to the posted speed limits.

7. What should I know about the traffic in Flagstaff?

Like any city, Flagstaff can experience traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. It's also important to be mindful of road closures or restrictions, especially during winter months due to snowfall.

8. Are there toll roads in Flagstaff?

Arizona, including Flagstaff, does not have any toll roads.

9. What types of driving licenses are accepted in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff accepts valid driving licenses from all U.S. states and many foreign countries. An International Driving Permit is recommended for licenses in languages other than English.

10. Can I use a digital copy of my driving license in Flagstaff?

No, a physical copy of your driving license is required in Flagstaff.

11. Are safety rules strictly enforced in Flagstaff?

Yes, safety rules are strictly enforced in Flagstaff. Fines can be hefty for violations such as speeding or reckless driving.

12. How are the parking facilities in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff has plenty of parking lots and garages available, especially downtown. However, it is advisable to ensure you abide by any posted parking restrictions.

13. Does my vehicle need to be equipped with certain features to be allowed on the road in Flagstaff?

Yes, cars are required to be equipped with adequate safety features like seat belts, headlights, windshield wipers, and so on. In winter, it's important to have appropriate tires for driving in snow conditions.

14. Are there specific rules for highway driving in and around Flagstaff?

Yes, like all highways in the U.S., keep right except to pass, follow the speed limit, use proper signals for changing lanes or turning, and give right of way as indicated by road signs and markings.

15. How can I get updated with the latest traffic situation in Flagstaff?

For the latest traffic updates and road closures, tune into the local radio stations or use traffic update apps like Google Maps or Waze before you start your journey.

Top Flagstaff Attractions

Must-Visit Places Around Flagstaff

  1. Grand Canyon National Park: An iconic natural wonder that needs little introduction. A must-visit for its breathtaking landscapes.
  2. Walnut Canyon National Monument: A remarkable site featuring ancient cliff dwellings, picturesque canyon views, and scenic trails.
  3. Meteor Crater : The world's best-preserved meteorite impact site on earth, featuring an interactive museum.
  4. Arizona Snowbowl: A premier ski resort providing exciting winter sports opportunities and stunning panoramic views in summer.
  5. Lowell Observatory: Where Pluto was discovered. It offers fascinating exhibits and telescopic views of the stars.
  6. Coconino National Forest: A sprawling, verdant expanse offering ample opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting.
  7. Wupatki National Monument: An archaeological site featuring ancient puebloan ruins surrounded by mesmerizing desert landscapes.
  8. Museum of Northern Arizona: A cultural treasure that provides insights into the region's natural and cultural history.

Flagstaff Roadtrips

The Best Drives in and around Flagstaff

  1. Historic Route 66: Enjoy a nostalgic 402km drive on the iconic Route 66 from Flagstaff to Kingman. Experience the history of America’s “Mother Road” along with the picturesque Arizona landscapes.
  2. Grand Canyon South Rim: Drive 132km from Flagstaff to the awe-inspiring South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Revel in the majestic views and explore the historic village.
  3. Sedona via Oak Creek Canyon: A 41km scenic drive from Flagstaff to Sedona through the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon, known for its vibrant fall foliage.
  4. Petrified Forest National Park: A 188km drive to explore the unique landscape of Petrified Forest National Park, home to ancient fossilized trees.
  5. Meteor Crater Natural Landmark: A quick 60km drive to see the world’s best-preserved meteorite impact site.
  6. Monument Valley: A 257km journey from Flagstaff to the famous red-sand desert known for its towering sandstone buttes.
  7. Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend: Drive 212km to marvel at the mesmerizing Antelope Canyon and stunning Horseshoe Bend.