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Car Rental in Puerto Madryn

Discovering the Natural and Cultural Treasures of Argentine Patagonia by Car

Car parked in a vibrant Puerto Madryn landscape

Puerto Madryn, located in Argentine Patagonia, is a hub for exploration and connection with nature. Known for its rich biodiversity , it is a prime location for wildlife watching, with whales, sea lions and penguins in abundance. In addition to its natural wonders, Puerto Madryn boasts fascinating history, showcased in the local Welsh heritage and the nearby paleontological sites.

In a car, the city is easily accessible and provides a starting point for numerous scenic drives. One must-do car trip is to the Valdés Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage site located just a few hours north. Here, visitors can witness the breathtaking spectacle of the Southern Right Whale and a colony of Magellanic penguins. Another recommendable excursion is to the small Welsh village of Gaiman, 75km west of Puerto Madryn, where the Welsh language is still spoken and traditional tea houses can be found.

A wider exploration of the Chubut province is also feasible from Puerto Madryn. The Andean region of the province, with landscapes ranging from steppe to dense forest, is around five hours away by car. Further afield lies the strikingly beautiful Los Alerces National Park, approximately six hours to the west, home to millennia-old trees and crystal-clear lakes.

Car Rental in Puerto Madryn

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Puerto Madryn?

Rental prices may vary depending on the specific car model, length of rental, and the time of year. However, daily rates typically range from $45 to $60 dollars. It is advised to book well in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.

2. Which car model is most commonly rented in Puerto Madryn?

The most commonly rented car in Puerto Madryn is the compact car. With the city's narrow and often crowded streets, smaller cars are more convenient for maneuvering and parking. Additionally, compact cars are more economical in terms of fuel consumption.

3. Where are the most popular places to rent a car in Puerto Madryn?

There are several rent-a-car agencies in the city center. Furthermore, you can find car rental services at El Tehuelche Airport (official website) and Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport (official website).

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Yes, several car rental companies in Puerto Madryn offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it is always recommended to check with the individual rental company as policies may vary.

5. What is the minimum rental period required?

The minimum rental period is typically one day. However, most companies offer discounts for long-term rentals.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for renting a car in Puerto Madryn?

The minimum age to rent a car generally varies between 21 and 25 depending on the rental company's policy.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Puerto Madryn?

To rent a car, you will typically need a valid driver's license, a credit card, and proof of travel insurance. For non-residents, an international driving permit may be necessary.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Puerto Madryn by car?

Puerto Madryn has a temperate climate and can be visited throughout the year. Yet, the period between September and March, when the weather is warmer, is considered the best time to explore the city and its surroundings by car.

9. What are the main airports in Puerto Madryn?

The main airports serving Puerto Madryn are El Tehuelche Airport and Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport in the nearby city of Trelew. Both airports offer various car rental options.

10. Can I pick up the car in Puerto Madryn and drop it off in another city?

Yes, some car rental companies in Puerto Madryn offer the option of one-way rentals where you can pick up the car in one city and drop it off in another. However, additional charges may apply for this option.

Travelers Reviews


Puerto Madryn – 31-12-2024. The total car rental experience was solid. The staff was friendly, the car was fine and the price was fair. The cityscape of Puerto Madryn was a pleasure to drive around in their car. I will be sure to use their services again.


Puerto Madryn – 15-08-2024. I rented a car from this company while vacationing in Puerto Madryn. Impressed by their service and affordable rates. The car was clean and in good condition! The staff was super friendly and gave us great tips about local spots to visit. Definitely recommend!


Puerto Madryn – 10-05-2024. My wife and I were visiting Puerto Madryn and rented our car through this company. Great service and the quality of the car was superb! Safe to say we enjoyed the beautiful coastal drive thanks to them! The price, even in peak season, was reasonable. Thumbs up!


Puerto Madryn – 28-01-2024. Easy and straightforward car rental in Puerto Madryn. Excellent service and the car was comfortable for long drives. The price was competitive compared to other companies. Will choose them for my future trips.


Puerto Madryn – 10-09-2023. First time renting a car in Argentina and couldn't be happier! Friendly staff, good quality vehicles and fair prices. Made exploring the stunning landscape of Puerto Madryn a breeze. Will definitely be back!


Puerto Madryn – 01-01-2024. Rented a car for my trip to Puerto Madryn and had a really good experience. The service was professional, the car was reliable and the cost was within my budget. Highly recommended for anyone traveling to the area.

