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Our car hire service in Emerald, Australia, stresses utmost importance to customer satisfaction. We are committed to responding promptly to your concerns and queries. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through our vast selection of top-quality cars and assist you in choosing the perfect vehicle for your excursion to the mesmerising Emerald Botanic Gardens. We strive to make your car hire experience in this unique region seamless and memorable.

Car Hire in Emerald

Unearth the Wonders of Emerald, Queensland and Its Surrounding Attractions

City car in sunny Emerald landscape with locals' flora and fauna

Nestled in the heart of Queensland, Australia, Emerald stands as a dazzling gem in an area known for its incredible natural beauty. As a portal to both the outback and the coast, it offers a unique mixture of experiences for those keen to explore the Australian landscape by car. What’s more, its pivotal location makes it an ideal starting point for any road trip.

Emerald's undeniable allure lies in its collection of mind-blowing attractions. One of the most renowned is the Emerald Botanic Gardens, a haven for plant lovers with over 12 hectares of elegantly-manicured gardens. For another unforgettable experience, drive about an hour west of Emerald to the astounding Carnarvon Gorge. The gorge boasts towering sandstone cliffs, diverse wildlife, and ancient Aboriginal artworks, setting it as a place of unparalleled enchantment.

If constant proximity to the ocean is more your pace, consider a two-hour drive east to the coastal town of Yeppoon, where you'll be greeted by sandy beaches and the promise of invigorating ocean waves. If you’re driven by curiosity to venture further, embark on a six-hour drive northeast towards the captivating Whitsunday Region, where you’ll witness a world-class collection of 74 tropical islands that fringe the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re staying close or adventuring afar, Emerald provides an exquisite gateway to some of Australia's most awe-inspiring landscapes by car.

Car Hire in Emerald

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Emerald?

Hiring a car in Emerald varies, depending on the model and duration of hire. On average, you can expect to pay around AU$30-AU$50 per day. However, it's advisable to check the prices online for a precise quote.

2. Which car model is most in demand for hire in Emerald?

The most demanded car for hire in Emerald is usually a compact car, such as a Hyundai i30. Due to the city's climate and topography, those cars are suitable for both urban and regional trips.

3. Where are the most popular locations to hire a car in Emerald?

The most popular hire locations in Emerald are usually at the airport and in the downtown. People also commonly hire cars at major hotels.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, most car hire companies in Emerald offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it's advisable to confirm this with the specific company beforehand.

5. What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum car hire period generally is 24 hours. However, some companies may offer hourly rates.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Emerald?

Typically, the minimum age to hire a car in Emerald is 21 years old. However, drivers under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Emerald?

To hire a car in Emerald, you will need a valid driver’s licence, proof of identification, and a major credit card.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Emerald by car?

The best time to visit Emerald by car is from April to October, when the weather is mild and the roads are in good driving condition.

9. What are the major airports in Emerald?

The major airport in Emerald is Emerald Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Emerald and drop it off in another city?

Yes. Most car hire companies provide this service; however, a one-way fee may be applicable.

Customer Testimonials


Emerald – 01-02-2025. My first car hire experience in the beautiful city of Emerald was absolutely seamless with this company. They provided me with clear instructions on both pick-up and return processes. I found their service highly professional and their staff was incredibly congenial. Given the pricing, it was outstanding value for the money.


Emerald – 18-11-2024. I'm no stranger to car hires, but I must say I'm impressed by the level of service provided by this company. After a long flight, their swift service was just what I needed. Although Emerald is a relatively small city, they had a broad range of vehicles. Their vehicle was in perfect condition and made my exploration of Emerald a complete delight. Highly recommended!


Emerald – 23-07-2024. As an auto-enthusiast, I must commend this car hire company on their excellent variety of vehicles and knowledgeable staff. Hired a car for a week-long trip around the Emerald region, and the vehicle performed faultlessly. Also, I found their prices reasonably balanced. Good job!


Emerald – 17-05-2024. Being a frequent visitor to Emerald for business, I have tried various car hire services. This service, however, stands out with their prompt, professional and friendly approach. Their being a local enterprise is ostensibly evident in their exceptional customer service prowess.


Emerald – 06-03-2024. I appreciate the genuine care this company offers to their customers. The process of hiring a car was simple. The price was economical compared with other services. I would recommend them to anyone travelling to Emerald.


Emerald – 03-01-2024. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the stunning city of Emerald, and it was made even more enjoyable by the superior service provided by this car hire company. They supplied an excellent car at a very fair price. I will certainly engage their services for my future visits.

Emerald Road Connections

Informative Guide for Car Hire Tourists

  1. Emerald - Rubyvale: A 47 km route taking approximately 40 minutes via Gregory Highway,known for its clear and well-maintained roads.
  2. Emerald - Sapphire: An easy 44 km drive taking about 35 minutes on the A4 and State Route 56, with great road conditions and scenic views.
  3. Emerald - Blackwater: A 75 km journey taking about an hour via Capricorn Highway, known for smooth and well-signposted roads.
  4. Emerald - Clermont: A 105 km trip lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes on the Gregory Highway, noted for its safety and good driving conditions.
  5. Emerald - Rockhampton: A 271 km route taking around 3 hours via the Capricorn Highway, offering rest stops and services along the way.
  6. Emerald - Springsure: A short 66 km drive taking about 45 minutes via the Gregory Highway and State Route 56, celebrated for its enjoyable driving experience.
  7. Emerald - Gladstone: A longer 274 km trip, taking around 3 hours and 20 minutes via the Dawson Highway, known for its wide and well-kept roads.

