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Car Rental in Karlstad

Your guide to discovering the beautifully harmonious blend of urban and rural landscapes of Karlstad

City car in Karlstad landscape with river and deer

Charmed by the idyllic surroundings of sparkling lakes, lush forests, and scenic landscapes welcome to Karlstad, Scania's smiling city, where a pleasing blend of urban attractions and natural beauty awaits you. Known for Sweden's sunniest weather, imbued with colorful history and home to one of the country’s most beautiful watercourses Klarälven. The city can best be explored by car enabling you to discover all of its treasures at your own pace, making your trip more relaxed and comfortable.

Starting your car trip from the heart of the city, you can head to Sandgrund Lars Lerin, the impressive art gallery. Also, don’t miss out on Vänern Museum that uncovers the history of Scandinavia's largest lake. Drive down to the Karlskrona Archipelago – a UNESCO World Heritage site, approximately 360 km away from Karlstad. You'll pass by and traverse lush green landscapes, serene lakes, and historical landmarks on the way.

For those who love views from heights, head towards Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise, located about 955 km from Karlstad, an ideal road trip for adventure and nature enthusiasts. An alternate option for history buffs lies 350km east in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. This vibrant city offers an array of amazing sights like the Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, Gamla Stan, and much more.

Car Rental in Karlstad

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Karlstad?

The price of car rentals in Karlstad can vary based on the type of car and duration of rental. On average, it can cost between $30-$50 per day for a basic economy car. Prices may also be impacted by availability and peak tourist seasons.

2. What car model is most frequently rented in Karlstad?

Compact and economy cars are often the most demanded models for rental in Karlstad, consistent with the city’s modest size and excellent urban structure. These car models generally offer good fuel efficiency, which is practical for the city's clean and green environment.

3. What are the popular places to rent a car in Karlstad?

The most popular places to rent a car in Karlstad include Karlstad Airport and the city center where most car rental companies have their offices.

4. Is there 24-hour pickup and drop-off service available?

Most car rental companies in Karlstad offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off service, but it's always a good idea to check with your specific provider in advance.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, usually there is a one-day minimum for car rentals in Karlstad. However, rates can be more cost-effective if you rent for a longer period.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Karlstad?

The minimum age to rent a car in Karlstad is typically 21 years old, but this can differ between rental companies.

7. What documentation is required to rent or drive a car in Karlstad?

You will need a valid driver's license and a credit card in your name. If you're not a resident of Sweden, you may also need an international driving permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Karlstad by car?

The best time to visit Karlstad by car is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is warm and the city's many outdoor attractions are open.

9. What are Karlstad’s main airports?

The main airport serving Karlstad is Karlstad Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Karlstad and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most rental companies offer this service. However, be aware that an additional one-way fee may apply.

Valuable Reviews


Karlstad – 31-12-2023. Smooth and hassle-free car rental experience with this company in Karlstad. As an older lady, I appreciated the respect and patience they showed me. The car was clean, well-maintained and the price was quite reasonable. The beautiful Karlstad scenery was a wonderful bonus.


Karlstad – 16-09-2023. Being a student, getting around in Karlstad was made easy by this car rental company. The prices matched my budget perfectly and the range of cars available was quite broad. I didn't face any problem from the time of booking till the return. Keep up the good work guys!


Karlstad – 30-07-2023. Impressive customer service from this car rental company. The staff was amiable and the price for the car rental was affordable. It was my first visit to Karlstad and the smooth ride through this picturesque town made my trip unforgettable.


Karlstad – 10-06-2023. Being a businessman, I frequently travel to different cities. This company in Karlstad offers excellent service for car rental. Decent pricing and top-notch cars. Made my business trip a bit more enjoyable. Highly recommended.


Karlstad – 05-04-2023. Traveling with children can be stressful, but this company made our trip to Karlstad smooth. Their car was clean and safe. Our kids had a lot of fun exploring the city and the rental prices didn't cause a hole in our pocket. Thank you for the service.


Karlstad – 02-02-2023. Had an amazing experience with this car rental in Karlstad. The staff is courteous and professional. The car was in excellent condition and the price was fair. Karlstad's natural beauty was enhanced by the smooth drive. Will definitely rent again.

Karlstad Road Connections

Best Travel Routes from Karlstad

  1. Karlstad - Oslo: Distance of 239km, approximately 3 hours drive via E18. Good road conditions and scenic views of Swedish and Norwegian landscapes.
  2. Karlstad - Stockholm: Around 314km, roughly 4 hours via E18/E20. Highways are well maintained with rest stops and gas stations along the way.
  3. Karlstad - Gothenburg: Approximately 300km, about 3.5 hours via Rv40/Rv45. Motorway mostly, with some sections of dual carriageway.
  4. Karlstad - Malmö: 500km distance, average drive time is 5 hours via E6/Rv40. High quality roads, expect heavy traffic around the bigger cities.
  5. Karlstad - Linköping: 245km, around 3 hours driving time via Rv26/Rv50. Good road conditions, mostly motorway.
  6. Karlstad - Uppsala: Roughly 275km, about 3.5 hours via E18/E4. Well-maintained roads with services available at regular intervals.
  7. Karlstad - Jönköping: Around 200km with average drive time 2.5 hours via Rv40. Good quality roads with scenic Swedish countryside views.

