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Experience stellar customer service with our car rental service in Bremerhaven. Whether you're off to explore the intriguing German Emigration Center or venturing to the quaint fishing harbor, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service. Enjoy the unique blend of urban life and seafaring tradition that Bremerhaven offers with seamless car rental experience.

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Bremerhaven Questions & Answers

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Bremerhaven?

The cost of car rental in Bremerhaven varies depending on the type of car, duration of rental, and time of the year. On average, you can expect to pay from as low as $30 per day to over $100 per day during peak season.

2. What car make is most popular for rental in Bremerhaven?

The most popular car model for rental in Bremerhaven is often compact cars like the Volkswagen Polo. The city's compact structure, traffic, and parking facilities make compact cars an ideal choice for easy maneuvering.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Bremerhaven?

The most popular places to rent a car in Bremerhaven are at the Bremerhaven Ferry Harbor Terminal and the downtown area which host a variety of rental agencies.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop off service?

Many car rental services in Bremerhaven operate a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service. It's advisable to confirm this service with your chosen provider in advance.

5. What is the minimum rental duration?

Typically, the minimum rental period begins from 24 hours. However, several car rental providers in Bremerhaven allow rentals for few hours at higher hourly rates.

6. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Bremerhaven?

The minimum age to rent a car in Bremerhaven is usually 21. However, some agencies have a higher age limit, and additional fees may apply to drivers under 25.

7. What documents will I need to hire or drive a car in Bremerhaven?

To rent a car in Bremerhaven, you'll need a valid driver's license, passport, and a credit card for deposit. Non-EU license holders may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Bremerhaven by car?

The best time to visit Bremerhaven by car is during the summer, from June to August, when the weather is at its warmest, and all attractions are open.

9. What are the major airports in Bremerhaven?

The most significant airports near Bremerhaven are Bremen Airport and the Hamburg Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Bremerhaven and return it in a different city?

Yes, most car rental agencies in Bremerhaven offer one-way rentals. It's advisable to double-check this arrangement as it could incur additional fees.

Bremerhaven Road Connections

Explore Germany with ease from Bremerhaven

  1. Bremerhaven - Hamburg: Approx 119 km via the A27 and A1 in just over an hour. The roads are generally in excellent condition.
  2. Bremerhaven - Bremen: Just 66 km through A27, estimated driving time is around 50 minutes.
  3. Bremerhaven - Hannover: Around 188 km via the A27 and A7. Estimated driving time is less than 2 hours.
  4. Bremerhaven - Berlin: A distance of 395 km via the A24 and A27. Estimated travel time is around 4 hours.
  5. Bremerhaven - Düsseldorf: Approx 367 km via A1 and A3, estimated driving time is 3.5 hours.
  6. Bremerhaven - Frankfurt: It's about 465 km, estimated travel time of 4.5 hours via A3 and A27.
  7. Bremerhaven - Cologne: This route is approximately 367 km via A1, and typically takes around 3.5 hours.

Driving in Bremerhaven

FAQs about driving in Bremerhaven and Germany

1. Can I drive in Bremerhaven with my foreign license?

Yes, you can. However, if your license isn't in English or German, it's recommended to have an International Driving Permit alongside your current license.

2. What side of the road should I drive on in Bremerhaven?

In Germany, including Bremerhaven, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

3. What are the speed limits in Bremerhaven?

In general, 50km/h in urban areas and 100km/h on country roads. Autobahns technically have a recommended limit of 130km/h, but there is often no enforced limit.

4. Are there toll roads in Bremerhaven or Germany?

No, all roads including highways are free to use in Germany. Only heavy goods vehicles need to pay tolls.

5. Where can I find information about road traffic in Bremerhaven?

Online platforms, like ADAC, report current traffic and road conditions in Germany and Bremerhaven.

6. Does Germany use traffic cameras?

Yes, Germany uses traffic enforcement cameras, primarily for speed enforcement and red light violations.

7. Are there specific driving rules I should be aware of in Bremerhaven?

Yes, drive on the right, use roundabouts by giving way to the left, and no overtaking school buses at their stops are few unique rules you should be aware of.

8. How strict are traffic rules in Bremerhaven?

Germany has very strict traffic rules. Non-compliance may result in heavy fines or even a driving ban.

9. Are there special winter driving rules in Bremerhaven?

Yes, you are required to fit winter tires to your car when conditions are wintry (ice, slush, frost, etc.).

10. Are there pedestrian priority areas in Bremerhaven?

Yes, in 'traffic-calmed zones', pedestrians have priority and they can use the entire street. The maximum allowed speed is 7km/h.

11. What should I do in case of a traffic accident in Bremerhaven?

First, ensure everyone's safety and call the police. Then, report the incident to your car insurance company as soon as possible.

12. Is there an age limit for driving a car in Bremerhaven?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to drive a car in Germany.

13. Are children required to use a car seat in Bremerhaven?

Yes, children under 150cm in height or aged under 12 must use a suitable car seat.

14. Can I drive in Bremerhaven using a driver’s license from the USA?

Yes, U.S. driver's licenses are valid in Germany including Bremerhaven for short-term visitors.

15. What are the rules for driving through tunnels in Germany?

You must turn on your car headlights when driving through a tunnel, no matter the time of day. Overtaking is also generally prohibited when in a tunnel.

