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Experience unmatched customer service with our car rental company in Prince Edward Island. Catering to your travel needs, our staff will guide you to the island's popular tourist destinations, such as the Cavendish Beach. Our local expertise and commitment to client satisfaction tend to make your journey a unique experience in this region known for its scenic beauty.

Car Rental in Prince Edward Island

Experience Nature, Literature, and Culinary Delights on a Road Trip Across This Charming Island

Urban car amid lighthouse, wildlife, and red-sand beach

Welcoming you to Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island (PEI), is well-known for its lush landscapes, red-sand beaches, and ever-enchanting lighthouses. A small island nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI is a treat for everyone, particularly nature lovers. Known for its scenic Atlantic coastline, the island province is also famous for being the setting of the beloved novel Anne of Green Gables. A drive across the island, whether west to east or vice versa, not only paints a beautiful portrait of its landscapes but effortlessly takes you back to simpler times.

To truly experience the beauty of PEI, renting a car is highly recommended. Beginning with the island's famous provincial parks, you can appreciate the charming natural beauty and savour the coastal breeze. Arguably, the most iconic location on the island is the Green Gables Shore, home to the famous author of Anne of Green Gables. There, you can soak in the story's history and tour the original homestead. As a pocket-sized island, PEI is exceptional for driving ventures, with clear roads, less traffic, and an overall full island length of only 280 km, conveniently allowing you to explore all corners of the island comfortably.

Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province, doesn't lack in the culinary department either. Known as Canada's 'Food Island', PEI boasts about its mouth-watering seafood, especially the local lobsters and fresh mussels. Don't miss out on clam digging at one of the beaches or a visit to a mussel farm during your road trip. Add a stop at one of the food festivals which take place year around; the perfect venues to sample authentic PEI food and hospitality.

Prince Edward Island Car Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Prince Edward Island?

Rental car costs in Prince Edward Island can vary based on factors such as the type of car, rental duration, and season. On average, one can expect to pay around CAD$50-100 per day. Rates can get lower with longer rental periods.

2. What is the most demanded car model for rent in Prince Edward Island?

In Prince Edward Island, compact and economy car models are the most popular owing to their fuel efficiency and suitability for the island's narrow, rural roads.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Prince Edward Island?

The most common places to rent a car on the island are Charlottetown and Summerside, given their accessibility and proximity to popular tourist sites.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Many car rental companies in Prince Edward Island offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service, but it's advisable to check the terms and conditions or contact the company directly for confirmation.

5. What's the minimum rental period?

Most car rental companies have a minimum rental period that could range from a few hours to one day.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Prince Edward Island?

The minimum age to rent a car in Prince Edward Island is typically 21 years old, but it can vary between rental companies. Some may also charge a 'young driver fee' for those under 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Prince Edward Island?

To rent a car, you will need a valid driver's license, passport or ID, and a credit card. International visitors might need an International Driving Permit along with their domestic driver's license.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Prince Edward Island by car?

The best time to visit Prince Edward Island by car is from May to October when the weather is warm and all attraction sites are open.

9. What are the main airports in Prince Edward Island?

The main airport in Prince Edward Island is the Charlottetown Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Prince Edward Island and return it in another?

Yes, most car rental companies allow one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up a car in one location and return it in another. However, there might be an additional fee involved.

Car Rental Reviews


Charlottetown – 23-11-2023. Had an awesome experience! I loved cruising the scenic roads of Prince Edward Island in the spacious, sleek sedan I rented. The car was spotless and ran smoothly. The price was incredibly reasonable for such a high-quality vehicle. I'll certainly be relocating from them again in future!


Summerside – 01-09-2023. Brilliant service and top-notch car quality! Perfect for a drive around the island. Moving around Summerside and beyond was a breeze in the SUV I rented. The cost was attractive and completely reasonable given the excellent state of the car. Highly recommend their service!


Charlottetown – 12-07-2023. Unforgettable vacation with an amazing car! The process was quick, and the car was in great shape - ideal for exploring Charlottetown’s quaint streets and beyond. Also, the price was not too heavy on the pocket. Can’t wait for another trip on the island!


Summerside – 26-05-2023. First-rate service! I rented a compact car for my business trip. The pick-up process was hassle-free and the car was fuel-efficient - a major plus considering the gas prices. Really made my trip around Summerside a pleasant one.


Charlottetown – 09-03-2023. Couldn't have asked for a better car rental experience. The car was clean, well-maintained and the staff was particularly helpful. The rental cost was fair too. The car was simply perfect for a getaway in the island’s capital!


Summerside – 22-11-2022. Excellent car rental service! The staff was efficient and the car was ready and in excellent condition when I arrived. It was the right car at the right price for my travel needs around Summerside. I will definitely use their service again.

PEI Highlight Cities

Key Spots in Prince Edward Island

  1. Charlottetown: The capital city known as the 'Birthplace of Confederation', home of the Province House.
  2. Summerside: A city rich in culture, history, and home to the famous Summerside Lobster Carnival.
  3. Stratford: A town located directly across from Charlottetown, offering picturesque waterfront views.
  4. Cornwall: Known for its parks, walking trails and recreational complexes.
  5. Montague: Popularly known as 'Montague the Beautiful' for its river-view beauty.
  6. Souris: Home to the easternmost point of the Island and a car ferry to Magdalen Islands.
  7. Alberton: A town that hosts annual summer 'Alberton Day' festivities and a car show.

