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Experience first-rate customer service with our car rental operations in Belgium. Explore stunning destinations like Bruges and Ghent in the comfort of our top-quality vehicles. Our dedicated customer support, available 24/7, ensures a seamless and enjoyable car rental experience. Unique aspects of our service include its adaptability to Belgium's multilingual context and profound understanding of local customs.

Car Rental in Belgium

Unveiling the Rich Heritage and Distinct Charm of Belgium

City car on Belgian cobbled streets, medieval castle, sunlight

Bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Belgium is a captivating blend of stunning architecture, historic landmarks, and world-renowned cuisine. Famed for its incredible chocolates, waffles, and beers, this often-overlooked European treasure promises a unique vacation. Traveling by car allows you to explore Belgium at your own pace, immersing yourself in its rich culture and experiencing its beautiful landscapes, from the bustling cities to its peaceful countryside.

A car journey through Belgium is a delightful experience, owing to the country's small size and well-maintained road networks. Starting at Brussels, the capital city, you can explore its ornate Grand-Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before heading to the Atomium, an iconic building that offers panoramic views of the city. The ancient city of Bruges is a short drive away, where you can take in its medieval architecture and picturesque canals. A further drive gets you to the vibrant city of Antwerp, known for its diamond district and impressive fashion scene.

The southern part of Belgium, Wallonia, offers serene landscapes and picturesque villages, a stark contrast to the hectic city life in the north. Visit the town of Dinant, nestled between a cliff and the Meuse river. Its notorious citadel and the Collegiate Church of Our Lady are sights not to be missed. A little further is the city of Mons with its beautiful Grand Place and the brilliant gothic style, St. Waltrude Collegiate Church. Lastly, stop by the hauntingly beautiful remains of Villers Abbey before heading back to Brussels, completing your grand tour of Belgium by car.

Car Rental in Belgium

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much does it cost to rent a car in Belgium?

In Belgium, car rental prices fluctuate depending on the model of the car, rental period, and the demand. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between 20 to 100 Euros per day.

2. What car model is most popular for rental in Belgium?

The most demanded rental cars in Belgium are compact and economy cars. Due to the narrow and cobbled streets in many Belgian cities, smaller cars are more convenient.

3. Where are the most popular places to rent a car in Belgium?

The most popular places for car rental are Brussels and Antwerp due to their central locations and proximity to major attractions.

4. Is there a 24/7 pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, many car rental companies offer around-the-clock drop-off services at select branches, such as those located at Brussels Airport.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, most car rental companies in Belgium have a minimum rental period of one day.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Belgium?

The minimum age to rent a car is usually 21 years old, but it may vary depending on the rental company.

7. What documents are required to rent or drive a car in Belgium?

To rent a car you need a valid driver's license, a passport or ID, and a credit card in the renter's name.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Belgium by car?

The best time to visit Belgium by car is between May and September, due to pleasant weather and less rainfall.

9. What are the main airports in Belgium?

The main airports in Belgium are Brussels Airport and Antwerp International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one Belgian city and drop it off in another?

Yes, most car rental companies in Belgium offer one-way rentals under certain conditions.

Customer Experiences


Brussels – 14-10-2023. The whole process of renting a car from this company was streamlined and efficient. It’s worth highlighting the impressive quality of the cars. Even the economic one I rented was in spick and span condition. A bit high on price but quality compensates for that!


Antwerp – 01-10-2023. During my last visit to Belgium, I decided to hire a car from this place and I must say, I am flat out impressed! Not only their fleet of cars is delightful but their rates are comparatively reasonable and transparent. Will be my go-to choice in all future rentals.


Ghent – 18-09-2023. What a pleasant surprise to rent a car here! Staff were polite, professional and extended guidance to find the perfect car for my requirements. Pricing might seem a little off initially but it's absolutely worth the quality and service!


Liège – 28-08-2023. Amazed by this car rental service! The whole process was incredibly quick and smooth. Had an exhilarating experience driving in Belgium. Prices were a tad high, but you pay for what you get. Would richly recommend it!


Bruges – 15-07-2023. A real standout car rental company! The rental process was a breeze, the car ran like a dream and, above all, the customer service was excellent. Advice for travellers: Pay a bit more and enjoy the premium service.

Belgium's Highlights

The top 7 cities in Belgium

  1. Brussels: The capital of Belgium, and home to the European Parliament.
  2. Antwerp: Known for its diamond district and vibrant fashion scene.
  3. Ghent: Stands out for its medieval architecture including iconic Saint Bavo's Cathedral.
  4. Bruges: Famous for its well-preserved historical buildings and canals.
  5. Leuven: The city of students, with one of the oldest Catholic universities in the world.
  6. Namur: Ensconced at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Meuse and the Sambre.
  7. Spa: Referred to as the 'Pearl of Ardennes', best recognised for its Formula 1 car races.

