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Car Hire in Western Isles

Unlock the Rustic Allure of Scotland's Western Isles

City car on Western Isles, featuring hills, loch and lighthouse

Embark on a mesmerising journey to the Western Isles, or more commonly known as the Outer Hebrides, a stunning archipelago located off the northwest coast of Scotland. Dreamlike landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and lush flora make this place a paradise for nature lovers. A ride in your car presents to you a spectacle of rusty thatched cottages, ancient archaelogical sites, and sparkling beaches interrupted only by cliffs and lighthouses. The scenic beauty is complemented by the rich cultural history and traditions of Gaelic music and Hebridean hospitality. Hiring a car is highly recommended to fully explore the breadth of sights and experiences these islands offer.

Your journey begins on the Isle of Lewis, home to the famous Calanais Standing Stones that predate the stone circles of Stonehenge. The stone circles are considered one of the most remarkable prehistoric sites, with a history that goes back 5000 years. Driving a few miles away, you encounter the alluring sea views of the white sandy beaches at Luskentyre and Seilebost. The leisurely drive through the Harris Tweed Country is a must, remarkable for its rough beauty and traditional Harris Tweed weaving.

As you continue south, the breathtaking scenery of the Uists awaits. The Isle of Benbecula, interlaced with eye-pleasing machair and moorland, is a haven for bird watchers. Your car adventure culminates in the southernmost island of Barra, where you can stroll around the enchanting Castle Bay or take a beach landing at the Barra Airport, the only one in the world where scheduled flights use the beach as a runway.

Car Hire Q&A

Western Isles Car Hire Information

1. What are the costs of hiring a car in Western Isles?

Car hire prices in Western Isles can vary depending on the season, duration of hire, and type of car. On average, customers can expect to pay between £20 and £70 per day. Daily rates are generally lower for longer hire periods.

2. Which car model is most popular for hire in Western Isles?

The compact cars are usually the most popular due to their fuel efficiency and ease of use on the islands' narrow roads. However, 4x4s are also in demand due to Western Isles' rugged terrain.

3. Where are the most popular locations to hire a car in Western Isles?

The most popular locations to hire a car in Western Isles are at the airports such as Barra Airport and Benbecula Airport. Other popular locations are the ferry ports and island's main towns.

4. Is there a 24/7 pick up and drop off service?

Some car hire companies in Western Isles offer 24/7 pick up and drop off service, but this depends on the supplier. Always check with the company in advance.

5. What's the minimum hire duration?

The minimum hire period is usually one day. However, some companies may require a longer minimum rental period during peak summer months.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Western Isles?

In general, the minimum age to hire a car in Western Isles is 23. However, for some high-performance or luxury cars, the age requirement could be higher.

7. What documents do I need for hiring or driving a car in Western Isles?

You will need a valid driving licence, a credit or debit card for payment, and identification such as a passport. If you are from outside the EU, an International Driving Permit may also be required.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Western Isles by car?

The best time to visit by car is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is most favourable. However, the islands have a unique charm all year round, and winter hires may offer lower rates.

9. What are the main airports in Western Isles?

The main airports in Western Isles are Stornoway Airport on the Isle of Lewis, Barra Airport on the island of Barra and Benbecula Airport.

10. Can I pick up a car in one Western Isles city and drop it off in another?

Typically, most car hire companies in Western Isles offer one-way rentals, but it's always a good idea to confirm with the company in case there are additional fees involved.

Car Rental Reviews


Stornoway – 02-01-2024. As a first-time visitor to Stornoway, I appreciate the straightforward hiring process at this car rental company. The value is excellent, considering the car's quality and the service provided. Always appreciated a good deal, and the contract was crystal clear, no hidden costs involved, this gave me the peace of mind to completely enjoy my trip.


Harris – 30-09-2023. I was deeply impressed with how efficient the whole transaction was. The staff were helpful, and the car available for me was a comfortable ride and spotless inside out! They even suggested some locations to drive to on the beautiful Isle of Harris. The price was competitive, and I found the whole experience to be terrific!


Harris – 15-08-2023. My wife and I hired a car for a week, intending to make the most of our visit to Harris island. The experience was second-to-none. Not only was the car in top condition, the price for a week was outstanding. The representative was knowledgeable and gave us handy advice regarding local attractions. Highly recommended!


North Uist – 25-06-2023. Such a brilliant service from start to finish! The hiring process was a breeze, the staff were friendly and I was out on the road in no time. The cost of the hire was very reasonable and the car met my needs perfectly. Can't beat touring North Uist in a comfortable ride.


South Uist – 10-03-2023. As an elderly gentleman, I've had my fair share of car hire experiences, and I must say, this was one of the best. The car was well maintained and served us well during our stay on South Uist. The price was fair, and I must commend the respect and politeness of the staff.


Barra – 02-01-2023. This car rental service goes above and beyond! They were super accommodating, the car was fantastic, and also offered local advice which was much appreciated. As a young woman on my first solo trip, their professional and kind service meant a lot. Keep up the good work!

Western Isles Highlights

Discover the gems of Western Isles

  1. Stornoway: Western Isles' largest town, known for its bustling port and the beautiful Lews Castle.
  2. Castlebay: A small, charming fishing village on the Island of Barra. Famous for Kisimul Castle.
  3. Tarbert: Home to the main ferry terminal and the Harris Tweed Shop, offering stunning views.
  4. Lochmaddy: A quiet village in North Uist, with a scenic harbour and multiple art galleries.
  5. Lochboisdale: South Uist's main village with a harbour, providing ferry services to the mainland.
  6. Leverburgh: A picturesque village on the Isle of Harris, where car hires are popular among tourists.
  7. Breasclete: Known for the Callanish Stones, one of Scotland’s most significant and spectacular prehistoric sites.

