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Car Hire in Newbury

Unveiling the Beauty and Charm of Newbury by Car

City car by Newbury canal with Corn Exchange view

Known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, Newbury, is a town in Berkshire, England that provides a perfect getaway for travellers. Here, one can admire the beautiful Highclere Castle, famous for being featured in the popular television series 'Downton Abbey'. Stop by the West Berkshire Museum to glimpse the area's archaeology and social history. Hiring a car lets you voyage these places at your own pace and convenience.

With the help of a car, one can also explore the neighbouring town of Thatcham, home to the valuable Nature Discovery Centre. This interactive wildlife centre situated on a serene lake is merely a 15-minute drive from Newbury. Furthermore, the revered city of Oxford, where you can visit renowned Bodleian Library and the University of Oxford is only an hour's drive from Newbury.

The countryside walking trails in Newbury are unmissable for nature lovers. Don't forget to drive to the untamed beauty of the North Wessex Downs, which is approximately a 30-minute car journey from Newbury. Hiring a car can definitely make your visit to Newbury and its countryside far more enjoyable and rewarding. Buckle up to soak in the natural grandeur and historic charisma of Newbury.

Car Hire in Newbury

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hiring a car in Newbury?

The cost of hiring a car in Newbury depends on various factors such as the time of the year, model of the car, duration of hire, and the car hire company. On average, hire prices could range from £20 to £70 a day. Actual prices can be determined on enquiry with the car hire company.

2. Which car model is the most popular for hire in Newbury?

Compact cars and economy cars tend to be popular options among people hiring cars in Newbury. This preference could be due to the relatively narrow roads in some parts of the historical town, making smaller cars easier to manoeuvre.

3. What are the popular locations for car hire in Newbury?

Some popular locations for car hire include Newbury town centre and Newbury Parkway Shopping Centre, due to their easy accessibility and proximity to key roads.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick up and drop off service?

Yes, some car hire companies in Newbury offer 24-hour pick up and drop off service. However, this may be subject to additional charges and needs to be confirmed at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most car hire companies in Newbury have a minimum rental period which is typically 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for car hire in Newbury?

The minimum age for hiring a car in Newbury is usually 21 years. Some companies may require you to have held a full driving license for at least a year.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Newbury?

Typically, you would require a valid driving licence, a form of ID such passport and proof of address. If you are a non-UK resident, you may also be required to present an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Newbury by car?

The best time of year to visit Newbury by car is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is warmer and the natural beauty of the region is at its peak.

9. What are the main airports in Newbury?

The nearest major airports to Newbury are Heathrow Airport and Southampton Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Newbury and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car hire companies in Newbury allow for one-way rentals, although this likely comes with an additional fee. Be sure to check this with your chosen company.

Car Hire Feedback


Newbury – 10-12-2024. I recently hired a car from this company while my husband and I were on a brief getaway in Newbury, despite it being a bit pricier than other options we looked at. The quality of service and the condition of the car quickly made us realise that it was money well spent. If ever we're back in Newbury, we won't hesitate to use their services again.


Newbury – 15-10-2024. I initially thought they charged a bit much for a car hire, but having gone through the process, I have no regrets. The convenience of their location near Newbury Castle allowed us to start our journey with ease. Definitely worth considering if you're in Newbury and need a ride.


Newbury – 03-07-2024. I cannot fault this car hire company. They were fantastic from the moment I made my booking to the time I returned the car. Prices may be a tad higher than competitors, but you sure do receive top-notch service and a well-maintained car to match.


Newbury – 22-04-2024. We were in Newbury for a wedding and needed a car to get around, and this company exceeded all expectations. The car was clean, comfortable, and of high quality. The pricing was reasonable, and all in all it added to the great experience we had in Newbury.


Newbury – 28-02-2024. Their quality service took us by surprise. The car we hired was fabulous; it was clean, comfortable, and made our trip around Newbury a breeze. The staff were friendly and professional. Although the cost was initially a concern, it proved well worth it.


Newbury – 01-01-2024. I was in Newbury on a business trip when I hired a car from this company. Their professionalism was evident, from the smooth booking process to handing over the keys to the car. I was very pleased with the rate they offered. I'd highly recommend their services.

Newbury Road Connections

Essential Information for Car Tourists

  1. Newbury - London: A 132-kilometre journey mostly along the M4, taking about 1.5 hours. Roads are generally congested during peak hours.
  2. Newbury - Oxford: It's a 56-kilometre drive mainly on the A34, which usually takes around an hour. Roads can be busy during university term time.
  3. Newbury - Bristol: The travel distance is 115 kilometers via the M4, taking approximately 1.5 hours. The M4 can be busy during summer months.
  4. Newbury - Birmingham: Roughly a 150-kilometre journey primarily along the M40, usually taking around 2 hours. Take note of possible delays due to roadworks.
  5. Newbury - Southampton: An 81 kilometre drive predominantly on the M3, taking roughly 1 hour. Traffic can get heavy during cruise ship season.
  6. Newbury - Bath: It's around 84 kilometres via the A4, generally taking just over an hour. Be aware of slowdowns in the historic city centre.
  7. Newbury - Cambridge: A 150-kilometre journey through the M11, taking about 2 hours. Anticipate congestion during university term time.

Driving Q&A

Conducción en Newbury

1. ¿Es difícil acostumbrarse a conducir por el lado izquierdo de la carretera en Newbury?