Road Connections from Puerto Madryn

A Guide for Renting Cars in Puerto Madryn

  1. Puerto Madryn - Buenos Aires: A 1402km journey, taking typically 15-16 hours via Ruta Nacional 3. This route offers good conditions, perfect for adventurers.
  2. Puerto Madryn - Trelew: Just short of 70km away, you can reach Trelew in less than an hour via Ruta Provincial 1.
  3. Puerto Madryn - Peninsula Valdes: Approximately 77km, taking nearly 1-2 hours via Ruta Provincial 2. A must-see destination, home to whales and penguins.
  4. Puerto Madryn - Rawson: About a 92km drive, taking 1.30 hours via Ruta Provincial 1 and Ruta Provincial 7. This route has stunning Atlantic ocean views.
  5. Puerto Madryn - Gaiman: Roughly a 75km drive, which takes 1 hour via Ruta Nacional 25. This town is known for its Welsh heritage and tea houses.
  6. Puerto Madryn - Esquel: A 650km journey that takes about 8 hours via Ruta Nacional 25. It's a highly scenic route, passing through the Andean mountain range.
  7. Puerto Madryn - Comodoro Rivadavia: Roughly a 400 km journey, taking around 4-5 hours via Ruta Nacional 3. The road conditions are good, driving along the coast side.

Driving in Puerto Madryn

Common Queries

1. What is the speed limit when driving in Puerto Madryn?

The highest speed limit in urban areas is typically 40 km/h, but it could extend up to 60 km/h on certain roads. On highways or rural roads, the limit usually is 110 km/h.

2. What type of driving license do I need to drive in Puerto Madryn?

Foreign tourists can drive with their valid driving license along with an international driving permit for the first 90 days. After that period, a local Argentinean driving license is required.

3. Are there lots of speed cameras in Puerto Madryn?

Yes, there are speed cameras and radar systems across routes and roads of Puerto Madryn to make sure all drivers abide by speed limits.

4. Are there toll roads in Puerto Madryn?

Yes, there are toll roads, mainly on the highways. The cost varies depending on the route.

5. Are there specific driving rules I should be aware of?

Yes, Argentina follows the international rules of traffic signs and road markings. The give way rule is important, following signs for stop and yield is mandatory.

6. How is the traffic in Puerto Madryn?

Generally, traffic flows smoothly in Puerto Madryn, but it can get congested during peak hours and festive seasons.

7. On which side of the road do people drive in Puerto Madryn?

People drive on the right side of the road in Puerto Madryn and throughout Argentina.

8. Are child safety seats mandatory in Puerto Madryn?

Yes, children under the age of 10 have to be in a child safety seat.

9. What should I do in case of an accident?

First, ensure the safety of everyone involved. Then report the accident to the police and the car rental agency.

10. Are there any special restrictions for night driving?

No, but it is advised to be extra cautious due to reduced visibility.

11. How are parking regulations in Puerto Madryn?

Parking regulation varies depending on the area. Some areas require a permit, while others have metered parking.

12. Are there any particular rules for highway driving?

Driver should strictly follow the speed limits, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and use the left lane only to overtake.

13. How to deal with emergency vehicles?

Give way to emergency vehicles by moving to the right side of the road and stopping your vehicle.

14. How are roundabouts navigated?

Vehicles within the roundabout have priority over those entering. Yield to both lanes in a two-lane roundabout.

15. Should I keep my car documents with me?

Yes, it's mandatory to keep your driving license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents with you while driving.

Explore Puerto Madryn

Top 8 attractions to visit

  1. Punta Tombo: Biggest Magellanic penguin colony in Latin America. Ideal for wildlife and nature lovers.
  2. Peninsula Valdés: UNESCO World Heritage Site presenting a rich wildlife habitat.
  3. Welsh Museum: Shows Welsh immigrants' history and impact in the region.
  4. Eco Centro: Offers a unique perspective on marine life in the Patagonia regions.
  5. Doradillo Beach: Famous for whale sighting during season times.
  6. San Lorenzo Estancia: Opportunity to explore unique wildlife on a working ranch.
  7. Punta Loma: Home to one of the first South American sea lion reserves.
  8. Puerto Madryn Waterfront: Ideal for leisure walks or bike rides along the coast.

Top Roadtrips from Puerto Madryn

Spectacular Scenic Drives in Argentina

  1. The Marine Fauna Route: An 110km coastal journey from Puerto Madryn to Punta Tombo, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the potential to spot marine wildlife.
  2. The End of the World Route: Travel 774 km from Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. A spectacular journey through Patagonia's diverse landscapes.
  3. The Península Valdés Route: A short, 77km drive from Puerto Madryn takes you to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can explore wildlife reserves and beautiful coasts.
  4. The Route 3: Patagonia Discovery: A 1,182km drive from Puerto Madryn to Tierra Del Fuego National Park, one of Argentina’s most beautiful national parks.
  5. The Seven Lakes Route: Start your 1,100km journey from Puerto Madryn to San Martin de Los Andes, passing through seven stunningly beautiful lakes.
  6. The Ruta 40 Expedition: This 5,224 km drive from La Quiaca to Puerto Madryn takes you through 11 provinces, passing breathtaking landscapes and diverse Argentine cultures.
  7. The Wine Route: Drive 1,420km from Puerto Madryn to the wine region of Mendoza. Taste Argentina's famous wines and take in the stunning views of the Andes Mountains.