Driving in Emerald

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the speed limits in Emerald and its country?

Residential areas usually have a speed limit of 50 km/h, main roads are typically 60-80 km/h, and highways can be 100-110 km/h. Always check for posted signs.

2. How strict is the police regarding the speed limit?

The police strictly enforce speed limits and traffic rules, and there are many speed cameras as well as mobile radar units in operation.

3. What type of driver's license do I need to drive a car in Emerald?

A current and full driver's license is required. If your license is not in English, an International Driving Permit along with the original driver's license is necessary.

4. Where are driving instructions provided?

Instructions are provided on road signs and street markings. They are generally easy to understand, but if you are unsure, it's best to drive cautiously.

5. What side of the road do we drive on in Emerald?

You should drive on the left side of the road in Emerald and the rest of the country.

6. How prevalent are toll roads in Emerald and its country?

There are toll roads in certain parts of the country, but none in Emerald. You can pay tolls electronically or in cash at toll booths.

7. Is there a specific rule on traffic lights that can be different here?

The traffic lights follow the standard sequence: red means stop, yellow means prepare to stop, and green means go. Turning left on a red signal from a specified lane is allowed after stopping and making sure the way is clear.

8. What are the guidelines for merging lanes?

On roads where lanes merge, it is common to use the 'zipper' method: each car in the merging lane should merge alternately with the cars in the lane they are merging into.

9. What rules should I know about pedestrian crossings?

Vehicles must give way to pedestrians at all pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

10. Are there any special safety rules while driving?

Seat belts must be worn by the driver and all passengers. Children below 7 years must be in an approved child restraint. Mobile phone use while driving is not allowed without a hands-free device.

11. How should I handle roundabouts?

At roundabouts, give way to cars already in the roundabout and those coming from your right. Always use your indicators when exiting the roundabout.

12. Is it necessary to have insurance while driving a car in Emerald?

Yes, it is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance while driving in Emerald and anywhere in the country.

13. What are the rules for parking in the city?

Parking rules vary depending on the location, check for posted signs. Do not park across driveways, on median strips, or in areas where parking is prohibited.

14. What are the peak hours for traffic in Emerald?

Peak hours are usually between 7 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 7 pm on weekdays.

15. Is road assistance readily available?

Roadside assistance is available 24/7. It might be included in your car hire package, but it's advisable to confirm this when you hire your car.

Explore Emerald

Top 8 Scenic Attractions

  1. Emerald Botanic Gardens: A beautiful 42-hectare oasis, boasting over 1000 plant species endemic to central Queensland.
  2. Fairbairn Dam: Large water storage reservoir offering recreational activities like fishing and boating.
  3. Minerva Hills National Park: Spectacular rugged peaks and sheltered gorges, a great spot for birdwatching and hiking.
  4. Blackdown Tableland National Park: Known for its diverse range of flora and fauna, deep gorges, waterfalls and striking rocky structures.
  5. Lake Maraboon (Fairbairn Dam): Second largest lake in Queensland, famous for red-claw fishing.
  6. Capricorn Caves: A remarkable natural limestone cave system, where you can go caving or even watch a concert.
  7. Sapphire Gemfields: Largest sapphire-producing fields in the Southern Hemisphere, where you can fossick for your own gem.
  8. Sunflower Painting: A large art installation perfectly capturing Emerald's status as the 'Sunflower Capital of Australia'.

Emerald Roadtrips

Discover Australia's Scenic Routes

  1. Capricorn Highway: This 570km stretch from Emerald to Rockhampton is renowned for its beautiful national parks and rich agricultural lands, perfect for a leisure drive through Queensland.
  2. Carnarvon Gorge Route: Just 3-hours drive from Emerald, this route reveals towering sandstone cliffs, diverse wildlife, and aboriginal rock art. It covers a distance of about 240km.
  3. Sapphire Gemfields: Located barely an hour away from Emerald, this route leads to one of the largest sapphire fields in the world, spanning over 900 square kilometres.
  4. Central Highlands Tour: This circular 560km route takes you through the lush landscapes of Emerald, Capella, Clermont and back to Emerald, showcasing Queensland's nature at its best.
  5. Emerald to Mackay: One of the most picturesque drives in Queensland, this 500km coastal route winds through fields of sugarcane, historic towns, and stunning beaches.
  6. Emerald to Brisbane: Covering a distance of approximately 900km, this route features beautiful vistas of the Queensland countryside, charming small towns, and offer glimpses into the region's history.
  7. Mining Trail: This route takes you on a 300km journey from Emerald to Mount Morgan, tracing the region's rich mining history with numerous highlights en route.