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Our car rental service in Ontario excels in customer satisfaction. We don't just rent cars, we provide personalized assistance, suggesting the best routes to explore this unique region, including the picturesque Niagara Falls. We are committed to making your travel experience unforgettable, answering all your queries promptly and ensuring a seamless booking process.

Car Rental in Ontario

An Intriguing Road Trip Through Ontario's Best Landmarks

City car in Ontario landscape, with lake, maple trees, sunrise and deer.

Welcome to Ontario, Canada's most populous province known for its vibrant cities, pristine natural beauty, and immersive cultural experiences. Packed with wonderful lakes, forests, and two of Canada's biggest cities - Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario provides an enthralling journey. A road trip is a great opportunity to fully unveil Ontario's multifaceted charms at your own pace.

Begin your journey in Toronto, Ontario's capital, a city where modern skyscrapers meet historical landmarks. Explore the iconic CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, and the spellbinding Niagara Falls, just an hour's drive from the city. A drive east for about four hours will bring you to the Thousand Islands, a picturesque archipelago in the Saint Lawrence River, should be obligatory on any Ontario road trip itinerary. It's a splendid place to experience a ferry ride or stay overnight in a cottage.

Further eastward, your journey leads you to Ottawa, Canada's capital city that blends cultural treasures with scenic landscapes. Don't miss renowned landmarks like Parliament Hill and the National Gallery of Canada. Adventurists must drive up north to The Algonquin Provincial Park; this vast park of over 7653 square kilometers provides a ton of outdoor activities for nature lovers. From hiking and fishing to canoeing and bird-watching, this place offers a wholesome Ontario experience.

Car Rental in Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Ontario?

The cost of renting a car in Ontario varies depending on the model, duration of the rental, and the rental company. On average, it ranges from $30 to $100 per day. Check with the rental company for accurate quotes.

2. Which car model is most in-demand for rentals in Ontario?

The most in-demand model for rentals in Ontario is typically mid-size cars. Due to Ontario's weather conditions, especially in winter, many customers prefer cars with good snow performance.

3. What are the top locations to rent a car in Ontario?

Popular locations to rent a car in Ontario include Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, and London. The presence of major Toronto Pearson Airport and Ottawa International Airport contributes to the high demand.

4. Is there 24-hour pickup and drop-off service provided?

Yes, most vehicle rental services in Ontario offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off facilities. However, it's advised to confirm with the specific rental company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period in Ontario?

The minimum rental period in Ontario is typically 24 hours. Longer rentals may come with special rates and offers.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Ontario?

The minimum age to rent a car in Ontario is 21. However, rental companies may charge an additional daily fee for drivers under 25.

7. What documentation do I need to rent or drive a car in Ontario?

To rent a car in Ontario, you need a valid driver's license, credit card, and proof of insurance, if you plan on using your own insurance coverage.

8. What is the best time to visit Ontario by car?

The best time to visit Ontario by car is during the late spring or early fall when the weather is most pleasant and the tourist crowds are thinner.

9. What are the main airports in Ontario?

The main airports in Ontario are Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport (YOW).

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Ontario and drop it off in another?

Yes, most rental car companies in Ontario offer one-way rentals. It means you can pick up your car in one city and drop it off in another. However, a one-way fee may be applicable.

Car Rental Reviews


Toronto – 22-11-2023. I really appreciated the professionalism from this car rental company in Toronto. The car was in tip-top shape and everything ran quite smoothly. Also, the rates were quite reasonable.


Ottawa – 19-10-2023. This is my go-to car rental service whenever I’m in Ottawa. The cars are always clean and well-maintained. The staff is helpful and friendly, and the rental process is quick. The prices are competitive, too. Keep it up!


Hamilton – 27-08-2023. Great opportunity to explore Hamilton with a rented car from this company. The prices were acceptable, the car was new, and the service was excellent. Will use the service again.


London – 18-07-2023. Fantastic customer service and great cars at affordable prices. I've been using this company every time I visit London and they never disappoint me.


Toronto – 07-07-2023. I was very pleased with the exceptional service and the top-notch condition of the car. I was able to navigate through Toronto without stress. The price was also very reasonable.


Ottawa – 31-05-2023. Renting a car from this company in Ottawa was the perfect decision. The car was in great condition, the price was right, and I loved being able to explore the city at my leisure.

Ontario's Cities

Top 7 in Importance

  1. Toronto: Ontario's capital city and the most populous city in Canada with diverse cultures.
  2. Ottawa: Canada's capital city, known for its federal government buildings and rich history.
  3. Mississauga: Home to Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest in Canada.
  4. Brampton: Often known as the 'Flower City', noted for its automotive industry.
  5. Hamilton: Known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant arts scene.
  6. London: Named after the UK's capital, it is a major educational hub hosting Western University.
  7. Markham: Popular for its rich history, unique cultural sites and beautiful parklands.

