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Car Rental in Murcia

Embark on a Memorable Journey through Murcia's Historical Landmarks and Majestic Surroundings.

City car in Murcia with Cathedral, river and theatre

Welcome to Murcia, a charming city with a rich heritage nestled to the south-east of Spain. Known for its diverse history, delicious gastronomy, and the glorious Segura River that flows through its heart, Murcia possesses a unique appeal that captivates its visitors. It is conveniently located to move in and around, making it perfect for those planning a road trip with a packed itinerary and a rented car.

Start your journey in the city's enviable historical center, renowned for its striking Cathedral with a fusion of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles. If you're an art aficionado, the city also proudly showcases the works of the world-famous Murcian sculptor, Francisco Salzillo, in the Salzillo Museum. From Murcia, you can take your car to visit the coastal town of Cartagena, roughly 50 minutes away, which is steeped in rich Roman history and beautiful Mediterranean views.

When it comes to natural beauty, the Province of Murcia will not disappoint. A short car ride away lie the intriguing landscapes of the Ricote Valley and the Sierra Espuña Nature Reserve. And don’t miss the chance to take a drive along the coast to explore the picturesque coastline and pristine beaches of the Mar Menor, which is the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe. Truly, Murcia offers a multitude of enchanting experiences that cater to every traveler's passion.

Car Rental in Murcia

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Murcia?

Rental rates can vary based on the model, duration and the time of the year. On average, car rental in Murcia can cost around €20-€50 per day.

2. What is the most popular car model to rent in Murcia?

The Compact model is often the most popular among customers due to its fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for navigating through Murcia's vibrant streets and surrounding areas.

3. Where are the popular locations to rent a car in Murcia?

Common locations include Murcia's city center, train stations, and the Murcia Region International Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Murcia offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services for maximum convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is usually 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Murcia?

The minimum age to rent a car in Murcia is 21 years old. However, under-25 drivers are often subject to an additional fee.

7. What documents are required to rent or drive a car in Murcia?

A current driving license, ID or passport, and a credit card are generally required to rent a car.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Murcia by car?

Spring (March to June) is often considered the best time to visit Murcia by car due to pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

9. What are the main airports in Murcia?

The main airports in Murcia are the Murcia Region International Airport and San Javier Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Murcia and return it in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies allow for one-way rentals, although this may incur an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews

Aiden Spencer

Murcia – 22-11-2023. Renting a car from this company was a breeze. Even as a senior, I experienced no difficulties. The staff were pleasant and patient. The ride was smooth and the car was in pristine condition. The price? Fairly reasonable in my opinion. Will absolutely use this company again.

Tiana Perkins

Murcia – 28-10-2023. The rental process was so easy and straight forward! I love how they didn't try to upsell me on unnecessary extras. The car was clean and reliable. Great value for money. I rented from them in October and everything was perfect!

Tomas Jefferson

Murcia – 15-09-2023. Just returned from a two weeks trip in Murcia. The car rental company provided an excellent service. Our flight was delayed and they waited for us. The car was practically brand new and ran efficiently. The price? Absolutely worth it for such top-notch service!

Bella Howard

Murcia – 01-08-2023. Their customer care is just praiseworthy. The staff took their time to explain everything in detail and patiently answered all my queries. The car was in superb condition, and the rental price was affordable. I would highly recommend them.

Oscar Bates

Murcia – 20-06-2023. Renting a car from this firm was a good experience. The process was hassle-free, and their rates were competitive. The vehicle I rented was clean, and the trip was comfortable. Glad I made the right choice!

Amelie Davis

Murcia – 28-05-2023. Easily the best rental experience ever. The staff are accommodating and make the process really straightforward. The rental fee was fair and the car was clean and ran great. Would definitely rent from them again.

Murcia Road Connections

Guiding your path across Spain

  1. Murcia - Alicante: Covering an approximate distance of 73 kilometers via A-7 motorway, the drive to Alicable takes around 55 minutes. The road conditions are typically good.
  2. Murcia - Granada: Traveling a distance of about 275 kilometers via A-92 motorway will approximately take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Granada. The roads are well maintained.
  3. Murcia - Valencia: The journey to Valencia, approximately 224 kilometers via A-7 motorway – will typically take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The motorway is in good condition.
  4. Murcia - Madrid: The drive to Madrid via A-30 and A-4 motorways covers approximately 400 kilometers and takes around 4 hours. The motorways are usually clear and well maintained.
  5. Murcia - Seville: Covering around 485 kilometers via A-92 motorway, the trip to Seville takes approximately 5 hours. Roads are in good shape for driving.
  6. Murcia - Barcelona: The journey to Barcelona via AP-7 covers around 620 kilometers and takes approximately 6 hours. It is advisable to check traffic conditions before setting off, especially during peak season.
  7. Murcia - Cordoba: Driving to Cordoba via A-30 and A-4 covers an approximate distance of 330 kilometers and it takes around 3:30 hours. Roads are expected to be in good shape.