Road Connections

Essential Routes in Prince Edward Island

  1. Charlottetown - Summerside: A 57 km drive mostly using the Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 W. Approximate driving time is about 50 minutes. This road is well-maintained and allows for easy driving.
  2. Charlottetown - Cavendish: This route is about 38 km, taking around 36 minutes via PE-6 W. Most of the drive provides a scenic view of the countryside.
  3. Charlottetown - Montague: This roughly 42 km journey via the Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 E will take about 34 minutes. The route has smooth roads and easy navigation.
  4. Charlottetown - Souris: Covering around 81 km, this drive via the Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 E should take around 1 hour. Expect beautiful farmland scenery along the way.
  5. Summerside - Cavendish: The route is approximately 36 km via PE-12 N. Approximate driving time is about 40 minutes. The road has well-marked scenic points.
  6. Summerside - Montague: A relatively short distance of about 77 kms via PE-1 E, this route typically takes around 1 hour. The drive offers scenic attractions along the way.
  7. Summerside - Souris: This 116 km drive mostly via PE-2 E. Approximate driving time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The route offers a mix of light town drive and scenic countryside views.

PEI Attractions

Top 8 Must-See Landmarks for Car Renters

  1. Prince Edward Island National Park: Discover stunning landscapes, sand dunes and saltmarsh - a must-see for nature lovers.
  2. Anne of Green Gables Museum: Visit the inspiration for L.M. Montgomery's famous novel, perfect for literature enthusiasts.
  3. Confederation Bridge: Drive across the world's longest bridge over ice-covered water, an engineering marvel.
  4. Province House National Historic Site: Explore the birthplace of Confederation, full of history and charm.
  5. Charlottetown: Stroll around the capital city, rich in history, culture, and local cuisine.
  6. Basin Head Provincial Park: Known for its singing sands, the park is a perfect seaside adventure with your rented car.
  7. PEI Potato Museum: Uncover the history behind Prince Edward Island's staple crop, a quirky and fun visit.
  8. Green Gables Heritage Place: Step into the magical world of Anne Shirley at her cherished home.

Top PEI Roadtrips

Best driving routes for tourists in Prince Edward Island

  1. Central Coastal Drive: This 253km leisurely drive encompasses some of PEI's most charming fishing villages and stunning shorelines. Rolling farmlands, lighthouses and the Confederation Bridge are all highlights.
  2. Points East Coastal Drive: Covering 475km, this route showcases white sandy beaches, historic lighthouses, picturesque harbours and the famous Greenwich National Park.
  3. North Cape Coastal Drive: This 350 km route is known for its seafood, Acadian culture, and breathtaking coastal views. The area is home to the iconic West Point Lighthouse and the Wind Energy Institute of Canada.
  4. Charlottetown to Cavendish: A drive of around 27km leads you from the historic city of Charlottetown to Cavendish, the setting of 'Anne of Green Gables'. Beautiful pastoral scenery and the Prince Edward Island National Park await.
  5. The Heritage Roads: Experience PEI's unspoiled landscape through these several short drives ranging from 5km to 14km. See fields, forests, and the quaint rural life PEI is known for.
  6. Blue Heron Coastal Drive: This 50km picturesque route offers panoramic ocean views, charming seaside communities, and the Red Sands Shore's red sandstone cliffs.

Driving in PEI

Essential Information

1. What is the speed limit in Prince Edward Island?

The general speed limit in PEI is 80 km/h on highways and 50 km/h in urban areas, unless otherwise posted. Always check signs for the legal speed limit.

2. Do I need a special driving license to drive in Prince Edward Island?

If you have a valid license in your home country and it's in English or French, you can use it to drive in PEI for up to 120 days. On the longer term, you'll need a PEI driving license.

3. What are the rules regarding radar detectors in Prince Edward Island?

Using radar detectors in PEI is illegal and can result in fines.

4. Are there any toll roads in Prince Edward Island?

The Confederation Bridge, which connects PEI to the mainland, does have a toll. There are no other toll roads in PEI.

5. What side of the road does Prince Edward Island drive on?

Like the rest of Canada, people in PEI drive on the right side of the road.

6. What are some specific driving rules in Prince Edward Island?

Driving rules in PEI are very similar to the rest of Canada; you must always wear a seatbelt, children must be in a proper child seat, you can't use a handheld device while driving, etc. Additionally, you must give way to oncoming vehicles when turning left.

7. What are some safety tips for driving in Prince Edward Island?

Always use your seat belt, do not use your phone while driving, and follow the speed limits. Be especially careful during winter months due to potential icy conditions.

8. Where can I find gas stations in Prince Edward Island?

Gas stations are widespread in PEI, especially in and around urban areas. Some of them may close early in rural areas though, so it's a good idea to fill up when you can.

9. How are the road conditions in Prince Edward Island?

Central and eastern areas of PEI have good, well-maintained roads. However, some rural roads can be narrow and winding, and conditions can get tricky in winter due to snow and ice.

10. Are there any specific rules for passing other vehicles in Prince Edward Island?

In PEI, you can only pass a car on the right under certain circumstances. Otherwise, you should pass on the left. Always check mirrors and blind spots before passing.

11. Are winter tires mandatory in Prince Edward Island during winter?

While winter tires are not mandatory in PEI, they are highly recommended due to potential hazardous conditions from snow and ice.

12. What are the requirements for car insurance in Prince Edward Island?

By law, all drivers in PEI must be covered by liability insurance. If renting a car, check with the rental company about their insurance policies.

13. How can I obtain a Prince Edward Island driving license?

You’ll need to apply for a PEI driver's license at a local Access PEI location.

14. Are there pedestrian right-of-way laws in Prince Edward Island?

Yes, vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians at marked crosswalks in PEI.

15. What do I do in case of a car accident in Prince Edward Island?

If involved in an accident, stop immediately, ensure everyone is safe, call the police if needed, exchange information with the other driver, and report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible.