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Driving you to explore the picturesque landscape of Corstorphine is our unparalleled car hire service. We pride ourselves on prioritising customer satisfaction above all. Our team strives to provide seamless bookings, queries resolution and an unmatched drive experience to famed Corstorphine Hill and more. Uncover Corstorphine's beauty with our customer-centric service!

Car Hire in Corstorphine

Uncover Scotland's Charm with a Tour of Corstorphine and Beyond

City car in Corstorphine, featuring park, hills, and dovecot

Welcome to the enchanting district of Corstorphine, situated in the west of Edinburgh, Scotland. Originally a quaint village, Corstorphine maintains its unparalleled charm, offering a perfect blend between the bustling city life of Scotland's capital and the tranquility of a semi-rural setting. A popular choice for families and those who appreciate a slower pace but still want proximity to the city centre.

What sets this district apart is its rich history and abundant green spaces. Home to the Edinburgh Zoo - famed for its daily penguin parade, this location is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. History lovers will find Corstorphine's Old Parish Church, with features dating back to the 14th century, and Corstorphine Dovecot, irresistible. With everything available at your doorstep, it's no wonder that Corstorphine leaves visitors spellbound.

Perfectly connected by road, Corstorphine can be the starting point for a varied and captivating road trip around Scotland. By car, Tours of the nearby Lothian region can be completed within an hour, where you can explore castles and enjoy the beautiful shorelines. Moreover, a 3-hour car journey north will take you to the Scottish Highlands, known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities.

Car Hire in Corstorphine

Common Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Corstorphine?

The cost of car hire in Corstorphine can vary based on several factors such as the type of car, duration of hire, and any additional services requested. It's best to check the specific pricing details with the rental company.

2. Which car model is most popular for hire in Corstorphine?

The choice of car model in Corstorphine often depends on the purpose and duration of visit. However, considering the region's hilly terrain and winding roads, compact cars with good handling are often preferred by tourists.

3. What are the most popular locations to hire a car in Corstorphine?

Most visitors prefer to hire cars from locations close to their point of arrival or stay for convenience. Popular locations include near Edinburgh Airport and major railway stations.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Many car hire companies offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service for customers. However, it's recommended to confirm this with the company prior to booking.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Whilst some companies may require a minimum hire period, many offer flexibility for customers to hire a car for the duration that suits their needs.

6. What's the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Corstorphine?

Most car hire companies in Corstorphine require drivers to be at least 21 years old, with a full driving license held for a minimum of one year.

7. What do I need to have to hire or drive a car in Corstorphine?

To hire a car in Corstorphine, you'll need a valid driving license, proof of identity, and a credit card for security deposit. Some companies might also ask for additional documents, so check their terms and conditions beforehand.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Corstorphine by car?

Corstorphine is a beautiful place to visit all year round. However, if weather is a concern, the summer months of June to August offer the most pleasant driving conditions.

9. What are the main airports in Corstorphine?

The main airport near Corstorphine is Edinburgh Airport. It's a major hub with domestic and international connections.

10. Can I pick up the car in Corstorphine and drop it off in another city?

Many car hire companies offer a 'one-way' hire service, allowing customers to pick up the car in Corstorphine and drop it off in another city. However, there might be an additional fee for this service.

Car Hire Reviews


Corstorphine – 25-12-2024. I am absolutely delighted with the service I received, my family and I were in Corstorphine for a long trip and needed an affordable solution to move around. The prices offered were just the cherry on top. Not only did they have the best price, but the car was in a mint condition. Quick, easy and affordable, I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality car hire.


Corstorphine – 15-10-2024. While staying in Corstorphine, which is just lovely, I hired a car. Their prices are quite reasonable and the car was absolutely clean. Their team was very friendly and had everything organised. Ideal car hire service for a seamless journey.


Corstorphine – 01-09-2024. I visited Corstorphine last month and had the pleasure of using this car hire service. The process was quick and uncomplicated. I was able to make the most of my trip. Their competitive pricing really made my travel easier. Great service!


Corstorphine – 19-06-2024. I wanted to explore Corstorphine and hired a car from this establishment. Right from the initial paperwork, through to returning the car, their exceptional service shined through. Unbelievable value for money! Would certainly recommend to anyone visiting this beautiful part of Scotland.


Corstorphine – 22-04-2024. Impressed with their professionalism, this is my go-to when I visit Corstorphine. Their cars are well-maintained and service is great. Pricing is moderate and suits my budget. Absolutely top-notch!


Corstorphine – 12-02-2024. Smooth, hassle-free, and reasonably priced, the experience was worth every penny! Their team made hiring a car in Corstorphine easy. Perfect for those wanting to explore the city at their own pace.

