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Car Rental in Puerto de la Cruz

Discover the vibrant life and stunning sights in and around Puerto de la Cruz

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Puerto de la Cruz, nestled in the northern coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands, is a beautiful city filled with old-world charm. It's a destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, historical context, and modern comforts. Its narrow cobbled streets, traditional plazas, and lively fishing harbour are known to enchant visitors. Also, it boasts of Lago Martinez, a stunning sea water pool complex designed by the famous Canarian artist, César Manrique, which is a must-visit.

Within this city, you'll find many engaging activities and places to explore. Take a stroll through the Orchid Garden and be amazed by the vibrant colors and fragrances it houses. When it comes to wildlife, Loro Parque, an animal adventure park, is a popular attraction. However, to get the most out of your visit, taking a car journey around would be ideal. By car, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, get to hidden spots, and experience the freedom and flexibility it allows.

From Puerto de la Cruz, there are numerous sites to see. If you drive west for about an hour, you'll come across the famous Masca Valley, known for its dramatic landscapes. Drive towards the south (about 90 minutes) and you'll reach Mount Teide National Park, home to Spain's highest peak. These scenic drives along the coastal highway offer breathtaking views that shouldn't be missed.

Car rental in Puerto de la Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Puerto de la Cruz?

Rental prices in Puerto de la Cruz can vary depending on the season, the type of car, and the rental period. The average cost ranges from 20 to 50 euros per day.

2. What car model is most in demand for rentals in Puerto de la Cruz?

In Puerto de la Cruz, compact cars are often the most requested due to the city's narrow and winding roads. However, SUVs also have a high demand for families and nature adventurers, as they offer more space and can handle the island's varied terrain.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent a car in Puerto de la Cruz?

The most popular locations to rent a car are the town center and the Tenerife North Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Puerto de la Cruz offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service. However, it is strongly recommended to confirm this with the company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is usually one day. However, some companies may have different policies.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Puerto de la Cruz?

The minimum age to rent a car is typically 21 years old, but the age may vary between rental companies.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Puerto de la Cruz?

You will need a valid driver's license, a credit card, and proof of identity, such as a passport. If you are not an EU citizen, an International Driving Permit might be required.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Puerto de la Cruz by car?

The best time to visit Puerto de La Cruz by car is from April to October, when the weather is warmest and the scenic routes are at their most picturesque.

9. What are the main airports in Puerto de la Cruz?

The main airport serving Puerto de la Cruz is the Tenerife North Airport. However, you can also fly to Tenerife South Airport and hire a car there.

10. Can I pick up the car in Puerto de la Cruz and return it in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies allow you to pick up a car in one location and return it in another. This is known as a one-way car rental. However, you may be charged an extra fee for this service.

Customer Experiences

Sophia Wilder

Puerto de la Cruz – 20-11-2023. I had an impeccable experience with the car rental service in Puerto de la Cruz, everything far better than anticipated! The car was in splendid condition. One thing that stood out was the pricing, which was really economical compared to the excellent service they provide.

Richard Simmons

Puerto de la Cruz – 16-09-2023. Rented a car here during my vacation. I must say, the service was prompt and satisfactory. In particular, the efficiency of their staff is commendable. I was charged a fair price and the car itself was clean and well-maintained. A good experience overall!

Linda Erickson

Puerto de la Cruz – 08-08-2023. The car rental service was very professional and courteous. They were prompt in their responses and made the process smooth and hassle-free. Enjoyed driving around the city in their car.

Arnold Rosenberg

Puerto de la Cruz – 25-05-2023. Impressive service! As a senior citizen, I appreciate the patience and clarity of the staff. The rental price was reasonable, and the car was in prime condition. Puerto de la Cruz is beautiful and a quality car made sightseeing a breeze!

Alicia Martinez

Puerto de la Cruz – 10-04-2023. I am so pleased with the car rental services provided. The car was top-notch, and the customer service was excellent! They made my vacation in Puerto de la Cruz even more memorable.

Henry Fletcher

Puerto de la Cruz – 26-02-2023. I had a great time renting a car from this company in Puerto de la Cruz. The rates were affordable, and the car was great. I explored the city with ease and comfort.

Driving Directions from Puerto de la Cruz

Explore Tenerife by Car

  1. Puerto de la Cruz to Santa Cruz de Tenerife: A 37.3km journey taking about 35 minutes via the TF-5 highway. The road is in good condition and offers scenic sea views.
  2. Puerto de la Cruz to La Laguna: Drive 26.7km in roughly 25 minutes via the TF-5 route. Highways are well-maintained and mostly straight.
  3. Puerto de la Cruz to Los Cristianos: A 80km journey taking about 1 hour via the TF-1 highway. Watch for the scenic mountain and coastal views.
  4. Puerto de la Cruz to Teide National Park: Drive 43.5km in approximately 50 minutes using the TF-21 road. Roads can be steep, so use caution.
  5. Puerto de la Cruz to Garachico: Cover 19.9km in about 30 minutes via the TF-42 path. This route is famous for its picturesque landscapes.
  6. Puerto de la Cruz to La Orotava: A quick 6.1km journey taking about 15 minutes via the TF-31 road. The road is busy but well-maintained.
  7. Puerto de la Cruz to Icod de los Vinos: Drive 20.7km in roughly 25 minutes using the TF-5 and TF-362 routes. Roads are curvy and offer stunning views of vineyards.

