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Experience exemplary customer service with our car hire service in East Lothian. Explore Scotland's Golf Coast or travel through historical sites like Tantallon Castle with utmost convenience. Addressing all your concerns, needs with our dedicated, conscientious staff is our ultimate aim. Enjoy the unique landscapes of East Lothian with a car hire company that truly cares.

Car Hire in East Lothian

Experience Scotland's Charm by Visiting Her Countryside, Historical Castles and Picturesque Villages in a Car

Modern hire car in scenic East Lothian landscape

Charmingly located to the east of Edinburgh, East Lothian is a delightful blend of idyllic countryside, dramatic coastline and picturesque villages. With over 40 miles of magnificent coastline, gently rolling hills and a wealth of historical attractions packed in a compact area, East Lothian is a must-visit for anyone passionate about nature, history or just good old road-tripping.

Cruising through East Lothian by car is a pure joy. Start your journey by marvelling at the dramatic landscape of the Scottish Seabird Centre or pay a visit to the National Museum of Flight, where a Concorde and a Spitfire are among the many exhibits on display. Take your car for a spin and you can find yourself at the iconic Tantallon Castle and the mysterious Dirleton Castle, both are just a short drive from North Berwick.

If you prefer to immerse in nature, East Lothian's countryside is perfect. In less than thirty minutes drive from the coastline, you'll find yourself surrounded by tranquillity and beauty in the John Muir Way or the cheerful horticulture display of the Inveresk Lodge Garden. Moreover, the county is also a Golf Coast with 22 courses including the world-renowned Muirfield, offering a challenging and unique golfing experience.

East Lothian Car Hire Information

Important Questions Answered

1. What is the cost to hire a car in East Lothian?

The cost to hire a car in East Lothian can vary depending on the specific model, duration of hire, and the time of year. On average, the cost ranges from £30-£70 per day. Always remember to check for any additional costs and fees.

2. What is the most sought-after car model for hire in East Lothian?

East Lothian, with its numerous golf courses and outdoor activities, often sees a demand for SUV and estate cars. These cars tend to be popular due to the ample storage capacity, which can accommodate golf clubs and other sporting equipment.

3. What are the popular car hire locations in East Lothian?

Key hubs in East Lothian for car hiring include North Berwick, Haddington, and Dunbar. These towns offer various pick-up and drop-off points, including hotels and train stations.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

While most car hire companies offer this service, it is advisable to confirm beforehand. Some companies might charge an additional fee for a late-night or early-morning service.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period generally ranges from one day to one week, depending on the car hire company. Shorter rental periods may be available upon request.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in East Lothian?

Typically, the minimum age to hire a car is 21 years. However, this can vary between companies and there may be additional costs for drivers under 25 years.

7. What documents are needed for car hire or driving in East Lothian?

Generally, you will need your driving license, passport, proof of address, and a valid credit card under the driver's name to hire a car. Always be prepared to present these at the time of hire.

8. When is the best time to visit East Lothian by car?

The summer months (June to August) are often the best time to visit East Lothian by car. This period is usually when the region experiences the warmest weather and the longest daylight hours.

9. What are the main airports in East Lothian?

The closest airport to East Lothian is Edinburgh Airport. It's not located within East Lothian but it is easily accessible to the region by car or public transport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city and drop off in another within East Lothian?

Yes, most car hire companies offer a one-way hire service. However, this can attract additional fees and should be confirmed with the company at the time of booking.

Customer Reviews


East Lothian – 20-02-2024. Seriously impressed with this car hire service in East Lothian. I was grumbling about the cost of hiring a car for our trip to Tantallon Castle, but honestly, it turned out to be worth every penny. Comfortable, clean, and fitted with all necessary mod-cons, our ride was top-notch. I also really appreciated the staff who were very knowledgeable and kind.


East Lothian – 12-12-2023. I've just got back from a golfing trip and hired a car from this company. The price was reasonable, and the service was exceptional. The car itself was in perfect condition. All in all, a solid choice if you're in East Lothian and need wheels.


East Lothian – 04-09-2023. Incredible car hire service! Hired a car for a week-long tour of East Lothian's stunning coastlines. The car was practically brand new, and the prices were pretty fair. Staff were helpful and professional. Will definitely hire again when back in town.


East Lothian – 18-07-2023. Spot on! The car was excellent, and the staff were helpful. I appreciated the competitive pricing and the fact they allowed me to drop off the vehicle after hours. The whole hiring process was easy and stress-free.


East Lothian – 05-05-2023. First-class experience with this car hire company in East Lothian! The vehicle was in pristine condition and economical on fuel. The price was right, and the staff were exceedingly cordial. I got to enjoy my heritage tour of Dunbar in a comfortable vehicle. I highly recommend them.


East Lothian – 02-01-2024. The service from this car hire company was excellent. Picked up a car for my trip to the national museum of flight and it was a smooth drive. The pricing was fair and the process was straightforward. The staff even recommended some sites to visit, showcasing the local charm of East Lothian. Would definitely recommend.

East Lothian's Jewels

The Heart of Scotland

  1. Musselburgh: Known as 'The Honest Toun', Musselburgh offers coastlines, golf courses, and rich Scottish history.
  2. Haddington: East Lothian's county town, Haddington is home to St Mary's Collegiate Church, Scotland's largest parish church.
  3. North Berwick: With its beautiful beaches and world famous Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick is a must-visit.
  4. Prestonpans: Famous for its 'Battle of Prestonpans', it hosts an annual arts festival and community play.
  5. Dunbar: Birthplace of John Muir, the 'Father of National Parks', and gateway to the East Lothian's breath-taking coastline.
  6. Tranent: One of the oldest towns in East Lothian, Tranent is steeped in history and has a vibrant community spirit.
  7. Longniddry: Known for its hire car service for the trips around the county, the village is the perfect mix of rural and coastal life.

