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For the most exceptional customer service, choose our car hire in Northumberland. Enjoy prompt responses to queries and support from our dedicated staff. Hire a car to explore historic landmarks like Alnwick Castle or the rugged beauty of Cheviot Hills. We ensure a seamless and personalized experience, catering to unique requests to truly enhance your journey throughout Northumberland.

Car Hire in Northumberland

Enjoy the Scenic Route and Historic Landmarks by Hiring a Car

City car with rolling Northumberland hills, ancient castles, serene coastline

Northumberland, the northernmost ceremonial county in England, is a remarkable land, notable for its stunning landscapes, where historic landmarks are nestled between rolling hills and vast unspoilt beaches. The county is brimming with enchanting spots, from the remarkable Hadrian’s Wall, to the stunning architectural marvel of Cragside. Hiring a car is an ideal way of exploring the region, as the tranquil country roads allow for an easy and enjoyable journey through the countryside.

When driving around Northumberland, there are a variety of routes to take, each offering a unique perspective on this charming county. One should not miss Bamburgh, home to the historic and imposing Bamburgh Castle. The beautifully scenic pathway along the Northumberland Coast is a must-drive for anyone visiting, with it being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - a stretch of coastline famed for its wild and picturesque landscapes. With everything from secluded coves to long sandy beaches, driving along this route is quite an experience.

Finally, make sure to explore the county's verdant interior, rich in history and folklore. The scenic drive to Kielder Water & Forest Park is a memorable journey, offering breath-taking views of the largest man-made lake in Northern Europe and England's largest forest. And don’t miss the chance to journey to the Dark Sky Park, one of the best spots in England for stargazing. Northumberland’s wide open roads and fields make it the perfect county to explore by car, immersing yourself in the stunning beauty of the region firsthand.

Car Hire in Northumberland

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a car in Northumberland?

The cost of hiring a car in Northumberland can vary depending on the time of year, model of the car, and duration of the hire. Typically, it ranges from £30 to £70 per day.

2. What car model is the most requested for hire in Northumberland?

Given Northumberland's diverse terrain, from coastline to countryside, compact cars and SUVs are generally the most sought after. Compact cars for the urban areas and SUVs for those intending to explore the rural landscapes.

3. Where are the most popular places to hire a car in Northumberland?

The most popular places to hire a car in Northumberland are its major towns like Alnwick, Berwick and Morpeth due to their easy accessibility to both urban and rural attractions.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes. Many car hire companies in Northumberland offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service for the utmost convenience of their customers.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum car rental period is usually one day (24 hours).

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Northumberland?

The minimum age to hire a car typically is 21 years. However, some companies may require the driver to be at least 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Northumberland?

To hire a car, you'll need a valid driving license, ID (or passport for international drivers), and a credit or debit card for payment.

8. When is the best time of the year to visit Northumberland by car?

The best time to visit Northumberland by car is from Spring to Autumn when the weather is more favourable for road trips and sightseeing.

9. What are the main airports in Northumberland?

Northumberland's main airports are Newcastle International Airport and Carlisle Lake District Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Northumberland and drop it off in another city?

Yes. Most car hire companies in Northumberland offer the flexibility for you to pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another. You may, however, incur a one-way fee.

Car Hire Reviews


Bamburgh – 02-01-2024. Absolutely exceptional experience with this car hire firm based in Northumberland. Managed to explore the entire locale of the monumental Bamburgh Castle without any hitches. The car hired was sparkling clean and worked like a charm. Had no problem at all, driving around on those country roads. Not to forget, the price was barely a dent in my pocket. Astonishing value for money indeed.


Alnwick – 07-07-2023. Oh my! I wasn't expecting such superior car hire service all the way in Alnwick. The car was brilliant, very comfortable and easy to drive. The staff were quite helpful, and they even suggested some local places to visit including the beautiful Alnwick Garden. Really quite charming! The cost was quite reasonable for the top-notch service received. It's very clear why they're highly rated.


Berwick-upon-Tweed – 19-05-2023. I am thoroughly impressed with my experience. Good quality, high end cars at amazing prices. The staff were excellent and the whole process was seamless. I will certainly be using their services again when I return to the historic Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Hexham – 12-03-2023. This car hire company, my dear, is simply the best. I had a splendid time cruising around Hexham with the easy-to-drive car they provided. Their service was second to none and the staff was super helpful. I do recommend them very much.


Morpeth – 17-01-2023. Stellar experience, no doubt! Used their service for a day trip to the vibrant town of Morpeth and the car was smooth sailing all the way. The pricing was affordable, and worth every penny. Indeed, a fantastic service run by friendly professionals.


Rothbury – 02-01-2023. Simply delightful! The car hired was top-notch with all the modern conveniences one could expect. It made my visit to the picturesque Rothbury more enjoyable. The staff was courteous, helpful and the overall service was beyond commendable.

Northumberland Highlights

Exploring the key cities

  1. Alnwick: Famous for Alnwick Castle and Gardens, featured in the Harry Potter films.
  2. Berwick-upon-Tweed: The northernmost town in England, known for its Elizabethan Walls.
  3. Hexham: Highlighted by the stunning Hexham Abbey, originated from the 7th century.
  4. Morpeth: A charming market town with great shops and beautiful parks.
  5. Blyth: Coastal town with a thriving port, popular for its South Beach.
  6. Cramlington: A town renowned for car hire services and convenient location near Newcastle.
  7. Prudhoe: Home to the protective medieval Prudhoe Castle.

