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Experience second-to-none customer care with our car hire service in Snowdonia. Our keen staff ensures smooth car pick-up and drop-off, preemptive solutions to potential issues, and thoughtful recommendations for tourist destinations like the breath-taking Snowdon Peak. Don't just hire a car, enjoy a journey tailor-made to the unique beauty of Snowdonia.

Car Hire in Snowdonia

Exploring Snowdonia’s Highlights by Car

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Welcome to Snowdonia, a captivating region in Wales that is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The jewel in Snowdonia's crown is undoubtedly the Mount Snowdon itself, the highest mountain in Wales and England. Here, exhilarating hiking trails, breathtaking sceneries, and an abundance of wildlife await you. A drive in the car through Snowdonia's dramatic landscapes is a memorable experience, with winding roads offering some of the most stunning views in the UK.

Making your journey by car allows you to explore Snowdonia at your own pace. Whether you're after adventure or tranquillity, this region does not disappoint. Visit the picturesque Harlech Castle, located just an hour's drive from Snowdon, or take a 30-minute car trip to the extraordinary Beddgelert Forest. The scenic drives along the coast, through the heart of the National Park, and around the atmospheric slate quarries are sure to take your breath away.

For the most comprehensive experience, consider following the 'Eryri Circular Route', a 70-mile circular drive around Snowdonia. This route recommended by the National Trust showcases the region's diverse landscapes, passing through charming villages, past striking mountain ranges and alongside serene lakes. Remember, though the region may be remote, the journey is just as significant as the destination in making your visit to Snowdonia a truly unforgettable one.

Car Hire Snowdonia

FAQs on Car Hire in Snowdonia

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Snowdonia?

The cost of hiring a car in Snowdonia can vary greatly based on the type of vehicle, duration of hire, and season. Typically, prices can start from around £25 per day for a small, budget car. For premium cars or larger vehicles, prices may go upwards of £100 per day.

2. What car model is mostly hired in Snowdonia?

The car model most often hired in Snowdonia is typically a small SUV or hatchback. These cars are highly suited for the hilly terrain and narrow country roads common in Snowdonia. For the adventurous, 4x4s are also quite popular.

3. Where are most popular spots to hire a car in Snowdonia?

The popular spots for car hire in Snowdonia are typically in larger towns such as Betws-y-Coed, Dolgellau, or near tourist attractions like the Snowdon Mountain Railway. However, the exact location can vary depending on the car hire company.

4. Is there a 24 hour pick-up and drop off service?

Many car hire companies in Snowdonia offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service, but it’s always best to check individual company policies as some may have specific operating hours.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, generally most car hire companies have a minimum hire period of 24 hours. However, some companies may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a car in Snowdonia?

The minimum age to hire a car in Snowdonia is typically 21 years. However, this can vary between car hire companies so it’s recommended to check directly with the company. Additionally, drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to a 'young driver surcharge'.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Snowdonia?

To hire a car in Snowdonia, you typically require a full driving licence, proof of address and a credit or debit card for security deposit. International visitors may also require an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Snowdonia by car?

The best time of year to visit Snowdonia by car would be in the spring and summer months, from March to July, when the weather is generally more favourable for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

9. What are the main airports in Snowdonia?

The main airports near Snowdonia are Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Both offer several car hire options.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Snowdonia and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies in Snowdonia offer one-way rentals allowing you to pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another. However, this may be subject to availability and additional charges.

Car Hire Reviews


Snowdonia – 02-01-2024. It was a thrilling adventure. I had no issues with the car provided. Perfect for driving around the picturesque Snowdonia. And the price was very acceptable compared to other companies I've dealt with.


Snowdonia – 15-11-2023. The hiring process was quick and smooth. Staff was professional and the car was in excellent condition. It made my journey through the Snowdonia National Park an amazing experience. The price was worth the service!


Snowdonia – 20-09-2023. Hired a car for a family trip in Snowdonia. The car's heated seats were a bonus during the chilly mornings. The car hire process was straightforward and the cost was affordable.


Snowdonia – 06-07-2023. The service was exceptional. The car was perfect for our trip around the green valleys of Snowdonia. They were honest and clear about the price, which was reasonable.


Snowdonia – 02-06-2023. The car was clean, comfortable and fuel-efficient. I had an enjoyable journey through the stunning landscapes of Snowdonia. I also appreciated their fair pricing.


Snowdonia – 15-03-2023. Hired a car for a week while visiting my family in Snowdonia. The service was efficient and cost-effective. It was nice to see the company delivering value while remaining competitive in terms of price.

Snowdonia Cities

Top Seven Destinations

  1. Caernarfon: Home to a prominent castle built by Edward I and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Betws-y-Coed: Known as the gateway to Snowdonia, a hub for outdoor activities and adventure.
  3. Llanberis: Nestled at the foot of Snowdon, its the main starting point for ascents of Wales' highest mountain.
  4. Conwy: A historical walled town, known for Conwy Castle and close to various hiking routes.
  5. Porthmadog: A coastal town, gateway to the Snowdonia National Park and the Ffestiniog Railway.
  6. Dolgellau: Known for being surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery and hosting the Sesiwn Fawr music festival.
  7. Barmouth: Beautiful coastal town with a splendid beach and a car hire service for tourists.

