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Avail our premium car hire services in Campbelltown. Our client-focused customer service is known for its reliability in short and long-term packages. Touring the historic Dove Cottage, shopping at Macarthur Square, or visiting the beautiful Australian Botanic Garden is made accessible by our service. We are committed to providing unmatched customer assistance, understanding our clients' unique needs and preferences of this region.

Car Hire in Campbelltown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Campbelltown?

The average cost of hiring a car in Campbelltown often depends on the type of car and the rental duration. Generally, prices can range from AUD$30 to AUD$200 per day. For greater savings, it's advisable to hire cars for longer periods and ensure bookings are made in advance.

2. What is the most popular hired car model in Campbelltown?

The most popular type of car to hire in Campbelltown generally is a compact or economy car. Considering the city's traffic, these smaller cars provide better mobility and are more cost-efficient when it comes to fuel consumption.

3. What are the popular locations to pick up a hired car in Campbelltown?

The primary locations to hire a car in Campbelltown include the city centre and Campbelltown station. Some companies also offer pick-up and drop-off services at airport locations.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car hire companies in Campbelltown offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring convenience for clients with varying schedules. Always confirm this service when making your booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most car hire companies in Campbelltown require a minimum rental period, typically at least one day. However, this can vary among different companies and it is advisable to check this during the booking process.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Campbelltown?

In Australia, the standard minimum age to hire a car is 21 years, with a full driving license. Certain categories of cars may have a higher age minimum, and under age 25 drivers are often subject to an additional fee.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Campbelltown?

To hire a car in Campbelltown, you typically need to provide a valid driving licence, credit card for the security deposit, and proof of identity such as a passport. International travellers may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Campbelltown by car?

Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May) are quite pleasant for exploring Campbelltown and its surrounding regions by car. During these periods, the weather is typically milder and tourist crowds are often less.

9. What are the main airports in Campbelltown?

Campbelltown does not have its own airport. However, it's conveniently located around 50 kilometres from Sydney Airport (SYD), making it accessible for visitors or travellers.

10. Can I pick up a hired car in Campbelltown and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many car hire companies in Campbelltown offer one-way rentals, permitting you to drop off the vehicle in a different location. There may be additional fees associated with this service.

Car Hire Reviews


Campbelltown – 03-01-2024. Although I hired the car for business, I found time to drive through the scenic hillsides of Campbelltown. The car handled these roads excellently. The car rental service was professional and straightforward. I appreciated their fair pricing policy. I find their collection of cars impressive and the one I had the privilege to drive was very well maintained.


Campbelltown – 12-10-2023. I hired a car over the weekend to visit family in Campbelltown. The customer service was splendid and the car was in great condition. The prices were entirely reasonable for such a quality service. They certainly provide a reliable car hire service.


Campbelltown – 27-08-2023. Always a joy to hire a car with this company. Love how they have adapted to technology, allows for smooth hiring process. No hidden charges, everything is upfront. Exceptional service in Campbelltown. I must commend their efficient service and commendable pricing.


Campbelltown – 09-06-2023. Efficient and reliable service. I hired a car for my visit to the Historic Williamson’s Tunnels and I was not disappointed. Great service for an equally great price, I am fully satisfied. Their cars are always clean and well-serviced. Won't hesitate to hire from them again.


Campbelltown – 22-03-2023. I hired a car for a week to tour the charming Campbelltown, and it was a wonderful experience. Always punctual, reliable and affordable rates. Their fleet is comprehensive, and I found a car that perfectly matched my requirements. Highly recommend.


Campbelltown – 18-12-2022. I had to hire a car for a quick trip to Campbelltown. The process was effortless, and the car was top-notch. The staff were very professional and informed me about all the necessary details. I am pleased with my experience and the value for money.

Campbelltown Road Connections

Seven key routes for tourists

  1. Campbelltown - Sydney: A 50 km journey via the A6 freeway which takes approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic. The road is in great condition with plenty of services along the journey.
  2. Campbelltown - Canberra: This 264 km drive takes around 3 hours via the M5 and M31. The road condition is excellent, and the route offers a scenic drive.
  3. Campbelltown - Newcastle: A 196 km route via the M31 and M1 which takes approximately 2 hours. The roads are well-maintained, with rest stops and food outlets on the way.
  4. Campbelltown - Wollongong: Approximately 60 km travel taking around 50 minutes via the Northcliffe Dr and Princes Motorway. The roads are in good condition, offering beautiful coastal views.
  5. Campbelltown - Blue Mountains: Approximately 92 km journey typically taking 1.5 hours via the M4 Western Motorway. The breathtaking mountain views are worth the easy drive.
  6. Campbelltown - Kiama: A lovely 98 km trip via the South Western Motorway and Princes Motorway taking around 1.5 hours. The excellent road condition makes for a pleasant journey.
  7. Campbelltown - Bathurst: A lengthier 198 km drive which takes roughly 2.5 hours via the Great Western Highway. The journey is scenic with well-maintained roads.

Driving in Campbelltown

Common Concerns Addressed

1. What is the speed limit in Campbelltown?

The regular speed limit in urban areas like Campbelltown is 50 km/hr unless otherwise signposted. This limit is applicable on most suburban roads and may vary on highways.

2. Do I need an Australian driving licence?

Yes, but international tourists can also use their valid overseas licence as long as it's in English or accompanied by an international driving permit.

