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Experience the charm of Amersfoort with our top-rated car rental service. We stand out in the region for our outstanding customer service, ensuring a smooth, worry-free journey. Whether you're off to the picturesque medieval city centre or the mesmerising DierenPark Amersfoort, our dedicated team is ready to assist with the perfect set of wheels to suit your needs. Discover the unique beauty of Amersfoort seamlessly.

Car Rental in Amersfoort

Your Guide to Drive Through Amersfoort and Beyond

Car in Amersfoort with Koppelpoort, canals, and tulips

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Amersfoort is a vibrant city brimming with historical landmarks, modern art, and picturesque landscapes. Being one of the most populous Dutch cities, this medieval oasis with roots dating back to the Mesolithic period, consists of a well-protected city center hugged by a fascinating maze of canals. The city offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern culture that can be best explored in a car.

Most notably, the city is home to the remarkable Koppelpoort, a grand medieval gate which fascinates visitors with its monumental presence and captivating history. Not far from here, the Mondriaan House, the birthplace of the famous painter Piet Mondriaan, is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. A car journey to the splendid Amersfoort Zoo, considered one of the finest in the country, promises an unforgettable experience for families and animal lovers. The city center, embodying the true spirit of Dutch architecture, has an array of local boutiques, restaurants, and cafes to explore.

Positioned centrally in the Netherlands, Amersfoort serves as an excellent base to drive to other notable Dutch cities. Utrecht, with its enchanting canals and historic buildings, is just a 20-minute car ride away, while the beautiful city of Amsterdam can be reached in under an hour. Whether wrapping yourself in the cultural fabric of the city or exploring the greater Dutch landscape, Amersfoort, with its strategic location and rich history, promises a memorable journey by car.

Car Rental Amersfoort

Common Questions & Answers

1. What is the cost to rent a car in Amersfoort?

The cost of renting a car in Amersfoort varies depending on the car model, rental duration, and the time of the year. On average, it ranges from 30 to 70 Euros per day. Booking in advance can usually secure a better deal.

2. Which car model is most frequently rented in Amersfoort?

The most popular cars to rent in Amersfoort are usually compact and economical models, due to the city's narrow streets and limited parking spaces.

3. Where are the popular locations to pick up and drop off a rental car in Amersfoort?

Popular rental locations in Amersfoort include the city center and the Amersfoort Railway Station.

4. Is there a round-the-clock pick-up and return service in Amersfoort?

Yes, most of the car rental companies in Amersfoort offer 24-hour pick-up and return services. However, it's always advised to check this with the rental company prior to booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most car rental companies in Amersfoort have a minimum rental period of one day. However, some may offer hourly rental for brief trips.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Amersfoort?

The minimum age to rent a car in Amersfoort is typically 21, although this may vary by car category. Some car rental companies charge a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to rent a car in Amersfoort?

To rent a car in Amersfoort, you'll need a valid driving license, passport or identity card, and an acceptable method of payment. Non-EU driving license holders may require an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time to explore Amersfoort by car?

The best time to explore Amersfoort by car is during the spring and summer months when the weather is mild and the city is in full bloom.

9. What are the major airports near Amersfoort?

The major airports nearest to Amersfoort are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol(52.7km) and Eindhoven Airport(97.9km).

10. Can I pick up a car in Amersfoort and drop it off in another city?

Yes, one-way rental is possible. However, it's subject to availability and may incur additional fees, depending on the return location.

Amersfoort Car Hire Reviews


Amersfoort – 12-10-2024. The staff at the Amersfoort location is top-notch. These guys really know their stuff and the car I rented was in pristine condition. Prices are about what you'd expect for a rental, but given the top-notch service and quality of the cars, it's well worth the cost. Don't forget to drive to De Lieve Vrouwekerkhof square and have a look at the tower.


Amersfoort – 17-06-2024. I had to book a car urgently for a business tour and this rental agency in Amersfoort didn't disappoint me. The rental process was smooth and the pricing was reasonable. The car was clean and comfortable. Enjoyed the scenic drive to Soesterkwartier.


Amersfoort – 02-03-2024. Recently rented a car from this agency in Amersfoort. The car was in good condition and the rental price was fair. The staff was helpful and made the entire process easy. Highly recommend them for your rental needs. Don't miss the chance to drive through the old town, its truly spectacular view.


Amersfoort – 16-01-2024. I just returned my rental car after a 7-day trip around Amersfoort and I could not be happier with this company. The car was nearly new, clean and the price was quite competitive. The best part was driving along the scenic Eem River.


Amersfoort – 23-08-2023. A top-notch car rental service! The online booking process was a breeze and the pick-up from their Amersfoort location was quick. The rental cost was affordable and the car performed excellently through our journey in and around the city which is filled with historic value.


Amersfoort – 11-05-2023. Good car rental service at a reasonable price in Amersfoort. My wife and I had a lovely time driving to the stunning Koppelpoort. I’d definitely use this service again!

Amersfoort Road Connections

Essential Road Connections from Amersfoort

  1. Amersfoort - Amsterdam: A mere 49km journey on the A1 highway, typically taking around 45 minutes under usual traffic conditions.
  2. Amersfoort - Rotterdam: A smooth 83km drive on the A12 and A20 motorways, with an estimated journey time of 1 hour.
  3. Amersfoort - Utrecht: Short 23km trip south on A28, journey usually takes around 30 minutes.
  4. Amersfoort - The Hague: An 89km drive on the A12 highway, the path usually takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  5. Amersfoort - Eindhoven: The 87km trip on the A2, most often running for about an hour.
  6. Amersfoort - Zwolle: An 80km trip northbound the A28 motorway with an expected journey time of around 55 minutes.
  7. Amersfoort - Groningen: A longer 154km trip on the A28 running for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Driving in Amersfoort

Common questions and answers

1. Which side of the road is driven on in Amersfoort?

In Amersfoort, as in the rest of the Netherlands, driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Amersfoort?

