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Experience seamless car rental service in Villa La Angostura. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering personalized support 24/7. Whether you're heading for a scenic drive along the Seven Lakes Route or visiting unique destinations like Los Arrayanes National Park, our fleet ensures comfortable and reliable travel. We take pride in our attentive, customer-centric approach promising an unmatched, hassle-free rental experience.

Car Rental in Villa La Angostura

Experience the Blossoming Beauty of Nature in the Argentine Andes

City car parked by lake, mountains, wooden cabin, wildflowers

Embark on a journey to Villa La Angostura, a charming mountain village located near the Chilean border, nestled within the splendor of the Andean Patagonian forests of Argentina. Known for its stunning natural beauty, this town is a gem that lies between crystal clear lakes and majestic mountain ranges. Offering captivating views and a peaceful atmosphere, it offers a plethora of activities like hiking, skiing, fishing and sailing. It is also a gateway to the enchanted Los Arrayanes National Park, famous for its unique myrtle forests.

Start your tour with a leisurely drive through the picturesque Route 40 that reveals the breathtaking beauty of the region. Ensure to have your camera ready to capture the majestic Andes mountains, the exuberant vegetation and the deep-blue lakes. Explore the Cerro Bayo Ski Boutique, approximately 9 km (5.6 miles) from the village center by car. A winter wonderland for snow sports enthusiasts and a delight during the summer with trekking possibilities and awe-inspiring views.

Your escapade will remain incomplete without indulging into the ambiance of Villa Traful, a hamlet located about 60 km (37 miles) from the village. Relish a serene car ride through enchanting landscapes to arrive at this place with undeniably fascinating sceneries. Also, take a detour to visit the mesmerizing Nahuel Huapi National Park that features beautiful lakes and a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer, or simply someone seeking tranquility, Villa La Angostura is surely an idyllic retreat.

Car Rental in Villa La Angostura

Essential information for car rental queries

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Villa La Angostura?

The rental cost of a car in Villa La Angostura largely depends on the car model, rental duration, and the season. On average, prices range from $30 to $100 per day. For the most accurate rates, kindly check our price list.

2. Which car model is the most hired in Villa La Angostura?

The most sought-after car model in Villa La Angostura tends to be the compact or midsize car due to the area's mountainous terrain. These models offer better fuel efficiency and are easier to maneuver around the town's narrow streets.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent a car in Villa La Angostura?

The most popular locations to rent a car are at the downtown area and Aviador Carlos Campos Airport. They are considered as the most convenient pick-up and drop-off points for both locals and tourists.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, we offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service for the utmost convenience of our customers.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period for a car with us is one day (24 hours).

6. What is the minimum required age to rent a car in Villa La Angostura?

The minimum age to rent a car from our company is 21 years old and must possess a valid driving license.

7. What documentation do I need to rent or drive a car in Villa La Angostura?

To rent a car in Villa La Angostura, you need a valid driver's license, passport, and a credit card in the driver's name.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Villa La Angostura by car?

The best time to visit Villa La Angostura by car is during the spring and summer seasons (November to March), when the weather conditions are favorable for driving around and exploring the area.

9. What are the main airports in Villa La Angostura?

The main airports near Villa La Angostura are Aviador Carlos Campos Airport in San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche Airport in Rio Negro.

10. Can I pick up the car in Villa La Angostura and drop it off in another city?

Yes, we offer one-way rentals, allowing customers to pick up the car in Villa La Angostura and drop it off at a different location. Extra charges may apply.

Car Rental Reviews


Villa La Angostura – 15-05-2024. Top-notch service and excellent car condition! The price was worth every penny. Plus, their office at Villa La Angostura is so conveniently located - a stone's throw from my accommodation. Wonderful job!


Villa La Angostura – 06-03-2024. Beautiful city, beautiful cars. Rented a car for a week and it's the smoothest ride I had in a while. Some might find the price a little steep but, trust me, the comfort and convenience make it worth every cent.


Villa La Angostura – 20-12-2023. I celebrated my first ever white Christmas in Villa La Angostura and the good folk of this car rental company made it even more memorable! They were kind, punctual and the car was perfect. The prices seemed reasonable too.


Villa La Angostura – 25-08-2023. Rented a compact car from them and was blown away by the performance. Easy pick-up and drop-off at Villa La Angostura. Do check them out!


Villa La Angostura – 02-08-2023. Seamlessly easy booking process and the car was clean as new. Really appreciate the effort they put into ensuring our comfort. Will surely use their service again.


Villa La Angostura – 18-06-2023. Helpful staff, affordable prices, and incredible cars! This rental company is really top-notch. Also, the car really helped us explore the natural beauty of Villa La Angostura!

Villa La Angostura Roads

7 Essential Road Trips

  1. Villa La Angostura - San Carlos de Bariloche: A 78.9-km drive via RN40; roughly a 1-hour journey with stunning lakeside views.
  2. Villa La Angostura - Neuquén: A 475-km connection through RN40 and RN22. Estimated driving time is 5-6 hours, depending on road conditions.
  3. Villa La Angostura - El Bolsón: Approximately 131 km via RN40. It might take around 2 hours of driving through the lush Andean landscape.
  4. Villa La Angostura - Junín de los Andes: This 190-km journey via RN40 offers a glimpse of the region's beauty and typically takes about 3 hours.
  5. Villa La Angostura - Chile Border: A short 33.6-km drive via RN231. It requires roughly 30 minutes and crosses the beautiful Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass.
  6. Villa La Angostura - Esquel: A 294-km drive on RN40. Expect to take approximately 5 hours, revealing the Patagonian landscapes at their best.
  7. Villa La Angostura - Buenos Aires: A long 1,643-km drive via RN40 and RN5. It requires at least 20 hours driving. Plan accordingly for this long-distance trip.

