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Explore Santiago de Compostela with our top-notch car rental service. We stay committed to providing excellent customer service, catering to your specific travel needs. Discover the historic charm of the famed Santiago Cathedral with ease. Our knowledgeable staff ensure smooth, hassle-free experiences, ensuring your journey in this vibrant region is unforgettable. Our prompt support team is always ready to assist you.

Car Rental in Santiago de Compostela

Explore Spectacular Landscapes, Heritage Sites, and Gastronomic Delights

City car in old-town Santiago, cathedral and cobblestones.

Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Spain's Galicia region, is famously known as the culmination point of the iconic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

Dominated by its soaring cathedral, a stunning centerpiece of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture, it's a city shrouded in spiritual significance. Strolling the narrow, winding streets, you'll admire the well-preserved medieval core declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the lively Mercado de Abastos, a bustling daily market where you can sample the region's famed seafood and Albarino wines.

Drive a car from Santiago offers endless possibilities to explore captivating cities, breathtaking coastlines, and historical sites within a day's drive. The medieval walls of Lugo are just an hour away, or you can cruise the Rías Baixas, a series of estuaries adorning the southwestern coast and home to unspoiled beaches, delicious seafood, and wineries known for producing Galicia's signature Albariño wine. Head northward, and in about 90 minutes, you'll enter A Coruña, a vibrant city with historical treasures like the ancient Roman Lighthouse, the Tower of Hercules.

Car Rental FAQs

Answered Questions for Santiago de Compostela Car Rentals

1. What is the cost of car rental in Santiago de Compostela?

Rental car prices in Santiago de Compostela vary depending on various factors such as the car model, rental period, and booking. It is advisable to check prices from different car rental companies to find the best deals.

2. Which car model is the most popular for rental in Santiago de Compostela?

Compact cars are often the most demanded for hire in Santiago de Compostela. Given the city's narrow and crowded streets, smaller cars provide better manoeuvrability and easier parking.

3. Where are the popular locations to rent a car in Santiago de Compostela?

The most popular locations to rent a car are at Santiago de Compostela airport and the city center car rental offices.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick up and drop off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Santiago de Compostela offer 24-hour pick up and drop off service, but it's always a good idea to confirm this with the rental company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most companies have a minimum car rental period which is typically one day.

6. What is the minimum required age to rent a car in Santiago de Compostela?

Generally, the minimum age to rent a car in Santiago de Compostela is 21 years. However, this may differ among rental companies.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Santiago de Compostela?

To rent a car, you will need a valid driver's license, a credit card, and depending on the rental company, an identification document such as a passport might also be required.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Santiago de Compostela by car?

The best time to visit Santiago de Compostela by car is from May to September, when the weather is most favorable.

9. What are the main airports of Santiago de Compostela?

Santiago de Compostela's main airport is Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ).

10. Can I pick up the car in Santiago de Compostela and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most rental companies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the car in Santiago de Compostela and return it in another city. However, this may incur an additional fee.

Santiago Road Connections

Key Driving Routes from Santiago de Compostela

  1. Santiago - A Coruña: A 75km journey taking roughly an hour via the AP-9. Road conditions are generally good.
  2. Santiago - Pontevedra: Approximately 65km trip taking about 45 minutes on the AP-9 highway. The road is well maintained.
  3. Santiago - Porto (Portugal): An international 230km journey, requiring about 2 hours 30 minutes on AP-9 and A-3 roads.
  4. Santiago - Lugo: A 105km distance covered in around 1 hour 20 minutes via the A-54. Good road conditions.
  5. Santiago - Vigo: About 90km away, reachable in 1 hour 15 minutes via the AP-9. Steady road conditions.
  6. Santiago - Ourense: Approximately 110km distance, taking roughly 1 hour 30 minutes through the AP-53. Road conditions are usually good.
  7. Santiago - Fisterra: A 90km trip taking about 1 hour 30 minutes via the AC-552. Scenic route with good road conditions.

Driving in Santiago

Common Questions and Answers

1. What side of the road do you drive on in Santiago de Compostela?

Like the rest of Spain, you drive on the right-hand side of the road in Santiago de Compostela.

2. What is the speed limit in the city of Santiago de Compostela?

The typical speed limit within the city is 50 km/h, but it can be lower in certain areas or conditions.

3. What type of driver's license do I need to drive in Santiago de Compostela?

If you are from the EU, your EU driver's license is sufficient. Non-EU residents may require an International Driver's Permit, in addition to their regular driver's license.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Santiago de Compostela?

Yes, there are numerous speed cameras in the city for the safety of all road users. Pay attention to the speed limits.

5. What are common traffic rules in Santiago de Compostela?

Drivers must comply with speed limits, traffic lights and signs, pedestrians have right of way on zebra crossings, and no overtaking is allowed where signposted.

