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Car Rental in Arizona

Discover the most remarkable spots with a guide to driving in Arizona

City car parked on desert road under vibrant Arizona skies

Welcome to Arizona, the land of grand canyons, remarkable desert landscapes, and vibrant native cultures. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and intriguing historical past, Arizona is a state that promises unforgettable adventures. Travelling by car is an ideal way to uncover its spectacular beauty, providing the flexibility to explore, stop, admire, and continue at your own pace.

The first remarkable place to visit is the Grand Canyon, a marvel of the natural world. The magnificence of its grandeur is incomparable and leaves a lasting imprint. You can reach Grand Canyon National Park by car either from Phoenix and Tucson. The south entrance is approximately 230 miles while the east entrance is around 325 miles away. Another fascinating location is Saguaro National Park, filled with the nation’s largest cacti. Tucson, Arizona, is home to these exquisite wonders and is just a 2-hour drive from Phoenix.

For lovers of history and architecture, a visit to Mission San Xavier del Bac is a must. Known as the ‘white dove of the desert', it's simply an hour's drive from Tucson. Finally, for an extraordinary view of Arizona's landscape, drive to Petrified Forest National Park. Its unique landscape scattered with colourful petrified wood is a sight to behold. Located around 208 miles from Phoenix, it’s well worth the journey. Arizona's highways not only connect these iconic landmarks but also offers views of stunning landscapes, making the journey as memorable as the destinations.

Rent a car in Arizona

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of a car rental in Arizona?

Car rental prices in Arizona vary depending on the car model, rental duration, and other factors. On average, it can cost between $30 and $70 per day to rent a car in Arizona.

2. What type of rental car is the most popular in Arizona?

The most popular rental cars in Arizona are SUVs and vans due to Arizona's diverse geographical characteristic, which includes both urban settings and extensive outdoor recreational areas.

3. What are the most popular car rental locations in Arizona?

The most popular places to rent a car in Arizona are key urban centers like Phoenix and Tucson, as well as high-traffic airports like Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour car rental pickup and return service?

Yes, many car rental companies in Arizona offer 24-hour pickup and return services, especially at airport locations.

5. Is there a minimum rental duration?

In general, the minimum car rental duration is one day.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Arizona?

The minimum age to rent a car in Arizona is 21. However, drivers aged 21-24 may be subject to an additional 'young driver surcharge.'

7. What do I need to rent or drive a car in Arizona?

You will need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card in your name to rent a car in Arizona. International drivers may also need an International Driver's License.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Arizona by car?

The best time of the year to visit Arizona by car varies based on the specific regions and activities you are interested in. Generally, the cooler fall and spring months are preferred by many visitors.

9. What are the major airports in Arizona?

The main airports in Arizona are Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one Arizona city and return it in another?

Yes, most car rental companies in Arizona offer a one-way rental option. However, this may incur an additional fee known as a 'drop charge.'

Car Rental Reviews

Aiden Palmer

Phoenix, Arizona – 23-11-2023. Just a top-notch experience! I visit family in Arizona often, so I rent cars often. This company continually exceeds my expectations. Rented last week, the car was really splendid- just the perfect touch for the sunny Arizona weather. I found the price extremely affordable too. Highly recommended!

Michelle Watson

Tucson, Arizona – 15-10-2023. I've rented cars all over this country, and this company is by far the best in the Southwest. The car I got was meticulously clean and reliable. Plus, they offered a great deal which worked perfectly for my Road trip around the Grand Canyon. Love it!

Gerard Keith

Scottsdale, Arizona – 04-08-2023. The rental process was a breeze and I absolutely adored the car! The price was fair and I was assisted by really pleasant employees. Will definitely rent from this company when I return to enjoy Arizona's mesmerizing sunset views again.

Holly Stanton

Mesa, Arizona – 20-06-2023. Excellent service and quality! The car provided was outstanding and made our trip to Arizona's national parks so much enjoyable. Pricing was really competitive too. I am one happy customer!

Liam Reese

Chandler, Arizona – 04-05-2023. First time renting with this company during my trip to Arizona and it won't be the last! The car was in top condition and really comfortable. The price was worth it considering the memorable experience we had cruising around the beautiful Arizonian landscapes.

Miranda Hayes

Phoenix, Arizona – 23-02-2023. A good car can make a trip perfect, and that’s exactly what happened to me in my recent Arizona adventure. The car was impeccable and the price was more than reasonable. They provided a five-star service!

Arizona's Top Cities

Discover the Most Important Cities in Arizona

  1. Phoenix: As the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix is the cultural, economic, and governmental hub.
  2. Tucson: Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson boasts rich cultural heritages and beautiful desert scenery.
  3. Mesa: A quintessential suburban city known for its exciting festivals and car show events.
  4. Chandler: Known for its vibrant downtown area and its annual Ostrich Festival.
  5. Scottsdale: Renowned for its high quality of life, upscale amenities, and numerous golf courses.
  6. Glendale: Hosting major sporting events and concerts at the massive State Farm Stadium.
  7. Tempe: Home to Arizona State University and a thriving tech industry.