Driving in Murcia

Common Rules and Concerns

1. What is the speed limit in Murcia city?

The speed limit within urban areas like Murcia usually is 50 km/h. However, it is always crucial to pay attention to local signage as limits can vary based on the specific area and road conditions.

2. Where is it legal to park in Murcia?

In Murcia, you must park on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of traffic. Parking is prohibited in areas with continuous yellow lines, near hazards, or where it disrupts the flow of traffic.

3. In which side of the road should I drive in Murcia?

In Murcia, as in the rest of Spain, you should always drive on the right-hand side of the road.

4. Are there many toll roads around Murcia?

Spain has both toll-free roads (carreteras) and toll roads (autopistas). The road from Murcia to Alicante, for example, is a toll-free highway.

5. What is the required driving age in Murcia?

The minimum driving age for small cars in Spain, including Murcia, is 18 years.

6. Are there many speed cameras in Murcia?

Yes, there are fixed and mobile speed cameras in Murcia. It is better to respect the speed limits to avoid fines.

7. What type of driver’s licence do I need in Murcia?

A European driving licence, or a non-European driving licence with an International Driving Permit (IDP), is accepted in Murcia and throughout Spain.

8. How are traffic lights sequenced in Murcia?

Traffic light sequences in Murcia and Spain generally follow the sequence Green - Amber - Red - Green. Amber is a warning that the lights are about to change to red and indicates that you should prepare to stop.

9. Are there any specific driving rules in Murcia I should be aware of?

The usual driving rules and regulations in Spain apply in Murcia. One unique rule is the need to indicate before changing lanes, even if you are in a roundabout.

10. What do I do if I get a traffic fine in Murcia?

If you are given a traffic fine while driving around Murcia, you usually have two options: pay the fine, many of which offer a reduced payment if paid immediately or within 20 days, or contest the fine through the local traffic authority.

11. What is the permitted blood alcohol level for drivers in Murcia?

The legal limit of blood alcohol content in Spain, including Murcia, is 0.05%. For drivers with less than two years of experience, the limit is reduced to 0.03%.

12. Are pets allowed in the car?

Pets are allowed in cars in Murcia and throughout Spain, but they must be safely secured with a seat belt or a carrier.

13. Are child seats mandatory for private cars in Murcia?

Yes, in accordance with the Spanish law, children measuring less than 135cm must travel in a children restraint system appropriate for their size and weight.

14. What is the rule regarding overtaking other vehicles in Murcia?

In Murcia, as in the rest of Spain, overtaking should be done on the left. You should only overtake on the right if the vehicle in front is indicating to turn left, or is in a left-turn lane.

15. Are there any driving restrictions in Murcia?

There are no specific driving restrictions in Murcia beyond the general traffic regulations. However, it’s always recommended to check local updates for temporary restrictions, roadworks, or event-related closures.

Murcia's Must-See Sights

Explore top destinations near Murcia with a rental car

  1. The Murcia Cathedral: An impressive example of Gothic architecture located in the city center.
  2. Real Casino of Murcia: This stunning 19th-century building houses a museum and a restaurant.
  3. The Roman Theatre Museum: Located in Cartagena, showcasing Roman theatre artifacts.
  4. Terra Natura Zoo: A large zoo and water park, great for family outings.
  5. Mar Menor: Europe's largest lagoon, well-known for water sports.
  6. Cueva del Puerto: Located in Caravaca de la Cruz, it's a must-see for cave enthusiasts.
  7. El Valle Regional Park: A nature reserve with hiking and cycling routes.
  8. Santa Clara Monastery & Museum: A fascinating blend of Muslim and Christian architecture.

Murcia's Scenic Drives

Top Road Trip Routes in Murcia

  1. Murcia to Granada: Embark on a magical 260 km journey through Spain's southern coast, passing through the magnificent Sierra de Almijara Natural Park and the enticing Alhambra Palace in Granada.
  2. Murcia to Valencia: Driving 220 km to the north from Murcia, you will reach the vibrant city of Valencia. The journey offers a beautiful contrast of rural countryside, stunning beaches and towns bustling with activity.
  3. Costa Calida Tour: Take the route along the 250 km coastline of Murcia, exploring unique landscapes, unspoiled beaches and historical sites from San Pedro del Pinatar to Aguilas.
  4. Sierra Espuna National Park: This 90 km scenic drive reveals a raw and untouched part of nature. A perfect route for those who enjoy hiking and wildlife.
  5. Murcia to Cartagena: Just about 50 km away, this road trip to the historic port city of Cartagena offers a diverse landscape and an amalgam of Carthaginian, Roman and Moorish historical sites.
  6. Murcia to Alicante: A 70 km trip to Alicante provides a blend of beach and city life, with attractions like Santa Barbara Castle and Explanada de España worth visiting.
  7. Wine Route (Bullas, Jumilla, Yecla): Covering about 120 km, this route takes you through Murcia's wine country, with wine-tasting opportunities at each stop.