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Our car hire company in Grafton offers impeccable customer service that is unwaveringly focused on ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to helping our customers experience the breathtaking beauty of the Clarence River and the historic charm of the Jacaranda city in comfort and style. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are always available to provide guidance and support, in-line with our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

Car Hire in Grafton

Exploring Grafton and Beyond: A Scenic Road Trip Through the Northern Rivers Region of Australia

City car amidst Grafton's jacarandas, colonial homes, bridge

Welcome to Grafton, a picturesque city located in the Northern River region of New South Wales, Australia. Known for its abundant jacaranda trees, tranquil riverside setting, and vibrant arts and culture scene, Grafton is a unique destination that exceeds visitors' expectations. From the annual Jacaranda Festival which celebrates the town’s purple-lined streets, to an array of galleries, shows, and performances, there's a healthy dose of Australian culture awaiting you here.

While you're in town, don't forget to explore Grafton's impressive architecture. With over 130 years of rich history, the city is home to a range of significant heritage structures. From the stately Grafton Courthouse to the ornate Christ Church Cathedral, taking a self-guided heritage walking tour is highly recommended. If you're a nature enthusiast, a trip to the Yuraygir National Park is a must, offering a diverse range of flora and fauna in its 65 km stretch of pristine coastline, just a short drive from Grafton.

Setting off from Grafton, the surrounding region offers a wealth of attractions for road trippers. Consider a scenic drive along the Pacific Highway, taking you to the coastal cities of Coffs Harbour and Ballina. These cities promise splendid beaches, delectable seafood, and a laidback lifestyle. Bear in mind, prepare your car for the ride. The journey from Grafton to Coffs Harbour is approximately 90 kilometres, and to Ballina, it's about 150 kilometres. End your journey in the vibrant city of Byron Bay, a 200-kilometre trip from Grafton, known for its surfing paradise, lush rainforest, and the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse.

Car Hire in Grafton

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Grafton?

The cost involved in hiring a car in Grafton depends on the type of vehicle and season. Generally, the rates start from A$40 per day for basic models and go up according to the model.

2. Which car model is most demanded for hire in Grafton?

Due to the city's art culture and numerous festivals, compact car models that provide easy maneuverability within the city are most demanded in Grafton.

3. Where are the popular places to hire a car in Grafton?

Most popular places to hire a car in Grafton are the city centre, Grafton Airport, and major hotels.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop off service?

Yes, most car hire services in Grafton provide a 24-hour pickup and drop off service.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, there is usually a minimum hire period which generally starts from 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Grafton?

The minimum age to hire a car in Grafton is usually 21, although this may vary depending on the car hire company's policies.

7. What documents are needed to hire or drive a car in Grafton?

To hire a car, you will need a valid driver's license, passport, and credit card in your name. Non-Australian drivers may also need an International Driving Permit (IDP).

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Grafton by car?

The best time to visit Grafton by car is from September to November when the weather is mild and you can enjoy the Jacaranda Festival and other local attractions.

9. What are the main airports in Grafton?

The main airport in Grafton is the Grafton Airport. Other nearby airports include the Coffs Harbour Airport and Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

10. Can the car be picked up in Grafton and dropped off in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies in Grafton offer one-way rentals where the car can be picked up in Grafton and dropped off in another city. However, this may incur an additional fee.

Recent Car Hire Feedback


Grafton – 16-02-2024. I am extremely grateful for the impeccable service provided by this car hire company. I booked a car for my business conference in Grafton and was pleasantly surprised by the swift response and professionalism of the team. I did find the price slightly higher than other places, but the excellent condition of the car and accomodating staff made it worthwhile.


Grafton – 23-12-2023. My experience with this company was quite positive. My family and I had a wedding in Grafton and needed a big car for the event. This hire firm offered a comprehensive range of vehicles, giving us a lot of options. The rental fee was reasonable, and we received exceptional service, enhancing our trip.


Grafton – 07-10-2023. I just returned from my trip to Grafton where I used this car hire service. Although their rate was a bit high, the exemplary condition of the car and the courteousness of the staff made the expense worth it. I will certainly hire from them again for my future trips.


Grafton – 06-08-2023. I was recommended this company by a friend who had a good experience, and I must say, I wasn't disappointed. The service exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and broad selection of cars made the process simple and hassle-free. Although the prices were a bit steep, I believe you get what you pay for in terms of quality and service.


Grafton – 03-04-2023. I hired a car from this company for a holiday to Grafton and had a truly wonderful experience. The staff was extremely customer-focused and went out of their way to meet my needs. The price was slightly above average but the fantastic car and the details about Grafton provided by the staff justified the price.


Grafton – 03-01-2024. This recently past visit to Grafton, I hired a car from this company and must say it was a splendid choice. The service provided was top-notch, with a very polite and understanding team. The prices were a bit on the higher tier, but the overall experience was so great that it felt justified. Thanks for the smooth car hire process.

