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Experience superior customer service with our car rental in Kassel, designed to accommodate all your travel needs. Our attentive staff provides prompt services to ensure a hassle-free experience. Embark on your journey in Kassel, savoring the unique beauty of Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe or the Brother Grimm Museum, with the assurance of reliable support from our customer service team.

Kassel Car Rental


1. What is the cost of renting a car in Kassel?

The cost of renting a car in Kassel varies depending on the type of car and the rental duration. On average, you can expect to pay between 30 and 70 Euros per day. Insurance and additional services are usually charged separately.

2. Which car model is most sought-after for rentals in Kassel?

The most demanded rental car in Kassel is typically a comfortable and fuel-efficient model like the Volkswagen Golf. Given the city's rich history and the need to navigate through narrow historic streets, smaller cars are popular.

3. Where are the popular pickup locations in Kassel?

The most popular pickup locations for car rentals in Kassel are Kassel's city center and . Central locations are often preferred for their convenience and proximity to local attractions.

4. Does the car rental service include 24-hour pickup and return?

Yes, most car rental providers in Kassel offer 24-hour pickup and drop off services for maximum convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Generally, there is a minimum rental period of one day. However, prices may decrease for longer rentals.

6. What is the minimum age to rent and drive a car in Kassel?

The minimum age to rent a car in Kassel is typically 21 years old. However, this can vary between rental companies and a young driver fee may apply to drivers under 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Kassel?

When renting a car in Kassel, you'll need your passport, a valid driving license, and a credit card for the deposit. For non-EU license holders, an International Driving Permit might be required.

8. What's the optimal time of the year to visit Kassel by car?

The best time to visit Kassel by car is typically in the late spring, summer or early autumn, when the weather is fair and the city's stunning gardens are in full bloom.

9. What are Kassel's main airports?

Kassel's main airport is Kassel Airport. It's conveniently located and offers car rental facilities onsite.

10. Can I pick up the car in Kassel and return it in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Kassel offer one-way rentals. However, an additional fee may be charged for this service.

Customer Experiences


Kassel – 21-11-2023. Truly a seamless experience! I rented a car for a week to explore the fairy-tale-like Kassel. The process was straightforward, the staff was helpful, and the car was in perfect condition. I must say, the price was pretty reasonable as well. Would highly recommend if you're looking to rent a car in Kassel.


Kassel – 13-10-2023. I was visiting Kassel for Documenta, the world renowned art exhibition. Renting a car through this company was a godsend! The car was clean and well-maintained and the service was top-notch. It didn’t even cost me an arm and a leg! Good value for money!


Kassel – 25-08-2023. I needed to rent a car for a business trip in Kassel. The car I received was clean and comfortable. Their services were able to accommodate my business schedule flexibly. Additionally, their rate is competitive which is a bonus for keeping my business trip within budget.


Kassel – 15-07-2023. I am often in need of renting cars for my travels. During my recent trip to Kassel, I rented one from this company. The car was quite comfortable, and the rental process was swift and easy. Equally important to note - it was finely priced! I was quite pleased.


Kassel – 14-06-2023. I rented a car from them for a family trip to Kassel, and the overall experience was good. The car was clean, and the service was efficient. The cost aligned with the quality service they provided. I'd definitely recommend them.


Kassel – 17-04-2023. Easy and hassle-free car rental for my trip to Kassel. Friendly staff, good cars and reasonable pricing. The car I got was comfortable and well maintained. If you’re planning a trip to Kassel, and need a rental, this company comes highly recommended.

Kassel Road Connections

Key Road Routes from Kassel

  1. Kassel - Berlin: A distance of about 345 km, approximately 3.5 hours drive primarily on A7 and A2. Excellent road conditions and scenic views of the German countryside.
  2. Kassel - Hamburg: Around 288 km, 3 hours drive mainly on A7. The route is in good condition, with service stations and diner stops on the way.
  3. Kassel - Frankfurt: With only 194 km and 2 hours drive primarily on A44 and A5, this is one of the most traveled routes that offers smooth driving experience.
  4. Kassel - Munich: A longer journey of about 421 km, approximately 4 hours drive mainly on A7 and A9. Road conditions are generally good, with plenty of rest areas and eateries along the way.
  5. Kassel - Cologne: Approximately 291 km, around 3 hours drive primarily on A44 and A3. The road is well-maintained with several points of interest on the route.
  6. Kassel - Leipzig: A 238 km journey, about 2.5 hours drive mostly on A38. The route boasts decent road conditions and several historic towns to see.
  7. Kassel - Hanover: Short distance of 164 km, roughly 2 hours drive primarily on A7. The route offers good road conditions and picturesque rural views.

Driving in Kassel

Common Queries and Useful Tips

1. On which side of the road should I drive in Kassel and the rest of the country?

In Kassel, as in the whole of Germany, you drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit on German roads?

The speed limit in cities like Kassel is generally 50 km/h, while it is 100 km/h on roads outside built-up areas. On autobahns, there is an 'advisory' speed limit of 130 km/h, but it is not a hard limit unless indicated.

3. Are there speed cameras in Kassel?

Yes, there are speed cameras in Kassel and throughout Germany. Fines for speeding can be quite high, so it's advisable to stick to the speed limit.

4. Do I need an International Driving Permit to drive in Kassel?

For tourists or temporary visitors from non-EU countries, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is usually required, along with your valid national driving licence. However, you should check the latest rules with the local authorities.

