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Our car hire service in Bankstown provides a superb customer-focused experience. Our highly professional and courteous team is on hand to assist you with your queries and needs, ensuring a smooth car hire process. Visitors can explore the well-known Old Town Centre Market, unique to Bankstown, in the comfort of our reliable cars. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and meeting our clients' needs to the most minute detail.

Car Hire in Bankstown

A Vibrant City with Rich Cultural Experiences, Scenic Drives, and Unforgettable Journeys

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Welcome to Bankstown, a vibrant city located in the South-Western part of Sydney, Australia. Bankstown offers an enriching blend of history, culture, and modernity. It prides itself on its cultural diversity, food experiences, bustling shopping precincts, and beautiful parklands. Ease of car travel allows you to effortlessly explore the city's landmarks and nearby attractions.

The Bankstown Bites Food Festival, which showcases a wide variety of street food from various cuisines, is a yearly highlight. For the history enthusiasts, the Bankstown Arts Centre and HMAS Bankstown Naval Museum provide a glimpse into the cultural richness and naval history of the region. The city is also home to Centro Bankstown, one of the largest shopping centres in Sydney, which houses numerous stores, eateries and cinemas. Alongside these central attractions, Bankstown boasts numerous parks such as the Bankstown City Gardens and parks along the Riverina - perfect for a relaxing drive and a family picnic.

Moreover, Bankstown's location allows for convenient car travel to other significant sights. It's a mere 40-minute drive to the heart of Sydney and popular spots like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Other notable tourist destinations such as the Blue Mountains National Park (a World Heritage site) are easily accessible within a two-hour car trip. So, hire a car and chart your own unique journey, cultivating unforgettable memories in and around Bankstown.

Car Hire in Bankstown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Bankstown?

The cost of car hire in Bankstown varies based on factors such as the type of vehicle, period of hire, advance booking, and additional services required. On average, you can expect to pay from AUD30 to AUD200 per day. It is advisable to compare prices from different car hire companies to get the best deal.

2. What car model is most commonly hired in Bankstown?

The most commonly hired car model in Bankstown are compact and economy cars due to their affordability, fuel efficiency, and ease of navigating the bustling city streets. Bankstown is a high-traffic area, hence smaller cars are preferred for their convenience.

3. What are the popular pick-up locations for car hire in Bankstown?

Popular car hire pick-up locations in Bankstown include Bankstown Airport, the city centre, and various locations around the suburb. It is best to choose a location that fits your travel plan for maximum convenience.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, many car hire companies in Bankstown do offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it is always recommended to confirm this beforehand as services can vary between companies.

5. Is there a minimum car hire period?

Car hire periods often vary by company. However, most companies typically require a minimum rental period of one day.

6. What is the minimum driving age in Bankstown?

The minimum driving age to hire a car in Bankstown is usually 21 years. However, for some companies or high-performance vehicles, the minimum age can be as high as 25 years.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Bankstown?

To hire a car in Bankstown, you will need a valid driver's licence, credit card, and proof of identity such as a passport or ID card. If your driver's license is not in English, an international driving permit is required.

8. What's the best time of year to visit Bankstown by car?

The best time to visit Bankstown by car is during the spring or autumn months when the weather is more favourable for sightseeing, and traffic is comparatively less congested.

9. What are the main airports in Bankstown?

Bankstown Airport is the main airport serving Bankstown. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, located just 22km away, is another gateway for travellers.

10. Can I pick up the car in Bankstown and return it in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies in Bankstown offer one-way car hire services, allowing you to pick up the car in Bankstown and return it in another city. However, it's important to note that this may attract an additional fee.

Car Hire Reviews


Bankstown – 15-10-2024. Whilst traveling in Bankstown, I approached this car hire company for my transportation needs. They provided an extremely efficient service, with a clean and comfortable car. I appreciated their competitive pricing, which was certainly a key factor in choosing them. Their crew was highly professional and helped navigate through the hire process effortlessly. Definitely an experience to remember.


Bankstown – 03-01-2024. My experience with this car hire company was nothing short of impressive. The pricing was transparent, with no hidden charges or additional fees. The car was spacious and well maintained, making my travels around Bankstown quite enjoyable. The overall impression was a company delivering high-quality services. Will absolutely hire from them again.


Bankstown – 16-06-2023. Being a frequent traveler, I have dealt with numerous car hire companies and honestly, this one stands out above the rest. They were not only professional but also considerate of my needs and preferences. Navigating Bankstown's busy streets was a breeze with their modern and reliable fleet. Their prices are also worth noting; value for money indeed.


Bankstown – 14-04-2023. My recent car hire experience with this company was quite satisfactory. Thursday night markets in Bankstown were a joy to visit with the car they provided – a neat, fuel-efficient vehicle that was light on my pocket. The administrative process was smooth, and their team readily available for any aid required. Certainly a service I will patronize in the future.


Bankstown – 20-02-2023. I hired a car from this company on my latest visit to Bankstown. The service was timely, prompt, and worth every penny. The staff were accommodating, understanding my needs in detail. Their laid-back professionalism made the hire process smooth, while their affordable pricing was an added advantage.


Bankstown – 04-01-2023. Hired a car from this company during my stay in Bankstown and cannot praise their service enough. The vehicle was in top condition, and the pickup process was quick and convenient. They offer good value for the prices charged, making transportation around the city not just easy but also economical.