Grafton Road Connections

Essential information for tourists hiring a car from Grafton

  1. Grafton to Coffs Harbour: A breezy 82 km and about an hour drive via Pacific Highway/A1 makes this a popular commute. The roads are well-maintained with several services available.
  2. Grafton to Ballina: A distance of 128 km and around 1 hour 30 minutes drive takes you via Pacific Highway/A1 and Bruxner Highway/A158.
  3. Grafton to Byron Bay: At a distance of 160 km and taking approximately 2 hours to drive via Pacific Hwy/A1, it offers serene coastal views.
  4. Grafton to Gold Coast: A 230 km drive taking around 2 hours 40 minutes travelling mainly via Pacific Highway/M1. The roads have regular service spots.
  5. Grafton to Brisbane: A longer journey at 300 km, taking around 3 hours 30 minutes via Pacific Highway/M1. Ideal for longer trips, the road is often busier.
  6. Grafton to Tamworth: This 340 km drive takes around 4 hours via New England Highway/A15. It offers a scenic journey across the countryside.
  7. Grafton to Sydney: The longest connection at 625 km taking about 7 hours 30 minutes via Pacific Highway/A1. The roads are marked with great pit-stop options.

Grafton's Must-See Spots

Magnificent Tourist Attractions Accessible by Car

  1. Jacaranda Festival: Witness the world-renowned festival in Grafton showcasing the town’s beautiful violet-hued Jacaranda trees.
  2. Christ Church Cathedral: Immerse yourself in history at this iconic venue, a neo-Gothic cathedral with breathtaking sights.
  3. Clarence River: Take advantage of serene river cruises, fishing or picnics by this remarkable natural attraction.
  4. Grafton Regional Gallery: Admire the rich arts and culture at this prominent gallery featuring talented local and national artists.
  5. Grafton Gaol: Delve into Grafton's history at this historic correctional centre, open for guided tours.
  6. Schaeffer House: Visit this enchanting residence turned museum, home to the Clarence River Historical Society.
  7. See Park: Enjoy a leisurely stroll in Grafton's favourite park with beautiful views, play areas and picnic spots.
  8. Washpool National Park: Journey through this World Heritage-listed rainforest reserve with stunning waterfalls and walking tracks.

Breathtaking Roadtrips from Grafton

An exploration of Australia's best road trips

  1. Pacific Highway: Explore the coast from Grafton to Sydney, a 595km drive. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and towns along the way.
  2. Summerland Way: A scenic route through the hinterland from Grafton to Kyogle, a journey of 175km. Discover the charming countryside and heritage-listed sites.
  3. New England Highway: Head to the New England region, a 335km drive from Grafton. It's a hilly, forested region with vineyards and national parks.
  4. Bruxner Highway: Travel from Grafton to Tenterfield, a 230km drive. The route offers a mix of lush valleys, picturesque farmland and historic towns.
  5. Waterfall Way: Start this 191km journey from Grafton, passing through the stunning Dorrigo National Park and finishing in Armidale.
  6. Gwydir Highway: Traverse through the World Heritage-listed Washpool and Gibraltar Range national parks on this 150km drive from Grafton to Glen Innes.
  7. Oxley Highway: A wilderness drive of 680km from Grafton leading to the coast at Port Macquarie. It crosses some of the most rugged and remote landscapes in the country.


Grafton Driving FAQ

Rules and Guidelines for Driving in Grafton

1. On which side of the road do we drive in Grafton?

In Grafton, like the rest of Australia, we drive on the left-hand side of the road.

2. What is the standard speed limit in Grafton?

The standard speed limit in Grafton and most of urban Australia is 50km/h. It may differ on highways and rural areas.

3. How can I find out about current traffic conditions?

Local radio stations, online traffic sites, and various mobile apps provide traffic updates in real-time.

4. What documentation do I need to drive a car in Grafton?

You need a valid driving licence. International visitors may also need an International Driving Permit, depending on their country of origin.

5. Are there any specific driving rules in Grafton I should be aware of?

Standard Australian driving rules apply in Grafton. It's crucial to obey traffic signs, speed limits and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Are there speed cameras in Grafton?

Yes, speed cameras are prevalent, and penalties apply for speeding, so it's essential to obey speed limits.

7. Does Grafton have any toll roads?

No, Grafton doesn't have any toll roads. However, if you travel to the nearby cities like Sydney or Brisbane, you may encounter some.

8. How can I avoid road rage incidents?

Stay calm and patient, avoid responding to aggressive behaviour and report dangerous drivers to local authorities.

9. What are the car child safety regulations in Grafton?

Australian law requires all children under 7 to be safely fastened in the correct child car seat for their age and size.

10. Where can I familiarise myself with Australia's driving and road laws?

Visit the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications' website for comprehensive information.

11. Is it safe to drive at night in Grafton?

Yes, it is generally safe to drive at night, but carry out common sense precautions like locking your car and parking in well-lit areas.

12. What should I do in the event of a car breakdown?

Try to move your car to a safe location off the road and call for roadside assistance. Ensure you have a reflective triangle to alert other drivers.

13. Are there many road accidents in Grafton?

Like anywhere, accidents can happen. However, by following the rules and driving safely, risks can be significantly reduced.

14. How is parking in Grafton?

There is ample parking in Grafton. However, in some areas, especially in the city centre, parking restrictions may apply.

15. What are the penalties for driving offences in Grafton?

Penalties can range from on-the-spot fines for minor infringements to court penalties for serious offences. It's important to always adhere to the driving laws to avoid these.