Para los conductores que normalmente conducen por el lado derecho de la carretera, puede llevar algunos días acostumbrarse a la conducción por el lado izquierdo. Pero con concentración y prudencia, deberían poder adaptarse rápidamente.

2. ¿Qué tipo de licencia necesito para conducir en Newbury?

Necesitará un carné de conducir internacional válido, además de su licencia de conducir doméstica.

3. ¿Existe un límite de velocidad en Newbury?

Sí, existe un límite de velocidad que puede variar dependiendo de la zona. La velocidad máxima en zonas urbanas es normalmente de 30 mph (48 km/h). En carreteras de un solo carril es de 60 mph (96 km/h) y en autopistas y carreteras de doble carril es de 70 mph (112 km/h).

4. ¿Hay muchos radares en Newbury?

Sí, hay varios radares situados alrededor de Newbury, especialmente en carreteras de alta velocidad y en zonas con altos índices de accidentes.

5. ¿Cuáles son las principales reglas de conducción y seguridad que debo seguir en Newbury?

Además de mantener el lado izquierdo de la carretera, siempre debe respetar los límites de velocidad, las señales de tráfico y las indicaciones de los agentes del tráfico. Es importante evitar las distracciones al conducir y debe asegurarse de que tanto usted como su vehículo estén en condiciones seguras para la conducción.

6. ¿El tráfico es muy intenso en Newbury?

La intensidad del tráfico puede variar, pero durante las horas punta (generalmente entre las 7-9am y las 5-7pm durante los días laborables) suele haber más tráfico.

7. ¿Hay peajes en Newbury?

La mayoría de las carreteras en Newbury y el Reino Unido en general son gratuitas. Sin embargo, algunos túneles, puentes y autopistas pueden tener peajes.

8. ¿Es seguro conducir por la noche en Newbury?

Sí, es seguro conducir por la noche en Newbury siempre que se sigan las reglas de conducción y seguridad y se preste atención a las condiciones de la carretera y el tráfico.

9. ¿Qué pasa si me detiene la policía mientras conduzco en Newbury?

Si te detiene la policía, debes permanecer en tu coche hasta que te indiquen que salgas. Debes tener tu licencia de conducir, el certificado de seguro y el documento de registro del vehículo disponibles para mostrarlos.

10. ¿En qué estado deben estar los neumáticos de mi coche en Newbury?

Tus neumáticos deben tener una banda de rodadura de al menos 1.6 mm en toda la anchura y circunferencia.

11. ¿Puedo conducir sin llevar gafas si las necesito para conducir?

No, si necesitas lentes para conducir debes usarlas siempre que estés al volante.

12. ¿Están las señales de tráfico en Newbury en inglés?

Sí, todas las señales de tráfico están en inglés pero la mayoría también utilizan pictogramas internacionales.

13. ¿Qué documentos necesito llevar cuando conduzco mi coche en Newbury?

Deberías llevar siempre tu carné de conducir, el registro del coche y el certificado de seguro de cuando conduces.

14. ¿Qué debo hacer si tengo un accidente con mi coche en Newbury?

Deberías informar a la policía, obtener los detalles del otro conductor y informar a tu compañía de seguros lo antes posible.

15. ¿Cómo puedo conocer las normas de conducción específicas de Newbury?

La Highway Code, publicada por el Departamento de Transporte del Reino Unido, ofrece información completa sobre las leyes y normas de conducción.

Newbury's Top Sites

Experience Newbury by car

  1. Highclere Castle: Visit the real-life Downtown Abbey, a Victorian architectural masterpiece set in a park designed by Capability Brown.
  2. Donnington Castle: Explore the majestic ruins of this medieval castle with stunning views over the Berkshire countryside.
  3. Shaw House: An Elizabethan mansion renowned for its beautiful architecture and captivating history. Enjoy their tea room and gift shop.
  4. The Watermill Theatre: Experience a show at this picturesque, riverside theatre offering a unique, intimate setting.
  5. Welford Park: Famous for its annual display of snowdrops, this private residence offers beautiful gardens and woodland walks.
  6. Newbury Racecourse: A premier horse racing venue with excellent facilities for a fun day out.
  7. The Living Rainforest: Dive into a tropical indoor forest, home to exotic plants and animals. Great for a family visit.
  8. West Berkshire Museum: Learn about the local history of Newbury in this charming museum housed in a 17th-century cloth hall.

Newbury Roadtrip Routes

Exploring the UK by Car

  1. Newbury to Bath: A scenic 100km drive passing by several quaint English villages and several historical sites, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath is a perfect destination for a day trip.
  2. The Cotswolds Loop: This charming route of approximately 70km takes you through the natural beauty of the Cotswolds, an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ filled with picturesque villages.
  3. Route to Brighton: Set on a 100km stretch, this coastal route takes you through the lively city of Brighton, famous for its pier and vibrant arts scene.
  4. Newbury to Oxford: A shorter drive at about 40km, this route leads to the world-renowned university city of Oxford, teeming with architectural gems and soaking in history.
  5. Stonehenge Excursion: This route of approximately 60km offers the experience of visiting the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge, a world heritage site with a rich and mysterious history.
  6. The Royal Route: Approximately 70km drive from Newbury to the Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world – a must-see for lovers of British royalty.
  7. New Forest National Park: A glorious road trip of about 80km, taking the tourist through heathland, forest trails and native ponies – an open road adventure through the wild heart of southern England.
  8. Salisbury and Winchester: A 90km route through two ancient cities – Salisbury, famous for its Gothic cathedral, and Winchester, rich in history from the Romans to the Normans.