5. Are there tolls on German roads, and how can I pay at them?

Generally, cars can use German roads including autobahns free of charge. There are, however, tolls for trucks over 7.5 tonnes. Payments can be made online or at various terminals.

6. How congested are the roads in Kassel?

The morning and evening peak hours in Kassel can be quite busy, but generally, the traffic is manageable. However, it's always a good idea to plan your journey in advance and allow extra time if travelling during these periods.

7. How vigilant are police about enforcing driving rules?

German police are quite rigorous in enforcing driving rules. Traffic offences, including speeding, not indicating, tailgating and overtaking in dangerous situations, are taken seriously and are often accompanied by fines or other penalties.

8. What should I do if I have a breakdown or accident?

In case of a breakdown, you should put on your warning triangle and contact your car hire agency. If there is an accident, you should call the police and ensure you obtain a police report for your insurance.

9. Any specific driving habits to be wary of in Kassel?

Generally, German drivers are well-disciplined and obey traffic rules. However, be prepared for aggressive driving habits such as tailgating, particularly on the autobahns.

10. Are roundabouts common in Kassel, and who has the right of way?

Roundabouts are common across Germany, including Kassel. Vehicles already on the roundabout generally have the right of way, unless indicated otherwise by signs or traffic lights.

11. Is it necessary to carry any specific documentation while driving?

Yes, you must always carry your driving license, car rental documents, ID or passport, and proof of insurance when driving.

12. Are child seats required for car journeys?

Yes, it's a legal requirement in Germany for all children under 12 years old or less than 150 cm tall to be seated in a suitable child seat.

13. Can I drive in Kassel with a European Union driving license?

Yes, a driving license issued in any of the EU member states is valid in Germany.

14. Are there any restrictions on car colours or types for tourist drivers?

No, there are no restrictions on car colours or types for tourist drivers in Kassel or elsewhere in Germany.

15. Do all German cities follow the same traffic rules as Kassel?

Yes, traffic rules and regulations are generally uniform across Germany.

Top Kassel Attractions

Discover Kassel's must-see attractions using your rental car

  1. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: A UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring the Hercules monument, an assortment of beautiful castles, and breathtaking water features.
  2. Fridericianum Museum: Known as the oldest public museum in Europe, it offers an eclectic blend of contemporary and historical art.
  3. Wilhelmshöhe Palace: A majestic hilltop palace housing a museum with an astonishing collection of antiques and artwork.
  4. Staatspark Karlsaue: A vast park with a grand Baroque-style palace, lovely gardens and a large lake.
  5. The Brothers Grimm Museum: Celebrating the famous fairy tale writers, this museum offers insight into their life and works.
  6. Auestadion: Visit this impressive football stadium, witness a local football match or enjoy other sports activities.
  7. Natural History Museum: Ideal for families, featuring large dinosaur replicas, fascinating geological exhibits and more.
  8. Hessisches Landesmuseum: A comprehensive museum with a vast collection covering art, culture, history, and more.

Roadtrips from Kassel

Explore Germany's Beauty By Car

  1. Kassel to Berlin: Embark on a 366 km trip to Germany's vibrant capital, Berlin. Experience rich history, art, and architecture along the way.
  2. B500: Schwarzwald High Road: Cruise through stunning sceneries and dense forests on this 60 km journey from Kassel through the Black Forest.
  3. Fairy-tale Route: At 600 km, this enchanting route runs from Kassel to Bremen, featuring beautiful castles, and age-old legends of the Brothers Grimm.
  4. Kassel to Munich: Romantic Road: Explore medieval towns and breathtaking landscapes on this 413 km drive from Kassel to Munich.
  5. Kassel to Frankfurt: Take a 194 km drive from Kassel to Frankfurt, Europe’s financial hub with a blend of modern and historic attractions.
  6. Castle Road: Kassel to Mannheim: A 628 km route featuring over 70 castles and palaces from Kassel to Mannheim.
  7. Alpine Road: Kassel to Lake Constance: A breathtaking 450 km long journey through the stunning Alps from Kassel to Lake Constance.


Car Rental in Kassel

A Guide Through Kassel and Its Hidden Gems

City car on path with Kassel's landmarks, Hercules monument, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, amidst lush meadows.

Welcome to Kassel, a place where art, culture, and monumental attractions seamlessly blend with its charming natural landscape. Known famously as the home to Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kassel never fails to enchant travelers. It's also recognized globally for organizing the documenta Art Exhibition, one of the most important events on the contemporary art calendar.

Moving around with a car in Kassel is the best way to explore the city at your own pace. From Kassel, freeways will take you to many attractive spots. The savannah of the Leipzig Zoo is only about a two-hour drive east of Kassel, while a beautiful scenic drive to the Frankfurt takes you slightly over two hours. Drive south-east and in less than three hours, you'll reach the immense scenic beauty of the Bavarian Alps. Kassel's central location makes it a perfect base for road trips across central Germany.

Within Kassel, it's worth driving up to the Karlsaue Park with its famous Orangerie Museum or heading to Grimm World, a fully immersive experience about the work of the Grimm Brothers, creators of some of the world's most loved fairy tales. A day can also be well spent at Staatspark Karlsaue, as you leisurely stroll or picnic by the Fulda River. The convenience of a car allows you to easily explore this vibrant city and its surroundings.