Road Connections

Key Tourist Connections in East Lothian

  1. Haddington - Edinburgh: A short 27km journey, taking approximately 35 minutes via the A1 and A720. The route involves motorway driving and can be busy during peak travel times.
  2. North Berwick - Edinburgh: This 40km journey, taking about 45 minutes via the A198 and A1. The route features coastal and city driving.
  3. Musselburgh - Livingstone: A 44km journey which takes approximately 45 minutes via the A1 and A720 roads. Consideration for travel during peak times is advisable due to possible traffic.
  4. Dunbar - Berwick-Upon-Tweed: At 51km, this trip takes about 40 minutes via the A1. It is a mostly straight motorway drive with unique coastal views.
  5. Musselburgh - Portobello: A short 9km journey via the A199 taking about 15 minutes. Known for congestion during peak hours, it offers scenic city driving.
  6. Dunbar - North Berwick: A 24km journey which takes about 25 minutes, via the A198. This route offers unique scenic costal driving, which is worth the trip.
  7. Tranent - Haddington: A 14km journey taking 20 minutes via the A199 and A6093 roads. A mostly clear, relaxed drive with picturesque countryside views.

Driving in East Lothian

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in East Lothian?

In East Lothian, like the rest of the UK, you should drive on the left side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in East Lothian?

The general speed limit is 30 mph in built-up areas, 60 mph on single carriageway roads and 70 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.

3. Do I need a specific driving licence to drive in East Lothian?

No, you can use a licence from any EU country to drive in East Lothian. If you have a licence from outside the EU, you might need an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there any toll roads in East Lothian?

No, there are no toll roads in East Lothian.

5. What are the rules concerning radar detectors in East Lothian?

Using or possessing a radar detector, which can detect speed cameras, is illegal in the UK.

6. Is roadside assistance readily available in East Lothian?

Yes, there are several reputable companies offering roadside assistance throughout East Lothian.

7. Are there plenty of petrol stations in East Lothian?

Yes, there are numerous petrol stations across East Lothian, especially along the main roads and in the town centres.

8. Where can I learn about East Lothian's driving rules and regulations?

The Highway Code is the official guide for driving rules and regulations in the UK, including East Lothian.

9. How well-maintained are the roads in East Lothian?

Roads in East Lothian are generally well-maintained, especially major roads and motorways.

10. Is it easy to find parking in East Lothian?

There are ample car parks in East Lothian, particularly in the town centres. Street parking is also generally available.

11. Are there any specific driving laws I should be aware of in East Lothian?

The driving laws in East Lothian are consistent with the rest of the UK. It's important to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code before you start driving.

12. Is it safe to drive in East Lothian at night?

Yes, it's generally safe to drive in East Lothian at night, but as with any location, it's important to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

13. Should I expect much traffic in East Lothian?

As with any location, traffic can get busier during peak times such as morning and evening commuting hours, but it's generally manageable.

14. Can I drive in East Lothian with my foreign driving licence?

If your driving licence was issued in an EU or EEA country, you can drive in East Lothian. If your licence was issued outside of these areas, you may need an International Driving Permit.

15. Are speed cameras common in East Lothian?

As with the rest of the UK, speed cameras are used in East Lothian to enforce speed limits and improve road safety.

East Lothian Highlights

Top 8 Must-See Attractions

  1. Tantallon Castle: A semi-ruined mid-14th century fortress, offering breathtaking views of the North Sea.
  2. National Museum of Flight: Scotland's national aviation museum, displaying an impressive collection of aircraft.
  3. Glenkinchie Distillery: Wonderful introduction to Scotland's whisky-making traditions within the lush agricultural East Lothian.
  4. Dirleton Castle: Ruins of a medieval fortress with enchanting gardens and a picturesque village.
  5. Gullane Beach: Golden sandy beach with clear waters, perfect for a family day out.
  6. The Law: A volcanic hill with 360-degree panorama views, ideal for hiking enthusiasts.
  7. Preston Mill: An 18th century water mill, preserved by National Trust Scotland, which inspired a scene in 'Outlander'.
  8. Belhaven Bay: A vast sandy beach, offering excellent conditions for surfers and coastal walks.

East Lothian Roadtrips

Exploring the beauty of Scotland's East Lothian

  1. Edinburgh to North Berwick: A 37-kilometre drive taking you through iconic sites like the Royal Yacht Britannia and Tantallon Castle.
  2. Gullane to Dunbar: An 18-kilometre journey along the coast, featuring beautiful views of Firth of Forth and the historic ruins of Dirleton Castle.
  3. Tranent to Haddington: This 16-kilometre route across the peaceful countryside is dotted with attractions like Glenkinchie Distillery and St Mary's Collegiate Church.
  4. Prestonpans Art Walk: With a length of just 5 kilometres, it's ideal for those who wish to leisurely explore the Pans' artwork in their car.
  5. Musselburgh to Drem: A 15-kilometres trip that includes the famous Musselburgh Racecourse, with the route ending in the tranquil village of Drem.
  6. Longniddry to Belhaven Bay: This 20-kilometre coastal drive captivates with panoramic sea views and the stunning Belhaven Bay beach at the end.
  7. Ormiston to Pencaitland: A 7-kilometre rural route, where you can see the Scottish Mining Museum and Winton Castle en route to Pencaitland.