Northumberland Road Connections

Essential Information for Car Hire Tourists

  1. Newcastle - Alnwick: A 62km drive via A1, taking approximately one hour. Beware of busy traffic during peak hours.
  2. Berwick-upon-Tweed - Holy Island: A short 19km trip via A1, taking around 20 minutes. Check the tidal causeway opening times.
  3. Hexham - Hadrian's Wall: An approximately 13km journey via B6318, taking 20 minutes. Remember to plan times to stop at historic sites.
  4. Morpeth - Northumberland National Park: A 54km drive via A697, taking around 35 minutes. Beware of wildlife on roads.
  5. Alnwick - Seahouses: A scenic 29km travel via B1340, taking around 30 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful coastal views.
  6. Blyth - Whitley Bay: A coastal journey of 18km via A193, taking approximately 25 minutes. Try to avoid rush hour.
  7. Corbridge - Kielder Water and Forest Park: A trip of 78km via A68 and B632015, taking around one hour. The roads can be tricky, so drive carefully.

Driving in Northumberland

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On which side of the road do I drive in Northumberland?

In Northumberland, like the rest of the UK, you drive on the left-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Northumberland?

The speed limits in Northumberland can vary depending on the type of road. Generally, in built-up areas it is 30mph, on single carriageways it is 60mph, and on dual carriageways and motorways it is 70mph. Always check for signs as these can vary.

3. Do I need a special driving licence to drive in Northumberland?

If you are from the UK, you can drive in Northumberland with your regular driving license. Foreign visitors may also use their national driving licence to drive in the UK for up to 12 months.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Northumberland?

Yes, there are speed cameras in Northumberland. They are used to enforce the legal speed limits and ensure road safety. Always comply with the posted speed limits to avoid fines and points on your licence.

5. Are there toll roads in Northumberland?

There are no toll roads in Northumberland. The nearest toll road would be the Tyne Tunnel to the south of the county.

6. What are the main road safety rules in Northumberland?

Key rules include driving on the left-hand side, obeying the speed limits, and ensuring everyone in the car wears a seatbelt. You must also have a valid licence and insurance for the car you're driving.

7. Where can I find petrol stations in Northumberland?

There are plenty of petrol stations throughout Northumberland, including in all the main towns such as Alnwick, Berwick-upon-Tweed, and Hexham. Many supermarkets also have petrol stations.

8. Is the condition of the roads in Northumberland good?

The condition of the roads in Northumberland is generally good, but as with any rural area, care should be taken on country lanes, especially in bad weather.

9. What documents do I need to have with me when driving in Northumberland?

You should always carry your driving licence, insurance documents and the vehicle's registration document when driving in Northumberland.

10. What should I do if my hire car breaks down in Northumberland?

If your hire car breaks down, you should call the hire company's breakdown service number, usually provided when you pick up the car.

11. Are there specific pedestrian right of way laws in Northumberland?

In the UK, including Northumberland, pedestrians have right of way on pavements, pedestrian crossings and areas with traffic calming measures in place.

12. Can I drive in bus lanes in Northumberland?

No, bus lanes in Northumberland are for the exclusive use of buses, taxis, motorbikes and bicycles during the hours of operation displayed on signs.

13. Can I park on the pavement in Northumberland?

In Northumberland, and the rest of the UK, it is generally prohibited to park on pavements, unless signs indicate otherwise.

14. Are there specific rules for overtaking in Northumberland?

Overtaking in Northumberland follows the same rules as the rest of the UK. You must not overtake where you would have to cross or straddle double white lines with a solid line nearest to you, or where you see a ‘No Overtaking’ sign.

15. What is the procedure in Northumberland in case of a car accident?

In case of an accident in Northumberland, you should stop your car at once, call the police if anyone is injured or if the other driver leaves without providing details. Exchange details with the other driver, including name, address, phone number, insurer's name and car registration. Also, contact your hire company.

Northumberland Attractions

Top 8 Tourist Spots for Car Tourists

  1. Bamburgh Castle: An iconic attraction offering stunning views and rich history.
  2. Alnwick Castle: Known as the 'Windsor of the North', famous for its gardens.
  3. Hadrian's Wall: Roman fortification, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Northumberland National Park: Offers stunning landscapes, ideal for outdoor activities.
  5. Cragside House: One of the most technological advanced houses of the Victorian era.
  6. Farne Islands: Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, known for its bird colonies.
  7. Lindisfarne: Known as Holy Island, it's a picturesque and serene spot.
  8. The Alnwick Garden: Blossoming gardens with unique plant life and beautiful fountains.

Northumberland Roadtrips

Best Driving Routes in Northumberland

  1. The Coastal Route: This 193 kilometres long route takes you through the magnificent coastal scenery of Northumberland. Expect delightful fishing villages, dramatic cliffs, and sweeping views of the sea.
  2. Roman Heritage Route: Starting from Newcastle, this roughly 112 kilometres long route takes you past various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Hadrian's Wall.
  3. Holy Island Route: Drive your hired car the 56 kilometres to Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle, a serene and historically fascinating journey. Remember to check tide times before crossing the causeway!
  4. Alnwick to Hexham Route: This 55 kilometres trip includes visits to Alnwick Castle, Corbridge Roman Town, and the Hexham Abbey.
  5. North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: This roughly 196 kilometres long route takes you through the stunning landscapes of Northumberland, including high moorland and picturesque valleys.
  6. Berwick-upon-Tweed Circular: A relaxed drive on this 101 kilometres trip offers views of rolling landscapes, and the chance to stop at the Ford and Etal Estates with its own functioning railway.
  7. Newcastle Cultural Route: This 16 kilometres long route lets you discover the rich history and culture of Newcastle.