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Car Rental in Brussels

Immerse Yourself in the Magnificence of Brussels and Discover More with a Car Ride

City car in charming Brussels with local and landmarks

Welcoming travelers to the heart of Europe, Brussels, the capital of Belgium, boasts of breathtaking architecture, multicultural vibes, and an inclusive approach to life. Nestled amidst the charm and history of Brussels are the famous Autoworld, an international automobile museum, and the Royal Palace of Brussels. Relishing the city’s stunning panoramas from the Atomium and exploring the enchanting Mini-Europe are experiences unique to Brussels.

While Brussels itself offers a plethora of attractions, the city’s strategic location makes it an excellent base for excursions to neighboring tourist hotspots. With the convenience of a car, one can explore the enthralling medieval town of Ghent, fairy-tale Bruges, and the vibrant port city of Antwerp, all less than an hour's drive away from Brussels. For those with more time, a scenic two-hour ride leads to awe-inspiring Luxembourg, adorned with fortified medieval old town on sheer cliffs and serene rural landscapes. There's a world of wonder waiting to be discovered if one dares to venture beyond Brussels' city limits.

The city’s distances and traffic regulations are ideal for exploring by car. This allows travelers to discover out-of-the-way suburbs and rural towns that buses and trains may not reach. Driving in Brussels involves navigating its busy, ring-shaped inner city roads and negotiating roundabouts rather than traffic lights. It's relatively easy as long as one remembers to keep right and give way to traffic coming from the right. With a well-planned itinerary and a reliable road map, exploring Brussels and its surroundings by car can create unforgettable memories.

Car Rental in Brussels

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of car rental in Brussels?

The cost of renting a car in Brussels can vary based on various factors such as the type of car, duration of rental, and whether it's peak tourist season or not. However, on average, you might expect to pay around €20 - €40 per day for a small economy car.

2. Which car model is highly demanded for rentals in Brussels?

Compact cars are generally the most popular for hire due to their affordability and suitability for city driving. Given Brussels' narrow streets and heavy traffic, most visitors prefer smaller models like the Volkswagen Golf.

3. Where are the popular car rental locations in Brussels?

One can find numerous car rental agencies in the city center as well as at the Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

4. Is there a 24 hours pick-up and drop-off service?

Most car rental companies in Brussels offer 24 hours pick-up and drop-off services, however, this may come at an additional cost.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum car rental period in Brussels is typically one day (24 hours).

6. What is the required minimum age to rent a car in Brussels?

The minimum age to rent a car in Brussels is usually 21 years, though this can vary depending on the company and type of car.

7. What documents are required for car rental in Brussels?

Drivers are required to present a valid driving license, passport or identification card, and a credit card in their name when renting a car in Brussels.

8. When is the best time to visit Brussels by car?

Spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November) are generally the best times to visit Brussels by car, offering mild weather and fewer crowds.

9. What are the main airports in Brussels?

The two main airports serving Brussels are the Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Brussels and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Brussels offer the option of one-way rentals, enabling you to pick up the car in Brussels and drop it off in another city. This usually incurs an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Brussels – 06-11-2025. Outstanding service and exceptional deal! I rented a car from this company during my short stay in Brussels. The price was incredibly reasonable. The staff was patient and clarified all my doubts. The car was clean, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. Enjoyed exploring the beautiful city. Definitely recommend!


Brussels – 15-03-2025. Had a wonderful experience with this car rental company. They offered a wide variety of cars at reasonable prices. I particularly appreciated the option to drop off the car in a different location, it made my Belgium chocolate quest a lot easier. Great value for money!


Brussels – 18-12-2024. Perfect car rental experience! Quick and hassle-free process. The car was in excellent condition and reasonably priced. I was able to visit all the significant landmarks effortlessly. Their flexibility with timing and pick-up locations is worth mentioning. Will use their services again.


Brussels – 11-07-2024. I needed a car to attend a conference in Brussels. I got a fantastic deal from this rental service. The staff were friendly, the car was in tip-top condition, it made my journey to the Atomium a pleasure. Excellent value!


Brussels – 15-03-2024. Used their car rental service during my trip to Brussels. Their pricing is unbeatable. Quick service and the car was in an excellent state. Fully satisfied with the whole experience. A perfect way to explore the city!


Brussels – 01-01-2024. This car rental company in Brussels is my go-to. Their prices are affordable and the staff is helpful. The car was clean and ran smoothly, making my visit to the famous Grand Place more enjoyable. Brilliant service, wholeheartedly recommend.