Arizona Highways

Essential Driving Routes for Tourists

  1. Phoenix - Grand Canyon: A 349-kilometer journey taking about 3.5 hours via I-17 N and US-180 W. The roads are typically well-maintained, offering grand landscape views.
  2. Phoenix - Tucson: A 185-kilometer ride requiring roughly 2 hours, following I-10 E. Highways condition is excellent with rest stops available.
  3. Tucson - Sedona: 328-kilometer drive taking roughly 3.5 hours along I-10 W and I-17 N. Expect scenic desert landscapes and clear road signs.
  4. Phoenix - Lake Havasu City: A 311-kilometer trek reaching in about 3.5 hours, transiting primarily through US-60 W. Paved roads and stunning desert scenery.
  5. Scottsdale - Flagstaff: 228-kilometer drive taking approximately 2.5 hours via AZ-101 Loop N and I-17 N. Good condition roads and picturesque mountain views.
  6. Phoenix - Yuma: A 306-kilometer journey taking about 3 hours via I-10 W. Drive through miles of captivating desert landscapes on open highways.
  7. Tucson - Sierra Vista: 125 kilometers on AZ-90 S that takes about 1.5 hours. Generally smooth drives with unique desert and mountain views.

Arizona Driving FAQs

Essential Information for Drivers

1. What's the speed limit in Arizona?

On urban freeways, the speed limit is usually between 55 MPH and 75 MPH. On rural highways, the limit is generally 65 MPH, and on residential streets, it's typically 25 MPH. For safety, always follow posted speed limit signs.

2. Are radar detectors legal in Arizona?

Yes, the use of radar detectors is legal in Arizona for non-commercial vehicles. It's illegal for commercial vehicles to use them though.

3. Can I drive with a foreign license in Arizona?

Yes, visitors with a valid foreign driver's license can operate a car in Arizona. If staying in the U.S. for longer periods, getting an international driving permit is advised for translation purposes.

4. What side of the road do we drive on in Arizona?

Just like other U.S. states, in Arizona, you drive on the right side of the road.

5. Are there toll roads in Arizona?

No, Arizona does not have any toll roads. The use of highways is free.

6. Can I turn right on red in Arizona?

Yes, unless posted otherwise, making a right turn on a red light is allowed after coming to a complete stop and yielding to crossing traffic and pedestrians.

7. Is it compulsory to stop for school buses in Arizona?

Yes, when the school bus's stop sign is extended and red lights are flashing, drivers in both directions must stop until the sign is retracted and lights are off.

8. How often do I find gas stations in Arizona?

Gas stations are readily available in cities and larger towns. However, in rural areas, they can be sparse, so it's recommended to keep your gas tank well-filled.

9. What is the 'Move Over' law in Arizona?

The 'Move Over' law requires drivers to move to the next lane or slow down when passing any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road.

10. How is the general condition of roads in Arizona?

Major highways in Arizona are well-maintained. However, rural and reservation roads can be in poor condition or may even be unpaved.

11. Are U-turns legal in Arizona?

U-turns are generally allowed in Arizona at intersections without a sign prohibiting them. It is illegal to make a U-turn near a crest of a hill or a curve where visibility is limited.

12. Can I carry an open alcohol container in a car in Arizona?

No, having open alcohol containers in the car is illegal in Arizona, even if you're not drinking.

13. Are roundabouts common in Arizona?

While not as prevalent as in other parts of the world, roundabouts are becoming more common in Arizona, particularly in residential and suburban areas.

14. What's the rule for using carpool lanes (HOV lanes) in Arizona?

High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are for vehicles with at least two people inside, including the driver, during peak times (Monday through Friday, 6-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m.). Motorcycles and certain hybrid, alternate fuel, and plug-in electric vehicles can also use HOV lanes.

15. How safe is driving in Arizona?

Arizona's road safety record is average compared to other U.S. states. Distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving are the leading causes of accidents. Always practice safe driving habits.

Top Arizona Attractions

Must-Visit Sights for Car Renters

  1. Grand Canyon National Park: A designated World Heritage site known for its unique geological color and erosional forms.
  2. Sedona: Known for its vibrant art scene and near-perfect weather. It’s surrounded by red-rock monoliths and pine forests.
  3. Hoover Dam: One of the largest dams in the world, located at the Arizona - Nevada border.
  4. Antelope Canyon: A sandstone slot canyon that offers breathtaking views and photo opportunities.
  5. Monument Valley: A scenic desert region known for its towering sandstone buttes.
  6. Saguaro National Park: Home to the nation's largest cacti, iconic of the American Southwest.
  7. Petrified Forest National Park: Known for its fossils and multicolored badland hills.
  8. Jerome: A former copper mining town with a ghost town & a thriving artistic community.

Arizona Roadtrips

Top Driving Routes in Arizona

  1. Route 66: Experience the quintessential American road trip along this historic route. Highlights include the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. Distance: 794 kilometers.
  2. Sonoran Desert Drive: A stunning adventure through cactus-filled landscapes stretching from Phoenix to the California border. Stop at Joshua Tree National Park. Distance: 605 kilometers.
  3. Red Rock Scenic Byway: This short but beautiful route takes you past some of Sedona's most iconic red rock formations. Distance: 11.6 kilometers.
  4. Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive: A spectacular journey from Sedona to Flagstaff, featuring red rocks, river gorges, and ponderosa pines. Distance: 43.4 kilometers.
  5. Apache Trail Historic Road: Drive through deserts, mountains, and lakes including Roosevelt Lake and Tonto National Monument. Distance: 188 kilometers.
  6. Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road: Experience the heart of Navajo Nation and striking desert views, culminating in the stark beauty of Monument Valley. Distance: 209 kilometers.
  7. Arizona's West Coast: Enjoy sunsets over the Colorado River from Bullhead City to Lake Havasu, passing through the ghost town of Oatman. Distance: 95.2 kilometers.