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Our car hire service in Taunton is dedicated to providing superior customer satisfaction. We aim to meet your needs, offering flexible pick-up and drop-off times to suit your schedule. Whether you're exploring the scenic Quantock Hills or visiting our enchanting historic sites, we've got you covered. Expect unique South-West hospitality with us!

Car Hire in Taunton

Discover the historical landmarks and natural wonders easily accessible from Taunton, Somerset's county town.

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Situated on the River Tone, Taunton, the county town of Somerset, is steeped in history and surrounded by stunning countryside. It's an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway, packed with fascinating attractions. One must-visit landmark is the Taunton Castle, which houses the Museum of Somerset, featuring a spectacular display of the region's rich heritage.

If you've got a car, Taunton serves as a fantastic base for exploring the wider area. Just a short drive away is the breath-taking Quantock Hills, the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Indulge in the splendour of the landscape, with its diverse mix of woodland, heathland, and Jurassic coastline. It's about an hour's drive from Taunton to the famous Jurassic Coast, giving you the chance to go fossil hunting or simply enjoy the spectacular cliffs and hidden coves.

Within a few miles of Taunton, you can discover England's tallest waterfall at Canonteign Falls, or the incredible Cheddar Gorge, one of Britain's most spectacular natural landmarks. Don't miss Glastonbury Tor, offering panoramic views of the Somerset Levels, Dorset, Wiltshire and Wales. The drive from Taunton is part of the joy, with scenic routes taking you across rolling countryside and quaint villages.

Car Hire in Taunton

Frequent Queries

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Taunton?

The cost of hiring a car in Taunton varies considerably depending on the type of car, the duration of hire, and the time of the year. It is advised to check prices online and make a booking in advance to ensure availability and the best rates.

2. Which car model is most commonly hired in Taunton?

Given Taunton's scenic drives and historical attractions, larger cars and SUVs tend to be popular for their comfort and ample luggage space. However, smaller economical models are also in demand for city trips and short-term hires.

3. What are popular locations to hire a car in Taunton?

Car hire services are readily available throughout Taunton. Some of the preferred locations include the city centre, Taunton railway station and Bristol Airport, a convenient option for arriving air travellers.

4. Is there a 24-hour collection and drop-off service available?

Most car hire services in Taunton do offer 24-hour collection and drop-off. However, it is advisable to confirm this with the rental company at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum car hire period?

Rental companies typically have a minimum car hire period of 24 hours. For any adaptations to this standard policy, contact the hire company directly.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Taunton?

The minimum age to hire a car in Taunton usually starts from 21 years, however, this can vary among rental companies and car types. Also, additional fees may apply for drivers under 25 years old.

7. Which documents do I need to hire a car in Taunton?

A valid driving licence, proof of identity and a credit card in the driver's name are the primary requirements for hiring a car in Taunton. Non-UK residents also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Taunton by car?

Taunton is a year-round destination, but summer remains the most popular season for car touring, thanks to favourable weather conditions. Autumn, specifically October, is also beautiful with the changing leaves.

9. What are the main airports in Taunton?

The primary airports serving Taunton are Bristol Airport and Exeter International Airport. Both airports offer numerous car hire options.

10. Can I pick up the car in Taunton and return it in another city?

Many car hire companies in Taunton offer the flexibility to return the car at a different location. However, this might incur additional fees.

Car Hire Experiences


Taunton – 30-12-2024. Such a seamless hiring experience from start to finish. The car was clean, and the customer service was nothing short of excellent. It's worth it to pay a bit more for quality service and reliable vehicles. This senior lady appreciates this very much.


Taunton – 12-10-2024. Great place to hire a car in Taunton. Reasonable prices and a broad selection of latest models. The contract was clear, which is very important for a university student like me who's on a tight budget.


Taunton – 06-08-2024. I was thoroughly impressed with the hire car from this company. Despite the busy bank holiday weekend in Taunton, they were able to accommodate my request without any hassle. Final price matched the quote they initially gave us.


Taunton – 15-06-2024. I used this service last week for a short getaway in Somerset and I found that the car hire from this company was exceptional. Less paperwork, quick service and a price that compliments the service received.


Taunton – 05-04-2024. What a treat to be able to hire a car here in Taunton! The staff was brilliant and the car handled the countryside roads like a dream. They even gave us some awesome local travel tips.


Taunton – 02-02-2024. In terms of cost and convenience, this Taunton car hire company is top notch. Having been on countless business trips, I've had many hire car experiences, but this was by far the smoothest. The process was very well organised and totally effortless, plus the staff were brilliant and polite.