Essential Road Connections

Travel times and details from Brussels

  1. Brussels - Antwerp: Approximately 45 minutes and 51 km driving via the A12 highway; main roads in good condition.
  2. Brussels - Ghent: A distance of 56 km, travelling time of around 50 minutes. Primarily via E40; well-maintained roads.
  3. Brussels - Bruges: Roughly 100 km with an estimated travel time of 1 hour and 20 minutes along the E40.
  4. Brussels - Liège: About 1 hour 30 minutes' drive over 96 km mainly along the E40; road condition fairly good.
  5. Brussels - Charleroi: It’s a 60 km journey which typically takes 50 minutes via the E19; roads often busy but well-kept.
  6. Brussels - Namur: Approximately 65 km, taking around 1 hour via the E411; roads generally in good condition.
  7. Brussels - Leuven: A short 30-minute drive covering around 30 km mainly using the E40; pleasant and smooth driving.

Driving in Brussels

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road do I drive on in Brussels?

In Brussels, as with the rest of Belgium, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Brussels?

In urban areas and towns, the speed limit is typically 50 km/h while on main roads outside towns the limit is usually 90 km/h. On the motorways, it is usually 120 km/h.

3. Are there any specific driving rules in Brussels I should be aware of?

Priority to the right is a traffic rule in Belgium. Unless indicated otherwise, the driver coming from the right has the right of way.

4. Are international driving licenses accepted in Brussels?

Yes, international driving licenses are generally accepted in Brussels. However, if you have a European driving license, you do not need an international driving license.

5. How prevalent are speed cameras in Brussels?

Speed cameras are fairly common in Brussels and throughout Belgium. It is important to observe all posted speed limits.

6. Can I drive in Brussels with a UK driver's license?

Yes, you can. UK driving licenses are accepted in Brussels and throughout Belgium.

7. How is the traffic condition in Brussels?

Traffic in Brussels can be busy, particularly during peak hours in the morning and evening. It is advisable to give yourself plenty of time for your journey.

8. Do I need to pay any tolls when driving in Brussels?

Generally, there are no toll roads in Belgium. However, some tunnels or specific lanes require a fee, so be sure to watch for signs.

9. Are there pedestrian zones I need to be wary of?

Many parts of Brussels city center are pedestrian zones and here cars are not allowed. Make sure to adhere to traffic signs and rules regarding these areas.

10. How do roundabouts work in Brussels?

In general, drivers in the roundabout have right of way. However, in some cases, those entering the roundabout have right of way. The signs will indicate this.

11. Is there parking regulations I need to be aware of?

Yes, parking rules are strictly enforced in Brussels. Be careful to park in the right zones and consider using pay-to-park garages.

12. Is insurance necessary for driving in Brussels?

Yes, car drivers need to have at least third-party liability insurance. It is also recommended to have the green insurance card when driving in Brussels.

13. Are there vehicle inspections in Brussels?

Yes, periodic vehicle inspections are mandatory for cars registered in Belgium.

14. Are there any documents that I must carry while driving?

Yes, you must always carry your driving license, car registration document, and insurance proof while driving in Brussels.

15. Are child seats required in Brussels?

Yes, it is required that all children under 12 years old must use a child seat, depending on their height and weight.

Brussels Top Sights

Must-Visit Attractions for your trip

  1. Grand Place: The central square of Brussels, renowned for its decorative and aesthetic wealth.
  2. Atomium: A unique stainless steel-clad atomic structure offering panoramic views of the city.
  3. Manneken Pis: Known as the 'Pissing Boy’, it’s a national landmark and a symbol of Belgian humor.
  4. Royal Palace: Official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium, it's strikingly grand and beautiful.
  5. Belgian Comic Strip Center: Museum dedicated to the history of comics, including the famous Tintin.
  6. Mini-Europe: Miniature park showcasing Europe's most significant achievements in model form.
  7. Cinquantenaire Park: Great for relaxing, it houses several museums and monuments.
  8. Autoworld: Vintage car museum, perfect for car enthusiasts.

Brussels Roadtrips

Discover Belgium by Car

  1. Brussels to Antwerp: An easy 44-km drive, this route takes you to the diamond capital of the world. Don't miss the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Antwerp Zoo.
  2. Brussels to Ghent: Travel 55 km on this roadtrip to visit the picturesque city of Ghent, with its famous Gravensteen castle and Saint Nicholas' Church.
  3. Magical Ardennes Route: This 200-km roadtrip takes you through Belgium's most beautiful forests in the Ardennes, perfect for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.
  4. Brussels to Waterloo: A short 17-km drive to the historic site of the Battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated.
  5. Brussels to Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: Just 10 km from Brussels, visit the stunning glasshouses filled with exotic plants.
  6. Brussels to Liege: A longer trip of 97 km, this takes you to the vibrant city of Liege, known for its festivals, vibrant nightlife and fabulous shopping.
  7. Brussels to Bruges: This 100-km drive on the E40 highway leads you to Bruges. Discover why this fairy tale city is often called the 'Venice of the North'.