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Car Rental in Prince Albert

Discover the treasures of Prince Albert, from city landmarks to national treasures, all at your own pace.

City car in Prince Albert, with Moose, Pines, and Sunset.

Welcome to Prince Albert, a charming city located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Known as the 'Gateway to the North', Prince Albert is a vibrant city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From its fascinating past with the prince who lent his name to the town, to the engaging landscapes that surround this urban oasis, Prince Albert has plenty to offer for both nature and history enthusiasts alike.

Start your journey in the city by visiting the Prince Albert Historical Museum, where the city's past unfolds. Then, get in your car and drive to the Prince Albert National Park, just a one-hour drive from the city. Here, amidst various flora and fauna, lies the stunningly beautiful Waskesiu Lake, a sight that you shouldn't miss.

If you fancy a longer road trip, the legendary Churchill River is a five-hour drive to the north. Known as the ‘Land of the Rapids’, the Churchill River is a complex system of lakes and channels interspersed with rapids, offering a new level of adventure for those who dare. After an adventurous day, head back to Prince Albert and unwind in one of the city's fine restaurants or vibrant nightspots, cementing your visit to this incredible destination.

Car Rental FAQs

Prince Albert Guide

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Prince Albert?

The cost of renting a car in Prince Albert varies depending on the car model, season, and rental duration. Rates typically start at around $35 per day for a basic car.

2. What car model is most frequently rented in Prince Albert?

Due to the varying weather conditions, SUVs are commonly rented in Prince Albert as they provide better all-round performance in different climates.

3. Where are the popular car rental places in Prince Albert?

Popular places include the downtown area and Prince Albert Airport, due to their strategic and easily accessible locations.

4. Is there a round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off service?

Most car rental companies in Prince Albert offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services for customer convenience.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

Most rental companies require a minimum rental period of one day.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Prince Albert?

The minimum age to rent a car is generally 21 years, though policies can vary between companies.

7. What documents do I need to rent a car in Prince Albert?

Usually, you need a valid driver's license, credit card and personal identification such as a passport.

8. When is the best time to visit Prince Albert by car?

The city can be visited any time of the year, yet summer is often considered the best time because of the mild weather and multitude of events.

9. What are the main airports in Prince Albert?

The main airport is the Prince Albert Glass Field Airport.

10. Can I pick up a car in Prince Albert and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most companies offer one-way rentals but there may be additional fees involved.

Car Rental Reviews


Prince Albert – 22-11-2023. I've frequented many car rentals and this one in Prince Albert stands out! The vehicle was clean and ran smoothly through the snow-covered Saskatchewan roads. The price was also quite reasonable compared to others. Kudos to the seamless service!


Prince Albert – 05-07-2023. Absolutely top-notch car rental company in Prince Albert. I was pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. They were efficient and my vehicle was ready upon my arrival. For the quality and comfort offered, the price is unbeatable. Highly recommend!


Prince Albert – 22-03-2023. What initially drew me to this company was their competitive prices. After renting, I was pleased to discover that the quality matched the cost! The car was clean, gasoline efficient, and perfect for our road trip around Prince Albert. Will definitely use their services again.


Prince Albert – 14-02-2023. The car rental process was smooth and quick. The car was clean and in excellent condition. Navigating the roads of Prince Albert was a breeze, thanks to the inbuilt GPS. I'm really satisfied with their service.


Prince Albert – 18-11-2022. Superb car rental service in Prince Albert! Great customer service and very friendly staff. The car was in pristine condition and made my tour around the beautiful city a pleasure. I'll definitely rent from this company again on my next visit.


Prince Albert – 13-07-2022. This was my first time renting a car, and the staff at this company made the process effortless. The car handled quite well on the prairie landscape of Prince Albert. Competitive prices and great service more than met my needs.

Prince Albert Road Connections

Essential routes for your self drive journey

  1. Prince Albert - Sasakatoon: A 425 kms journey via highway 11. An approximately 5 hours drive passing through scenic landscapes. Roads are in good conditions.
  2. Prince Albert - Regina: A 365 kms route via highway 11 and highway 2. The drive time is roughly 4 hours. Highways are well maintained.
  3. Prince Albert - Yorkton: This 435 kms drive is via highway 9 and highway 5. It's about 5 hours drive and offers beautiful view of Saskatchewan River.
  4. Prince Albert - Moose Jaw: A 345 kms distance via highway 2 and highway 1. Approximately 4 hours drive. Roads are in good conditions.
  5. Prince Albert - North Battleford: The 135 kms journey via highway 11 and highway 40. An approx. 1.5 hours drive. Highways are well maintained.
  6. Prince Albert - Lloydminster: A 275 kms drive via highway 16. Roughly 3 hours drive. The route offers beautiful view of the cityscape.
  7. Prince Albert - Swift Current: This 455 kms trip via highway 2. It's about 5 hours drive. Roads conditions are generally good.