Driving in Villa La Angostura

Your Guide to Safe and Smooth Journeys

1. What side of the road do we drive on in Villa La Angostura?

In Argentina, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road, following international driving rules.

2. What is the speed limit here?

Speed limits vary per the area’s designation. In urban areas, the limit is usually 40 km/h, in rural roads, it's generally 110 km/h, and on highways, it can go up to 130 km/h.

3. Can I drive with an international driving license?

Yes, an international driving license is accepted. However, it should be valid and translated into Spanish preferably.

4. Are there many speed cameras or radars?

Yes, radars and speed cameras are used to enforce speed limits. Regular checks are performed, so it's essential to maintain the designated speeds.

5. Are there toll roads in Argentina?

Yes, several highways and roads in Argentina are tolled. You should be prepared to pay the fees accordingly.

6. Where can I find the specific driving rules for Villa La Angostura?

The Argentine National Road Safety Agency provides all necessary information about local traffic rules and regulations.

7. Is there a lot of traffic in Villa La Angostura?

While traffic can happen, particularly in peak tourist seasons, Villa La Angostura is generally less crowded compared to large cities.

8. Are there any driving safety tips I should be aware of?

Stay aware of weather conditions as they can affect road visibility and condition. Always adhere to speed limits, watch for animals on the road in rural areas, and take regular breaks on long journeys to remain alert.

9. I am a new driver. Is it safe for me to drive around Villa La Angostura?

As with any new environment, new drivers should exercise caution and familiarize themselves with local traffic laws and customs before starting their journey.

10. Can I drive in Argentina with a US driving license?

While a US license is generally accepted, it is also recommended to have an international driving permit along with your valid US license.

11. Does Argentina have a points-based penalty system?

Argentina currently does not have a points-based penalty system. However, severe violations can result in fines, license suspensions, or even jail time.

12. How are road signs in Argentina?

Road signs follow international standards with Spanish language instructions. Familiarize yourself with the common signs before driving.

13. Is roadside assistance readily available?

Argentina has a good network of roadside assistance services, available 24/7. It's recommended to have contact details for these services.

14. What should I do in case of an accident?

If involved in a road accident, ensure everyone's safety, notify the police, contact your car rental company, and report to your travel insurance provider.

15. Are seatbelts mandatory?

Yes, the use of seatbelts is mandatory for all car passengers in Argentina.

Top Villa La Angostura Attractions

Must-see places for self-drive tourists

  1. Lake Nahuel Huapi: Immerse in the tranquility of this stunning glacial lake set amidst snow-capped mountains.
  2. Los Arrayanes National Park: Home to the unique Arrayanes trees, an absolute delight for nature lovers and photographers.
  3. Villa La Angostura Ski Resort: For adrenaline junkies, this renowned ski resort offers slopes for different skill levels.
  4. Selva Triste Waterfall: An awe-inspiring waterfall offering scenic nature trails and picnic spots.
  5. Manzano Semaphore: This historical landmark provides picturesque views of the city and the lake.
  6. Correntoso River: One of the shortest rivers in the world, offering excellent spots for fly fishing.
  7. Virgen Nina Chapel: A quaint chapel boasting of an amazing architecture, located in tranquil surroundings.
  8. Green Lagoon: Scenic lagoon, perfect for a peaceful day's outing amidst pristine nature.

Villa La Angostura Roadtrips

Experience Argentina by Car

  1. Villa La Angostura to Bariloche: This 84km drive along National Route 40 offers stunning views of Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Andes, with plenty of places to stop off along the way for hiking and wildlife viewing.
  2. Villa La Angostura to San Martin de los Andes: Around 110km in length, this route via the 'Road of Seven Lakes' (Ruta de los Siete Lagos) is famed for the superb panoramas of nature, including forests, mountains, and crystal-clear lakes.
  3. The Old Patagonian Express Route: A longer journey of 400km, but worth it for the views of the Patagonian steppe, the Andes, and the chance to follow the historic railway line known as 'La Trochita'.
  4. Villa La Angostura to El Bolson: This scenic route of 157km showcases the distinctive landscapes of northern Patagonia, with opportunities for trekking, rafting, and visiting artisanal markets.
  5. The Pampas Route: Explore the iconic Argentinian grasslands on this 300km drive, starting in Villa La Angostura to Neuquen. Perfect for those interested in bird-watching and rural life.
  6. Villa Traful Loop: A shorter route of 102km, ideal for a leisurely day's drive passing through forests, mountains, and a charming little town, known as the 'Patagonian fairytale village'.
  7. Villa La Angostura to Esquel: Journey 330km on this route for a chance to visit the famous Los Alerces National Park, featuring ancient trees and numerous lakes for fishing and boating.