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Car Rental in Oldenburg

Attractions in and Around Oldenburg for the Driving Enthusiast

City car amidst windmills, ripe apple trees, and cottages

Located in Lower Saxony, Germany, Oldenburg is a delightful city known to be one of the four cultural hubs of the state. With a population of over 160,000 residents, the city is characterized by a vibrant cultural scene, impressive architecture and beautiful landscapes. Visiting Oldenburg allows you to discover and immerse yourself in a unique blend of historical attractions and modern artistic flair. From delightful parks, compelling museums, exciting festivals to historical castles, there is plenty to explore and experience.

Oldenburg's center has a number of notable attractions worth exploring in your car. One of the highlights is the Oldenburg Castle, a prime symbol of the city’s rich history and a repository of culture and art. Just a short car ride away lie the Botanical Gardens, a perfect place to unwind amidst nature after a day of sightseeing. Oldenburg is also known for its Elsbeth Rose Park, home to a stunning collection of roses, making it a must-visit for nature lovers.

If you're ready for a short car trip from Oldenburg, you can explore neighboring cities and attractions. Bremen, a charming maritime city rich with history and culture, is only a 45-minute car ride away. For fans of modern and contemporary art, the Kunsthalle Bremen is a must-see. Additionally, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea, is within an hours’ drive, offering a unique coastal landscape that transforms with the tide.

Car Rental in Oldenburg

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of car rental in Oldenburg?

The cost of renting a car in Oldenburg largely depends on the car model and the duration of rental. Prices may range from 20 euros per day for a compact car to 120 euros per day for luxury cars. During peak seasons, prices may increase slightly.

2. Which car model is most popular for rental in Oldenburg?

The Volkswagen Golf is a popular choice among customers in Oldenburg, likely due to its compact size making it suitable for the city's narrow and winding roads. However, the choice of car largely depends on personal preference and the nature of the journey.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Oldenburg?

Rental cars are commonly picked up at Oldenburg's downtown locations or Oldenburg Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes. Most car rental companies in Oldenburg offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services to accommodate customers' schedules.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes. The minimum rental period typically required by car rental companies in Oldenburg is one day.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Oldenburg?

The minimum age to rent a car in Oldenburg is usually 18 years old; however, some companies may require the driver to be older.

7. What documents do I need for car rental or driving in Oldenburg?

Typically, you will need a valid driver's license, passport or ID card, and a credit card. Please check with the car rental company as requirements might vary.

8. What is the best time to visit Oldenburg by car?

The best time to visit Oldenburg by car is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is most pleasant.

9. What are the main airports in Oldenburg?

The city of Oldenburg is served by Bremen Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Oldenburg and drop it off in another city?

Yes. Most car rental companies in Oldenburg allow for one-way rentals, but there may be an additional fee. It is worth checking with the rental company beforehand.

Customer Voices

Emily Winters

Oldenburg – 21-11-2023. The car rental experience at Oldenburg was straightforward and hassle-free. I rented a SUV for my autumn tour around the city, and the vehicle was in excellent condition and very clean. I was positively surprised about the professionalism of the rental company. The price was quite reasonable considering the quality of the service I received.

John Cotter

Oldenburg – 01-10-2023. Although Oldenburg is a small city, having a rental car is a real asset. The company provided us with a new and fuel efficient car at a compelling price. Their punctuality and attention to detail were definitely the icing on the cake. Will surely rent again!

Isabella MacDougall

Oldenburg – 18-09-2023. Outstanding customer service and fair pricing! Received a warm welcome on arrival, quick paperwork, and I was on the road to exploring Oldenburg in no time. The rental car was clean, well-maintained and economical. Highly recommended!

William Ferris

Oldenburg – 05-09-2023. Can't praise this car rental agency enough. Competitive prices, reliable cars and the staff were very friendly. They even recommended some off-beaten paths around Oldenburg which we enjoyed very much. All in all a great experience.

Diane Gordon

Oldenburg – 25-06-2023. Excellent experience with this car company! Convenient pick-up location in Oldenburg. Pricing was quite affordable given the quality of the vehicle and the level of service. A pleasant surprise was the inclusion of free GPS.

Edward Keating

Oldenburg – 15-05-2023. Service was prompt, efficient and friendly! Many thanks to this car rental company for helping make our holiday in Oldenburg so special. The car was clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. We were particularly impressed with their pick-up and drop-off service. Highly recommended!

Oldenburg: Essential Routes

Route information for car travelers starting from Oldenburg.

  1. Oldenburg - Hamburg: An 138km drive via the A1 lasting approximately 2 hours; the A1 is a well-maintained highway with several rest stops.
  2. Oldenburg - Bremen: A brief 49km journey most often traversed via the A28, estimated travel time is 50 minutes; A28 is a smooth, scenic route.
  3. Oldenburg - Berlin: A substantial 370km commute managed best via the A2 with a driving time around 3 hours 45 minutes; includes parts with heavy traffic near Berlin.
  4. Oldenburg - Hannover: A 168km path mainly traversed via the A1 and A28 with an estimated travel time of 2 hours; highways usually have moderate traffic.
  5. Oldenburg - Düsseldorf: A longer journey of 252km via the A1, lasting around 2 hours 45 minutes; popular route with regular traffic, especially near Düsseldorf.
  6. Oldenburg - Cologne: A 288km trip mostly via the A1 with an estimated driving time of 3 hours; route includes several rest stops and eateries.
  7. Oldenburg - Frankfurt: A considerable 425km journey predominately along the A1 and the A45, taking approximately 4.5 hours; includes stretches of heavy traffic near Frankfurt.

