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Exploring the charm of Stranraer becomes easy when you hire a car from our service. We offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring your rental and travel experience in this distinctive region of Scotland is smooth. Providing road assistance, we ensure perfect safety for visiting notable sites such as Mull of Galloway.

Car Hire in Stranraer

Discover Stranraer and Beyond With A Car Hire

City car against Stranraer landscape, Loch Ryan, stone houses, sunset

Discover the charming town of Stranraer, nestled in the south-west of Scotland. This gateway town is rich with maritime history and offers scenic views of Loch Ryan. The stunning landscapes surrounding Stranraer paint an idyllic picture of countryside life in the United Kingdom. Numerous heritage sites, bustling markets, and inviting pubs dot the town, offering a unique blend of traditional culture and modern comforts.

A car hire provides the perfect means to explore the nooks and crannies of the city at your own pace. Embarking on a scenic drive from Stranraer to the coastal village of Portpatrick, located 8 miles away, is a must. Here, coastal paths offer views of cliffs, sea lochs, and stunning sunsets. A short jaunt in the car will take you to Mull of Galloway, which is the southernmost point of Scotland and home to spectacular clifftop views, the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, and RSPB Nature Reserve.

Drive further afield, about 43 miles, and you'll reach the enchanting Galloway Forest Park, known as Britain's first 'Dark Sky Park'. Here, the lack of light pollution makes for unforgettable stargazing experiences. The journey through the wonderful landscapes of Dumfries and Galloway, brimming with wildlife and waterfalls, is an adventure in itself. With a car, the full array of Stranraer's beauty becomes accessible, leaving you free to enjoy and explore at your leisure.

Stranraer Car Hire

Frequent Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Stranraer?

The cost of hiring a car in Stranraer varies depending on multiple factors such as the time of the year, the duration of the hire and the type of car. On average, rates can range from £15 to £50 per day.

2. What is the most in-demand car model to hire in Stranraer?

Considering Stranraer's rural setting, many customers prefer spacious and robust cars like SUVs, making them the most sought-after car type. This is also due to their suitability for navigating both town roads and the surrounding countryside.

3. What are the most popular locations to hire a car in Stranraer?

Most of the car hire services are located near the town centre and transportation hubs for easy accessibility. Some companies also offer services at the Glasgow Airport, which is the nearest international airport to Stranraer.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Many companies offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services, but it's always recommended to confirm with the specific company beforehand.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, most car hire companies in Stranraer have a minimum rental period, typically 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a car in Stranraer?

The minimum age to hire a car in Stranraer is usually 21 years old, but this can vary depending on the hire company's policy.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Stranraer?

To hire a car in Stranraer, you’ll need a valid driving licence, a form of identity verification (like a passport), and a credit card to secure the booking.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Stranraer by car?

Stranraer can be visited all year round. However, the summer months (June to September) are often preferred by tourists for enjoying the stunning coastal landscapes.

9. What are the main airports in Stranraer?

The Glasgow Airport is the closest international airport to Stranraer. However, there are also regional airports such as the Prestwick Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Stranraer and drop it off in another town?

Many car hire companies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the car in Stranraer and drop it off in a different location. However, it's advisable to check with the hire company to avoid additional fees.

Customer Feedback


Stranraer – 12-09-2024. I highly recommend this car hire company in Stranraer. Excellent service and cars in superb condition. They have set fair prices for their wide variety of vehicles. The staff has been very helpful throughout the whole hiring process.


Stranraer – 08-07-2024. I've always received top-notch service at this car hire company, and my latest experience was no different. The car we hired was clean, running smoothly and fuel efficient. The car hire costs were reasonable and straightforward, no hidden fees.


Stranraer – 22-03-2024. I've been hiring cars from this Stranraer located company for over 5 years now. Always good quality cars and impeccable customer service. Easy to reach location and prices apt for the service they provide.


Stranraer – 06-01-2024. Top class car hire. Swift and efficient service, got the keys in no time. The car was in fantastic shape, making our drive around lovely Stranraer truly enjoyable.


Stranraer – 18-09-2023. Impressive service from this car hire service based in Stranraer. The car was ready to go when I arrived, and the transaction was smooth and hassle-free. I appreciated their clear communication and their dedication to customer satisfaction.


Stranraer – 29-06-2023. I was very satisfied with my car hire from this company while vacationing in Stranraer. Great selection of cars, reasonable prices, and courteous staff. Added to the overall pleasure of the trip. Would certainly use their services again.