6. Are there toll roads in/around Santiago de Compostela?

Yes, some highways in Spain are toll roads, known as 'autopistas de peaje'. Be prepared to pay a fee for using these roads.

7. What are some safety rules for driving in Santiago de Compostela?

Always wear your seat belt, adhere to speed limits, check your mirrors frequently, and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Never drink and drive.

8. Do I follow the same traffic rules when I drive outside Santiago de Compostela?

Yes, Spanish traffic laws apply throughout the country.

9. What's the general state of roads around Santiago de Compostela?

Roads are generally well-maintained but smaller rural roads may be narrower and windier.

10. Can I use my home country's driving license in Santiago?

If your license is from the EU, you can use it directly. Non-EU residents should check if an International Driving Permit is needed.

11. What happens if I speed in Santiago?

You risk being caught by speed cameras and fined. Repeat offences may also lead to loss of driving privileges.

12. Can I park anywhere in Santiago?

No, look for designated parking areas. Some areas require payment; in others, parking is restricted to residents only.

13. Can I carry children in my car?

Yes, but they must be secured by a child safety seat or booster seat, according to their size and weight.

14. How are the driving conditions during winter in Santiago?

Winters can be rainy and foggy. Take extra precautions, reduce speed, and maintain a larger distance with the car in front.

15. Are there many roundabouts in Santiago de Compostela?

Yes, you'll find several roundabouts in the city. Remember that drivers in the roundabout have right of way.

Santiago's Key Attractions

Must-visit sights in and around Santiago

  1. Catedral de Santiago: Iconic cathedral, a symbol of the city and a place of historic significance.
  2. Praza do Obradoiro: The city's main square, surrounded by stunning structures, including the cathedral.
  3. Museo do Pobo Galego: A museum providing insights into Galician culture, history, and arts.
  4. Parque de la Alameda: A green oasis in the city, offering a great spot for relaxation.
  5. City of Culture of Galicia: Exquisite architecture and a center for conservative arts and libraries.
  6. Hostal dos Reis Catolicos: A fascinating historical building now serving as a luxurious hotel.
  7. Mercado de Abastos: A vibrant marketplace that reflects the city's gastronomic culture.
  8. Pazo de Raxoi: A neo-classical palace, a magnificent piece of architecture overlooking the Praza do Obradoiro.

Scenic Drives from Santiago

Explore Galicia and Beyond with These Road Trips

  1. Santiago to Finisterre: Drive 89km to see the 'End of the World', a place considered the edge of the earth during the Roman times boasting beautiful sea views.
  2. Santiago to Ribera Sacra: This 128km drive takes you to vineyards steeped in history dating back to Roman times with stunning mountain landscapes.
  3. Coastal Route: A 150km drive which features the best of the Galician coast, including Muros, Carnota beach and the waterfall of Ézaro.
  4. Camino de Santiago Route: Follow the 790km Pilgrim’s Road in reverse to experience quaint villages, landscapes, and history in a different way.
  5. Santiago to A Coruña: A short 75km drive to the lively city of A Coruña known for its famous Roman lighthouse, Tower of Hercules.
  6. Galician Wine Route: A must-do 50km drive for wine lovers through picturesque vineyards of the Rías Baixas region.
  7. Santiago to Porto: Take a 232km drive to Porto, Portugal for a mix of scenery and culture, don't forget to sample the world-renowned port wine.


Customer Opinions


Paris – 29-11-2023. I needed to arrange a last-minute business trip to Santiago, and I knew just where to look for a car. The entire process was effortless and I was behind the wheel of my rental in no time. Customer service was excellent, with the staff happily answering all my queries. The car was in immaculate condition, clean, and drove smoothly. The price was also very reasonable. Highly recommended!


Edinburgh – 12-11-2023. My wife and I rented a car for our trip to Santiago. The staff was courteous, the process was quick and the vehicle was top-notch. The price might seem a bit steep, but you get superior quality for your money. No complaints here!


Prague – 22-10-2023. The car I rented was in excellent condition and got me from A to B without any hiccups. The staff were so helpful and made the renting process simple. The pricing is affordable especially considering the overall quality. I’ll be using their service again for future travels!


Amsterdam – 18-09-2023. What an experience! The entire rental process was trouble-free and swift. The staff at the Santiago location was dedicated and helped me select the right car for my needs. Albeit the rates were a tad higher than I had expected, the outstanding service and the state of the car made it worthwhile.


Berlin – 30-08-2023. Brilliant customer service combined with great cars makes this my go-to rental company. The car was not only comfortable but also reliable and well-maintained. I enjoyed every moment of my Santiago journey in it. The fact that their pricing strategy is transparent and fair is the cherry on top.


Dublin – 20-11-2023. From the moment I stepped into their Santiago office, I received nothing but dedicated service. Loved the car I rented - it was perfect for my needs and performed flawlessly throughout my trip. The price matched the quality of their service and the excellence of their vehicles. Will definitely rent from them again.