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Car Hire in Exmouth

The Journey from Perth to Exmouth: A trip through Australia's Tropical Heartland

City car near lighthouse, Kangaroo, colourful birds, Ningaloo Reef

Welcome to the tranquil magnetism of Exmouth, the sparkling gem of the Northwestern Australia's coral coast. This coastal town exhibits an epitome of Australia's diverse and stunning natural beauty. The town, located 1,270 kilometers north of Perth, is a favorite destination among nature lovers, snorkeling and diving enthusiasts given its majestic landscapes, extensive wildlife, and underwater spectacle surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage Ningaloo Reef.

For explorers electing to traverse on their own, hiring a car is recommended. With a journey by car, you can expect to cover the distance from Perth to Exmouth in approximately 13 hours. Multiple iconic attractions can be visited enroute to Exmouth, including the Lesueur National Park, a biodiversity hotspot boasting over 900 plant species, and the Kalbarri National Park, renowned for its extraordinary river-carved landscapes. Once in Exmouth serve your visual palate with the turquoise waters of Bundegi Beach, soul-stirring sunsets at Town Beach, or embrace serendipity spotting Dolphins at the Jurabi Turtle Centre.

Beyond Exmouth, a pleasant three-hour drive south takes you to the picturesque Coral Bay. Known for the inland canyons at Charles Knife and Shothole Canyons, the region is a hub for panoramic views and photography. A journey along the Coral Coast Highway from Exmouth assures a solitary encounter with untouched nature’s splendor, stunning seascapes along the route Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies at Yardie Creek within the Cape Range National Park.

Exmouth Car Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the cost of hiring a car in Exmouth?

The cost of hiring a car in Exmouth varies depending on the type of car and the duration of the hire. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from AUD $35 to $120 per day. Prices tend to be higher during peak travel season, and lower in the off-season.

2. What car model is the most popular for hire in Exmouth?

The most frequently hired car in Exmouth is the compact car perfect for city terrains. However, due to Exmouth's proximity to Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park, 4-Wheel Drives (4WD) are also popular for tourists aiming to explore beyond the city.

3. Where are the popular locations to hire a car in Exmouth?

The most popular locations for car hire in Exmouth include the town centre and 'Exmouth Learmonth Airport'. Companies often provide shuttle services from the airport to their offices.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, most car hire companies in Exmouth offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it's best to confirm this with the company at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Generally, there is a minimum hire period of one day. However, some companies may offer hourly rates for short-term rentals.

6. What is the minimum age to hire a car in Exmouth?

The minimum age requirement to hire a car in Exmouth is typically 21, although this may vary between hire companies. Some companies may also charge a young driver surcharge for drivers under the age of 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Exmouth?

To hire a car in Exmouth, you will need to present a driving license (international if from overseas), passport for identification, and a valid credit card for the security deposit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Exmouth by car?

The best time to visit Exmouth is during the Australian winter months (June to August), this is when the weather is most pleasant for road trips and outdoor activities.

9. What are the main airports in Exmouth?

The main airport servicing Exmouth is Exmouth Learmonth Airport. This airport is well serviced by hire car companies.

10. Can I pick up the car in Exmouth and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies in Exmouth offer the option to pick up your car in Exmouth and drop it off in a different city. However, this usually comes with an additional charge, known as a one-way fee.

Customer Experiences

Isabel Thompson

Perth – 03-01-2024. Incredibly satisfied with the hire service provided during my recent trip to Exmouth. Arranging the hire was straightforward, and the car I received exceeded my expectations. I was able to explore the extraordinary landscapes of Western Australia without any hassle. Highly recommend for anyone taking an Exmouth adventure.

Malcolm Stapleton

Sydney – 05-10-2023. I had a spectacular time travelling around Exmouth. Credit must be given to the car hire company for providing an excellent and reliable vehicle. The prices were very competitive, allowing me to spend more on other enjoyable activities in and around the area. The Ningaloo reef was a sight to behold.

Fiona Patel

Melbourne – 15-08-2023. Absolute value for money! Excellent service and the car was in tip-top condition, providing a smooth journey throughout. We covered every corner of Exmouth at our leisure. The prices were definitely reminiscent of the warm and welcoming nature of the people in this town, throughout our visit.

Paul Devereaux

Brisbane – 19-07-2023. My recent visit to the picturesque town of Exmouth was made even more memorable by the seamless and straightforward car hire process. Had an excellent experience and the car was spot on, with no issues during the entire hire duration. The staff were professional and the service was top-notch. Would definitely use this service again.

Harriet McKenzie

Adelaide – 28-06-2023. Have had experiences with many hire services in the past, but none were as satisfying as this one in Exmouth. The process was efficient, the car was in exceptional condition, and the price was fair given the high-quality service. Would strongly recommend anyone visiting Exmouth to utilise this unparalleled hire service.

Dennis Richards

Canberra – 18-05-2023. What a splendid trip exploring Exmouth! The car hire was significantly smooth and trouble-free, contributing to an overall great travel experience. The staff were professional and cooperative. Further, the car was perfect for a trip around the locale, particularly the breathtaking views of Cape Range National park.

