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Car Rental in Deventer

Explore the historic cityscape and its neighboring towns from the comfort of your car.

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Enchant yourself with the picturesque and charmful city of Deventer, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Known for its characteristic historic centre, ancient buildings, and mystique churches, Deventer is a city that will transport you through time. This city is a gem for history enthusiasts, with numerous museums such as the Town Hall of Deventer and places of interest like Wilhelmina Park, that offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region.

If you're up for a road trip, Deventer is a perfect starting point, with a cityscape lined with scenic backdrops and beautiful canals. From the comforts of your car, marvel at the beauty of IJssel valley, especially during Spring when its tulip fields are breath-taking. The ancient Hanseatic city of Zutphen, only 15 minutes away by car, is also a worthy destination. Travel around 40 minutes to the North-East and you'll arrive at another historic city, Zwolle.

Stretch your legs with a visit to the beautiful Dutch National Monuments like De Waag, the oldest weighing house in the Netherlands, located in the heart of Deventer. It houses the Historical Museum Deventer, showcasing ancient art pieces, medieval sculptures, and other valuable assets that have survived up to the present times. Or you may also discover the immaculate beauty of De Schipbeek and the East Veluwe edge forest, just a short drive away from the city.

Car Rental in Deventer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Deventer?

Rental prices in Deventer can vary depending on the size and model of the car. Typically, it can range from 40 euros to 100 euros per day. Factors such as the duration of your rental and the time of year may also affect the price.

2. What car model is most popular to rent in Deventer?

Compact and economy cars are particularly popular among tourists due to their fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability in the city's narrow streets.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Deventer?

Most people rent cars at Deventer’s city center. However, some might choose to rent cars from Deventer’s official airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Deventer provide a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service. However, it's always advisable to check with the specific company for any additional charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is typically one day (24 hours).

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Deventer?

The minimum age to rent a car in Deventer is usually 18 years, but it can vary depending on the car rental company's policy.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Deventer?

You will need a valid driving license, identification (such as a passport), and a valid credit card.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Deventer by car?

The best time to visit Deventer by car is during the spring and summer months when the city's beautiful landscapes are in full bloom.

9. What are the main airports in Deventer?

The main airports in Deventer are Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Deventer and return it in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies offer one-way rentals. This means you can pick up the car in Deventer and return it somewhere else. Keep in mind that there may be an additional fee for this service.

Rental Reviews


Deventer – 05-07-2024. As an architecture enthusiast, Deventer was a city I couldn't miss. I needed a car for my trip and this rental agency was top-notch. The staff were well-informed and cordial. The price was right too; it didn't break the bank. I highly recommend if you are visiting this ancient and beautiful city in the Netherlands.


Deventer – 23-04-2024. I have just returned from a riverboat cruise on the Ijssel and was born charmed by Deventer. The car rental process was quick and easy. I'm a senior citizen and I appreciated the simple and straightforward terms. The rates were reasonable too and the car performed beautifully with no hiccups whatsoever.


Deventer – 05-04-2024. Planning a trip to Deventer in Winter? Fret not! I rented a car from this agency in midwinter, and it was well-equipped for the frosty conditions. The heating was perfect, and the windshield did not fog up. Plus, you don't have to shake out the extra pennies either - the price is completely affordable.


Deventer – 10-12-2023. As a local, I never thought I'd need to rent a car in my city. But when my car broke down before a big family gathering, I had to. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of this company. The car was clean, fuel-efficient and didn't cost an arm and a leg. Highly suitable for Deventer's narrow city streets.


Deventer – 29-08-2023. Top-class service! I hardly write reviews but they earned this one. After a long flight to Deventer, I wanted just a smooth car rental process and they delivered. It was hassle-free, the car was in great condition and the cost - quite reasonable. The staff were quite helpful too. Deserves a big thumbs up!


Deventer – 20-06-2023. My friends and I planned a road trip to the Dutch countryside. Since we were starting from Deventer, we rented a car from this company. The car was comfortable and spacious enough for our long drive. Plus, the price was quite competitive. We loved the fact that everything was in order and how smooth our journey was.

Driving Connections

Exploring from Deventer

  1. Deventer - Amsterdam: Covering 111 kilometers via A1, a journey from Deventer to the capital, Amsterdam, takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes, with the scenic highway paths.
  2. Deventer – Rotterdam: 144 kilometers via the A1 and A12. It’s a two-hour drive through flat landscapes, canals and windmills typical of the Netherlands.
  3. Deventer – Utrecht: It's 86 kilometers via the A1 to Utrecht, known for its city center with canals. The drive takes approximately 1 hour.
  4. Deventer - Maastricht: A journey of 195 kilometers via the A50 and A73, offers a drive time around 2 hours and 20 minutes, driving south through the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands.
  5. Deventer - Eindhoven: 127 kilometers away via the A50. Expect a driving time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, through vast forests and tranquil towns.
  6. Deventer - Den Haag: Via A1 and A12, this 143 kilometre trip takes about 2 hours, driving towards the beautiful west coast of Netherlands.
  7. Deventer - Breda: A distance of 149 kilometers, including travel on the A1 and A50. Generally, the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, showcasing traditional Dutch landscapes.