Top 7 Road Connections

From Corstorphine to Key Attractions

  1. Corstorphine - Edinburgh Centre: 7.6km via A8; 15 min drive. Expect good road conditions in this highly frequented area.
  2. Corstorphine - Stirling: 61km via M9; approximately 50 min drive. Freeway in excellent condition.
  3. Corstorphine - Glasgow: 76km via M8; roughly 1-hour drive. Frequent traffic on M8.
  4. Corstorphine - Dundee: 94km via M90 and A90; 1.5 hours to reach. Be prepared for tolls on the Tay Road Bridge.
  5. Corstorphine - Perth: 80km via M90; about 1-hour drive. M90 roadworks occasionally might cause delays.
  6. Corstorphine - Aberdeen: 208km via A90; approximately 3 hours drive. Varied road surface on A90.
  7. Corstorphine - Inverness: 256km via A9; around 3.5 hours drive. Beware of speed cameras on A9.

Driving in Corstorphine

FAQs for Car Hire Customers

1. What is the general speed limit in Corstorphine?

The typical speed limit, for cars in built-up areas like Corstorphine, is 30 miles per hour, subject to local signage. However, the limit may increase to 60 miles per hour on a single carriageway and up to 70 miles per hour on dual carriageways and motorways.

2. On which side of the road should I drive?

In Corstorphine like the rest of the United Kingdom, it is obligatory to drive on the left-hand side of the road.

3. Are there any special driving rules I should be aware of?

One particular rule is that you must yield to the right at roundabouts. Also, maintain a sufficient distance from other vehicles, taking into consideration the road conditions and speed limit.

4. Do I need to carry my driving licence while driving?

Yes, it is mandatory to carry your valid driver's licence when driving a hired car in Corstorphine and the rest of the UK.

5. Are there radar speed checks in Corstorphine?

Yes, speed cameras are in operation in Corstorphine and throughout the UK. Fines and penalties apply for exceeding the speed limit.

6. How is the traffic situation typically in Corstorphine?

Traffic can be heavy during rush hours, typically between 7-9 AM and 5-6:30 PM on weekdays. It is always worth checking local traffic updates before setting out.

7. What documents do I need to hire a car in Corstorphine?

Typically, you need a valid driving licence, a credit card for payment and an additional proof of identity such as a passport.

8. Are there any driving safety rules particularly important?

Always adhere to the speed limit and be aware of changeable weather conditions which could affect road grip. Make sure you and your passengers wear seat belts and that children have the correct car seats as per their age and size.

9. Are there any toll roads while driving in Corstorphine or nearby?

Most of the roads, bridges and tunnels are free in Scotland. However, there are some exceptions, but not around the Corstorphine area.

10. Is parking easily available in Corstorphine?

Parking is available in Corstorphine, but it's important to check local restrictions, especially in residential areas.

11. Are there specific rules for driving at night?

Driving at night requires vehicles to use headlights. Rural areas may have less street lighting, thus requiring extra vigilance.

12. How are road signs in Corstorphine?

Road signs in Corstorphine and the UK conform to international norms and uses both symbols and English text. Familiarisation with UK's specific signs is helpful.

13. What happens if I break a traffic law?

Breaking traffic law may result in penalties ranging from fines to points on your licence, depending on the severity of the offence.

14. Are there specific rules for pedestrian crossing?

Drivers must yield to pedestrians at marked crosswalks and pedestrian crossing points.

15. What should I do in case of a traffic accident?

In case of an accident, ensure everyone's safety, call the emergency services if needed, gather necessary information and report the incident to the hire company as soon as possible.

Corstorphine Highlights

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. Edinburgh Zoo: An exciting day out featuring over 1,000 rare and endangered animals.
  2. Corstorphine Hill: It offers panoramic views of Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.
  3. St. Mary's Cathedral: A stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture.
  4. Corstorphine Dovecot: A well-preserved 14th century dovecote with historical significance.
  5. Corstorphine Village: Quaint town brimming with charm and history.
  6. Murrayfield Stadium: Home of Scottish Rugby and a great place for sports fans.
  7. Gyle Shopping Center: One of the biggest shopping destinations in Edinburgh.
  8. Edinburgh Trams: A convenient transportation method for exploring the city.)

Great Scottish Roadtrips

Mesmerising routes to explore from Corstorphine

  1. Edinburgh to St. Andrews: This beautiful 80-km drive crosses the iconic Forth Road Bridge and traverses the Kingdom of Fife, with its quaint coastal villages and scenic farming landscapes, ending in the historic town of St Andrews.
  2. Corstorphine to Loch Lomond: Covering about 85 km, this road trip takes you through Glasgow to reach the bonny banks of Loch Lomond, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  3. Edinburgh to the Highlands: Enjoy a breathtaking drive of 250 km through the heart of Scotland. Witness the awesome Dunkeld Cathedral, sparkling streams and idyllic highland towns of Pitlochry and Aviemore.
  4. Corstorphine to the Borders: A picturesque 90 km drive will take you through beautiful countryside, small villages and ends up in the enchanting estate of Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott.
  5. The North Coast 500: A magnificent adventuring driving up North from Corstorphine to the Scottish Highlands. A masterpiece 830-km trip to explore stunning landscapes, historic castles and rugged coastline.
  6. The Scottish Castle Route: An around 270 km captivating drive along the Scottish Castle Route, experience the enchantment of Scotland's illustrious past with stops at Midhope Castle, Craigievar Castle, and Balmoral Castle.