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Car Hire in Stafford

Discover Stafford's History, Heritage, and Nearby Attractions through a Scenic Drive

City car near Stafford Castle amongst greenery and canals

Welcome to the historically rich town of Stafford, situated in the heart of Staffordshire county. With roots dating back to the Norman conquest of England, the town boasts a wonderful blend of history and heritage that promises to captivate your interest. Stafford's standout attraction is undoubtedly the magnificent Stafford Castle, a Norman fortification that's over 900 years old and provides panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside.

If you have hired a car, a wealth of destinations lies within easy reach. For instance, the charming Shugborough Hall, a National Trust property sitting just a short drive from the town centre, is worth a visit. Equally nearby is the stunning Cannock Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) perfect for picnics, walking, and cycling. With the convenience of a car, you can freely choose your itinerary and explore the compelling attractions in and around Stafford.

While the distances to be travelled are moderate, the roads are generally well-maintained and signposted, making your driving experience a pleasure rather than a chore. From Stafford, one of England's most attractive cities, Lichfield, is only a 30-minute drive away. Here, you can observe the only medieval English cathedral with three spires, the Lichfield Cathedral, and the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum. Alternatively, a 40-minute drive will bring you to the pottery capital of the UK, Stoke-on-Trent, or the theme park Alton Towers, which requires a slightly longer drive but promises a thrilling day out for all.

Car Hire in Stafford

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will hiring a car in Stafford cost me?

The cost of hiring a car in Stafford varies based on several factors. These include the time of year, the duration for which you're hiring the car, and the specific type of car you want to hire. Generally, the prices start from approximately £30 a day for a basic car and increase depending on the car's make and model.

2. Which car model is in high demand for hire in Stafford?

In Stafford, cars that are compact, economical, and easy to handle are usually high in demand. The Ford Fiesta is a favourite among locals and tourists alike due to its combination of affordability, size, and fuel efficiency. It's particularly popular in this town due to the narrow lanes and tight parking spaces.

3. Where are the popular spots for car hire in Stafford?

Most customers hire cars from locations that are conveniently accessible. The high-street branches in the town centre, near the railway station, and near the main roads leading to and from the town are popular spots for car hire.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car hire companies in Stafford provide a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service, which is especially beneficial for customers with late or early flight arrivals.

5. What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is usually 24 hours. However, some companies offer hourly hire for short trips.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for car hire in Stafford?

The minimum age to hire a car in the United Kingdom, including Stafford, is 21 years. However, drivers aged under 25 years may be subject to a ‘young driver surcharge’.

7. What do I need to hire or drive a car in Stafford?

To hire a car, you need to provide a valid driving license, a credit or debit card, and proof of identity, such as a passport. International visitors may also need to show their passport and an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Stafford by car?

The best time to visit Stafford by car is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is mild and the city’s gardens are in full bloom.

9. What are the main airports in Stafford?

The main airports near Stafford are Birmingham Airport and Manchester Airport. Car hire services are available at both airports.

10. Can I pick up the car in Stafford and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car hire companies offer the option to pick up the car in Stafford and drop it off in a different city. However, there may be an additional fee for this service.

Car Hire Reviews


Stafford – 01-02-2024. Top-notch car hire company right here in Stafford! Friendly professionals, swift pickup and return process, and the car was in pristine condition, a joy to drive around Staffordshire. I won't hesitate a moment to recommend them. Prices were quite reasonable for such a top-tier service.


Stafford – 15-12-2023. Just returned from a beautiful trip to Stafford Castle with the family. We hired a car here and couldn’t have had a better experience! The car was clean, safe and just perfect for us. We got the vehicle at a fantastic rate. Amazed by their excellent service. Surely a repeat customer here!


Stafford – 02-11-2023. As a seasoned traveller, I found this car hire in Stafford refreshingly efficient. Seeing Staffordshire's picturesque scenery from the comfort of the car they provided was a delight. Smooth driving, fair pricing, and top-tier customer service. They've got it all.


Stafford – 06-09-2023. When in Stafford, I always hire my car from this company. The hassle-free booking process, competitive prices, and superior quality vehicles are reasons enough for my loyalty. Visiting the Ancient High House in their comfortable car was a memorable experience.


Stafford – 15-07-2023. Hired a car for our annual trip to Staffordshire County Show. Timely delivery, the car was in excellent condition, staff was helpful throughout. Worth every penny spent! Couldn't have asked for more!


Stafford – 20-05-2023. Delighted by the high level of service and the standard of the vehicle we hired to explore Stafford. The customer service was outstanding, the pricing was excellent, and the car made our visit to enjoy the local history and charm a real pleasure. Definitely going to hire from here again!