Deventer Driving Info

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On which side of the road do we drive in Deventer?

In Deventer, as in the rest of the Netherlands, driving is on the right-hand side of the road. Always remember this, especially at intersections and roundabouts!

2. What is the general speed limit in Deventer?

Within urban areas such as Deventer, the speed limit is usually 50 km/h. On rural roads, the limit goes up to 80 km/h and on motorways, it's typically 130 km/h. But do watch out for local speed limit signs.

3. Do I need a driving license to drive a car in Deventer?

Yes. Anyone who wants to drive a car in Deventer must have a valid driving license recognized by Dutch law. For most foreign drivers, your domestic license should suffice.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Deventer?

The Netherlands has a widespread network of speed cameras and Deventer is no exception. Always observe the speed limit to avoid penalties.

5. What are the rules regarding traffic lights?

Traffic light rules in Deventer are standard as in most countries. Green is for go, red is for stop. Yellow is a warning sign, indicating the lights are about to change.

6. Are there any specific driving rules in Deventer?

In general, Dutch driving rules are applied in Deventer. For instance, it is obligatory to give way to all traffic on your right and you must indicate when changing direction.

7. Is there a lot of traffic in Deventer?

Like in every city, traffic levels can vary at different times of the day in Deventer. Morning and evening rush hours tend to be busiest.

8. Are there tolls on Deventer's roads?

No, you can drive on all Dutch roads, including those in Deventer, without having to pay tolls.

9. What is the legal alcohol limit to drive a car in Deventer?

For drivers with less than five years of experience, the alcohol limit is 0.2 promilles. After five years, the limit increases to 0.5 promilles. Please note that it is always safest not to drink and drive.

10. Do I need an international driving permit in Deventer?

If you have a license issued in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not need an international permit. Travellers with licenses issued elsewhere may need to obtain an international driving permit. Check with the Dutch authorities for the most accurate information.

11. How is parking regulated in Deventer?

In general, parking in city centers including Deventer requires payment, which is often regulated by meters or ticket machines. Always check the local parking rules at your destination.

12. Can I use mobile phone while driving in Deventer?

No, it is forbidden to hold a mobile phone while you are driving a car in the Netherlands.

13. Is there any implication if I'm caught speeding in Deventer?

Yes, being caught speeding can result in fines or even a driving ban, especially for severe breaches of the speed limit.

14. What's the age limit for driving a car in Deventer?

The minimum age to drive a car in the Netherlands is 18 years old.

15. Are there pedestrian zones in Deventer?

Yes, some areas in Deventer are pedestrian zones where driving is restricted. Be alert and aware of these.

Deventer's Top Attractions

Experience Deventer Like Never Before!

  1. Deventer Historic City Center: Experience centuries-old buildings and winding streets full of shops and restaurants.
  2. De Waag Museum: Situated in the town square, it houses historical artifacts of Deventer.
  3. Lebuinuskerk church: A towering Gothic church with an impressive interior.
  4. The Bergkwartier: Historic district with beautiful medieval buildings.
  5. IJsselhotel Deventer: A unique hotel in a converted hospital with stunning river views.
  6. Speelgoedmuseum Deventer: A museum dedicated to historic toys; fun for all ages.
  7. Park de Hoge Veluwe: A short drive from Deventer, it's one of the largest continuous nature reserves in the country.
  8. Museum MORE: Located nearby in Gorssel, this museum features modern and contemporary art.

Discover The Netherlands

5 Breath-taking Road Trips from Deventer

  1. Deventer to Zutphen: A short, 15-km urban route that takes you through the green countryside with medieval towns, castles, and the river IJssel.
  2. Deventer to Zwolle: This 52-km picturesque route goes through Wezep with its stunning nature reserve and Hattem, a fortified city.
  3. Deventer to Enschede: The 65-km trip shows the Dutch charm with its farmlands, charming villages and the beautiful city of Hengelo.
  4. Sallandsche Heuvelrug National Park : A glorious 35-km scenic road trip through one of the largest continuous areas of raised moorland in Europe. Enjoy the panoramic views of forests and heathlands.
  5. Deventer to Groningen: A 135-km journey at the heart of The Netherlands, travelling through quaint towns like Assen and bustling cities such as Leeuwarden.