Belgium Road Connections

Tourist-oriented road route guide

  1. Brussels - Antwerp: A 44km journey taking about 45 minutes via the A12 highway, known for its well-maintained roads and scenic views.
  2. Brussels - Ghent: A distance of 56km tackled in an hour, mainly on the E40, a great road with many rest areas.
  3. Brussels - Bruges: A 100km drive with a duration of about 1 hour 20 minutes via the E40, boasting modern facilities and beautiful Belgian landscapes.
  4. Antwerp - Ghent: A 60km trip that takes approximately 50 minutes via E17, a smooth and easy road for a comfortable ride.
  5. Brussels - Liege: An 89km drive which takes about 1 hour via the E40, noted for its wide lanes and efficient lighting system.
  6. Ghent - Bruges: A distance of 50km, usually covered in about 40 minutes via E40, offering nice rest stops and fast food outlets.
  7. Antwerp - Liege: A 113km route generally taking about 1 hour 20 minutes via E313 offering well-maintained roads and beautiful countryside views.

Belgium Driving Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the road do people drive on in Belgium?

In Belgium, driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Belgium?

In urban areas, the speed limit is usually 50 km/h. Outside these areas, the speed limit on rural roads is generally 90 km/h, and on highways, it's 120 km/h.

3. Can I use my foreign driving license in Belgium?

Yes, foreign drivers can use their domestic driving license in Belgium. However, non-European Union residents are advised to get an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there a lot of speed cameras in Belgium?

Yes, Belgium has a comprehensive network of speed cameras, especially in Flanders region. It’s advisable to stick to the speed limits to avoid fines.

5. Can I drive in Belgium with a UK license?

Yes, visitors with a full UK driving license can drive in Belgium.

6. Does Belgium have toll roads?

No, Belgium doesn't have any toll roads. However, a toll is levied for using the Liefkenshoek tunnel near Antwerp.

7. What are the common driving rules in Belgium?

Some common driving rules include adhering to speed limits, using seat belts at all times, and respecting the universally prevalent right-of-way rules.

8. How often are petrol stations located?

Petrol stations are numerous in Belgium, commonly found along highways, major roads and in towns and cities.

9. What should I do in case of a breakdown?

You should use your hazard lights and place the red warning triangle 30 meters away from the car to warn other road users. It is advisable to call for road assistance.

10. How safe is it to drive in Belgium?

Belgium has a modern and well-maintained road network. However, drivers should be mindful of traffic congestion, especially in urban areas.

11. Can I use a hands-free system while driving?

Yes, the use of a hands-free system is allowed in Belgium, as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to control the car.

12. Can I drive with my pets in the car?

Yes, but the pets should not interfere with the driver's ability to control the car, nor should they block the driver's vision.

13. What do the different coloured lines on Belgian roads mean?

White lines divide lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, while yellow lines are used when the normal white lines are not in effect, like during street cleaning or construction.

14. Can I turn right on a red light in Belgium?

Turning right on a red light is only allowed when there's a sign indicating that it's allowed.

15. What is the rule for using car horns in Belgium?

Horns can be used to avoid an accident, but their use is prohibited in built-up areas unless in immediate danger.

Belgium’s Top Attractions

Discover Belgium by Car

  1. Grand Place, Brussels: An iconic square brimming with exquisite architecture.
  2. Bruges Historic City Centre: A medieval city center known for its picturesque canals and cobblestone streets.
  3. Atomium, Brussels: A striking building from Expo '58 with an observation deck.
  4. Manneken Pis, Brussels: Famous bronze statue of a urinating boy, a symbol of Brussels.
  5. Gravensteen, Ghent: A 12th-century castle with a museum and panoramic city view.
  6. Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp: A Gothic cathedral housing notable artwork.
  7. Waterloo Battlefield: Historic site of the famous 1815 battle, offers insightful tours.
  8. Plopsaland De Panne: Popular amusement park perfect for families with kids.

Belgium's Roadtrip Routes

Explore Belgium's Scenic Highways with our Rental Cars

  1. Brussels to Bruges Route: Starting at Belgium's capital city Brussels, and ending in the beautiful city of Bruges. A pleasant 100km drive.
  2. Ardennes Forest Drive: Wind through the picturesque scenery of the Ardennes Forest, from Dinant to Luxembourg. A 80km adventure filled with natural beauty.
  3. Ardenne and Namur: Explore Wallonia region starting from Ardenne with its steep valleys and mighty fortresses, and drive towards Namur, a picturesque city on Meuse River. This route covers 170km, filled with nature, history and culture.
  4. Antwerp to Ghent: A 60km scenic drive starting from historical Antwerp, going through charming villages and ending in Ghent, known for its vibrant cultural scene and architecture.
  5. Waterloo Battlefields: Embark on a 15km journey around the region of Waterloo, taking in the role it played during the landmark Battle of Waterloo.
  6. Brussels to Liege: Enjoy a longer drive of 100km from Brussels to Liege, uncovering the country’s rich history and gorgeous countryside views along the way.
  7. Coastal Drive: Ostend to Knokke-Heist: A 35km route along Belgium's coastline, offering beautiful beach views, sea resorts and trendy boutiques.