Stranraer Road Connections

Important City Links for Car Travellers

  1. Stranraer - Glasgow: Covering about 170km, typically takes 2h 30min via A77 and M77. The motorways are in good condition, with service stations along the route.
  2. Stranraer - Edinburgh: Roughly 220km, approximately 3h via A75 and A702. Major roads are well maintained with regular rest points.
  3. Stranraer - Carlisle: Almost a 2h journey covering around 120km via A75 with well maintained roads.
  4. Stranraer - Ayr: Just over an hour's drive through the A77, with a distance of around 90km. The journey is mostly on dual carriageways.
  5. Stranraer - Dumfries: An approximately 75km journey that takes around 1h 15min via A75. The roads are in good condition with frequent sign boards.
  6. Stranraer - Prestwick: Roughly a 90 minute drive covering around 100km via A77. The roads are good, with scenic views along the coast.
  7. Stranraer - Gretna Green: An easy drive of about 2h spanning around 145km via A75. Well-maintained roads with service areas en route.

Stranraer Driving

Key Doubts & Concerns

1. Which side of the road are you required to drive on in Stranraer?

In Stranraer, as with the rest of the U.K., you are required to drive on the left-hand side of the road.

2. Are there speed limits in Stranraer?

Yes. The standard speed limit in built-up areas is 30 miles per hour (mph), but limits can vary on other types of roads. Always take notice of signage indicating the limit.

3. What is required to hire a car in Stranraer?

You must hold a valid driving license, be aged 21 years or over and have at least one year's driving experience.

4. Are there speed cameras in Stranraer?

Yes, there are speed cameras installed around the city and country, aimed at enforcing speed limits and increasing road safety.

5. How do the traffic rules and road signs in Stranraer differ from other countries?

Most traffic rules and road signs are standardised, but differences may exist, such as driving on the left. It's advisable to familiarise yourself with the local rules before driving.

6. Are toll roads common in Stranraer and the surrounding area?

While there are toll roads in the UK, there are currently no toll roads in Stranraer or the rest of Scotland.

7. What type of driving license is needed to drive in Stranraer?

A full, valid driving license is required. If your driving license is not written in English, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is also recommended.

8. How heavy is the traffic in Stranraer?

Traffic in Stranraer is typically light, but can be busier during peak hours or during holiday periods.

9. How are the driving conditions in Stranraer?

Driving conditions are generally good, though take care in wet or icy conditions and check local updates during adverse weather.

10. Are there specific parking rules in Stranraer?

Yes, there are parking regulations to adhere to, such as not parking on yellow lines. Always check signage for restrictions before parking.

11. Are there specific hours that headlights must be used in Stranraer?

Headlights should be used between twilight and sunrise, and any other times visibility is reduced, such as during adverse weather conditions.

12. Are roundabouts common in Stranraer?

Roundabouts are common in the UK, including Stranraer, and it's essential to understand roundabout rules.

13. How does car hire insurance work in Stranraer?

Car hire companies generally offer different types of insurance with varying levels of cover.

14. How do zebra crossings work in Stranraer?

Drivers must give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings.

15. Can I drive in Stranraer with a European driving license?

Yes, European driving licences are accepted in the UK.

Stranraer Sights

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. Castle of St. John: A medieval tower house residing in the heart of Stranraer, serving as a notable historic landmark.
  2. Castle Kennedy Gardens: Beautifully restored 19th-century gardens surrounding Castle Kennedy, a delightful place to relax and explore.
  3. Mull of Galloway Lighthouse: The southernmost point of Scotland offering stunning ocean vistas and a charming lighthouse.
  4. Glenwhan Gardens: Stunningly cultivated gardens and arboretum, home to a wide array of plant species.
  5. Dunskey Garden: A delightful walled garden near Portpatrick offering floral spectacle and serene walking paths.
  6. Logan Botanic Garden: A globally recognised garden, known for its exotic plant collections imported from around the world.
  7. Stranraer Museum: Housed in the old town hall, it provides interesting insights into the local lore and history.
  8. Ardwell Gardens: An enchanting garden spectacle worth a visit for its wide variety of flora and peaceful atmosphere.

Stranraer Roadtrips

Exploring South West Scotland by Car

  1. Stranraer to Dumfries: A route of approximately 115 kilometres, enjoy the beautiful Galloway Forest Park and take a detour to Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town.
  2. Galloway Coastal Path: A roughly 45 kilometre journey. Begin in Stranraer, then discover Mull of Galloway, Scotland's most southerly point, with breathtaking views of Scotland’s coast.
  3. Stranraer to Edinburgh: Covering a distance of about 225 kilometres, pass through Glasgow before reaching Scotland's historic capital, of rich culture and history.
  4. Stranraer to Oa Peninsula: Cover about 200 kilometres to reach this picturesque site on Islay, offering some of the best wildlife and nature views.
  5. Stranraer to Glasgow: A roughly 140 kilometre route. Explore Scotland's vibrant city known for its friendly people, stunning architecture, and rich music scene.
  6. Stranraer to Gretna Green: Approx. 128 kilometres to Scotland’s most famous location for weddings, rich in history and romance.
  7. Ayrshire Coastal Path: Begin in Stranraer and set out on the approximately 160 kilometre stretch to Skelmorlie, enjoying the stunning coastal views.