Driving from Exmouth

Explore Western Australia's Most Scenic Routes

  1. Exmouth to Perth: A journey of approximately 1,261 kilometres along the North West Coastal Highway and Brand Highway. Travel time is around 13 hours, with beautiful coastal views along the way.
  2. Exmouth to Coral Bay: Located 152 kilometres south, Coral Bay is about a 2-hour drive on the Minilya-Exmouth Road. The roads are well-maintained with infrequent traffic.
  3. Exmouth to Ningaloo: A short, 8-kilometre journey that takes about 15 minutes driving on Yardie Creek Road. The road is generally in good condition, but be mindful of wildlife.
  4. Exmouth to Broome: A 1,392-kilometre drive, taking about 14 hours via North West Coastal Highway. Allow extra time for rest breaks and sightseeing.
  5. Exmouth to Monkey Mia: This 724-kilometre journey usually takes around 7-and-a-half hours drive along the North West Coastal Highway and Shark Bay Road.
  6. Exmouth to Carnarvon: Approximately 370 kilometres south on the North West Coastal Highway, this drive takes around 4 hours. It's a smooth ride with great roadside amenities.
  7. Exmouth to Karijini: A 674-kilometre drive, typically taking around 7 hours. Travel along the North West Coastal Highway and then the Nanutarra Munjina Road to reach the spectacular Karijini National Park.

Driving in Exmouth

Quality Guidance for Travellers

1. What is the standard speed limit in Exmouth's city area?

In built-up areas like Exmouth, the standard speed limit is usually 50km/h unless otherwise indicated.

2. What type of driving licence is required to drive in Exmouth?

International visitors can use a valid overseas driver's licence for the same class of vehicle. This licence must be in English or accompanied by an International Driving Permit or certified translation.

3. Are there speed cameras in Exmouth?

Yes, speed cameras and red light cameras are present in Exmouth and across Western Australia. These are part of road safety measures to ensure all drivers follow the speed limits.

4. Are there any toll roads in and around Exmouth?

No, there are no toll roads in Exmouth or anywhere else in Western Australia.

5. What are some general driving rules in Exmouth?

Drive on the left side of the road, obey traffic signs and signals, do not exceed the speed limits, and always use indicators when changing lanes and turning.

6. Are there areas with a reduced speed limit?

Yes, you will encounter areas such as school zones and construction zones where the speed limit may be significantly reduced.

7. How is the traffic in Exmouth in general?

Generally, Exmouth is not overly congested with traffic. However, during holiday seasons, the volume of vehicles using the roads may increase.

8. What safety regulations should drivers adhere to in Exmouth?

Drivers should comply with speed restrictions, use seat belts at all times, correctly follow the road traffic signs, do not use mobile devices while driving and refrain from drinking or drug use before driving.

9. Can I use my international licence to hire a car in Exmouth?

Yes, an international licence is acceptable, so long as it is written in English or is accompanied by an English translation. It must also be valid.

10. In case of a vehicle breakdown, what should I do?

Try to move your car to a safe spot away from traffic, use hazard lights or safety triangles to alert other drivers. Contact your car hire company or the roadside assistance service.

11. How are the road conditions outside Exmouth?

Road conditions can vary greatly in the more remote areas of Western Australia. It is recommended to check road conditions prior to journey.

12. Are there freeways in Exmouth?

At the moment, Exmouth does not have any freeways. The roads are mainly single or double lane roads.

13. Can I drive off-road in Exmouth?

Off-road driving may be allowed pending on the car-hire agreement. It's always best to confirm this with the car hire company.

14. Are there any restrictions on night-time driving in Exmouth?

While there are no specific restrictions, driving at night especially in remote areas may become dangerous due to limited visibility and wildlife on roads.

15. Where should the kids sit in the car?

Children under the age of 7 are required to be fitted into an approved child restraint. Children aged 4-7 can only sit in the front seat if all the rear seats are occupied by younger children.

Exmouth Roadtrips

Scenic Drives in Western Australia

  1. Exmouth to Coral Bay: A short 139km journey through the heart of the Ningaloo Coast, known for its beautiful marine life and vibrant coral reefs.
  2. Exmouth to Shark Bay: A lengthy but worthwhile 672km journey offers tourists a chance to visit Monkey Mia, which is renowned for its dolphin interactions.
  3. Ningaloo Reef Drive : Covering a stretch of 200km, this roadtrip explores the stunning Ningaloo Reef and provides opportunities for snorkelling and diving.
  4. Exmouth to Perth: This epic 1,270km journey showcases Australia's diverse landscapes, from the beautiful coastal towns to the bustling city of Perth.
  5. The Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathway: An extended 620km roadtrip offering breathtaking views of the arid landscape and the chance to explore extinct volcanoes.
  6. Cape Range National Park Drive: A shorter 72km drive within the boundaries of Exmouth, featuring rugged canyons, superb snorkeling sites and regular roo sightings.
  7. Exmouth to Karijini National Park: A total of 674km drive, this route provides tourists the rare opportunity to visit one of the largest and most scenic parks in Western Australia.


Exmouth Explorer

The Top 8 Attractions Near Exmouth

  1. Ningaloo Reef: Marvel at the world's largest fringing coral reef, a snorkelling and diving paradise.
  2. Cape Range National Park: Stunning gorges, unique wildlife, and myriad of outdoor recreational activities await.
  3. Exmouth Gulf: Ideal for fishing enthusiasts, this place also offers views of endangered dugong herds.
  4. Yardie Creek: Hike through this gorge for a novel adventure and observe the native fauna and flora.
  5. Ningaloo Marine Park: Perfect for whale watching, or swimming with manta rays and turtles.
  6. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse: Historical site with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.
  7. Jurabi Coastal Reserve: Enjoy the pristine beaches and learn about cultural and natural heritage at this reserve.
  8. Charles Knife Canyon: Offers magnificent views and photographic opportunities, especially at sunrise and sunset.