Road Connections from Snowdonia

Discover the beauty of Wales with these traffic routes

  1. Snowdonia - Cardiff: Covering around 235 kilometers mostly via the A470 and A494 roads, enjoy a 3-hour scenic journey filled with mountainous terrain.
  2. Snowdonia - Swansea: Pass through the A483 for a 238-kilometre drive.The route mainly features undulating landscapes and takes approximately 3 hours.
  3. Snowdonia - Anglesey: A shorter drive that takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes via the A5, covering 78 kilometers.
  4. Snowdonia - Aberystwyth: Moving southwest to the coastal town, the 115-kilometre drive will take you around 2 hours via the A487.
  5. Snowdonia – Harlech Castle: This route will take around 30 minutes via the A496, covering approximately 27 kilometers.
  6. Snowdonia - Caernarfon: Head northwest via the A487 and A4085 for 32 kilometers. Estimated journey time is around 40 minutes.
  7. Snowdonia - Colwyn Bay: An easy journey of 39 kilometers to the north via A5 and A55, taking up to 40 minutes.

Driving in Snowdonia

Common Questions and Answers

1. Can you remind me what side of the road I need to drive on in Snowdonia?

In Snowdonia, as in all parts of UK, you are required to drive on the left side of the road.

2. Is there a speed limit while driving through Snowdonia?

Speed limits in Snowdonia vary depending on the type of road. Typically, it's 30mph in built-up areas, 60mph on single carriageway roads and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways, unless otherwise indicated.

3. Which driving license is acceptable for driving in Snowdonia?

If you have a full British or an international driving license, you can drive in Snowdonia and throughout the UK.

4. Are there radares present in Snowdonia?

Yes, there are several speed cameras around Snowdonia to enforce speed limits and increase road safety.

5. Are there tolls roads in Snowdonia?

There are no toll roads in Snowdonia. All public roads are free to use.

6. What are the common driving rules and regulations in Snowdonia?

Some common driving rules include driving on the left, adhering to speed limits, obeying traffic signs and not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

7. Where can I find petrol stations in Snowdonia?

Petrol stations are fairly well distributed around Snowdonia. It's advisable to fill up your tank before you set off, as rural areas may have fewer stations.

8. What is the general road condition in Snowdonia?

The roads in Snowdonia are generally in good condition, but can become narrow and winding in many areas, so take extra care when driving.

9. Is it mandatory to have my driving license while driving in Snowdonia?

Yes, it is a legal requirement to have your driving license with you at all times while driving.

10. How to deal with animals on the roads in Snowdonia?

When driving in rural areas of Snowdonia, be prepared for farm animals on the road. You should stop and wait until they have been safely guided off the road.

11. Do we have to follow zebra crossing rules in Snowdonia?

Yes, in the UK, vehicles must give way to pedestrians waiting to cross at zebra crossings.

12. What should I do if I get caught in a severe weather condition while driving in Snowdonia?

If caught in severe weather, it's generally best to find a safe place to park and wait until conditions improve.

13. Where can I park my car in Snowdonia?

There are numerous car parks, both free and paid, throughout Snowdonia. Make sure to adhere to parking regulations.

14. Can I use hands-free devices while driving in Snowdonia?

Yes, you can use hands-free devices, but any actions that jeopardise your control of the car could warrant legal action.

15. How do I handle roundabouts in Snowdonia?

At roundabouts, give way to traffic approaching from your right. Keep in mind that traffic already on the roundabout has priority.

Snowdonia's Top Sights

Must-see sights for car hire users

  1. Snowdon Mountain Railway: Experience the thrill of a vintage steam train journey up Wales's highest mountain.
  2. Portmeirion Village: Visit this unique, Italianate village, designed by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis.
  3. Conwy Castle: Explore this medieval fortification located on the north coast of Wales.
  4. Harlech Castle: Discover this impressive 13th-century fortification overlooking the beautiful Cardigan Bay.
  5. Penrhyn Castle: Enjoy this extravagant 19th-century neo-Norman castle, now managed by the National Trust.
  6. Swallow Falls: Witness the power of nature at this stunning waterfall, one of the longest in Wales.
  7. Betws-y-Coed: Breathe the pure mountain air in this charming village, known as the gateway to Snowdonia.
  8. Llechwedd Slate Caverns: Delve into Wales's industrial past at this fascinating underground attraction.

Snowdonia Roadtrips

Discover magnificence with our top routes

  1. Mount Snowdon Circuit: A 36.5 km round trip of mountaineering adventure. Witness the awe-inspiring landscapes of the highest mountain in Wales.
  2. Conwy Valley Explorer: A 55 km drive revealing the secrets of Conwy Valley. Pass through Betws-y-Coed, and finish at the Conwy Castle.
  3. The Llŷn Coastal Drive: Enjoy a 75.6 km coastline drive, starting at Criccieth and culminating at Aberdaron.
  4. The Slate Route: A 58 km journey into the past. Starting at Blaenau Ffestiniog, you’ll pass through the historic slate mining landscapes of northern Snowdonia.
  5. The Abergwyngregyn Drive: Explore the lush landscapes of Abergwyngregyn on this 42.2 km drive showcasing Wales' glorious countryside.
  6. Snowdonia's Scenic Loop: A 101.6 km loop passing by the most scenic spots. Starting at Bangor, see Llanberis, Beddgelert, and Capel Curig.
  7. The Aberystwyth and Elan Valley Drive: A 87.9 km drive from Aberystwyth, through Elan Valley, and back. Be prepared for breathtaking views.