Discover Bremerhaven

Top 8 Sightseeing Destinations

  1. Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost: An exploration of Earth’s diverse climates in an immersive museum experience.
  2. German Emigration Center: Award-winning museum exploring the history of German emigration.
  3. German Maritime Museum: Collection of historical ships and exhibitions on Germany's maritime history.
  4. Bremerhaven Zoo by the Sea: Unique marine-focused zoo with polar wildlife.
  5. The U-Boat Wilhelm Bauer: An intact WWII submarine turned into a museum.
  6. Historical Museum Bremerhaven: Offering exhibits on the history and culture of Bremerhaven.
  7. Bremerhaven Lighthouse: Historic lighthouse offering panoramic views of the city.
  8. The Sailor's House: 19th century sailor's pub, now a quaint museum with memorabilia.

Bremerhaven Roadtrips

Discover Germany’s Scenic Routes

  1. Route 1: Fairy-Tale Road: This 370km road begins from your starting point, Bremerhaven, heading south to Hanau. Experience the enchanting towns and landscapes that inspired the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales.
  2. Route 2: German Wine Route: Spanning 85km from Schweigen-Rechtenbach to Bockenheim, this charming route will take you through beautiful vineyards, ancient castles, and lovely wine-growing towns.
  3. Route 3: Romantic Road: This popular 350km-long route will lead you from Würzburg to Füssen, featuring stunning landscapes, medieval towns, and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.
  4. Route 4: Castle Road: Explore over 70 castles and palaces through a 1200km route from Mannheim to Prague, a rewarding trip for history enthusiasts.
  5. Route 5: German Alpine Road: This exciting 450km route from Lindau to Schönau am Königssee, includes breathtaking Alpine scenery, idyllic villages, and impressive Munich.
  6. Route 6: Bertha Benz Memorial Route: Rediscover the 194km historic journey of the first long-distance car trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim.
  7. Route 7: Black Forest Panoramic Route: Embark on a 60km drive through the heart of the Black Forest from Waldkirch to Baden-Baden, revealing enchanting forests, scenic valleys, and charming local culture.
  8. Route 8: Dresden to Berlin: A straightforward, culturally enriching 200km drive that connects two of Germany's most exciting cities displaying modern life and historic charm.


Car Rental in Bremerhaven

Roadtripping through the Coastal Charms of Northern Germany

City car by Bremerhaven harbor with lighthouse and seagulls

Located in Northern Germany, Bremerhaven is a city that has seamlessly merged its rich maritime history with a modern, cosmopolitan vibe. Known for its busy shipping port, the city invites visitors to dive into its unique nautical atmosphere at its German Emigration Center and German Maritime Museum. For those who prefer a greener view, there's also Speckenbüttel Park, a beautiful green oasis with sports facilities, greenhouses, and several gardens.

A trip by car from Bremerhaven opens up a plethora of charming and historical destinations. Travelling southbound for 53km (~33 miles) along the coastline, you'll reach Bremen, a city brimming with medieval architecture, historic alleyways, and the famous statue of Roland, a symbol of the city's freedom. A trek of 122km (~76 miles) to the north, will take you to the island of Sylt, famed for its long sandy beaches, dunes, and distinctive thatched-roof houses. Deviating inland, 175km (~109 miles) to the south-east lies Hamburg, Germany’s most cosmopolitan city flaunting its beautifully restored warehouse district, Speicherstadt, and the iconic concert hall, Elbphilharmonie.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Bremerhaven, a visit to the Climate House is essential. It offers a journey through the world’s different climate zones to get an educational yet enthralling insight into the dynamics of Earth’s climate system. For those interested in wildlife, a visit to the Zoo at the Sea, a special Arctic zoo, would perfectly round off a trip, showcasing the life of polar bears, seals and other aquatic species.

Car Rental Reviews

Gregor Horst

Bremerhaven – 22-11-2023. Simply the best. I've been regularly renting cars for my business trips and I can say without a doubt this has been my best experience so far. Their cars are always in top shape and the staff is extraordinarily friendly and helpful. A fine representation of Bremerhaven's warm hospitality. The prices are very reasonable for the high-quality service they provide. Will definitely use their services again.

Emilia Schmidt

Bremerhaven – 02-10-2023. Just returned from my annual family trip to Bremerhaven and as always, this rental service didn't disappoint. The car we rented was in excellent condition, it was like driving a brand new car. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free. Despite the high tourism season, their prices remained fair. Highly recommend!

Oscar Weber

Bremerhaven – 13-07-2023. I have to say, I am impressed. Not only their cars are well-maintained, they also have a wide range of models to select from. Unlike other rental places, they give you what they advertise, and for a pensioner like me, their rates are affordable. Showed a good knowledge of Bremerhaven and even gave me some great local recommendations. Value for money indeed!

Lena Bosch

Bremerhaven – 25-04-2023. Cannot fault this car rental service! My husband and I booked a car for a week while visiting our grandchildren in Bremerhaven. The car was superb, incredibly clean and efficient. The staff were courteous and professional. Their prices were transparent with no hidden charges. Overall, it made our trip more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Felix Zimmermann

Bremerhaven – 01-01-2023. I rarely write reviews, but I had such a positive experience here that I felt obligated to do so. They have a good variety of cars and their pricing is very fair. The standout was undoubtedly the service. What a friendly, helpful team. Aside from renting a great car, I really appreciated their insider tips about Bremerhaven. Would highly recommend this car rental company to anyone visiting Bremerhaven.

Marlene Gotthelf

Bremerhaven – 03-12-2022. A big thank you to the team at this rental service. Renting a car for my trip to Bremerhaven was made so simple and stress-free. Pricing was straight-forward and very reasonable. The car itself was clean and ran smoothly during my time. Such a great way to experience the breathtaking north German coastline. Keep up the excellent work!