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Whether you're exploring Cricklewood's vibrant high street or heading out to the serene Welsh Harp reservoir, our car hire service guarantees a smooth journey. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service, always prioritising your needs. Our fleet is top-grade and our staff is always on hand to assist you. In a city known for its eclectic architecture and multiculturalism, our service ensures an unforgettable travel experience.

Car Hire in Cricklewood

Exploring the Nearby Charms of Northwest London by Car

City car in Cricklewood with busy shops and railway station

An evergreen corner in the vibrant capital, Cricklewood is an alluring suburban area nestled in the northwest of London. Famed for its luxury brand Bentley cars that were manufactured here until the 1930s, Cricklewood still echoes its historic charm. Perfectly pitched between urban sophistication and suburban tranquillity, it serves as an enticing base for exploring nearby hotspots, with a plethora of delightful places to visit by car.

Just a short drive from Cricklewood, one can immerse in the verdant splendour of Regent’s Park, famous for its impeccable gardens, outdoor theatre, and impressive zoo. Further afield, a noteworthy visit would be to the quaint town of Kent, known as 'The Garden of England', just over an hour's drive from Cricklewood. Rich with alluring heritage sites, beautiful gardens, and intriguing cultural attractions, it’s a picturesque retreat away from the bustling city life.

Less than 10 miles drive east, the historic city of Westminster offers marvellous attractions, from the gothic splendour of Westminster Abbey to the iconic Big Ben. Another near destination, a 30-minute drive north, unfolds the enchanting oasis of Hampstead Heath, encompassing woodlands, meadows, and swimming ponds, offering a serene escape from the urban jungle. With such beautiful destinations easily accessible by car from Cricklewood, it’s no wonder this area is becoming a favourite among culture seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Car Hire Reviews


Cricklewood – 30-12-2024. The customer service at this car hire company is unmatched. Even though it was busy during the holiday season, they were efficient and again made the hire process fuss-free. Their good range of cars at an affordable price really pulls me back each time. I've used this company many times for my annual visit to the Kew Gardens light festival and they've never let me down.


Cricklewood – 15-08-2024. Had a fabulous experience on our summer trip to Cricklewood. The car was ready and in excellent condition. On top of that, they had very reasonable rates. The staff even recommended some top spots to visit around the city, which was a nice touch. Will be using them again for sure.


Cricklewood – 01-05-2024. The convenience of being able to pick up and return the car within Cricklewood is great. As a disabled customer, I appreciate their effort in making their service accessible for everyone. The prices are fair and they even offer flexibility on pick up and drop off times, which really made my journey smooth.


Cricklewood – 20-12-2023. A friend recommended this car hire company to me and they really lived up to their reputation. From the reasonable price to the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the car, everything was top notch. As someone frequently visiting family in the area, they've made my journeys easier!


Cricklewood – 12-09-2023. I hired a car from here for a business trip and will not hesitate to do so again. The car was clean, well maintained, and comfortable for my long drive to and from London. The price was unbeatable in terms of the quality I received. Looking forward to my next hire!


Cricklewood – 04-07-2023. First time hiring a car in the UK and I had a great experience. The process was straightforward, the car was up to standard, and the staff were helpful with tips about local attractions. The cost was absolutely worth it for the convenience. If you need a reliable car hire in Cricklewood, look no further!

Cricklewood Road Connections

Explore UK with ease

  1. Cricklewood - London: Approximately 11 km away, 27 minutes by car. Primary route is via A41 and A5, expect heavy traffic during rush hours.
  2. Cricklewood - Oxford: Roughly 96 km, driving time is approximately 1 hr 15 min via M40, road conditions are usually good.
  3. Cricklewood - Cambridge: This journey is about 98 km, typically taking around 1 hr 26 min by car via M11, with prolonged stretches of motorway.
  4. Cricklewood - Birmingham: Approximately 190 km away, about 2 hours 5 minutes by car. The main route is via M1, high-speed travel is typical.
  5. Cricklewood - Brighton: Roughly 122 km, usually a 2 hours 4 minutes car ride via A23 and M23, motorway with scenic views of the South Downs.
  6. Cricklewood - Canterbury: About 105 km away, approximately 1 hr 31 min via M2, offers a smooth ride with panoramic view of Kent region.
  7. Cricklewood - Bristol: This route is approximately 188 km, typically 2 hours 15 min via M4, good road condition with extended motorway sections.

Cricklewood Driving Guide

Your queries addressed

1. What side of the road do I drive on in Cricklewood?

In Cricklewood, like the rest of the UK, you should drive on the left side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Cricklewood and the UK?

Speed limits vary based on the type of road. In built-up areas, the limit is usually 30 mph. For single carriageways, it’s 60 mph, and for dual carriageways and motorways, it’s 70 mph unless otherwise specified.

3. How does the radar speed detection system work in the UK?

Radar speed detection devices, or speed cameras, are placed along roads to monitor and enforce speed limits. They can result in penalties for drivers who exceed the speed limit.

4. Do I need a specific driving licence to drive in Cricklewood?

You need a valid driving licence to drive in the UK. If you're visiting from abroad, you can drive any small vehicle (e.g. a car) listed on your full and valid licence for a year from when you last entered the UK.

5. What are the main driving rules and safety regulations in the UK?

Driving rules include not using your mobile phone while driving, observing speed limits, yielding priority to the right at junctions, among others. Safety regulations include wearing seat belts, having a safe tyre tread depth, and not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. How can I prepare for driving in the traffic in Cricklewood?