3. Are there speed cameras in Campbelltown?

Yes, speed cameras are operational in Campbelltown. Both fixed and mobile speed cameras are in place, and fines apply for speeding violations.

4. Do I need to pay tolls when driving in Campbelltown?

There can be toll roads, bridges or tunnel in and around Campbelltown. These are clearly marked and require electronic payment.

5. Are there particular driving rules I should be aware of?

Driving is on the left side of the road. Always give way to vehicles on your right at intersections and pedestrian at crossings.

6. How is the traffic in Campbelltown?

Traffic can get busy during peak hours especially around school and office hours, it is advisable to plan your trip accordingly.

7. What should I know about road safety in Campbelltown?

Drivers and passengers should always wear seatbelts, and children should be in a proper child restraint. Distractions like mobile phone usage while driving is not permitted.

8. Can I drive outside of Campbelltown with a hire car?

Most hire car agreements allow you to travel across Australia without any restrictions but you should confirm with the hire company.

9. Are there services and assistance available for breakdowns?

Yes, most product plans include complementary roadside assistance.

10. Is parking easily available in Campbelltown?

There are plenty of parking bays in Campbelltown city centre as well as in residential areas, though it's usually paid.

11. What happens in the event of a collision?

Drivers should swap contact and insurance information and report to police if the damage is substantial.

12. Can I hire a car in Campbelltown on a probationary licence?

Most car rental companies require a full licence, but some may accept a probationary license

13. Can I reserve a baby seat for the hire car?

Yes, most rental car companies offer baby seats and other necessary equipment rental.

14. What should I know about driving in country areas?

When driving in rural areas be aware of wildlife, particularly at dawn and dusk when they're most active.

15. Can I drive in Campbelltown if I am unfamiliar with the Australian road rules?

Yes, but you should familiarise yourself with the road rules prior to driving.

Campbelltown Attractions

Sights to See in and around Campbelltown

  1. Japanese Gardens and Tearooms: Nestled within the Campbelltown Arts Centre, they present beautiful landscape and peaceful stronghold.
  2. Warner's Track: A stunning nature reserve track, perfect for bushwalking and bird-watching.
  3. Macarthur Region: A nearby heritage area, hosting historic homes and lush vineyards. A beautiful drive.
  4. Dharawal National Park: Presenting a wealth of Aboriginal heritage and striking natural landscapes.
  5. Minto Indoor Sports Centre: Action-packed fun with indoor soccer, netball and cricket options. Indoor family fun.
  6. Campbelltown Bicycle Education and Road Safety Centre: Fabulous spot for fun-filled family cycling. Also educates on road safety.
  7. The Cube Campbelltown Convention and Entertainment Centre: Impressive event venue with a variety of entertainment options.
  8. Quondong Cottage: A historic colonial home offering a glimpse into the region's past.

Discover Campbelltown

Roadtrips for Tourists

  1. Campbelltown to Canberra: An approximately 250 kilometre journey that offers a delightful mix of natural bush beauty and vibrant city culture. You may make stops at Bowral, Goulburn, and Bungendore.
  2. Campbelltown to Sydney: A shorter journey, roughly 50 kilometres. Take in the iconic sights of Sydney such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
  3. The Grand Pacific Drive: Starting in Royal National Park, this stunning coastal drive spans 140 kilometres and takes in picturesque seaside towns like Wollongong, Shellharbour, and Kiama.
  4. Campbelltown to Blue Mountains: A 80 kilometres journey to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Blue Mountains. Stop at Leura, Wentworth Falls and Katoomba to admire the World Heritage-listed area.
  5. Campbelltown to Hunter Valley: At a distance of around 220 kilometres, journey to the heart of Australia’s oldest wine region, with its beautiful vineyards, award-winning restaurants and stunning landscapes.
  6. Ocean Drive from Harrington to Port Macquarie: A beautiful stretch of coastline, driving this 75 kilometre segment offers beaches, national parks and charming small towns.
  7. Campbelltown to Shoalhaven: About 140 kilometres long, this route explores some of New South Wales' most stunning coastal scenery and vegetation.


Car Hire in Campbelltown

A Scenic Drive through Campbelltown's Attractions

City car with kangaroos, historic buildings, lush Campbelltown vista

Welcome to Campbelltown, a city steeped in history, rich in natural beauty, and brimming with cultural diversity. Located within the scenic Macarthur region and a comfortable 50 kilometers from Sydney's central business district, the city offers a balanced pace of life, allowing you to explore both bustling cityscapes and splendid natural attractions. Driving is one of the best ways to discover the hidden treasures of Campbelltown and its surrounding areas.

The city's historical sites tell wonderful narratives of its past. Campbelltown's Historic Houses are the crown jewels in the city’s antique treasury. Some well-preserved examples include Glenalvon House and Mawson Park. And, depending on how the mood strikes, you can extend your drive to Dharawal National Park a place of unspoiled wilderness one can explore. The Park is situated just a short 20-minute drive south of Campbelltown.

For those interested in arts and culture, be sure to visit Campbelltown Arts Centre, which exhibits a dynamic range of contemporary art practices. Lastly, the Australian Botanic Garden, just a 12-minute drive away from the city centre, boasts Australia's most extensive botanical resource. This thriving city ensures that you are never far from an enriching experience, and the convenience of a car allows you to roam through it at your leisure.