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Car Rental in Tulsa

Discover The Unmatched Charm and Attractions of Tulsa - At Its Heart and Beyond

City car on Route 66, Blue Whale, sunset, Tulsa Skyline

Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma's second-largest city, sited on the Arkansas River. Famous for its dynamic art scene, enriching musical heritage, and historic architectural designs. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, Tulsa offers something to captivate your interest. The sights and attractions of Tulsa are best explored by car.

Begin with a stroll through the Gilcrease Museum, home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of American art, artifacts, and archives, or lose yourself in the serenity of the breathtaking Tulsa Garden Center. Don't forget to drive down to the iconic Route 66, vibrant with vintage charm, various shops, and old-style diners. At under an hour's drive from Tulsa, you can discover the wonder that is the Keystone State Park, a perfect getaway for those who love trails, fishing, boating, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature.

Notably, Tulsa is at the heart of the cultural and arts district of Oklahoma. It houses Brady Arts District, a must-visit site, brimming with art galleries, studios, retail shops, restaurants, and museums, including the exceptional Woody Guthrie Center. On a leisurely drive within a three-hour radius, you could reach vibrant cities like Oklahoma City and Wichita, or the evocative Native American landmarks at the historic Fort Gibson. Whether you're exploring within the city limits or venturing further afield, handy road connections make Tulsa a convenient base for your Oklahoman getaway.

Car Rental FAQs

Tulsa Car Rental Information

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Tulsa?

The cost of renting a car in Tulsa can vary depending on the type of car and the duration of rental. On average, you can expect to pay around $30 to $60 per day for a small to mid-size car. The cost can increase significantly for luxury and specialty vehicles.

2. What is the most demanded car model for rental in Tulsa?

In Tulsa, the most popular car models for rental are usually mid-size cars like the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. This could be because of their great fuel efficiency and comfort, making them suitable for both city driving and longer road trips across Oklahoma's picturesque landscapes.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Tulsa?

Some of the most popular locations to rent a car in Tulsa include the Tulsa International Airport and the downtown area. Various international and local car rental companies have offices in these locations.

4. Is 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Most car rental companies in Tulsa offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it's always a good idea to confirm this with the rental company at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Generally, car rental companies in Tulsa have a minimum rental period of one day. However, some companies may offer hourly rentals as well.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Tulsa?

The minimum age to rent a car in Tulsa is usually 21 years. However, drivers under 25 years old may be subject to additional young driver fees.

7. What documents are required to rent or drive a car in Tulsa?

To rent a car in Tulsa, you'll typically need a valid driver's license, a credit card in the driver's name, and proof of insurance. Non-US residents may also need to provide an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Tulsa by car?

The best time to visit Tulsa by car is usually in the spring (from March to May) or the fall (from September to November). The weather is pleasant during these periods, making it comfortable for driving.

9. What are the main airports in Tulsa?

The main airport in Tulsa is the Tulsa International Airport. There's also the Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport, a smaller airport mainly used for private and charter flights.

10. Can I pick up the car in Tulsa and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies in Tulsa offer the ability to pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another. However, there may be additional fees for this service.

Car Rental Reviews


Tulsa – 23-11-2023. Highly satisfied with exceptional service. I rented a car for a week. The booking process was a breeze, and the pick-up and return were seamless. The car was in excellent condition, and the rental cost was quite reasonable. One of the best parts was exploring the beautiful city of Tulsa with all the comfort. The team was very professional, and I appreciate the smooth process.


Tulsa – 12-09-2023. I've rented the car for a family vacation. The process went smoothly, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The car was clean and in good condition. The price was a bit higher than I expected, but given the quality of the car and service, it was worth it. We had a great time touring around the countryside of Tulsa.


Tulsa – 20-07-2023. Excellent car rental experience. The reservation process was straight forward and quick. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the vehicle and its fuel efficiency. The price was fair, and the staff was accommodating and kind. This made my weekend escapade in Tulsa even more enjoyable.


Tulsa – 05-06-2023. Rented a car for a business trip to Tulsa. The vehicle was top-notch, and the rental fee was highly competitive. The staff were professional and made sure the pick-up and return process was quick and hassle-free. Overall, a fantastic service. Would recommend!


Tulsa – 02-04-2023. Had a wonderful experience with the car rental. The vehicle was clean and well-maintained. The staff were friendly and provided all the necessary information regarding the rental. Particularly enjoyed the scenic drives around Tulsa City. The rate was also reasonable for the quality of the service provided.


Tulsa – 15-02-2023. First time renting from this company. The car was in excellent condition, and the price was quite affordable. Pick-up and drop-off locations were convenient, which made my travel plans in Tulsa more efficient. Outstanding service, will definitely choose them again in the future.

Tulsa Road Connections

Relevant Information for Tourists

  1. Tulsa - Oklahoma City: A direct 170km journey west on I-44, with the driving time around 1h 40m. Roads are generally in good condition.
  2. Tulsa - Dallas: A 250 mile (402km) drive south on US-75 and US-69, with an estimated driving time of 4h. Road conditions vary with weather.
  3. Tulsa - Kansas City: A relatively straight 390km path north on I-44 and I-49, taking approx. 4h. Roads are typically in good condition.
  4. Tulsa - Little Rock: A 268 mile (431km) drive east on I-40, estimated driving time of 4h 30m. Be cautious of possible congestion.
  5. Tulsa - Springfield: Journey of 115 miles (185km) northeast on I-44 with a driving time of 2h. Roads can be icy when cold.
  6. Tulsa - Wichita: A 175 mile (282km) route north on I-35, with a driving time of 2h 30m. Check weather forecasts for any unexpected conditions.
  7. Tulsa - Shreveport: Lengthy 350 mile (563km) trip south on US-69 and I-49, taking around 5h. Roads in good order most of the year.

