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Car Rental in Corralejo

An enriching exploration of Corralejo using car - the heart of Fuerteventura’s sublime beauty

City car amidst Corralejo sand dunes, cacti, coastal sunset.

Corralejo, a charming coastal town nestled on the island of Fuerteventura, stands out as a hub of radiant beaches, exuberant landscapes, and intriguing cultural exploits. Visitors are often mesmerized by the town's vibrant bays outlined with pristine sands and cyan-colored waters. Known largely for its expansive nature reserves, Corralejo offers much more than just Corralejo Natural Park, a scenic area teeming with unique flora and fauna, but also stunning volcanic landscapes that lend a mystic aura to the town.

Renting a car is often the best way to discover Corralejo and surroundings areas in Fuerteventura. A pleasurable 30-minute car ride from Corralejo leads to mystical hilly terrain, enchanting local villages and a chance to explore the exquisite Fuerteventura Island. Our tour continues by car, heading towards the tranquil fishing villages of El Cotillo and Lajares, renowned for their lovely coastal trails, local artisan markets and unique Canarian cuisine.

A scenic car journey from Corralejo to La Oliva is the perfect opportunity to admire the timeless beauty of Heritage-listed landscapes. La Oliva once stood as the island's capital and is known for its historical significance, aromatic olive groves, and traditional architecture. Also, a visit to the charming Betancuria’s village, the oldest town in Fuerteventura, is a must for every traveler for its picturesque old town, church and magnificant landscapes.

Car Rental Info

Corralejo Car Hire Q&A

1. What does it cost to rent a car in Corralejo?

The cost of hiring a car in Corralejo depends on multiple factors including the model of the car, the rental duration and the season. Typically, rates range from $10 to $60 per day. Consider checking various car rental websites for the most up-to-date rates.

2. What model car is most in demand for rental in Corralejo?

The most popular rental model in Corralejo varies depending on the season and the purpose of travel. However, SUVs and compact cars, suitable for the city's narrow streets and varied terrain, are often in demand.

3. What are the most popular places to rent a car in Corralejo?

The most popular places to rent a car in Corralejo are the city center and the Fuerteventura Airport.

4. Is there a pick-up and drop-off service available 24/7?

Yes, most car rental services in Corralejo offer 24/7 pick-up and drop-off. Be sure to check with the specific company for any additional charges.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period usually depends on the car rental company, but commonly starts from 24 hours.

6. Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a car in Corralejo?

The default minimum age to rent a car in Corralejo is generally 21 years old, however, some companies may require drivers to be older.

7. What paperwork do I need to rent or drive a car in Corralejo?

To rent a car in Corralejo, you will need a valid driver's license, a credit card, and proof of travel insurance. Some companies may require additional documentation.

8. What's the best time of year to visit Corralejo by car?

Corralejo offers mild weather throughout most of the year, although spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) are considered the best times to explore by car.

9. What are the main airports in Corralejo?

The main airport serving Corralejo is the Fuerteventura Airport.

10. Can I pick up my rental car in Corralejo and return it in another city?

Yes, many car rental companies in Corralejo offer the option of one-way rentals, allowing you to return your car to a different location. However, this usually comes with an additional fee.

Timeless Testimonials

Harper Stewardson

Corralejo – 20-11-2023. It is unnerving to rent a car in a place foreign to you. However, this rental company in Corralejo made it rather seamless for me. Their prices are quite fair, miles better than other companies I had checked. Renting and handling the car was a breeze. Well done, definitely my go-to spot for car rental in Corralejo.

Archibald Smithson

Manchester – 17-09-2023. Great car hire experience. These friendly and helpful folks at Corralejo made the rental process really smooth. I was impressed by the vehicle's condition. And oh, their rates are significantly affordable in comparison to other car renting companies. Heartily recommend!

Virginia Potts

New York – 03-08-2023. I had an excellent experience with this car hire company in Corralejo. The staff was patient and helped me get the best fit. The car was in great condition, easy to handle. Pricing was also quite reasonable. Highly recommend this car rental service. You won't be disappointed.

Ahmed Khaled

Dubai – 11-06-2023. This being my first time in Corralejo, I was initially quite skeptical. But the car hire company there eased my concerns rightfully so. Their service was prompt, cars & prices were equally impressive. Surely, a recommendation for anyone needing car rental services.

Pearl Jenkins

Madrid – 02-06-2023. I wouldn't usually write a review, but the service I received from this car rental company in Corralejo has prompted me otherwise. Everyone was friendly, and the car was perfect - clean, well-maintained, and with fully functioning features. The cost was incredibly reasonable too. Superb!

Clement Buford

London – 21-05-2023. Truly exceptional service! The Corralejo car rental company made my trip a dream by providing a fantastic car at a great price. The entire process of renting was smooth and efficient. I can't recommend them enough.