Driving in Oldenburg

Common Concerns and Tips

1. What's the general speed limit in Oldenburg?

The speed limit in Oldenburg, like many other German cities, is typically 50 km/h in urban areas. On highways (Autobahn), the recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h, but there's no legally enforced general speed limit.

2. Is a foreign driving license valid in Oldenburg?

Yes, foreign driving licenses are generally accepted in Oldenburg for up to six months. However, licenses not in German, English or French might need to be accompanied by a certified translation or an International Driving Permit.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Oldenburg?

Yes, Oldenburg, like the rest of Germany, has quite a few speed cameras deployed on its roads. Driving above the speed limit can easily trigger these cameras and result in fines.

4. Where can I find information about tolls in Oldenburg?

Few roads in Germany require a toll fee. Oldenburg is no exception. The only tolls for cars in Germany are for some tunnels and bridges.

5. What side of the road should I drive on in Oldenburg?

In Oldenburg and all of Germany, you should drive on the right side of the road.

6. How severe is the traffic in Oldenburg?

Traffic can become congested in Oldenburg, especially during peak hours. It's recommended to always plan your travel in advance and take this into account.

7. Are there any specific driving rules I should know about?

Yes, there are several unique driving rules in Germany. For example, it's illegal to stop on the Autobahn except in emergencies. Also, you must form an emergency corridor for emergency vehicles when traffic jams occur.

8. How are road signs in Oldenburg?

Germany uses a combination of symbols and text on their road signs. Non-German-speaking visitors might need to familiarise themselves with some common road signs.

9. Is parking easy in Oldenburg?

Parking can be a challenge in the city centre. Parking guidance systems and park-and-ride facilities are available in Oldenburg to help ease the parking situation.

10. What's the legal age for driving a car in Oldenburg?

The legal age for driving a car in Germany is 18 years old. However, for renting a car, the minimum age requirement can be 21 years or higher depending on the rental company's policy.

11. Can I use my car's high beam lights in the city?

According to the German Road Traffic Regulations, it’s prohibited to dazzle other road users with high beam lights. If you can see an oncoming vehicle or you're driving closely behind another vehicle, you must switch to low beam lights.

12. Are there any school zones I should be aware of?

Yes, speed limit in marked school zones is typically reduced (30 km/h) to ensure the safety of children. Specific signs are posted to indicate such zones.

13. Are there right-of-way rules I need to pay attention to?

In Germany, there's a 'priority road' rule, indicated with a yellow diamond sign. If a road is not marked as a priority road, vehicles coming from the right have right-of-way.

14. How can I anticipate traffic in Oldenburg?

Listening to local radio stations can provide current traffic updates. There are also numerous online platforms and apps which offer real-time traffic information.

15. Is it compulsory to carry specific items in the car?

Yes, it's mandatory to have a first-aid kit, warning triangles and a high visibility vest in your car at all times when driving in Germany.

Oldenburg Highlights

Best Spots to Visit When in Oldenburg

  1. Schloss Oldenburg: A beautiful, historical castle in the heart of the city, housing a museum.
  2. Pulverturm: An ancient defensive tower with panoramic city views.
  3. Lamberti Church: Gothic style church boasting an impressive organ and clock tower.
  4. Staatstheater Oldenburg: Traditional theatre offering a variety of performances.
  5. Botanischer Garten Oldenburg: An expansive garden featuring a wide variety of flora.
  6. Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch: A museum packed with regional natural and cultural history exhibits.
  7. Horst Janssen Museum: A museum dedicated to the works of the famous German artist.
  8. Oldenburger Computer-Museum: Explore the history of computer technology at this fascinating museum.

Exciting Roadtrips from Oldenburg

Discover Germany by car from Oldenburg

  1. Weser Renaissance Route: Follow this 320 kilometer route and explore the regions of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. Discover famous castles and river views that are distinctive for the Weser Renaissance.
  2. Route to Bremen: Drive for just 50 kilometers from Oldenburg to Bremen. Explore the city, known around the world for its fairy tale, the 'Bremen Town Musicians'.
  3. German Fairytale Route: This picturesque 600 kilometer route takes you through the heart of Germany, to various locations significant for Grimm Brothers' fairytales.
  4. From Oldenburg to Hamburg: A 160 kilometer drive leads you to Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, known for its port and the famous 'Speicherstadt' warehouse district.
  5. Castle Road: This 1,200 kilometer romantic route covers more than 70 castles and palaces from Mannheim to Prague.
  6. Romantic Road: As one of the best known German scenic routes, this 350 kilometer journey passes by medieval towns and castles, ending at the Alps.
  7. The Harz Route: A round trip of approximately 450 kilometers with gothic cities, steam train rides and the highest mountain in northern Germany, the Brocken.