Driving in Tulsa

Essential Information

1. What is the speed limit in Tulsa?

The speed limit in Tulsa and most urban areas of Oklahoma is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Highways typically have a higher speed limit range, from 55-75 mph.

2. Do I need a special driving license to drive in Tulsa?

As long as you have a valid driver's license from your home country and an International Driver’s Permit, you can drive in Tulsa and throughout the United States.

3. Are speed cameras used in Tulsa?

While Tulsa does use speed cameras, they are not as prevalent as in some other cities. However, drivers should always adhere to the speed limits to ensure safety.

4. How does the toll system work in Tulsa?

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority oversees toll roads in and around Tulsa. Most tolls are paid electronically using the PIKEPASS system, but some toll booths still accept cash payment.

5. What are some general rules for driving in Tulsa?

Driving in Tulsa follows general American rules: you drive on the right side of the road, obey traffic signals and signs, and respect pedestrian crosswalks. It's also important to follow school bus laws -- not passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children.

6. How heavy is the traffic in Tulsa?

Traffic in Tulsa can get congested during peak hours, which are typically from 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM on weekdays. However, it is generally manageable.

7. Which side of the road do you drive on in Tulsa?

In Tulsa, as well as all over the United States, you drive on the right-hand side of the road.

8. Are seat belts compulsory in Tulsa?

Yes, seat belts are mandatory in Tulsa for all passengers. Fines can be imposed for not wearing them.

9. Can I turn right at a red light in Tulsa?

Yes, in Tulsa, and in the rest of Oklahoma, you are allowed to turn right at a red light after coming to a complete stop, unless otherwise indicated by a sign.

10. What should I know about parking in Tulsa?

Tulsa offers various on-street and off-street parking options, with parking meters operating from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Always check nearby signage for any parking restrictions.

11. Are there any special laws for driving in school zones in Tulsa?

In school zones, the speed limit is typically reduced, and drivers are expected to be extra cautious. Tulsa Police Department strictly enforces speed limits in these areas, especially when children are present.

12. What are 'No Passing Zones' in Tulsa?

'No Passing Zones' are areas where you’re not allowed to pass the car in front of you, typically because of limited visibility. These are indicated by a sign or yellow pennant shaped markers on the left side of the road.

13. How to understand road signs in Tulsa?

Road signs in Tulsa use symbols, shapes and colors to convey different messages. For example, stop signs are always red and octagonal, while yield signs are triangular and red or yellow.

14. Can foreign visitors drive rental cars in Tulsa?

Yes, foreign visitors can drive rental cars in Tulsa with a valid foreign license and an International Driver’s Permit. However, it's advisable to understand the local driving laws before you get behind the wheel.

15. Are dash-cams allowed in cars in Tulsa?

Yes, dash-cams can be used in cars in Tulsa. However, it's important that they don't obstruct the driver’s view.

Tulsa Top Attractions

Must-see spots reachable by car

  1. Philbrook Museum of Art: Home to an expansive art collection set in an Italian Renaissance villa.
  2. Gilcrease Museum: Offers one of the largest collections of American Western art and artifacts.
  3. Tulsa Zoo: Diverse collection of wildlife, ideal family destination.
  4. Woody Guthrie Center: Exhibit dedicated to the life and legacy of the folk singer.
  5. Oklahoma Aquarium: An aquatic adventure featuring thousands of sea creatures.
  6. Blue Dome District: Historic district filled with unique shops, restaurants, and nightlife.
  7. The Gathering Place: An innovative park offering various activities and attractions.
  8. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame: Celebrating the state's rich jazz history with performances and exhibits.

Top Roadtrips from Tulsa

Explore the U.S. with Tulsa as your starting point

  1. Tulsa to Oklahoma City: A short but sweet journey of about 170 kilometers along I-44, taking you through the heart of Oklahoma, with beautiful countryside views and numerous small towns.
  2. The Historic Route 66: One of the most famous highways in the U.S., stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica. Its 360 kilometers sector in Oklahoma starts just west of Tulsa, passing through the old boom-town of Sapulpa and the scenic Ozark foothills.
  3. Tulsa to Dallas, Texas: A 407 kilometers drive south on US-75 will land you in the heart of Texas. Experience the scenic views of the Red River Valley and the unique culture of the Lone Star State.
  4. The Ozarks Scenic Drive: This 340 kilometers route begins in Tulsa, leading you into the scenic Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, with winding roads, breathtaking views, and charming small towns.
  5. Tulsa to the Great Plains: Drive about 147 kilometers north on US-75 to reach the Great Plains State Park. Enjoy the sprawling open landscapes and the view of the Wichita Mountains.
  6. Tulsa to Kansas City: Covering a distance of about 388 kilometers, this route takes you up I-44 and US-169, taking you through the heart of the Midwest with its characteristic rolling hills and open prairies.
  7. Tulsa to Memphis: Venture east for 589 kilometers along the I-40 to reach the birthplace of rock 'n' roll and home to the Blues. Experience the rich musical history and southern charm of Memphis.