Driving in Prince Albert

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the driving side in Prince Albert?

In Prince Albert, as in the rest of Canada, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the typical speed limit?

In city areas, the typical speed limit is 50 km/h, while it is 80 km/h on most rural roads. On highways, it can go up to 110 km/h.

3. Do I need a specific license to drive?

Most visitors can drive in Prince Albert with a license from their home country. However, it is advisable to have an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there toll roads around Prince Albert?

No, generally, there are no toll roads in and around Prince Albert.

5. What is the policy on radar detectors?

Using radar detectors is illegal in Prince Albert and across Canada, except for in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

6. What should I know about traffic in Prince Albert?

Traffic can be busy during peak hours in the city. Pay attention to road signs and adhere to speed limits.

7. Are there safety guidelines I should follow?

Yes, always use your seat belt, check your blind spots before moving, and be aware of pedestrians and cyclists. Canada also has strict rules against distracting driving.

8. How do driving rules vary across the country?

In general, driving rules are consistent throughout Canada. However, speed limits and certain laws may vary from province to province.

9. What are the child safety rules in a car?

Children under 40 pounds need to be in a child car seat, and those under 9 years or 4'9" tall should be in a booster seat.

10. How are the road conditions in Prince Albert?

Road conditions are generally good but can be challenging in winter conditions. Be prepared for icy and snow-covered roads.

11. What are the parking rules in Prince Albert?

In most places, you can park your car along the roadside, except where it's mentioned 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping'. Be aware of the specific rules in downtown and residential areas.

12. Are there any particular driving customs?

Canadian drivers are generally polite and follow the rules of the road diligently. It's customary to wave thank you if somebody lets you into traffic.

13. How to deal with road emergencies?

For emergencies, dial 911. If it's a non-life-threatening situation on the road, dial #377 from a mobile phone anywhere in Alberta.

14. What about driving in the countryside?

When driving in rural areas, watch out for wildlife crossing the roads, especially at dawn and dusk.

15. Are winter tires mandatory in Prince Albert?

Winter tires are not mandatory, but strongly recommended from October to April due to harsh winter conditions.

Prince Albert Highlights

Must-visit Attractions in and around Prince Albert

  1. Prince Albert National Park: Sprawling natural landscape abundant in local wildlife, numerous walking trails, and stunning lake views.
  2. Diefenbaker House Museum: Historical home turned museum providing insight into the life of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.
  3. Prince Albert Historical Museum: Offers a comprehensive look at the area's rich past, with numerous artifacts and exhibits.
  4. Grey Owl Cabin: Historic log cabin in Prince Albert National Park, once home to renowned conservationist Grey Owl.
  5. Kinsmen Water Park: A family-friendly attraction featuring pools, slides, and a variety of water activities.
  6. Evolution of Education Museum: Displays the progression of education in Prince Albert from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.
  7. Keyhole Castle Bed and Breakfast: A unique stop offering a glimpse into the city's Victorian heritage.
  8. Little Red River Park: A beautiful natural area perfect for picnics, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Top Roadtrips from Prince Albert

Experience the Adventure with Rent-a-Car

  1. Prince Albert to Saskatoon: An easy drive of 150km through beautiful Saskatchewan countryside, not to be missed.
  2. Prince Albert to Regina: This 400km route gives you the chance to experience Saskatchewan's stunning lakes and forests.
  3. Prince Albert National Park Route: About 90 km from Prince Albert, immerse yourself in pristine nature and enjoy wildlife spotting.
  4. Prince Albert to Edmonton: This 500km drive takes you through a range of landscapes and the city of Saskatoon.
  5. Prince Albert to Calgary: A longer route of 700km, with the rewarding sight of the majestic Rocky Mountains as your destination.
  6. Prince Albert to Moose Jaw: This 350km journey features stops at numerous Saskatchewan tourist spots.
  7. Pan-Canadian Highway: Starting in Prince Albert, this 1300km route allows you to experience the breadth of Canada and its stunning vistas.