Top Connections from Bankstown

Essential Roadway Routes for Travellers

  1. Bankstown - Sydney: A 21 kilometre drive, typically taking 30-40 minutes via the M5 Motorway which is well-maintained and busy during peak hours.
  2. Bankstown - Blue Mountains: Approximate 92 kilometres away. Drive time of around 1 hour and 30 minutes via M4 and Great Western Highway, known for scenic views.
  3. Bankstown - Wollongong: About 85 kilometres, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes via M1 and M5 motorways, a coastal route renowned for spectacular views.
  4. Bankstown - Canberra: A 283 kilometre journey taking around 3 hours and 30 minutes via M31, well-travelled highway with roadside services.
  5. Bankstown - Newcastle: Roughly 167 kilometres, a 2-hour drive via M1 Motorway, a route offering city, ocean and bushland views.
  6. Bankstown - Central Coast: Approximately 95 kilometres, about 1 hour and 20 minutes on the M1 Motorway, popular for its coastal and lush green views.
  7. Bankstown - Bathurst : A 182 kilometre distance taking around 2 hours and 45 minutes via Great Western Highway, a route known for charming countryside views.

Driving in Bankstown

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Bankstown?

As with the rest of Australia, you should always drive on the left side of the road in Bankstown.

2. What is the general speed limit in Bankstown?

Most residential streets in Bankstown have a speed limit of 50 km/h, whereas main roads may have a speed limit of up to 60 km/h. Always observe posted speed limits as they can change.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Bankstown?

Yes, speed cameras are widely used in Bankstown and the greater Sydney area to monitor traffic and enforce speed limits.

4. Do I need an Australian driving licence to drive a car in Bankstown?

Yes, you need at minimum a valid international driving permit or a valid driving licence from a recognised foreign country. If your licence is not in English, you should also get an English translation or an International Driving Permit.

5. Are there toll roads in Bankstown?

Yes, several roads in and around the greater Sydney region, including Bankstown, have tolls.

6. Can I pay cash for tolls in Bankstown?

Most toll roads in Australia have gone cashless, so you will need an electronic tag or pass to pay for the tolls.

7. What are some common driving rules in Bankstown?

Common driving rules include driving on the left side of the road, following speed limits, wearing seat belts at all times, and not driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

8. How can I understand Australian traffic signs?

Australian road signs follow international protocols. If you're unfamiliar with them, it'd be good to have a basic understanding before you drive.

9. Is traffic heavy in Bankstown?

As with any city, traffic can be heavier during peak hours. It is advisable to plan your travel accordingly.

10. What should I do in case of a breakdown?

If your car breaks down, try to move to the left side of the road safely, put on your hazard lights and then seek assistance as per instructions provided by your car hire company.

11. What is the process to hire a car in Bankstown?

You need a valid driving licence, a passport for identification and need to meet age requirements. It is advisable to make a booking in advance.

12. How strict are speeding laws in Bankstown?

Australia has strict enforcement of speed limits. Heavy fines, demerit points, or loss of licence can result from speeding offences.

13. Are there any specific safety rules for driving in Bankstown?

Basic safety rules include wearing seatbelts, adhering to speed limits, not using mobile phones without a hands-free kit, and observing traffic signs and signals.

14. Where can I park my car in Bankstown?

Bankstown has a variety of parking options including street parking, parking lots and garages. Observe parking signs to understand rules and restrictions.

15. Are there pedestrian-only zones in Bankstown?

Yes, there are some areas in Bankstown that are pedestrian-only. These are well marked and vehicles are not permitted.

Bankstown Highlights

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in and around Bankstown

  1. Bankstown Bites Food Festival: An annual culinary celebration showcasing a diverse range of cuisines.
  2. Bankstown Arts Centre: Offers cultural programs, exhibitions and performances for entertainment.
  3. Pau Irvine Reserve: Ideal for picnics, walking and sport activities with picturesque settings.
  4. Bankstown City Gardens: A beautifully arranged landscape in the heart of the city.
  5. Bankstown Sports Club: An entertainment hub offering a variety of food, beverage and recreational options.
  6. Bankstown Airport: Not just a transport hub but also offers aviation and historical attractions.
  7. Condell's Park: Perfect for family outings featuring an extensive playground and picnic facilities.
  8. Riverwood Wetlands: A serene area for bird-watching and environmental education.

Top Roadtrips from Bankstown

Explore Australia with a Hired Car

  1. Sydney Food and Wine trail: This 70 km round-trip journey begins in Bankstown then meanders through Newtown, Surry Hills, Paddington and Bondi, showcasing the best food and wine hotspots in Sydney.
  2. Blue Mountains and Beyond: This 120 km trip takes you to Katoomba, the heart of Blue Mountains. Must-visits include the Three Sisters and Scenic World.
  3. Grand Pacific Drive: A 140 km drive commencing from Bankstown and ending in Wollongong. Enjoy spectacular coastal views, stop by the Sea Cliff Bridge and visit the Nan Tien Temple.
  4. The Long Paddock: Encompassing 610 kms of heritage and natural beauty, this route covers locations like Echuca-Moama, Deniliquin, Hay and Wilcannia.
  5. Greatest Country Drive: This 354 km drive starts from Bankstown towards Bathurst, immersing you in beautiful country landscapes and rich culture through Mudgee and Gulgong.
  6. The Legendary Pacific Coast: Stretching over 930 km from Sydney, enjoy coastal towns, national parks, and stunning beaches as you make your way up north to Brisbane.
  7. The Lower North Coast Drive: A 158 km trip from Bankstown to Port Macquarie, this route showcases beautiful coastal towns, dolphin watching spots and the iconic Koala Hospital.