Like any other city, Cricklewood can experience heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours. It can be beneficial to plan your routes in advance and leave extra time for your journey.

7. Are there toll roads in the UK?

Yes, there are toll roads in the UK. The charges vary depending on the road, the type of vehicle you're driving and the time of day.

8. How are road markings and signs in Cricklewood?

Road markings and signs in Cricklewood and across the UK are relatively standardised and are designed to be clear and easy to understand. It is important, however, to familiarise yourself with them before driving.

9. Can I drive in Cricklewood without a UK driving licence?

Yes, you can. If you have an EU or EEA licence, or a licence from a country that has a reciprocal agreement with the UK, you can drive in the UK. But remember, your licence must be valid and in date.

10. Are there any specific rules for driving rented cars in Cricklewood?

No, the driving rules are the same, whether the car is owned or rented. However, please be mindful of returning the car in the condition it was hired in, observing any mileage limits and ensuring it's returned with the agreed amount of fuel.

11. Are there any automated speed limit enforcement systems in Cricklewood?

Yes, in common with many areas in the UK, Cricklewood uses automated speed limit enforcement systems, including fixed, mobile and average speed cameras.

12. How do roundabouts work in Cricklewood and the UK?

In the UK, traffic on roundabouts moves in a clockwise direction. Right-of-way is given to traffic approaching from your right.

13. Are there any restrictions on driving hired cars outside of Cricklewood?

There may be restrictions according to your car hire company's terms and conditions, but generally, you can drive throughout the UK.

14. Are there any congestion charges in Cricklewood?

No, Cricklewood is not in London's Congestion Charge Zone. However, if you drive into central London, you may need to pay the Congestion Charge.

15. Can I use a hired car for my driving test in Cricklewood?

Yes, you can use a hired car for your driving test, but it must meet certain requirements, such as having proper visibility for the examiner and it must have L-plates displayed.

Explore Cricklewood

Top 8 Tourist Attractions

  1. The Crown Moran Hotel: An iconic Victorian building with stunning architecture and an inviting pub.
  2. Wembley Stadium: A short car ride away, this football stadium is a must-see for sports fans.
  3. London Designer Outlet: Located in nearby Wembley, offering a selection of designer brands at discounted prices.
  4. Tricycle Theatre: A local theatre showcasing quality productions and films.
  5. Gladstone Park: A beautiful outdoor space perfect for a stroll or picnic.
  6. Mapesbury Dell: Lovely community garden offering peaceful respite from the city bustle.
  7. Brent Cross Shopping Centre: A popular shopping destination just a short drive away.
  8. The Hive Stadium: Home of Barnet Football Club, great place for sports lovers.

Top Roadtrips from Cricklewood

Your ultimate guide for scenic drives

  1. Cricklewood to Oxford: This scenic 88km journey takes you through quaint countryside and into Oxford, known for its historic University and charming architecture.
  2. Cricklewood to Stonehenge: Travel 152km to this prehistoric monument. Enjoy the picturesque English countryside and delve into the mystery behind this magnificent World Heritage site.
  3. Route to Brighton: A 120km seaside roadtrip. Enjoy British coastal views and Brighton’s vibrant city attractions such as the pier and the Royal Pavilion.
  4. The West Country Drive: An approximately 241km journey. Experience Bristol’s historic harbour, the Roman Baths in Bath, and the beautiful beaches of Cornwall.
  5. The Cotswolds Scenic Drive: Approximately 114km through the idyllic Cotswolds villages, heralded as an area of outstanding natural beauty with rolling hills and quaint English towns.
  6. Cricklewood to Cambridge: A 90km journey to a city famous for its university, punting on the River Cam and historic marketplace.
  7. Royal Windsor Route: A short 42km drive to the royal town of Windsor where you can explore Windsor Castle, the longest-occupied palace in Europe.


Cricklewood Car Hire

Common Questions Answered

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Cricklewood?

The cost of car hire in Cricklewood depends on the type of car and duration of hire. Pricing typically starts from £30 per day for a basic model.

2. What car models are most demanded for hire in Cricklewood?

Compact cars are often in high demand given Cricklewood's busy city environment. However, SUVs are also popular for those planning trips to nearby countryside attractions.

3. What are the popular locations to hire a car in Cricklewood?

Car hire services are conveniently located near Cricklewood train station and along the major roads of Cricklewood Broadway and Edgware Road.

4. Is a round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, most car hire companies in Cricklewood offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service for added convenience.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Typically, the minimum hire period is 24 hours. However, some companies may offer hourly rates for shorter needs.

6. What is the minimum age to hire a car in Cricklewood?

The minimum age to hire a car in Cricklewood is 23 years for most companies, but some may require drivers to be at least 25.

7. What documents are required to hire or drive a car in Cricklewood?

Typically, a full UK driving licence and a credit or debit card under the driver's name are required.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Cricklewood by car?

Although Cricklewood can be visited at any time of the year, summer and spring are particularly beautiful seasons to explore the city and nearby green spaces by car.

9. What are the major airports in Cricklewood?

The nearest airports to Cricklewood are Heathrow and London Luton, both within an hour's drive.

10. Can I pick-up the hired car in Cricklewood and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most companies offer one-way car hire services, allowing you to pick the car in Cricklewood and drop it off in a different city, but this may come with an additional fee.