Western Isles Connections

Key Roadway Highlights for Tourism

  1. Stornoway - Ullapool:: This 130-km trip takes approximately 3 hours by ferry, providing a picturesque journey across the Minch.
  2. Stornoway - Tarbert:: A 58-km circular journey follows the A859 and A858 roads offering views of moorland and coastal areas, typically taking 1 hour.
  3. Lochmaddy - Sollas:: A 20-km drive through North Uist along the A865 road makes for a breezy half an hour drive taking you past beaches and dunes.
  4. Lochboisdale - Loch Carnan:: This 28-km route circles South Uist via the A865, taking about 30 minutes and offers sight of island scenery.
  5. Tarbert - Cluer:: A 32-km route along the B887 takes you past West Harris's stunning coastal scenery in approximately 40 minutes.
  6. Ardmhor - Castlebay:: A 53-km long drive on A888 road across Barra Island, around 1.5 hour including the stunning ferry ride.
  7. Berneray - Borve:: A beautiful 9-km drive along the minor road and A865, traversing North Uist's stunning landscape.

Driving in Western Isles

Essential Facts for Tourists

1. What side of the road do they drive on in Western Isles?

In Western Isles, like the rest of the UK, driving is done on the left-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Western Isles?

The general speed limit in built-up areas is 30 miles per hour unless indicated otherwise. On single carriage roads, it is 60 mph and on dual carriageways and motorways, it is 70 mph.

3. Do I require an international driving license to drive in Western Isles?

It depends on your nationality. EU/EEA licence holders can drive in the UK. However, if your domestic driving licence is not in English, you might be required to get an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Western Isles?

There are some fixed speed cameras on major roads, and mobile speed cameras are used across the region too.

5. Are there toll roads in Western Isles?

There are no toll roads in Western Isles. The roads are maintained by local councils and are free to use.

6. How are the road conditions in Western Isles?

The roads in Western Isles are generally in good condition, but do be prepared for some narrow, winding roads. Always take care, particularly in rural areas.

7. What are some common driving safety rules in Western Isles?

Seatbelts must be worn at all times. Overtaking is only allowed in designated areas. Use of a mobile phone while driving is strictly prohibited.

8. Where can I find petrol stations in Western Isles?

Petrol stations can be found in most towns, but they might be few and far between in more remote locations. Plan your journey accordingly.

9. How can I understand road signs in the UK?

UK road signs adhere to international standards. They are easy to understand, with clear symbols and minimal text.

10. Can I drive in Western Isles with my non-UK driving license?

If you are a tourist and your home country is part of the EU/EEA, then you can drive with your home country license. Otherwise, you might have to get an International Driving Permit.

11. What should I do in case of a car breakdown in Western Isles?

You should always carry a breakdown cover policy from a reliable provider. In the event of a breakdown, you should contact your provider immediately.

12. Are there any specific rules for nighttime driving in Western Isles?

Most of the UK driving rules apply to night driving, including speed limits. Extra caution should be taken owing to reduced visibility.

13. How often will I come across traffic signals in Western Isles?

Traffic signals are common in populated areas, but you may not come across many on rural roads or in remote areas.

14. Is it mandatory to carry any specific documents while driving in Western Isles?

Yes, it is mandatory to carry your driving licence, insurance certificate and car hire details while driving.

15. Are there parking facilities available easily in Western Isles?

Yes, there are public parking facilities available in the towns. Always check local signage for restrictions or charges.

Explore Western Isles

Top attractions for car-hire tourists

  1. Callanish Standing Stones: Famous Neolithic site featuring iconic standing stones.
  2. Lews Castle: Victorian-era castle offering stunning views of Stornoway.
  3. Butt of Lewis Lighthouse: A picturesque lighthouse perched on the edge of the island.
  4. St Clement's Church: Historic church featuring medieval architecture in Rodel.
  5. Isle of Harris: Offers beautiful landscapes and the famous Harris Tweed production.
  6. An Lanntair: Arts centre showcasing local Hebridean culture and arts.
  7. Museum nan Eilean: Museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Western Isles.
  8. Berneray Island: Beautiful island known for its wildlife and stunning beaches.

Western Isles Roadtrips

Discover the beauty of Western Isles by car

  1. Stornoway to Tarbert: A 60km journey showcasing vibrant culture, stunning sea views and charming small town Scotland. Tarbert is regarded as the gateway to the Southern Isles.
  2. Callanish Standing Stones tour: A 29km journey from Stornoway, these ancient stones still stand tall and are a spectacular sight in the Scottish weather.
  3. North Harris Mountain Trail: This grand 89km route leads from Stornoway all the way to Hushinish on the west of Harris. Mountain sceneries, remote beaches and towering cliffs are among the highlights.
  4. Isle of Barra Circular: A 42km circular road which frames the beautiful Isle of Barra, complete with sandy beaches and historic landmarks like Kisimul Castle.
  5. Leverburgh to Rodel: Explore the gorgeous coastline with this 23km drive complete with stunning views of the Atlantic ocean and historic churches.
  6. Benbecula Uist Trail: The 55km route offers an extensive range of wildlife, stunning sea views including on a clear day, the view to Skye and Rhum.
  7. Eriskay Causeway Route: A 43km route from Benbecula across the causeway to Eriskay, filled with panoramic seascapes and vibrant local culture.