Ontario Road Connections

Popular Road Routes for Tourists

  1. Toronto - Niagara Falls: A journey of 130 km, approximately 1.5 hours via Queen Elizabeth Way. Be aware of possible traffic congestion.
  2. Ottawa - Montreal: An approximately 200 km drive, roughly 2 hours via Highway 417 and Quebec Autoroute 40. An excellent road conditions year-round.
  3. Toronto - Blue Mountain: Covering 143 km, the journey can take about 2 hours via Highway 400. Spectacular scenic views en route.
  4. Ottawa - Thousand Islands: A lovely 179 km drive, usually around 2 hours via Highway 401. Mind the ferry crossing times.
  5. London - Toronto: Distance of 192km, approximately 2 hours via Highway 401. The road is well-maintained and easy to navigate.
  6. Hamilton - Niagara on the Lake: Only 71km, it takes about an hour on Queen Elizabeth Way. Enjoy the peaceful countryside and vineyards.
  7. Toronto - Tobermory: A 290 km long, picturesque drive of about 3.5 hours on Highway 6. An opportunity to explore the beautiful Bruce Peninsula.

Driving in Ontario

Common Questions Answered

1. What is the speed limit in Ontario?

The speed limit varies depending on the area. Urban areas, such as cities, towns, and built-up areas, are typically 50km/h unless otherwise posted. Highways usually have a speed limit of 80km/h or 100km/h while rural roads have speed limits of 80km/h. Always adhere to the posted speed limit signs.

2. Which side of the road should I drive on in Ontario?

In Ontario, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

3. Do I need a driving license to drive in Ontario?

Yes. You must have a valid driver's license from your home country. If you are visiting and plan to drive, you will also need an International Driving Permit (IDP).

4. Are there many speed cameras in Ontario?

Speed cameras, known as photo radar devices, are used in some areas in Ontario. Areas that often employ them include community safety zones and construction zones.

5. Are there toll roads in Ontario?

Yes. Ontario has a few toll roads, the most prominent ones being Highway 407 and Highway 412.

6. Is there a specific etiquette I should be aware of when fueling at a gas station?

Most gas stations in Ontario are self-service. You are expected to fuel your car yourself, pay at the station and then have the option to enter the store if needed.

7. Are there general driving rules I must follow in Ontario?

Yes, there are several driving rules in Ontario. You must stop for school buses when their lights are flashing; pedestrian crossings are to be respected, with drivers required to stop until all pedestrians have crossed; and using the car's signal before turning or changing lanes is mandatory.

8. What are the safety regulations while driving in Ontario?

Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle. Child passengers must be in a car seat suitable for their height and weight. It’s also illegal to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

9. What is the quality of roads in Ontario?

Ontario boasts a high-quality road network that is well maintained. However, weather conditions can sometimes affect road conditions, particularly in winter.

10. What are the rules regarding parking in Ontario?

There are parking regulations in Ontario that vary from city to city. Pay attention to posted signs for specific instructions, and never park in front of fire hydrants, on crosswalks, or in no parking zones.

11. Are seatbelts mandatory in Ontario?

Yes, seatbelts are a legal requirement for all drivers and passengers in Ontario.

12. Is car insurance required in Ontario?

Yes, car insurance is a legal requirement in Ontario, and drivers must carry proof of their insurance policy at all times.

13. Is it common to pay for parking in Ontario?

Yes, in most urban areas of Ontario, you will need to pay for parking. The fees vary by location.

14. Are there many roundabouts in Ontario?

Yes, roundabouts are commonly used in Ontario. You should approach them from the right-hand lane and give way to vehicles already in the circle.

15. What is the drink-driving limit in Ontario?

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is 0.08%. For novice drivers, the limit is zero.

Explore Ontario

Top 8 Must-See Attractions

  1. Niagara Falls: Enjoy the breathtaking views of the world's most famous waterfall.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum: Discover world culture and natural history in Canada's largest museum.
  3. CN Tower: Experience spectacular views in Toronto's unmistakable landmark.
  4. Casa Loma: Visit Canada's majestic castle and discover its fascinating history.
  5. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada: Discover sea life at one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world.
  6. Ottawa Parliament Buildings: Explore the heart of Canadian democracy on a tour of these historic buildings.
  7. Art Gallery of Ontario: Enjoy one of the largest collections of Canadian art in this internationally recognized museum.
  8. Thousand Islands: Experience the beauty of this stunning archipelago with a boat cruise or helicopter tour.

Ontario's Best Roadtrips

Explore Ontario's Scenic Routes by Car

  1. Trans-Canada Highway: A cross-Canada adventure spanning around 7800 km, starting from easternmost Newfoundland and Labrador to the western part of British Columbia, witness the diversity of Canada.
  2. 1000 Islands Parkway: For a shorter trip, this 40 km route along the St. Lawrence River offers breathtaking views of the Thousand Islands.
  3. The Kings Highway 60: Popularly known as 'The Corridor', this 255 km long route crosses the mesmerizing Algonquin Provincial Park, perfect for wildlife spotting.
  4. Ottawa River Route: Carving its way from Ottawa to North Bay, this 300 kms riverside drive is teeming with unobtrusive charm and verdant landscapes.
  5. Toronto to Niagara Falls: A classic 130 km route to take in the spectacle of world-famous Niagara Falls, you can also visit centuries-old vineyards of Niagara-on-the-Lake on the way.
  6. Georgian Bay Coastal Route: With over 2000 km of length, this trip around the world's largest freshwater archipelago offers picturesque landscapes, rural towns and First Nations culture.
  7. Lake Superior Circle Tour: At around 2000 km, this tour presents a serene drive with a stunning view of the world's largest freshwater lake, quaint coastal towns and impressive provincial parks.