Road Connections from Stafford

Insightful guide for motorists

  1. Stafford - Birmingham: A short 64 kilometers drive on M6 with a driving time of about 45 minutes to an hour. This is a popular route for tourist wanting to explore the city life.
  2. Stafford - Manchester: It's a 93 kilometers drive on M6. The usual driving time is around 1.5 hours. Expect heavy traffic during rush hours.
  3. Stafford - Stoke-on-Trent: Only 27 kilometers away, this is a quick 40 minute drive via A34. Enjoy the serene country roads.
  4. Stafford - Shropshire Hills: If you're a nature lover, drive for about 77 kilometers on M54 to reach these beautiful hills in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  5. Stafford - Derby: This 72 kilometers drive is via A50 and typically takes around an hour. Be aware of the frequent heavy traffic on the A50.
  6. Stafford - Liverpool: A longer drive of around 104 kilometers via M6. Usually the trip should take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  7. Stafford - Peak District: Venture for approximately 90 kilometers on A515 for this 1.5 hour drive to enjoy some stunning scenery along the way.

Stafford Exploration Guide

Must-See Attractions Near Stafford

  1. Stafford Castle: An iconic feature of Stafford, offering panoramic views of the town, informative exhibitions, and live events.
  2. Shugborough Estate: Staffordshire's historic National Trust site with its majestic mansion and beautiful gardens, perfect for a family day out.
  3. Izaak Walton's Cottage: The charming half-timbered house of the famed author, featuring a museum offering a glimpse of 17th century life.
  4. Ancient High House: Stafford's oldest timber-framed building, filled with period rooms showcasing its fascinating history.
  5. St Chad's Church: An impressive example of Staffordshire's ecclesiastical architecture, welcoming visitors to explore its tranquil surroundings.
  6. Victoria Park: A beautiful riverside park with excellent facilities including a playground, paddling pool, and botanical gardens.
  7. Amerton Farm: A vibrant family attraction offering farmland adventures, retail therapy, and delicious produce.
  8. Cannock Chase: An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near Stafford, perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting.

Stafford Roadtrips

Exciting Self-drive routes from Stafford

  1. The Royal Route: Discover royal splendour from Stafford to Buckingham Palace, London. A memorable trip of around 235 kilometres.
  2. Peak District Drive: An exhilarating journey of 92 kilometres to the breathtaking landscapes of the Peak District.
  3. Lake District Adventure: Drive north for approximately 245 kilometres, and enter the heavenly Lake District.
  4. Cotswolds Scenic Drive: An 88 kilometres trip through charming towns of the captivating Cotswolds.
  5. Historic York: Head to the north-east for a journey of about 200 kilometres and encounter the historic city of York.
  6. Heart of England Way: A marvellous 253 kilometres path through the Midlands, starting in Stafford and ending in Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds.
  7. Snowdonia National Park: A long but worthy drive of around 265 kilometres. Witness the magnificent Snowdonia mountains and coasts in North Wales.


Driving in Stafford

Common Questions & Answers

1. Which side of the road do I drive on in Stafford?

In Stafford, like the rest of the UK, you drive on the left side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit on Stafford roads?

The speed limit can vary, but typically it's 30mph in built-up areas, 60mph on single carriageways and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways unless otherwise signposted.

3. Do I need a specific license to drive in Stafford?

If you have a valid license from any EU country you can drive in the UK. Non-EU licence holders might need an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Stafford?

Yes. Stafford has a number of speed cameras to enforce the speed limits.

5. How can I pay for toll roads in and around Stafford?

Some toll roads allow you to pay by cash, card, tag or even online prior to travelling or after using the road.

6. What are the general road rules and safety considerations in Stafford?

Apart from driving on the left, remember to give way to traffic on your right at roundabouts and always indicate your intentions well in advance.

7. What is the traffic like in Stafford?

Traffic in Stafford can be busy during rush hour, in the morning and late afternoon on weekdays. Plan your journey accordingly.

8. What are the rules about using headlights in Stafford?

You must use headlights at night and when visibility is poor. Daytime running lights are compulsory for cars manufactured from 2011 onwards.

9. Is it compulsory to have car insurance in Stafford?

Yes, you must have at least third-party insurance to drive in the UK, which covers any damage you do to other people or their property.

10. Can I drive a hired car outside of Stafford?

Yes, once you've hired a car in Stafford, you can drive it anywhere in the UK, just remember to observe local traffic laws. Most car hire companies offer breakdown cover throughout the UK.

11. How are intersections managed in Stafford?

Some intersections are managed by traffic signals, others by roundabouts and some use ‘Give Way’ or ‘Stop’ signs.

12. Are there any special parking regulations in Stafford?

Most pay-and-display car parks and street parking areas have restrictions and charges which are clearly signposted.

13. Can I turn right on a red light in Stafford?

No. Unlike some countries, in the UK you cannot turn right on a red light unless a sign indicates otherwise.

14. Are car seats required for children in Stafford?

Yes. In the UK, children must use a child car seat until they're 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first.

15. Can I use a foreign driver’s license in Stafford?

Drivers with a valid license from any EU country can drive in the UK. Non-EU licence holders may require an International Driving Permit.