The general speed limit in built-up areas in the Netherlands is 50 km/h. On regional roads outside of towns, the limit is usually 80 km/h, while on highways it's 100 or 130 km/h depending on the specific stretch of road.

3. Do I need a specific driver's license to drive in Amersfoort?

If you have a valid EU driver's license, you are allowed to drive in Amersfoort. Visitors from non-EU countries may need an international driver's license, depending on their country of origin.

4. Are there many speed controls or radars in Amersfoort?

Yes, you can expect to encounter speed cameras and radar controls in and around Amersfoort. It is advised to always adhere to the speed limit to avoid fines.

5. Are there many traffic jams in Amersfoort?

As in all cities, traffic can be quite heavy, especially during rush hour. It is always best to plan your journey in advance and anticipate potential delays.

6. Are there toll roads around Amersfoort?

No, there are no toll roads in the Netherlands. This includes the area around Amersfoort.

7. What are the basic safety rules in Amersfoort?

Some of the main safety rules include obeying speed limits, not overtaking in dangerous situations, and always using indicators when changing lanes or turning.

8. Are there any specific driving rules in Amersfoort?

Driving rules in Amersfoort are consistent with other parts of the Netherlands. One particular rule is the 'priority from the right' rule – unless otherwise marked, vehicles from the right have priority at intersections.

9. What to do in case of a traffic accident in Amersfoort?

If you're involved in an accident, you should alert the police and your car rental company as soon as possible. A European Accident Statement should be filled out.

10. How to understand traffic signs in Amersfoort?

Dutch traffic signs mostly follow international conventions, with a few unique signs. If you're unsure, it's good to familiarize yourself with the most common signs before starting your journey.

11. What about parking rules in Amersfoort?

When parking your car, be sure to find a designated parking area and avoid parking in prohibited zones. You must always pay for parking in the city center of Amersfoort.

12. Can I drive outside of Amersfoort with a rented car?

Usually, you are free to drive anywhere within the Netherlands with a rented car. Check with your rental company to be sure that there are no mileage restrictions or off-limit areas.

13. Do I need insurance to drive a rented car in Amersfoort?

Yes, insurance is mandatory when driving a rented car. The rental company typically offers some form of insurance, so be sure to ask about this when renting your car.

14. What should I do if I get a traffic fine in Amersfoort?

If you receive a fine, you should pay it as soon as possible. Contact your car rental company to clarify the procedure as the fine may go directly to them first.

15. How is the road condition in Amersfoort?

Overall, the roads in Amersfoort are in good condition. As in any city, beware of possible potholes and always slow down when the road's condition is poor.

Explore Amersfoort

Drive and Discover the Attractions

  1. Koppelpoort: This medieval gate is one of the main landmarks of Amersfoort, combined with a water gate.
  2. Museum Flehite: Amersfoort's historical museum showcasing local history with rotating exhibitions.
  3. DierenPark Amersfoort: A family-friendly zoo home to a variety of animals; ideal for children.
  4. Mondriaanhuis: The birthplace of the artist Piet Mondriaan. Now a museum to his life and work.
  5. Sint Joriskerk: This gothic-style church is the main fixture of Amersfoort skyline and has a climbable tower.
  6. Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren: One of the tallest church towers in the Netherlands, offering panoramic views over Amersfoort.
  7. Eemhuis: A culture house with a library, art school, and music school, as well as exhibition spaces.
  8. Kunsthal KAdE: Contemporary art museum that organizes exhibitions of visual arts, architecture, and design.

Top Roadtrips from Amersfoort

Discover Amersfoort's surrounding areas by car

  1. Amersfoort to Giethoorn: Embark on a picturesque journey (96km) from Amersfoort to Giethoorn, known as the Venice of the North. Relish in the scenic views and peaceful environment.
  2. Amersfoort-National Park De Hoge Veluwe: Take an exciting trip (70km) to one of the Netherlands' largest nature reserves renowned for its fascinating wildlife and landscapes.
  3. Amersfoort-Utrecht: Enjoy a short yet vibrant ride (21km) to the city of Utrecht where you can admire beautiful canals, charming old quarters and numerous cultural sights.
  4. National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug Trip: Starting from Amersfoort, it's a short 16km trip to this sprawling national park. Ideal for a day filled with hiking and exploration.
  5. Amersfoort-Leiden: Traverse along a quiet route (78km) to visit Leiden - a city known for its rich history, intricate network of canals and a vibrant arts scene.
  6. Amersfoort to Kinderdijk: Drive (87km) to Kinderdijk, a quaint village famous for its iconic 18th-century windmills - a must-see in the Netherlands.
  7. Amersfoort-Amsterdam: Drive from Amersfoort to Amsterdam (55km) to experience the lively city atmosphere, rich culture, and splendid architecture.
  8. Amersfoort-The Hague: Embark on a journey (87km) to The Hague, a city that offers fine arts, history, and politics against the backdrop of stunning formal gardens, palaces and peaceful courtyards.