Taunton Road Connections

Essential Routes from Taunton for Tourists

  1. Taunton - Bath: A 93-kilometre drive via the M5 and A39, taking approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. The roads are generally well maintained.
  2. Taunton - Glastonbury: A brief 42-kilometre trip via A361, with a driving time of around 45 minutes under good conditions.
  3. Taunton - Bristol: Approximately 67 kilometres via the M5, about a 1 hour drive. Peak times may result in heavy traffic.
  4. Taunton - Exeter: A 49-kilometre journey mainly along the M5, generally completed in around 40 minutes.
  5. Taunton - Cardiff: A 100-kilometre travel via the M5 entirely, taking roughly 1 hour 20 minutes. Watch for speed cameras on this route.
  6. Taunton - Stonehenge: A 96-kilometre drive via A303, completed in around 1 hour 30 minutes. Road conditions are good but can be busy during tourist season.
  7. Taunton - London: A lengthy drive of around 229 kilometres, primarily using the M5 and M4, which usually takes about 2 hours 45 minutes.

Driving in Taunton

Guide to UK Driving

1. Which side of the road is driven on in Taunton?

In Taunton, like the rest of the UK, drivers use the left-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Taunton?

In built-up areas the speed limit is typically 30mph, on single carriageway roads it's 60mph, and on dual carriageways and motorways, it's 70mph. Always follow local signage if present.

3. Can I drive in Taunton with my non-UK driving license?

If you have a valid driving license from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) you can drive in the UK. Other foreign drivers may also be able to drive in the UK with their international driving permit and their foreign driving licence for up to 12 months from when they last entered the UK.

4. Are there any toll roads in or around Taunton?

There are no toll roads or bridges directly in Taunton, but you may encounter some when travelling across the country, especially on certain motorways and bridges.

5. Can I use a radar detector in my car while driving in Taunton?

Radar detectors are legal to use in the UK, but any device that interferes with police equipment is not.

6. What are the basic road safety rules in Taunton?

Seat belts must be worn, children must use appropriate car seats, you should always give way to the right at roundabouts and maintain a safe braking distance from the car in front, among others.

7. How is traffic in Taunton?

Like all cities, Taunton can face heavy traffic during peak times, specificially during the morning and evening rush hour. Planning your journey in advance and avoiding these periods can help you avoid traffic.

8. Are there any specific driving rules in Taunton?

Localised road signs must be followed as rules can change depending on the area. For example, the use of bus lanes and the congestion charge.

9. Are there hidden speed cameras in Taunton?

In the UK, speed cameras are required by law to be visible and painted hi-visibility yellow. However, mobile speed guns and police traffic units can be hidden.

10. Do I need to carry specific documents in the car while driving?

In the UK, you don't need to carry any documents when driving. However, if you're stopped by the police, you may be asked to show your driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate within a certain timeframe.

11. How are the road markings in Taunton? What do they mean?

UK road markings are standardised. You should familiarise yourself with UK road signs and markings before driving, particularly those about speed limits, no parking zones and pedestrian crossings.

12. Are there pedestrian zones in Taunton where cars cannot enter?

Yes, Taunton has pedestrian-only zones, particularly in the city centre. Always respect signs indicating such zones.

13. Index of the UK driving license – where can I find this information?

The UK driving license index can be found on the front of the license itself, in a section labelled '4a'. It's the date the license was first issued to the driver.

14. Is car insurance mandatory in the UK?

Yes, it is a legal requirement in the UK. You must have a minimum of third-party insurance to drive legally. It's also advised to have comprehensive cover.

15. What should I do in case of a car breakdown while travelling around Taunton?

If your car breaks down, move to a safe place if possible and call your breakdown service provider. If you don't have coverage, call a local garage or the national highways traffic incident line.

Taunton's Top Sights

Guide for Tourists Hiring a Car

  1. Somerset County Museum: Located in Taunton Castle, explore the region's history, art, and natural landscape.
  2. Hestercombe Gardens: Delight in these beautifully restored gardens from three distinct periods.
  3. Vivary Park: A perfect picnic spot for families, set within 7.5 hectares.
  4. Fyne Court Nature Reserve: Discover a wild garden, perfect for nature lovers and bird-watchers.
  5. Somerset Cricket Museum: Dive into cricket history at this popular sport museum.
  6. Taunton Racecourse: Enjoy a thrilling day of horse-racing at this idyllic venue.
  7. The Museum of Somerset: A must-visit for history buffs with various artefacts on display.
  8. Sheppy's Cider Farm Centre: Learn about cider production and even participate in tastings.

Roadtrip Routes from Taunton

Explore Southwest England by Car

  1. Taunton to Bristol: Experience vibrant city life by driving north to Bristol. The 84-kilometre route takes you through the beautiful Somerset countryside.
  2. Taunton to Exmoor National Park: A 48-kilometre drive to the wild moorlands and dark sky reserve of Exmoor National Park.
  3. Taunton to Glastonbury: This 39-kilometre trip leads you to the mythical town of Glastonbury, which is famous for its music festival.
  4. Taunton to Cornwall: Drive the length of Devon to reach the magnificent Cornish coast. The 224-kilometre journey reveals verdant landscapes and historic towns.
  5. Taunton to Stonehenge: This 92-kilometre roadtrip takes you to one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments.
  6. Taunton to Bath: A 94-kilometre drive east leads you to the picturesque World Heritage city of Bath.
  7. Taunton to London: Journey 229 kilometres east to the vibrant capital city of London.