Corralejo Road Connections

Top 7 destinations from Corralejo by car

  1. Corralejo - Puerto del Rosario: An easy 30km drive on the well-maintained FV-1 road. The journey takes around 40 minutes under normal traffic conditions.
  2. Corralejo - El Cotillo: A short but scenic 20km journey on the FV-10 road, taking around 20 minutes. Expect stunning sea views on this coastal route.
  3. Corralejo - Caleta de Fuste: A 45km drive on the FV-1 and FV-3 highways. Journey time is around 50 minutes, passing through Puerto del Rosario.
  4. Corralejo - Villaverde: A quick 15km journey on the FV-101, taking approximately 15 minutes. Be ready for some amazing mountain views.
  5. Corralejo - La Oliva: 16km distance on the FV-101 road. The journey takes around 20 minutes, offering a quiet and picturesque drive.
  6. Corralejo - Antigua: A 60km trek via the FV-1 and FV-30, taking around an hour. A perfect way to discover the inner island landscape.
  7. Corralejo - Betancuria: A slightly longer trip of 50km using the FV-30 and FV-10. The trip, taking about 1 hour 10 minutes, offers panoramic views of the oldest town in Fuerteventura.

Driving in Corralejo

Common Queries

1. What is the general speed limit in Corralejo?

The general speed limit in urban areas like Corralejo is typically 50 km/h. However, speed limits may vary depending on road conditions and area, so always check for posted signs.

2. Are there many toll roads in the country?

There are a significant number of toll roads in Spain. It's recommended to keep change for the tolls or use a credit/debit card.

3. How are speed limits enforced in Corralejo?

Speed limits in Corralejo and throughout Spain are enforced by traffic police and through the use of speed cameras or radars.

4. What’s the rule for giving way to other cars in Corralejo?

Generally, cars already engaged in traffic have priority over those trying to merge.

5. How strict are traffic laws in Corralejo?

Traffic laws are strictly enforced in Corralejo and the whole country. Violations may result in hefty fines.

6. What side of the road does Corralejo drive on?

In Corralejo, as in the rest of Spain, you drive on the right-hand side of the road.

7. How is the traffic in Corralejo?

Like any town, traffic in Corralejo can get busy, particularly during the peak tourist season or during special events. However, it's generally moderate compared to larger cities.

8. What paperwork do I need to drive a rented car in Corralejo?

You will need a valid driving license, identification, and proof of auto insurance. If your driving licence is not in Spanish, it is recommended to have an International Driver's Permit as well.

9. Can I turn right on a red signal in Corralejo?

Unlike some countries, in Spain you are not allowed to turn right on a red signal unless there is a specifically indicated sign.

10. What happens if I get into an accident in a rented car in Corralejo?

Inform the rental company immediately, and make sure to contact the local police to file an accident report. It's also essential to get the contact and insurance information of all parties involved.

11. Do I need an International Driver's License in Corralejo?

If your driver's license is not in Spanish or does not have a European Union format, you will need an International Driver's License to drive in Corralejo.

12. What are the basic driving rules in Corralejo?

You drive on the right side of the road, follow speed limits, give way to vehicles from the right, and under no circumstances should you drink and drive.

13. Are there many speed cameras in Corralejo?

There are numerous speed cameras around Corralejo and throughout Spain to enforce the speed limits.

14. What’s the speed limit on the highways?

The speed limit on most rural and urban highways in the country is generally 90-100 km/h and 120 km/h on motorways/autovías.

15. What are some of the things I should know about driving safety in Corralejo?

Always wear seat belts, children under 135 cm must use a child car seat, it’s illegal to use a mobile phone while driving unless you use a hands-free device, and reflective vests must be worn if you exit the car on the highway due to an emergency.

Corralejo Highlights

Must-visit places for car-travelers

  1. Corralejo Natural Park: This protected nature reserve has unique sand dune landscapes perfect for adventurous car explorers.
  2. Old Town of Corralejo: Leisurely drive around town and check out local shops, eateries, and culture.
  3. Isla de Lobos: A short ferry trip will lead you to this serene island with beautiful beaches and picturesque hiking routes.
  4. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park: A car ride away, this wildlife park is a hit with families, it offers various animal shows and water rides.
  5. Acua Water Park: A fun-filled aquatic park, a comfortable drive within the city boundaries.
  6. Fuerte Charter: An exhilarating sailing and snorkeling experience located within a reasonable car distance.
  7. El Cotillo Beach & Lagoons: A scenic drive leads to these surreal azure lagoons and wide sandy beaches.
  8. Faro de Tostón: Historic lighthouse offering panoramic views of the coast. Ideal for a peaceful car drive.

Corralejo Roadtrips

Unforgettable Driving Adventures

  1. Corralejo to Morro Jable: This 102 km route offers picturesque ocean views as you travel along the FV-2 highway, through beautiful coastal towns like Costa Calma.
  2. Corralejo to Pájara: A 78 km drive through the barren but stunning countryside of Fuerteventura, along the FV-30 and FV-621 roads, is a contrast to the coast.
  3. Corralejo to La Oliva: Discover the traditional Canary Island architecture on this short 15 km trip along the FV-101 road, visiting charming villages such as Lajares.
  4. Corralejo to El Cotillo: Just a 20 km drive along the FV-1 and FV-10 roads, this route offers the most amazing sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean from El Cotillo's lighthouse.
  5. Corralejo to Betancuria: Another scenic 50 km inland route, drive along the FV-30 road to Betancuria, the oldest town in Fuerteventura, famous for its historic cathedral.
  6. Corralejo to Cofete: A quite challenging 110 km route via FV-30 and FV-605 roads, but the most rewarding one in terms of natural beauty of remote and wild beaches of Cofete.