Driving in Karlstad

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Karlstad?

In Karlstad, as in the rest of Sweden, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Karlstad?

The general speed limit in the populated areas of Karlstad is 30 or 50 km/h. On country roads, it increases to 70 or 90 km/h, and on motorways, it's 110 or 120 km/h.

3. Do I need a special driving license to drive in Karlstad?

No, a valid driving license from EU/EEA countries is accepted. However, if you have a driving license from any other country, you might need an international driving permit.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Karlstad?

Yes, speed cameras are quite common, especially on major roads and highways.

5. How common are toll roads in and around Karlstad?

There are no toll roads in Karlstad or its surrounding areas.

6. How can I understand the traffic conditions in Karlstad?

Local radio networks and traffic websites provide updates. Signs along the road can also inform you about traffic conditions ahead.

7. How strict are driving rules in Karlstad?

In Sweden, driving rules are strictly enforced. Make sure you adhere to the speed limits, and remember to always use your indicators when changing lanes.

8. Will I find English-speaking traffic cops in Karlstad?

Yes, most Swedish police officers speak English.

9. Is parking a car easy in Karlstad?

There are paid parking zones in Karlstad city center, but finding a parking spot can be challenging during peak times.

10. What would happen if I get a traffic fine in Karlstad?

If you're fined for a traffic violation, you must pay the fine. Failure to do so can result in legal action.

11. Can I turn right on a red light in Karlstad?

It is generally forbidden to turn right on a red light in Sweden, unless there's a sign indicating otherwise.

12. Is road safety a significant concern in Karlstad?

Sweden has one of the world's best road safety records. However, it's crucial to adhere to the traffic rules and drive responsibly at all times.

13. What should I know about driving in winter conditions in Karlstad?

Winter driving in Sweden can be challenging due to snow and ice. Make sure your car is equipped with winter tires.

14. Are there any specific rules for pedestrians or cyclists in Karlstad?

Drivers are required to yield to pedestrians at marked crosswalks. Be careful around bike lanes as cyclists have the right of way.

15. Are child safety seats required in Karlstad?

Yes, children under 135 cm must be secured in an approved child safety seat. Rear-facing seats are mandatory for children under 3 years old.

Explore Karlstad

Top 8 Attractions by Car

  1. Mariebergsskogen: A nature park and open-air museum where families can enjoy vast green spaces and wildlife.
  2. Värmland Museum: Located in the city centre, it offers an in-depth view into local history and culture.
  3. Sandgrund Lars Lerin: An art gallery showcasing the works of noted artist Lars Lerin and others.
  4. Alsters Herrgård: Birthplace of the national poet Gustaf Fröding, offering a glimpse into 19th-century rural life.
  5. Karlstad Cathedral: A Swedish national monument, featuring stunning neo-Gothic architecture.
  6. Karlstad CCC: Northern Europe's largest and most modern conference venues with architectural admiration.
  7. Brigadmuseum: A military museum showcasing the history of Swedish armed forces during the Cold War.
  8. Rottneros Park: A sculptural and horticultural park around 35 minutes by car from Karlstad city centre.

Discover Sweden by Car

Road trip routes from Karlstad

  1. Karlstad to Stockholm: Travel east on E18 for around 320km to reach the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Experience a beautiful mix of traditional Swedish and modernist styles along the way.
  2. Karlstad to Gothenburg: Venture south to Gothenburg via Rv40 and E45, for about 250km. This route offers stunning coastal views and historical sites, such as the ancient fortresses.
  3. The Lakes Route: Starting in Karlstad, take the Rv63 to explore the region's beautiful lakes and charming towns. This route is around 300km round-trip.
  4. Karlstad to Oslo: Head west on E18 for approximately 220km to reach Norway's capital, Oslo. The road trip features lovely countryside and forested landscapes.
  5. Värmland Circle: A 655km round trip from Karlstad via Arvika and Torsby, immerses you in the heart of Sweden's wildlife and natural landscapes.
  6. Karlstad to Copenhagen: A journey of around 570km, heading south on E6, allows you to experience the vibe of both Sweden and Denmark.
  7. Karlstad to Malmö: Heading south for about 520km on E6 and E20 brings you to Malmö, a vibrant city boasting a rich mix of modern and historic attractions.