Explore Puerto de la Cruz

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. Loro Parque: An award-winning park featuring an array of animals, marine life, and tropical plants.
  2. Lake Martiánez: A vast complex of pools and gardens designed by famous artist César Manrique.
  3. Botanical Garden: A beautiful and peaceful garden housing a collection of tropical and subtropical plants.
  4. Teide National Park: Breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to Spain's highest peak.
  5. San Felipe Castle: Historic fortress offering panoramic sea views and fascinating insights into the past.
  6. Taoro Park: A tranquil park featuring waterfalls, fountains, and lovely views of the city.
  7. Plaza del Charco: The heart of the city filled with restaurants, shops and a lively atmosphere.
  8. Playa Jardín: A beautiful black sand beach surrounded by lush gardens, designed by César Manrique.

Iconic Road Trips

From Puerto de la Cruz

  1. Teide National Park Route: Following the TF-21 road for about 43km from Puerto de la Cruz, this journey takes you through stunning landscapes to the spectacular Mount Teide, Spain's highest peak.
  2. Masca Village Route: A drive of around 51km via TF-82 reveals the hidden gem of Masca Village nestled amongst the mountains, offering breathtaking views and fascinating local culture.
  3. Garachico Coastal Route: Just under 25km via TF-42, this scenic coastal road takes you to the charming old town of Garachico, with its historic fortress and natural pools.
  4. Anaga Rural Park Route: This 39km journey via TF-12 immerses you in the lush green forests of the Anaga Rural Park, a designated Biosphere Reserve with numerous hiking trails.
  5. San Cristobel de la Laguna Route: An easy 36km ride via TF-5 will get you to San Cristobal, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved colonial architecture.
  6. Whale Watching Route South: Drive 115km via TF-1 to the southern tip of the island, where boat tours depart to observe the impressive diversity of marine wildlife, including whales and dolphins.
  7. La Orotava Valley Route: Only a 14km ride via TF-31 will take you to the beautiful La Orotava Valley, known for its vineyards and historic mansions.


Driving in Puerto de la Cruz

Common Questions Addressed

1. What side of the road do people drive on in Puerto de la Cruz?

In Puerto De La Cruz, as in the rest of Spain, traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits within the city?

The general speed limit within urban areas like Puerto De La Cruz is 50km/h, unless stated otherwise.

3. And in the highways?

On highways the limit is usually 120km/h, but it can drop to 100km/h in areas with specific signs.

4. Do I need a specific driving license?

As long as you possess a driving license valid within the European Union, you can drive in Puerto de la Cruz. International visitors from other countries normally require an International Driving Permit along with their original driving license.

5. Can I expect many radars in the city and the country roads?

There are indeed speed radars in and around Puerto de la Cruz. The intent is generally to maintain safety more than to issue fines, but it's recommended to adhere to the speed limits at all times.

6. How busy is the traffic?

Like any city, Puerto de la Cruz can experience rush hours, particularly in the mornings and evenings. During the summer months, the city can become quite busy due to tourists.

7. Is there a common system of tolls across Spain?

Yes, Spain has an extensive system of toll highways, known as 'Autopistas de Peaje'. However, there's a significant network of free highways and roads also.

8. Can I find english speaking traffic officers?

English might not be largely spoken among local traffic officers. It's suggested that non-Spanish speakers have a translation app ready or carry a phrasebook to aid communication.

9. Do I need to carry specific documents while driving?

While driving, you're required to carry your driving license, car's registration documents and insurance proof at all times.

10. Are there unique traffic laws that differ from other countries?

In Spain, it's illegal to drive while wearing flipflops, barefoot or even with high heels. Also, drivers who wear glasses are required to carry an extra pair.

11. Are there child safety driving rules?

Children measuring less than 135cm must use a child restraint system suited to their size and weight, and they can't travel in the front seat.

12. Are pedestrians given priority?

Like in most places globally, pedestrians have priority crossing roads if using designated pedestrian crossings in Puerto de la Cruz.

13. How are parking rules?

Generally, you cannot park in areas where the curb is painted yellow. Some areas also require you to pay for parking.

14. Can I use my mobile phone whilst in a stationary car?

Unless the car is safely parked, it is not permitted to use mobile phone, not even if the car is stationary at traffic lights or stuck in traffic.

15. What's the legal age to drive?

To legally drive a car in Spain, the person must be at least 18 years old.